Option trade ideas

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subscriber stock pics. Stock market technical analysis. Put option trade ideas.

1 406 views | 18 Oct. 2020

stocks, stock trade idea,

stocks, stock trade idea, technical analysis of the stock market. Stock market bear market, stock market bull market I look for trade ideas.


Da fuque is happening with Rite Aid long term stock price???

Greg Maupin

Also interests in pton and etsy .thank you

Sandeep David

Thank you!


Thanks a lot!

Siddharrh Choubey

Hello Sir Good Afternoon
This side Siddharth from Upstox.

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Have you ever used trendspider? and if you have do you have an opinion on it? Thanks!!


Thank you for this video!


Thanks for BRK.B! I'm curious how a non-high flying stock looks under TA.
I'm also picking up TSBK, a dividend growth investment stock. I'd like to see your comments on it, since we pretty much never see DGI stocks in the TA channels.

Joel Ellenbogen

Thank you. Really great work. Very much Appriciated.
Last week you covered Carvana, but didn't hear again about it. Is it still a good short?

Greg Maupin

Hi love your channel and analysis. where are you on cvna? Thank you, greg

Ashish Upadyay


Tad Blair

How about WM. Looking for more of the ppo and rsi

Terry Lee

Always appreciated


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You said lots of time
But all worth it for us much appreciated?

Pedro Abreu

Thank you. What about INTC (earnings on 22 October) ?

Umesh Gohil

Thank you appreciate it

Aurelia Nahuel

Every investor will always tell you that there's no better time to invest in the financial market. I've been into stock trade for quite a while now, and I must say it really goes with loss without the right approach and strategy. I have gotten to the point where I understand that strategy is a key element of a long term successful trading. You can keep making wins at the beginning of a period and later, you start making losses toward the end of the trading period or even halfway. This results from little or no attention to the need for sustenance and consistency with the prevailing market structure. I've earned about $28,150 so far this month trading with Mr.Hartman's strategies and working with his trading signals. You may never find it easy trading on your own. If you are tired of losing so much money, I recommend you contact him. He's a genius trader contact him([email protected])

Ardy Khosravi

Really appreciate your technical analysis!

Shyam No

thank you! great analysis, keep up the good work!!

Sales5280 clark

Thanks man. Have a great rest o weekend


Please cosider PTON next Thanks

Bay Smalley

?great vid

Tyler Burgess

Doing it for the team man, good look!

Option trade ideas

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5 Tips When Digging For New Stock And Option Trading Ideas | Best Trade Ideas 2018

2 241 views | 29 Jan. 2018

Let me show the Correct

Let me show the Correct Way to Trade Bond Futures

Enjoy a Free Week of Masters in Trading: MASTERSINTRADING.COM/YOUFREE

5 Tips When Digging For New Stock And Option Trading Ideas. Those Best Trade Ideas 2018 and GRAB YOUR FREE WEEK HERE


1. Choose High Volume Stocks

Quit the penny stock stuff people – it doesn't work long term and is not consistent. Take that long list of stocks you think you look at each day and narrow it down to 20-40 stocks that have a lot of trading volume and liquidity. If there is light volume on the stock then there is bound to be light volume on the options.

I prefer the indexes and the major ETFs.

2. What Stands Out?

Below are two charts. Which one stands out more to you? The 2nd of course! The huge move in the stock screams opportunity. Depending on your analysis this could be a great trade for multiple reasons. The 1st chart is a stock that isn't moving and likely has minimal options activity.

Again, look for the low hanging fruit. What jumps out of the screen and begs you to analyze it more? This can help really narrow your trading down.

Start The FREE Course on "Trade Adjustments" Today: What happens when a trade goes bad? Do you roll out to the next month, move your strike prices, add/remove one side or do nothing at all? We'll give you concrete examples of how you can hedge different options strategies. Click here to view all 15 lessons ?

3. Momentum Indicators

Stochastics, MACD, Volume, Moving Averages and RSI all play a key role when deciding on a new trade. The basket of indicators you choose, whether lagging or leading, may depend on where you get your education. Try to keep it simple when first starting out, using too many indicators in the beginning is a ticket to the land of big losses.

Get very comfortable using one or two indicators first, and then add more indicators slowly.

4. Fundamental Analysis

Yes I said to do some "basic" fundamental analysis. Where is the company going? What news has come out that could affect it? Are earnings coming up soon? What about the industry or sector? There are so many questions to ask but the main idea here is just to get a general idea of what's going on outside the charts. If you are trying to buy calls on a stock that just announced a major layoff or poor earnings then you are in for some big losses.

Sometimes a little homework now can save you thousands over time.

5. Set Up Price Alerts

One of the most underutilized services of most brokerage platforms are Price Alerts. On thinkorswim, you can set up price alerts that get emailed directly to you when the criteria are met. Why wait around for a stock to get down to $50 or whatever when you can have an alert sent out.

Make your trading systematic people! Spend 1 late night this week and set this up for the next couple weeks and it will save you hundreds of hours staring at your trading screen.

5 Secret Tips Options Trading: How To Trade Stock Options:


5 Secret Tips to Trade Stock Options During Earnings Season - options for beginners


How to trade stock options Playlist:








Email me anytime:

[email protected] analysis options for beginners technical analysis options strategies

Tending search on youtube:






hani badji

This is glorious, I been tryin to find out about "various option strategies" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Winoorfa Option Olegroson - (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got amazing results with it.

Series Completas

This was great, thanks, I've been looking for "option trade tips" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Winoorfa Option Olegroson - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my colleague got amazing results with it.

Option trade ideas

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How to Find Best Options Trades, Best Stock Scanners, Trading Idea Generation, Winning Watchlist

16 571 views | 4 Apr. 2019



"Look at this chart....."..... I'm trying so hard I still can't see it

Kyle Washburn

Great video. So it's $998/month for the alerts? Or a one time payment of $998?

Richard Metzger

Cool. Ty


Worst rant I have heard. I had subded, but am unsubbing. No correlated real world stuff


Rick Grimes from the walking dead is now a trader lol

Adam Bond

look atcha, looking like new money...you are a superstar and i live my life everyday to be just like you.im gonna make it, one way or another


yeah, patterns/ trends are key. I've recently moved from pennystocks to trading options, and there's soo much reverse patterns and upside down trends on popular stocks with Options.
There's always like Like 3 different hypothetical price targets after my chart analysis..
Sucks cuz I'm learning you can't just read the chart sometimes, there's variables based on the whole market or psychology of potential news.
I imagine it'd be best to just stick with a handful of tickers in each sector for Options..so the chart would really grow on you. pretty much what this dude is saying.

I'm just happy I've found this channel (hidden gem). It's very inspiring. If this dude was really after being a famous "guru" on youtube, he'd be posting hella ClickBait or ads like all the others..
this content is actually educational. most ppl like to be sold a dream and not education.


Leo thanks for the video, I dropped an email in support - waiting for your response, rather than that waiting anxiously join the crew.

jerry harms

Do I get a discount if I take that big gal sitting on that big hamburger

Nick Walker

momentum is what your talking about..and what a trader is always looking for.

Brian Caffeine

Grrrrrrrreat! Info thx!

The Option Bomber

1. Premarket Volume

2. High beta stocks (preferbly over 100$)

3. What is context regarding premarket move?

4. Tracking institutional favorite stocks, while not good for options themselves, you can use them to find trades within that same sector. Example BOA/GS XLRE/RDFN Travel Sector (csnt remember off top of my head)/BKNG ect.

Richard Metzger

Ever thought about getting rid of the long hair?
A short cut would fit you incredibly well!



Ka tai Ho

You gave an example of Bank of America and Goldman Sachs in the video. I was wondering what stock would be similar to Bank of America for the tech industry.

Alexander Tereshkov

first one! Thanks again for the video, Leo.

Daniel C

King Leo the Lion! MarketWatch heat map and industry watchlists are so powerful in TOS. DTR for the instrument is crucial to determine the expected move accompanied by high extended hrs/premarket volume. Beta and beta weighting are very powerful if you’re following the indices and also TRSV for finding resistance (volume divided by true range) to find reversals. Man these videos are powerful!!!

FreedomNow in the midst of Controversy

Thanks so much for your mentoring. Your advice is monumental for me!

Dan Clark

Leo, great info. Just discovered your channel. Thanks!!

K. B.



Had a hot date at bull market yesterday

Jose Garcia

beautiful education man,,,,,,,,,,right on!

Brendan Ross

Wish i could buy your course/alerts. Maybe if it were cheaper. People come to this channel to learn to make money. Im sure most of the people coming to your channel have a small account and wouldn’t be able to pay that amount at all. You’d get a larger audience with cheaper prices anyways

Frank Dabdoub


S. Wyatt

Dropping knowledge bombs


How do we join your alerts or chat room?