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SALT Talks: Michael Saylor | Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, MicroStrategy

73 764 views | 18 Nov. 2020

Introducing SALT Talks, an

Introducing SALT Talks, an ongoing series of digital interviews with the world's foremost investors, creators and thinkers.

In these uncertain times, access to cutting-edge insights is more important than ever. SALT Talks provide a window into the minds of noteworthy business leaders, policy experts and innovators. Through in-depth conversations moderated by SALT Chairman Anthony Scaramucci, you will learn about trends shaping the future.

Developed, created and produced by SALT Venture Group, LLC


Koepu - koepu

I know you’ll love this btc tune !! https://youtu.be/SQHQVgaumKc

Patrick Hilekaan

Michael is so right... people in The third world do have access to a mobile than running water.....I have one and I own some bitcoin....Im from Nigeria and Nigeria is leading in P2P crypto exchange and adoption in Africa....so yes we do hold Bitcoin monetary energy as a hedge against poverty government corruption & a failed system. Thank you @SALT for this wonderful interview.


MS: "The banks are sucking the oxygen out of the room" - That's defnitely one way of putting it! We are so blessed to finally have a vehicle wereby we can stick it to the banks!

Jack Naneek

Mooch--do your homework.

Ron Burgandy

Love to listen to this guy's brain work!
I really think it's great that he's funding and encouraging people to educate and not get stuck in the debt education system . Hope his foundation ends up producing a few amazing talents that in turn give back and can keep the academy running for many decades to come.

How is it the guest has a better camera than the SALT show ?

Paul Green

I wish there were more people like Mr Saylor in the world - what an inspiration!

edit name

isnt SALT some shitcoin?


Love it!

Swiss Executive Coaching. Growing you for the NOW!

elementary next level thinking!!!

Soul Warrior Heart

Where is the best, safest and secure place or way to buy crypto?

seb Abigayle

Your analysis has always been one I could relate to easily, if we had more experts taking out time to educate newbie on crypto currencies whether in asset holding or trading for profit. I believe with a clear guide from experts, everyone can decide on the right strategy to employ toward utilizing crypto opportunities, understanding the market and how best to trade safely. Personally I prefer trading due to its flexibility and the use of signals has played a major role is pointing at the right direction to trade, this I have learnt and seen first hand while using Sebastian Bryant's services. His guides are easy to follow and signals perfect for trading. You can reach out to him on crypto related concerns on watpp (+447782861037) and also telgram (sebastianbryan) .

Dries Analog

Good we don't know the future. Bitcoin might be ok - but it can also be the 2020 dutch tulips.

Truls Nagell

Best youtube intervju 2020❤️

gregory comngo

Raoul This Gonna Cause A Disaster The End Of The Dollar A Big Crisis Nobody Have Money Banks Go Empty And Finally Dollar Crash And Bitcoin Too!! Don't Think That The Dollar Crash And Bitcoin Not Bitcoin Too Just Because All Dollar Is In Bitcoin You Will See It Play Out !!

Kin Digital Money

According to data from Coin Market Cap, KIN is in the top 2 trending tokens in America. This event and development of KIN will shape cryptocurrency market next year 2021. Regarding to legal status, KIN was sued by the SEC for allegedly conducting an ICO in 2017 while being a security, which is illegal. However, now the judge has ruled that KIN is not a security and it “should be free to trade on exchanges.” This lawsuit was the reason why KIN has been an underdog in the crypto world, investors stayed away as there was a significant risk of closure of the project. KIN also decided to stop all marketing efforts in order to combat the SEC. However, now that this is resolved, KIN is the only asset besides Ethereum and Bitcoin that is classified as a non-security commodity. KIN now is well-positioned to become most used cryptocurrency in the world. KIN is on the road to global mainstream adoption and evolving to become an industry agnostic blockchain technology standard. When we narrow the discussion about best cryptocurrency to invest in now, KIN always stands first especially in next year 2021.


MS: "Why is it that you have to impoverish yourself to learn? Why isn't it free?" - That right there is what's wrong in the US.


Tesla is the distributed energy network

Hui Tian

I love all of MS’s interviews. He is witty, intelligent, and he cares about waking up the rest of us to bitcoin. I have been actively investing in Bitcoin as a result of listening to Michael.

Crypto engineer

Michael saylor is now my financial adviser. I've sacked all the other money losers.

John McCafferty

Most important financial video of 2020


4:30 wanted to be an astronaut
4:50 talk about the book The Mobile Wave- so visionary!
With the perspective of a historian, the precision of a technologist, and the pragmatism of a CEO, Saylor provides a panoramic view of the future mobile world. He describes how:
A Harvard education will be available to anyone with the touch of a screen.
Cash will become virtual software and crime proof.
Cars, homes, fruit, animals, and more will be “tagged” so they can tell you about themselves.
Buying an item will be as easy as pointing our mobile device to scan and pay.
Land and capital will become more of a liability than an asset.
Social mobile media will push all businesses to think and act like software companies.
Employment will shift as more service-oriented jobs are automated by mobile software.
7:40 nobody read the book when he wrote it. Sold 50,000 and made a $1 a book. He took $50M put into Apple, FB, Google, Amazon and made $500M.
Anyone can do it if you wait for the market capitalization winner in the space (too early you might buy MySpace or yahoo but wait for the dominant leader).
10:30- swore if I ever saw an opportunity like that again I wouldn’t write a book, I’d buy into it personally and corporately and would just tweet about it and that’s what I’m doing now with Bitcoin.
43:00 Bitcoin is solution for the little folks in the world who don’t have hedge fund and has to watch their savings dilute.
50:00 talks Saylor Academy. When he went to MIT it depleted his family’s savings after a year just for him to learn Newtonian physics and math that was hundreds of years old.
51:00 there are 10M PhDs but we need so many more masters and PhDs. It’ll cost $1M per person x a billion PhDs! So let’s make education free forever. It’s free.

Fiedell Esc

Can you do any comment of earth 2

M Goldey

This guys gonna lose everything on bitcoin when it goes back down to 3k


You think that this is dialog, but its not, its a question and answer video. I want to see someone have a dialog with Michael Saylor.

Gordon Gekko

24:42 “no country controls”. WRONG! China is controlling Bitcoin. 65% of all the Bitcoin is mined by 4 mining pools in China. Those are facts. I’m buying XRP and I’m all in since 2017.


Wouldn't it be funny if he pulls out now: "long-term shlong-term, I'll take 100%" and the thing crashes afterwards! SUCKERS!

Kevin Vong

Saylor is a legend!

Sohaib was here


The creator(s) of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto clearly stated in the white paper it’s a electronic cash system ( peer-to-peer ) and it’s easy for anyone to read the title to understand that, which means for PAYMENT.

Now let’s think about that for a moment did it succeed?

Why ‽
Slow / high fees / volatile & the list can go on but lets just stop here.

Now holders & maxi’s of this coin want a way to market this failed product.

What to do ?
Ok found it, let’s compare to “Gold and say it’s a safe haven” ohh great idea

But guess what ?
Ok, let’s not guess soon we’ll all know...

Fun Facts :
- 5% of bitcoin holders control 95% of bitcoin.

- More than 50% of miners located in one country, Decentralized ? ( not anymore ).

- 1 Million BTC since the day it was mined still in a wallet no one knows what could happen to it.
( Mmm imagine one day someone decide to sell it )

- Look up Tulip Mania to understand why some people call Bitcoin a bubble.

Mikhel Brown

We have to find a way to preserve Michael Saylor's consciousness when his biological self dies... It will be a HUGE LOSS TO HUMANITY if we can't do that when his time is near. #Neuralink #SafeState

Erik Huang

This Michael guy seems to be smart. I hope he does well in life.

Maynard Becker

Bitcoin has more than doubled since this interview a month ago...this man must be feeling his oats.

Dominik Schwarzer

Every time I watch Michael explain Bitcoin to me, I want to buy more!

Janet McCarthy

2020 has been a rough year for markets, but Bitcoin has outperformed JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, and the majority of top U.S. financial sector stocks. Historically, traditional market analysts and old school investors tend to look at Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with a wary eye, and when crypto pundits attempted to make comparisons between the two these investors say it's an apple to orange argument. Take, for example, Warren Buffett, who many a time has said Bitcoin is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme as it does not produce anything and therefore has no value. According to these traditionalists, comparing Bitcoin to Apple, Tesla, or a bank stock like JPMorgan is irrational as the latter employ workers, produce products, and generate revenues and dividends which are distributed to shareholders. Despite these arguments, a simple fact remains. Bitcoin has had a strong year and the digital asset is outperforming financial stocks in 2020 due to a considerable increase in institutional demand, investors' belief in BTC's exponential growth potential, and its asymmetrical price action in the face of global economic uncertainty. So for now you can only make profits by trading. For me, i advise you multiply the little you have with Somchai Pilai’s strategy, I was able to make 9btc with 1.5btc in 3 weeks day trading using the same strategy , reach him by email [email protected]gmail.com for more insight. We'll definitely see another huge Bull Run again in the near future, we may not know exactly when it will happen, but it will definitely happen.

My YouTube Channel

This is how stupid Michael Saylor is: he thinks all the railways in the world have the exact same gauge (width between rails). Even Philadelphia and New Jersey don't have the same gauge. He makes the claim at 1:30:05 in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=5405&v=4rvTppy1qLI&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=RobertBreedlove

Wise Capital

great guy I hope he helps to educate average Joe because they are being toasted right now.

Crypto Legend

Dude just became legend

Fujio B

Great interview. Thank you.

Universal Uncle

Amazing fantastic discussion

AJ Hillhiker

Grateful for the stellar intelligence of these two, as well as the humor. P.S. My vote is gray hair; it's more credible. No offense Anthony.


This was really interesting to listen to! Wish it was longer though!

Fred Grace

I could blow this guys mind. My plasma generator can educate millions. I could become a teacher for his foundation. The electromagnetic field known as the fourth state of matter can be used to levitate and travel at hyperspeed. Oh it's good stuff


Excellent views!

gregory comngo

All country. Around the world are gonna get together just to put a banner and stop the use of bitcion


Electrifying !! This is why he is the giga Chad!!


"Apple" didn't lead any of this. They mastered forcing people into a one-platform system and that's it. And no, AMZN was not "obvious" in 2013. Useless clarity of hindsight. And "buy as much as I can" is terrible investment advice. I feel sorry for anyone taking what this guy is saying as gospel. And by the way this guy's company that he founded from age 24 is STILL operating margin negative.


That point about giving education away to everybody for free made me cry. If you have no heirs & you want to live forever.....you create a legacy. Michael Saylor I salute you Sir.

lu luu

this is a cool story I would have to tell about my friends

Lila M

How does Bitcoin look after the great reset?

Loan Wolf

He might not be an astronaut but he is going to the moon with BTC!

d Quin


Metal Bum

Epic interview. This man is a pro michael saylor. Thinks outside the box and into the future.


I would rather eat lunch with Saylor than Buffett

Jun Liu

With a gun to the head to force access to someone else's gold vs force access to someone's bitcoin wallet is the same concept. That analogy isn't right.


My first exposure to Michael Saylor ideas. I'm hooked.

Neil Simon

Greatest mind in the bitcoin space. The man strikes me as a bit of a genius!

Digital Nate

Awesome treatise on preserving energy/ value.


Romans had more than just aqueducts.. they had valves for example.

Eric Courtois

Time to buy more ETH.

Jeb Fahlgren

BITCOIN is down 5% today, I'm, watching another Michael Saylor video, have to pause to buy more.

Peter S. Hesse

Hope he is correct? I am buying every week now!!


Is this guy jesus

Winifred Fowler

giga Chad.

gregory comngo

What you saying that the Gold gonna crash and Dollar too is that what saying?


Wow my wife won't be amused, I am in love with this man... Anyone else finds it a bit strange that after all this conversation about monetary science and physics and Bitcoin, the other guy tells Saylor "God bless"...??

John Smith

I strongly disagree when he says Bitcoin is neither a currency nor a payment network, BUT apart from that I find this guy ingenious.

Espen Folmo

If you wish to understand Bitcoin/Blockchain, I would recommend this animation: (youtube) watch?v=9FJPgVdF5kY


To Saylor reaching billionaire status and me millionaire haha

Steve S

Madness everywhere, except...


Without knowing it, Michael is talking about BitcoinSV protocol when he speaks about Bitcoin as a payment network. Bitcoin protocol has 3 competing implementations: BTC, BCH, BSV. Wait till people discover BSV implementation. It's the real peer-to-peer electronic cash system as envision by Satoshi. It's works like cash.

Tekker Truth

This guy said the things I want to hear. Would have preferred more critical questions from Scaramucci!

Gary Corbin

You give these young bitcoin snappers hell Scaramucci. No worries at all! At a chronological age of 63 BUT SPIRITUAL AGE of 22, I have plenty of hair color they can borrow too. This year marks my 45th year as a cancer survivor. So I have been spiritually more youthful than any millennial out there. So have YOU!! MARVTASTIC TALK!!

Leo Light Work

It was amazing to put a face with the name I have been hearing so much recently in the Crypto channels. Much appreciation, gratitude, and respect for what brother Michael is doing in the world. Thank you to the channel for facilitating a great interview and for giving us an intimate look at what I would consider a true, billionaire philanthropist. Namaste ??

Retard Commontater

Crawling into A.I. like a tape worm instead of having it crammed down your throat . After having an amount that feels good others take notice . May be what Michael has done is educating the masses faster than all the books ever written . When getting down too it you have to have an amount that feels good and then it is . Difficult but consider all the coins ever mined are in front of everyone that wants to see . Go look , there there . All kinds of emotions well up differently for everyone that does . It does not matter how big your navy is , or how many drones are aimed at them all are useless without keys . Burn the courthouse it does not mater . Perfect Deregulation

Steve Jurgens

Michael Saylor looks like a chipmunk.

Hooch Smeeth

Saylor gonna be salty when Bog domps eet.

Ivan S

@Michael I have I thought experiment. Assuming that 10% of the world's money decides to buy Bitcoin, how long would it take for this money to get deposited into the Bitcoin network?

Jason Smith

Anthony Scaramucci is a mini con man.


He makes some brillisnt points. Maybe I'm misunderstanding but at 22:00, is he saying that increasing the money supply and inflation are essentially synonymous? My understanding is that most economists do not hold this view. That's not to say that it isn't obvious that eventually it will lead to the dollar being devalued but what annual devaluation is he referring to?

MEN 101

Do NOT use paypal! They freeze accounts permanently without giving you any reasons! You will never get your money out of of paypal! Paypal also does not allow users to move crypto currency off its platform into your own private wallet. paypal is the worst company ever when it comes to customer service. You’ve been warned!! Not your keys, not your crypto!


Science, science ... finally ! Intelligent channel and people ! Cheers .

Metal Bum

Can you get michael saylor on again???!

Dee Yammy

Pure awesomeness!

Hot Prospects

Thinking in levels not usually attained. Great listening... Thank you. The question, how long to build our entire global hardwired power grid? Think about the consumption increase and power servicing for mining and transactions of crypto. Massive energy consumption on the same hardwired grid. Grew their network tremendously. We have an awesome existence. Happy Holidays

Swiss Executive Coaching. Growing you for the NOW!

true leadership IQ!

Follow this new era leader


27:26 he traded every 3 secondes every day for 2 weeks straight to buy 600 million. Wow


Thank you Bitcoin Jesus!

Jay Radtke

I'm waist deep in Bitcoin and this guy makes me want to go all in.


My new favorite btc video. Great content

Mark Crouch

Come on lol.
BTC is not an asset. It produces nothing. It yields 0% (unless it goes up). If you buy a company (stocks) that produces goods and services, then you own a piece of that company and receive share of profits regardless of whether they use dollars, btc, gold, cheese, it doesn't matter. Crypto is a punt, every1s goal is to sell it to some1 else for more money. He should remember that I think.

Curtis Hoffman

Saylor: Bitcoin Genius..

walter walter

oday we are saying 1 BTC equal some $19000 USD, very soon we will be saying 1 US $ equal to #..? of Satochi, 1 Euro equal to # of Satoshi,.........and that will finally make sense!!!


Tesla = energy & transportation network

Rocketlife NeverGiveUpAndBeKind

Saylor blows my mind every time i listen
He’s a legend

r k

I have some investment in Bitcoin but have always been cynical... MSL's statement that bitcoin is crypto asset and not a crypto currency is the aaha moment (watch from 38:20 onwards to around 41:00).Centralized currencies will scale better as they dont need proof of work and rely on trust. Bitcoin's real value is that its deflationary. I can definately see a world of centralized digital currencies coexisting with bitcoin -- where people store their savings in Bitcoin and seamlessly convert between fiat and bitcoin..

Espen Folmo

If you wish to understand Bitcoin/Blockchain, I would recommend this animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FJPgVdF5kY

D j

What a great dude!!!! Michael Saylor is a brilliant guy!!!!!!Nobody talks about Bitcoin like him!!

Mike Walker

Very impressed!!

Too Big To Bunt

guys a stud, but anyone else taken aback initially on his voice pitch?


Somehow I feel, and 3-5 years time will tell, that the only thing everyone with a bit (small bit) of money has to do to be wealthy, is just listen and pay real attention to Michael Saylor. You are a wonderful man, thank you - even if you are doing it for initially selfish motives, you are throwing a lot of light into darkness and BEHOLD! you are not charging USD 99 per year to do so.

Michael j. saylor

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Michael J. Saylor speaks at MicroStrategy World 2018 in Las Vegas

3 202 views | 24 Jan. 2018

Michael J. Saylor,

Michael J. Saylor, President, Chairman of Board, and CEO at MicroStrategy, speaks at MicroStrategy World 2018. This excerpt, introducing the map of the Intelligent Enterprise, is a shortened version of the day 1 general session.


Thanks for sharing this! The concept of the intelligent enterprise is exciting, we look forward to not just analytics, but focusing on the communications and transactions that lead to discovering who your best customers are, and how to solve their problems.

Michael j saylor

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Pomp Podcast #385: Michael Saylor On Buying Bitcoin With His Balance Sheet

196 280 views | 16 Sep. 2020

This is an episode of The

This is an episode of The Pomp Podcast with host Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano and guest, Michael Saylor, an entrepreneur and business executive, who co-founded and leads MicroStrategy, a company which provides business intelligence, mobile software, and cloud-based services. He has become well known in the Bitcoin community for using the company's balance sheet to purchase more than $400 million of Bitcoin.

In this conversation, we discuss how Michael built MicroStrategy, what his $500 million dilemma earlier this year was, and why he choose to put more than $400 million into Bitcoin with the company's balance sheet.

Pomp writes a daily letter to over 50,000 investors about business, technology, and finance. He breaks down complex topics into easy to understand language while sharing opinions on various aspects of each industry. You can subscribe at https://pomp.substack.com/

Book a one-on-one video call with Pomp:

Cameo: https://www.cameo.com/pompglobal

Superpeer: https://superpeer.com/pomp

Follow Pomp on social media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/APompliano

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pompglobal/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthonypompliano/

Website: https://anthonypompliano.com/

Listen and subscribe on the platform of your choice:

Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast...

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/2QwpFjz...

Google: https://play.google.com/music/listen?...

takashi kawazo miyashiro

Someone got Michael's twitter?

High Desert Nights

Did he say Eric Wise or Rice?

Karen Thomas

The best and advisable way one could be a millionaire is by spending less and investing more {e.g Cryptocurrency investment (bitcoins) is really the best way to make money nowadays}

DJS Squibbs

Anthony, I love you interviews and other content. I never realized how fascinating Michael Saylor is. Awesome to have found this Interview.

Hia Pom

Seriously rooting for the 'breaking the dam' open option.

Adele K

MSTR shares have gone parabolic in the past month. I think the people believe in Mr Saylor ?

Anthony Andrews

Wow this is SO COOL that now square is in Bitcoin and during this interview it was foreshadowed!


you guys convinced jack

Mayank Kumar

this man is absolute genius

Sick Krakr

i see facts.

Drusilla Evans

Даниил, кстати к игре в онлайн казино необходимо тоже подходить расчетливо. Естественно, когда вы катаете в вулкане там ни одного раза не выведете бабки, а например если подойти к этому вопросу тщательно тогда можно понимать, что бывают такие как 1хбеты, созданные мошенниками и не несущие ответственности, а имеются игорные заведения с лицензией, там настройка игровых автоматов отсутствует. По-этому не надо решать на основе мошеннических сайтов. Список лицензионных игорных заведений онлайн можно посмотреть здесь: https://casinreg.ru


This was Awesome!!

Kaid Shajrah

Proper gangster

Bob C

How many people went to voice.com while watching this podcast? lol

Disruptive Innovation InformOpp


Canok Mene

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Anthony Andrews

Michael Saylor said he had no money when he started out with his PHD man, that is SUPER INSPIRING.

Evil Morty

Time stamps would be nice


You guys don't even know how patient flat earthers are being with you.

Red Tastytrade

BY FAR, the most instructive and compelling podcast on BTC. Mind opening and mind changing. BOOM BOOM for real.

nyel bangash

The wacky israel ordinarily release because gateway virtually reject around a bitter attack. berserk, volatile thread

Marco Pepino


Money Chaingers

I Give You Fire - Michael Saylor

Ryan Yoshimura

This aged well for him

Secret Candy

Wow Mr.Saylor! I’ll support you to go back for Ph.D!

Marco van Bree

I'd like to see a roundtable discussion with Cathie Wood, Elon Musk, Peter Schiff, Michael Saylor and Polina about the future of finance and technology. Make it happen POMP!

Metal Bum

This guy is an out of the box thinker really smart


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I thought you are smart.


#askLM Hey Anthony, do you think that the powers that be have considered the ramifications of inflation driving up the price of gold to levels that make holding it a safety risk? And because of this that they may be artificially suppressing it's true value in relation to fiat currency?

Max Weber

Bastards from MicroStrategy, remind you how you deceived the people in the dot-com era? your shares pushed up to $ 3600, then they crashed to $ 5! you now want to deceive the people, but this will not work for you! you bastards, this time you will be behind bars! deceivers

PJ Tanner

Would you please add that bass guitar lick at the end of your show as well as the beginning? I love it! Great show.

Michael Smith

With Cryptocurrencies getting building bullish move each passing day, the next few years is definitely going to be filled with regret for a lot of folks. Crypto is here to stay and the recent surge in prices is merely the beginning of greater things to come, crypto offers a lot of financial opportunities either via holding or trading, from experience though I'd easily pick trading over the lot, with the right experience and good signal one could earn big via trading, I won't really consider myself an expert, but I've been coping the signals provided by trading expert Mr Steven Dunn, which I've have employed trading under his guide, i have been able to grow my portfolio to 12 btc less than two months, for crypto related concerns. Steven Dunn may be contacted on Whatsapp (+1 (516) 200-1939) and telegram (stevendunn471) ....

Cuida tu salud emocional

If you don't have a BINANCE account yet, you can register through this link and get a 20% refund on your trading fees. Forever: https://www.binance.com/en/register?ref=KCFYZVQJ

Karl Borchers

Bitcoin is my savings account from now on.

Anthony Andrews

This is amazing!

paul walker

Do you have a trading course that you teach ? i would def pay ?

Chris Hayes


m W.

The guy that kept telling him what he doing not gonna work sound like a super hater smh


Hmm..I am not buying that he forgot he tweeted he bought Bitcoin. Can you think of a better way than that to PUMP your investment. Love the guy, but I know BS when I see it. Just pointing out the fact, I can't say I wouldn't do the same if I was him or Twitters Jack Dorsey :-)

Jim Lay

Hahaha BTC floating around 45-46.5k but hit 48k a day ago.... I hope folks come on here to update and laugh at past btc prices. Michael and those who are following his lead (like now Elon Musk) (or a guy like former overstock CEO Patrick Byrne who was far earlier than Michael)-- are doing a great service to humanity --helping us all adopt crypto and leave trash money behind so we can bring this world out of the control of that nasty power hungry [central Banker] cabal (and their minions) and back into a state of normalcy and balance... it is the year of the Ox after all... YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Ophir Katz

Wonder how he saves his crypto...??? doe's he stake it also?

S Bee

So creative and strong this guy

Tom Lee

Silver spoon we get it...

Crypto guy

Nice. Well aware of you, new sub and looks like early. Your contributions from the front lines have been and are appreciated Sir. I would also like to say you have portrayed the entrance of the 4th Industrial age quite profoundly with a touch of class and lot's of composure. Oh the laughs some of them had was fun, how you swiveled your chair over at times losing zero ground, owning those conversations, damn I think I am getting a man crush going. Gordon Ramsey may be second fiddle for a bit // seriously, Thank You.

Have Saylor on again as BTC rises onto the Global Stage, we all know he jumped in well prior to this rise so Saylor and Company are seeing the fruits already. Have him bring some of his officers that had already bought BTC and let's here from them, free idea for a series, let this story be told! Saylor and Company are the first ones to the dance floor in a sense, love this story.

༺ • AFINO • ༻

this is the luckiest / most intelligent man on planet earth

Disruptive Innovation InformOpp

When I keep open to new thinking about btc and blockchain tech.Everything I thought is old thinking.Btc benefits all.For the people, by the people, of the people.

Anthony Pompliano

Pomp writes a daily letter to over 50,000 investors about business, technology, and finance. He breaks down complex topics into easy to understand language while sharing opinions on various aspects of each industry. You can subscribe at https://www.pompletter.com :)

Yin Yang

THE RACE IS ON, who own the most Bitcoin will be king and control the world's future finance whether you like it or not, No one can stop it now, they tried (US government, India, china) but failed miserably.

El Rickster

Any chance to get this translated/subtitled in Spanish?? Need to share this with many friends who don't speak English...

Sean Robidoux

Jack Dorsey must have seen the podcast... 3 weeks later square puts $50MM of BTC on the balance sheet. nice job!!

brandton shriner

Well this has aged well.

Julianna Myers

Proverbs 15 : 22 Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed. I am $23k in profits investing in Bitcoin and ETFs working with an expert trade agent Milford Tom, you can use anything but make sure to always try.

Crypto Currently

https://bloodyfi.org/#/ BLOODY is a deflationary elastic experiment that clots if it doesn’t circulate.

Adele K

1:12:59 that was weird ?

Adele K

Type emma dot com and see where that takes you - interesting...
Then type hope dot com - love the redirect?


Did his hair turn white when he bought BTC?

Bu Jin

1:20:44 Elon Musk. ...he's running two tens of billions of dollars businesses and counting. (Each of his four businesses have a multi trillion dollar future.)

Sick Krakr

it automated

Austin Marshall

Pomp- did a great job of letting him run with his thoughts....must be hard to wanting to chime in but understanding he might be about to make an excellent point. Your interview skills are progressing....

dorothy ellen

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Yeruult Dashdendev

If there will be a Bitcoin movie made, then Guy Pearce should play Michael Saylor.

Sick Krakr



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Alexandre Lamarre

Huge brains and even bigger balls.

Michael Beheshtaien

now the domain is some company thats pretty much making ends-meet... what an investment and what a win for Michael Saylor. The only company that would've used this domain to the core would be the likes of Twilio.

Nic Williams

I need to have a beer with this guy! What an absolute dude!

SlapDookie on a Stick

Great interview Pomp

Nicu Buricu


Curz Jennifer


Jace Butler

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Matt Gerken

Imagine being that successful and being mistaken for Brett Favre.....

Sick Krakr


Espen Folmo

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Wait until the environmentalists get on the bitcoin case.

Disruptive Innovation InformOpp



Somehow I feel, and 3-5 years time will tell, that the only thing everyone with a bit (small bit) of money has to do to be wealthy, is just listen and pay real attention to Michael Saylor. You are a wonderful man, thank you - even if you are doing it for initially selfish motives, you are throwing a lot of light into darkness and BEHOLD! you are not charging USD 99 per year to do so.

philip tooley

I was in on bitcoin at $.003.

Ryan Mullarkey

This is f*cking awesome

Jimmy Design

So much value in this

Garrett Hoyos

Jeesh!!!! That was nuts to listen to.

Heartworks 2008

very interesting interview! I am not a fan of lengthy videos but this one got very interesting, I lost track of time! thanks to Pomp for stuff like this. And thanks to Michael Saylor for sharing his journey on bitcoin, etc. I learned a lot! :-)


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Helena Chase

Does anyone know what he paid for his bitcoin ? Each ....


Jack Dorsey is a censoring Jack Ass.

Scalp Logic

Feels like I just received a college degree in Economics 2020 ?? listening all the way through two times. AMAZING CONTENT!!!

Steve French

Possibly best interview I've ever seen. Didn't know much about Michael Saylor other than his huge investment in bitcoin. Guys a genius.

Paul Kovac

Michael Saylor is a legend. Very inspiring. After hearing his story you are now one of my hero's.

Betty West

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Zollan Qeen

Its still going bullish and all I can say is try to trade than just buy and watch. As for me I’m trading with an expert and so far my crypto has been increasing massively.

Sick Krakr

outside the box


I knew very smart people that simply couldn’t handle the workload and the mental strength needed to deal with the math involved in studying aeronautical engineering. had me sold right there when i heard that that was his educational background. Michael Saylor is no fool, it is going to get very interesting from here.. I still have a theory about a ‘Bitcoin black hole,’ regardless, it’s HODL HODL HODL!!! Great interview. Props to Michael and his continued success.

Demian Figueroa

the sad thing is bitcoin actually got destroyed and transformed in something else, the worth it has is just because they kept the bitcoin name, bitcoin was meant to give economic freedom and got hijacked by banks and millionaires

Nick Goodwin

Man what an interesting guy Michael is. Great interview!

Jake D

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Leah Roberts

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