Twd volume 24

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The Walking Dead - Rick Grimes ( Johnny Cash - Hurt )

135 146 views | 18 Sep. 2009

Um vídeo mostrando as

Um vídeo mostrando as lembranças de Rick Grimes até o volume 24, antes da possível 'morte' dele e de seu filho. Com o clássico de Johnny Cash, a música Hurt.

Rick Grimes é... Melhor, era um ótimo ex-policial, até que sua vida mudou, sua e de todo o planeta. Após acordar em um leito de hospital, Rick percebe que algo está mudado. Todos os mortos, realmente, não estão mortos, então, começa a procura de sua esposa e de seu filho.


9 years, still the best TWD music video

Илья Раенко

I come back to see this video once in a while for the last three years. You can feel the whole atmosphere of the book watching this and that's so great. Also, a couple of years ago I got a homework in my college, to make an article about any modern piece of art and I made a paperwork about TWD Comic book and this video's been playing in the background while I've been telling about it.

gabriel rodrigues

muito bom o vídeo,continue assim.


probaly thats wat i was thinking but u never no

Tomas Petronis

Shane and Merle disliked this

Diego viana

a valeu cara, tipo eu só assisti a serie até agr, to assistindo desde a primeira temporada e num sei ainda oq é essas porra de spoilers??

Joka Sly

johnny cash+the walking dead=não tem explicação cara,mais eu prefiro redemption day^^

That Short Guy.

this is so very sad

The House Of Dragon

se for analisar da pra coloca tudo que acontece da fazenda a prisão ate á parte onde o rick fala "we are the walking dead" em 6 episódios.


Daryl aparece apenas no seriado da tv.. logo é uma incógnita se ele morre. Acredito q ele vai morrer pois Tyreze que era o braço direito do Rick,assim como o Daryl é no seriado, morre no final da parte da penitenciaria.


nao nao foi cancelada a serie. ja foi comprada a terceira temporada e ira se passar na prisao. o destino de dale foi adiado na serie pra quem sabe oque acontece com ele na hq. ja foi escolhido o ator que vai ser o governador David Morrisey , e vai aparecer rapidinho a michonne no ultimo episodio agora domingo e tracie thoms parece que e quem vai interpretala. se quiserem saber mais ou menos o resto do ultimo episodio que vai passar me falem.


Spoiler significa estragar.. ou seja estragar com a surpresa quando conta o que vai acontecer na obra/seriado. Pessoal que ler a HQ vai contar o que acontece estragando com a diversão.


Holy shit we were wrong

pe victor

porra meu ,mas que vídeo show ,i'm like

Paul Clancy

Yeah but Rick really doesn't "hurt himself". At least not in the conscious manner that's consistent with addicts. Rick, although guilt-ridden, would never give away ANY empire, even one made of dirt. There's no heroin in the walking dead. But I'm fixating. I still like the video, and if you were to take out, like, half the lyrics, it would be a perfect fit.

Paul Clancy

This is pretty cool Not sure if the song fits, but still cool

smeck games

muito foda mesmo lagrimas ateh enssistiram em cair por ver tudo oq o rick passou

Gabriel da Silva Geisler

this has always been the theme song of Gears Of War "-"


@TheGamingGrid22 There is this big community that Rick stumbles upon with Glenn and Michonne. The community is ruled by some guy that is referred to as The Governor. He's an asshole and manipulates the whole community. Anyways, he pretty much cuts Rick's right hand off as he attempts to escape.

Diana BartoloDuarte

Oooouuuuu OOOoooouuuu very nice pics ...beautiful comic ...Sweet Kisses

Paul Clancy

No it doesn't because it's all in the perspective of a self-destructive irresponsible heroin addict. Rick can't "focus on the pain" because it's not withdrawl of a substance he's going through, it's guilt he feels for those he's killed or let die. To focus on it would drive him mad (like with the Lori phone)and he needs his sanity for Carl's sake. And "the needle tears a hole, the old familiar sting" does not fit with TWD. So if you ignore that lyric entirely, then it makes "perfect sense." IMO


Plus the overall theme of the song-loneliness, tragedy and regret(especially regret)- fit with the walking dead's themes and what not,"I will let you down,I will make you hurt."


whatever man...

That Short Guy.

@BoredImagination how

Cebola Pão

Saudades do quadrinho, foi bom enquanto durou


"deus o brigado"


Rick Grimes is a fucking legend. Only he can be so heroic and compassionate while being so brutal and badass at the same time.

Rafael Xavier

cara, eu sou muito fã da série de tv, assisto desde a estréia do piloto em 2010 e é muito legal ver alguém que era fã das HQs bem antes da série, parabéns, ótimo vídeo, hurt é foda e o johnny tinha uma fodenda voz 


@julieg1810 In the comics he does.

Roxas 534



the show is just awesome didn't expect something that good on TV

Aaron Runyon

I kept hoping they'd play this song in The Walking Dead and I'm glad someone had the same idea. I really think now, especially since Rick's going through this now in the show, this would be a great idea.

quinton ferry

1 moron




It was originally written by nine inch nails


We were born to suffer

deezy breezy

cool, wish he didn't speed through half of the pics though.

Regina Rodriguez



Rick buen padre como Lee Everet :,)


ya they probaly will still goto washiton D.C.but wat about judith she might live in the tv show caues rember she died while she was in loris hands and the farm is fucked right now so im thinking they might goto morgons town now since they cant goto the farm idk we will just have to wait

Zeki Numanoglu

RIP The Walking Dead
Issue 1 (2003) issue 193(2019)


this comic is a pure masterpiece! just utterly amazing!


Muito foda parabens :D

Charles Logan

Are you kidding me? This song is like RIck's theme song. They HAVE TO play it when he loses Lori in the TV show.

Lilly Munster

God that sucked on so many levels. Please take the late great Johnny Cash's song off the video of Xeroxed comic book pages.

Gabriel Reaper

faz um do shane

Ryan Hartwell

Shane dies in the first volume of the series.


Chills, chills everywhere.

Diego viana

a cara sei la velho to rezando pra que ele n morra pq ele é do caralho na serie, vc prefere a HQ ou a Serie??Num sei se eu começo a ler a HQ pq num to afim de me confundir ou gostar da HQ e passar a n gostar da serie...iiai??

Daniel Lopez

that cool


True, but rember she was mostly quite in the tv show and if some of the people move like in the bokk mabey they will take her with them


the comic kind of had different happenings, i like the series better...


Mabey now Carol will die like how she died in the comic books


For me it does. Listen to the lyrics, "what have I become?" "everyone I know goes away, in the end."


Quiet, not quite. There is QUITE the difference between the 2 words.


Well umm ya.


Só conhecia a série e acho ótima, mas sempre ouvi de todos que leram as revistas e assistiram a série, que as revistas eram mais profundas e emocionantes (apesar de todos gostarem também da série). Este vídeo é tão bem feito que me fez interessar mais pelas revistas. Parabéns a quem o fez.


Man it's gonna be BEAST! I can't wait to see after the prison arc. Seriously check out the comics,I sure hope they use this song in an episode because it actually fits with the theme.

Gigi Mussell

DO NOT READ IF U HAVNT WATCHED THE SHOW well carl killed zombie shane in the show


Thank you :) Wouldn't it be awesome if at the end of "season 4" or so of the tv version the song plays when Rick and Carl are embracing each other,crying, and it pans out to show the destroyed fortress with zombies closing in? That alone would send chills down peoples bones and for some a little bit of tears.


A serie foi cancelada né ? Pois são vários gibis e n tem como eles fazerem tudo em duas temporadas de 12 eps, eu acho que são 12 eps .

Paul Clancy

Yeah, I still really like the video despite the points I made. Just being obsessive.

Christopher O'Meara

Rick Grimes has to have some of the worst luck after he reunites with Carl and Lori.


@liverpool1ification Unfortunately, he does.

Templar Slayer

I like to call both two series alternate universes

Josh Pecker

Comic Rick has been more shit then TV show Rick

Leonardo Rock

@kittyllsigh pretendo sim cara! Se tiver uma música para opinar, á-vontade! O próximo vídeo vai ser colorido, estou pintando algumas páginas, talvez comece quando acabar este arco que começou.

Paul Clancy

Oh my God, I can't imagine how they could possibly pull off that episode. Having 5+ innocent characters brutally murdered AND the Gov. getting his. THEN follow it up with Rick and Carl embracing? Chills indeed. But that scene was a clear call-back to when Carl shot Shane and Rick comforts him. (in the comics,the scenes are framed identically except by different artists and you can almost catch it in this video) So it's really most exciting to see where the show and comic will differ.

MatiaSS Correa

Since Governor attacked the prison, that was only the comienso ...Desde que el gobernador ataco la prision,eso solo fue el comienso


Well you never know.

Danny Brown

Wow this was posted a while ago


negan will pay!!

Bruno Carvalho

hi ele viveu


the song sorta does fit. not to mention I've read the comics; that's only my opinion really

Skry Ghosty

actually he did, in the serie, of course you surely know it, so nevermid

Diego viana

aata vlw cara ;)


This is the only song that makes me cry. I don't outright sob, but it brings tears to my eyes when I listen to it.

Pedro Aron

terminei de ler recentemente, e saber que a edição 193 foi a última foi como perceber que iria deixar de ver um amigo do peito...


Thats next season!!!! dude i can't wait till next season, alot of shit is gonna go down

Steven Stranger


Алексо Бомбонни

Tyreesee, I miss you...(

straight heart

damn, this is fucking sad.


Well, granted this is a cover of the original NIN song, I never knew it was about heroin. This was one Johnny's last singles and I thought it was about him reflecting his whole life and everything he has been through. Yeah he wouldn't give up an empire but I just thought it fit with him becoming a dirty leader,and you could consider him emotionally "hurting himself" with the telephone calls and the dreams where he gets eaten by zombie Lori.IDK still a good video IMO.

mattia cannarella

This song and this video made me discover my favorite comic book of all time.
Rest In Peace Rick Grimes 2003-2019


that dosent happen yet and might not happen caues rember the tv show is way diffrent then the comic book

Diego viana

O Daryl morre??


Apparently but I'm not the one who said it, Johnny Cash's version sounds like a person reflecting their whole life so far, while NIN's version is a person ruining their life with drugs. Though they have the same lyrics, Cash's has a different vibe. IMO it fits with the Walking Dead. Fun Fact: The Walking Dead is named after the survivors, not the zombies :p

ElmasterOMG perez

what is music?

Will Robinson

loll.......chow in the hangover.


Good point but i whish they would stay in the prison longer though in the tv show


The comics are much better.


simplemente extraordinario ....

Roxas 534

I would love to see another one with the events of the second compendium

julie anne gray

@blackops667 he doesnt


Cara n tenho duvida quanto a isso, a HQ é de longe mais interessante e muito mais violenta.. o único ponto forte da serie é o Daryl porém o Tyrise (n lembro como escreve) faz muito bem o papel de braço direito e vai na martelada nos zumbis lol. Eu lhe aconselharia a ver primeiro a série até a morte do Daryl (se ocorrer) mas vai demorar pra caralho , vão fazer de tudo para lucrar e vão mudar muito porque tem coisa punk demais na HQ pra passar de boa. Mas cuidado com spoilers.


Ya your right but i just hope they still goto washiton D.C. and have morgon on there side

ave domina

excelente tema para una excelente edicion....

Štěpán H.

omg can not see more... many spoilers

Cameron Lober

i love this video. and you couldnt have picked a better song for the video.

Jhon Kleiton

Rocklost , Me Diz quanto Foi a Revista " Quadrinhos " Mano Necessito Desse livro ;) PORFAVOR , Agradeço desde Já , Otimo Video ;)

Twd volume 24

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the walking dead life and death volume 24 review

265 views | 5 Sep. 2015

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Dj Colds

I wonder where this new story line is going

Regina Rodriguez

great review! i dunno I'm still questioning if alpha is an actual threat to rick....i mean i know he's not as strong as he was but ....im assuming this means war

Twd volume 24

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THE WALKING DEAD Life Among Them Volume 12 [Covers 67-72]

6 844 views | 21 May. 2015

MAPP Let's Talk TWD by

MAPP Let's Talk TWD by Skybound Comic Covers Volume 12 "Life Among Them" Story Arc. [Issue Covers 67 - 72] Taking a closer look at The Walking Dead Comic Book Cover for each single issue from all the Trade Paperback story arcs!

Don't miss the other videos in this 20+ video set! Here is the link to TWD Comic Covers Playlist.

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDJnPVI8OIpyRNVoBPaFXTphMorbWlab6

For those asking to send art work and such, check out the PO Box info that is now up in the "ABOUT" section of this channel. Thanks!!

Ultimate NO WAY OUT Story Arc Breakdown:


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Sam Richardson

69 & 72 are dope as hell

Dean Mc Kinney

Love these videos! Thank you for making them. #72 is my favourite...not even sure why but it's awesome.

Rick Grimes Cro

#70 is my fav, love the sign. This is the first time there is little bit of humor and the whole cover is more cheerful than usual. It's the same with the show; when they get to safe zone, you feel the general mood rising, if you know what I mean.



itzAyden 2


Meme Lord

Hope the monumental q&a 50 shows up soon. Along with a dead living chapter

Christos Bimpizas

1 = 72
2 = 69
3 = 70
4 = 71
5 = 68
6 = 67


Saw a tweet from Emily Kinney talking about seeing a jewelry store that's only located in Atl Georgia. Not saying it means anything tho


My favorite cover is issue 69

Christian Tarantino

#72 is amazing


Favourite cover is # 71


Number 72 is my fav
Love these vídeos. Keep on doing them

J Ryuzaki

69... heheheheheh but seriously, I love the cover 69 (im australian btw)

Joshua Wood

Kudos on the heisenberg reference that made me laugh out loud.

Chris Autry

2. 69
3. 72
4. 67
5. 70


I've read all the comics of the walking dead but I read them all on YouTube and I want to read them all again but have an actual physical copy, I also don't agree with reading them on YouTube because of obvious reasons but I live in a shitty little town in England and there are literally no comic book shops anywhere. I want to buy them online but I don't know what's the best method of doing so. Would you recommend buying the compendiums, trades or individual issues?



Marty Driver

6. issue 71
5. issue 67
4. issue 68
3. issue 72
2. issue 70
1. issue 69


All of these are great.  The tie-breaker for me was that 69 had some nice red and black tones.  I'm a sucker for that color combo.  This time, there's also a gloomy grey purple.  Plus, the imagery is great.




Favorite: 72


6. 69
5. 72
4. 68
3. 67
2. 70
1. 71


69 is my favorite from the bunch

Generally Awesome


robert jirgensen

Fav# 68  Least#67

YOSHI percussion

1. #70
2. #72
3. #68
4. #69
5. #67
6. #71

Butterfly Watching

This is my 3 time watching this cover TWD i love them all, hope the keep inspired for the series episodes.
I hope Caryl and all the main 'player' keep alive.
Questions do you know how the new episode begins and when?
Have you got any inside information about the storyline?

Dominick McEldowney

I like the one with Michonne

Offbeat Vegan Beauty and Life

my fav is #70. love the sign.


Nice vid bro!

Eli E

Here is a list of my favorite covers in order
10. Issue 50 (second print)
9. Issue 103
8. Issue 17
7. Issue 75
6. Issue 65
5. Issue 12
4. Issue 46
3. Issue 72
2. Issue 47
1. Issue 39


My favorite cover out of the series is issue #70

Eli E


Chunga Wunga




Make another one already

Walker Killer12

71 all the way and love this series

Critical Jake