Logic rapper name

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Logic Explains How He Almost Went By The Name 'Psycho'

45 788 views | 19 Apr. 2015

http://www.vladtv.com - In

http://www.vladtv.com - In this VladTV exclusive, Logic drops a freestyle and explains the origins of his name.

Before breaking down the meaning of his rap name, the Maryland rapper spits positivity in his swift freestyle, and pays homage to Andre 3000. When it comes to his name, the rapper says his angry rap persona drove him to have other names like Hitman, East Coast Killa and Skittles. He decided on the name Logic since 'psychological' was one of his favorite words.


Logic sound so much like J cole and K dot

No Disguise Raps

Ay! This is a nice interview!
I used to joke around like I hope I make it in music so I can just do interviews.


Logic is good as fuck no doubt


Hella basic he corny


This dude can rap , listen to his album

im100percentg ☑️

Where the fuck is his new music at... I been waiting since the album. Come on mixtapes

Figgy Op

Lol skittles because in middle/high school he went be skittles because he wanted to be like Eminem

2 ManMob

lol what about psycho Les?


Damn, Vlad really dragged this interview out lol

Wonk Lawless

Can't get into this dude...and his these interviews do him no justice. Cornball who stands for nothing 

Q The Messiah

white rappers suck


I've probably listened to two Logic songs in my life, but I can tell he's a better MC than most of these new cats based on his radio freestyles, like on Sway..


Took us a few months but we've finally reached the end of the interview.

Tae Jules

That under pressure bump what the hell you all smoking on its not a let down.


Lets be honest. That name doesn't fit him, at all.


Damn I just can't get into this nigga, even that freestyle or whatever was kinda generic and not pleasing


Why yall hatin on the dude logic, let him chill and do his thing.

vag pounder


PeeVee Hermaan

Logic is that dude tho. He's got skill and he's a nice guy aswell

E Smith

Sounds like j. Cole

charlie edgars

Am I the only person who thinks this guy is corny? He reminds me of my friend in high school that thought he knew how to rap after he saw 2pac Resurrection. Hip-Hop is trash: when New York was on top everything was well, but since the south has been in charge it has become complete fuckery. I'm from New Orleans, but I came up in a different era. When I was growing up, Eminem; 2pac; Jay-z; and Nas were everything. And now the new generation look to Lil Wayne, T.I. and Rick Ross; that's old school for them. I'm glad I was born in the 80's. 88 was a good year. Good bye, Hip-Hop, we had a nice run.

Cristian Noperi

skittles? wtf

Este SE15

He is one of the realest rappers out, been listening to him for some good years now, Im just waiting till him and J.cole work together, because they have known each other for some time... yet no collabs lmao.

Ryu Chase

man this dude seems mad chill , everybody frontin on him

Natalie Renee

"Foreva- foreva eva" Ms. Jackson?

d'Rivm Wempozv

Logic explains how he almost went by the name Psycho.
They should've just showed a 10 second clip of his LONG ASS FINGERS. Watch out for them in other interviews LOL.

Bubblegum Bitch

Fun Fact: Logic is biracial, just like Drake and J.Cole.

Good Gold

Lord subliminal sounds dope! Lol

Danny Truth Magnified

His album is fire.

Manuel L

So much haters fuck all y'all

Ase One

"Psycho" my ass, nigga probably bleeds gogurt.


Corny ass rapper no different from chingy

A list

Well lets just say from what I just heard he is no Eminem.


half these mofos hatin on logic will go listen to young thug or fetty wap or migos weak asses and talk about "this shit fire" "this nigga dope"

Vince Millz

its amazing how much yall hate on this man cause he all about peace love and positivity but let a guy who is the exact opposite get on here and he or she will get so much praise

A Michael

So much talent just a lil too corny for his own good


Name your top 5 rappers I smack the shit outta them they not live rappers.


Yea yall right hes corny but Id rather him be that than the typical fake gangster/drug dealer. Hes someone whose finally being himself unlike all the "trap niggas"??and his album is straight fire. I bumped it for two months straight. Mane can flat out make good music. Cant argue with that


maaddddd haters, lol young sonatra 1 2 and 3 kills alotttt of your guys favorite rappers tracks that have sequels.. don't believe check him.


he's handsome

Zane Dietlin

I don't understand all this hate. Is it cause he looks white? Is it cause he might be a little bit corny or cheesy? Who gives a FUCK. He makes bomb ass music. Leave him alone

Lady Love

lol he sounds like J Cole they should work together on some DMV shit

Fabian Ahmad

how can people even diss this guy? I just don't get it and I never will...he's so humble!!



Psalm 62:8

Opens up the video with a freestyle and people dislikes wtf

FightingWords BoxingNetwork

Between Vlad and this dude R.I.P Rap!!


I love you man


this guy is a diet fruit cup what has the rap game come to.. smh


Lord Subliminal lmao

Corben Marroquin

thats actually a freestyle off the top of his head. Idk why everyone is dogging him, you can probably only name a handful of rappers(5 or less) that do that in interviews/on video

Jessica Barco

Logic is so amazing .

Fabian Ahmad

it was definitely Psychological

Logic rapper name

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That Time I Met Logic Rapper....

10 603 views | 25 Oct. 2017

That Time I Met Logic

That Time I Met Logic Rapper

How To Copyright Your Rap Name So Nobody Else Uses It

The only way to guarantee KEEPING your name is to make a NAME for yourself haha.

Think about how rappers with these names MADE the name instead of letting it belong to something else.

50 Cent... 50 cent.....

The Game... thats a daily used name... I'm about to go play the game, I'm going to the game... but when you say his name you know what rapper you're talking about.

Think Eminem... that's the name of a candy that was created 76 years ago.... and the company it's under makes 33 BILLION dollars a year...

Think about Future... the rapper name FUTURE... FUTURE! Or Ice Cube.... ICE CUBE!

You make the name for yourself.

You just have to work harder than anybody else trying to use the same rap name.


When Logic Rapper was growing in 2011 I was paid to do a show at a sneaker convention in downtown Chicago.

My team had been talking about how I should link with Logic rapper and he thought we had a lot in common and would be great on a track together.

I do the show and rapper logic is there and he introduces himself as logic the rapper and I'm like oh awesome man my team has been saying good things about you.

Had a great conversation with him... come to find out it wasn't logic rapper it was some other kid that was a rapper named logic... clearly he no longer can go by that name lol

Make sure you pick a good name that's memorable. And you make the name for yourself.

You just became a Smarter Rapper.




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The cables for the mic to to the preamp XLR Cable 6 FT - 2 pack http://amzn.to/2wWhjd8

My Main Music Channel


Shakhzod Saidov

well i hope i meet the real "Rob Level" one day! That story was ill tho.. haha

XavierFevrier _9HD

Great vid, Logic is actually my favorite rapper

The Real Cellus

Trade mark your name!! No one else can use it. That's what I did.


Didnt eminem choose his name because of his intitials? M and M

Black Koga Ninja

Like BATMAN lol


I love Logic I was so excited!!!

ChanSe NFO

Right on homie

Trinity Reed

Awesome video! The time you met "Logic" was pretty funny. I thought you were talking about the real Logic and then he turned out to be a jerk ?


Logic only went to one concert and that was jcole


right i think that eminem is taken from Marshall Mathers - M and M ? but ots the same so whatever :D

TurnT A

You and Logic Got A Lot In "Common"
That's A Rapper Name Too, You Didn't Meet Him, But You Saw Him.

Ethan Yoon


Izaak Tucker

thanks man! what do you think of the rap name "yung tuck"?


I rapped with logic in Cleveland this summer. Craziest experience of my life

Mr Trashlife



I have a question can I use Rapchat to become a poppin rapper?

Swizy 888

I’m loving the videos (just subscribed) can’t wait for some new ones. Check out my IG if you get the time ([email protected])

J Smooth

So who in the world did you meet??...

Scott Sargent

I always thought there was more to it than that, because you can't brand yourself as "Eminem" without legal issues? Maybe you can as MnM? Not that you would get any respect for that lol.

Grant Semler

love it my dude

geo plays

wheres your likes


You had me rolling with that logic shit! LOL


How do you post on things such as Spotify, Spinrilla, etc.? What is he process and its it hard?

Noah West

I pen them in, then send them in my simpletons I serve
My rhythms getting heard I just hymn and then I earn

Rip Nice

The Game? Triple H was The Game before the Rapper. As for names? You can Trademark the name. WWE does this ALL the time.

R Pou

Another thing don't 36 years old starting your career. You gotta be young to,do This shit.


Talk about hopsin?


Hopefully nobody blows up who goes by the name P.M lol doubtful ill blow up but I like the name and it's my first 2 initials

Angel Gonzalez

what if my name is Smart Rapper?
im serious.........

nah... its
Young Bennett
Authentic A
half a dolla
the loss
smallie bigs
pretty peasant
no chainz
angel broccoli
Idk know gimme ideas

Eric Brito

hey rob should we use our real name as rapper name?


Lol when you were telling the story I thought like you and Logic got into a beef or something ?. Kind of a new subscriber, but really loving the channel man. Great tips!



Lexi con

Is real_rapperr a good rap name please answer

Mr Matty Moses

lol! ? that story cracked me up. Definitely what I needed this early in the morning ☀️


Can you go over how to use triplets and speed rhyming rapping. And the history of the triplet rhyming style.

Josh C

Great content as always Rob! Love your work and keep it up, just had a question for you. What books should we read on marketing or business or books in general to become smarter in this line of work?

Another Person

Look up the rapper name "Lyric L Reyy" ✊

Rob Level

How To Find Your Rap Name In 4 Steps:


"That's not him" ??

Mikki Mankh

I thought logic got his name from Psychological and then shorten it later. Point still stands but some g whiz info

Logic rapper name

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Logic - 5AM (Prod. C-Sick)

71 223 877 views | 23 Jun. 2013

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• Logic -




Download this track •


Picture credit •

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/12616735133/in/photostream/

If you are the owner of this picture and want it removed,contact me and I will delete the video as soon as possible,no drama!


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Paul Claws T.T

Nice to finish this year with this hit !

Cursed account

It's a sin to not listen to this at 5 am

John 83804

still smokin to this after fucking years much love

te eed

I dont give a fuck, my mind stay celebate

Mike Lewis

Forever one of my favorites


who bumpin in 2021

Austin Gray


Kourtney Hanley

Did drake steal this beat for started to from the bottom



xi 77

Ayee peace to skizzy mars?


26 de diciembre 5:13 am

Joshua Christodoulou

Why is this not on Apple Music


2021 strong !



Benjamin R

Where is the 2021 Gang?

Sam pyjam Sam pyjam



still awesome!


It aged like finest wine...


That picture is crazy! Anyone knows where is that?

Isaac Malott

This one of those songs I listen to everyday

Bunny Legend

On time at 5am..?

Debuff rs

always come back to this OG banger dude

Maurice Briscoe

70mil views! Whether Logic can rap or not, he definitely got a ear for hip hop and what hip hop wants to hear. Like a bridge for the gap for old heads and the new gen... oh and my opinion? He can definitely rap lol

xxkillshot killshotxx

Man time flies

Reidh01 H

First view of 2021???


2013-2016 best years in my life

jack starr

Who's here in 2021? ?


I remember my best bud putting me on this joint, Ballin and Roll Call in the summer of 2013. After that the rest was history and Logic became my favorite rapper of all time. He’s “retired” now but we all know about his alter ego DocD lol album is out btw and that boy CDot Castro is on it!!

Supreme Kai

Song is ahead of its time?

Daniel G

Haha I remember this one. Im old now ?

CleanedupPanda 6


Stunnaful Photos

2021.....still ???


Still here!!! Damn I will always be here!! ???

Knndy Likes

forever ?

Jamie Beam

Derek murphy

Sam pyjam Sam pyjam

Paranoiā paranoïa maintenant tu sais que tu es en enceinte


Why isn't this song on Spotify ?

Iman Zarabi

We gotta get this to 100 million views!!


who here in 2021 still bumpin this banger?

KDs Burner

Bobby was one of my rappers in the game so sad he retired #rattpack


0:25 what did he saaayyyyy?? (p.s im not hating on logic hes a great rapper really funny and i know he doesnt mean to be racist id never hate the god of rap)



Quenx YT

listened to this in 2015

Now its 2021 still fucking fire no Cap

Kevin Alexander

2021 still Bumping ?

Dave Wolfensberger

Its a legendary song i feel it
but why is it not anymore on spotify??

Adrián Román

500 am justaa

Abdul Basith

It's 5am and here I am



Jerry Michaud

Jerry michaud boy 23

Elias Gonzalez

Still on this, Thursday, February 4

Jack Green

Put it on Spotify I beg

James Aston

7 years I’m still here with chills

The Professor PTG

who's here in 2021?! such a timeless song...


This needs to be on spotify

G King

"You hate'n on me God damn you evil...."

Marcus Georgos

my fav song fam


Shoutout to MW2 and mixtape logic


nice 7 years later still no spotify lmao!


comin back after so many years damn

Legacy Media Solutions

? Dashing Away

Kosar Abdullah

Who’s here in 2021?


Finna head into 2021 still blaring this shit.

Sam pyjam Sam pyjam


Jesus Salgado

2021 who here listening!?


Yeh 5Am in morning im still at work ?

The Goofy Guy

anyone 2021?

INsaNiTy__Dop3 !

This song is top 5 for sure

Elijah Lacson

Eyy ?

TTV Har09

2021 still heat???

lil baller 420

2021 sill here

Young Savage

When I first heard this song it was being played in a call of duty ghosts lobby through someone's mic, nostalgic


This track makes me wanna look at the sunrise after a long night


I keep coming back to this one

Austin Plessinger

Uh, this song is dope.

Matt Engler

2021 bumpin


The good days ?


January 2021 anyone ??????


does anyone else listen to this while pulling all nighters?


Anyone here in 2021

Gigi Escobar

Why can't I find this on spotify??

prod. Zlaayy

more than 7 Years ago... still a classic

Ryan Chambers

Been jamming to this since 2017?? Still a banger


Man what the fuck happened to logic the man was so much better back in the day

Philly Fly

I love u Logic ur my inspiration ? ?


2021 and this is still his hardest song to me ??

estra's world

2021 checkpoint

like to activate

Matthew Beckmon

why can’t this be on spotify ?

Jan-Wilem Korevaar


Bonezelius Pilatius

Its better than like 99% of 2k21 rap ;)


It’s still a banger

5AM Morning DAD

? ? ?


Love it... It would be great to find that song on spotify!

ken kaneki

I respect the lyrics bro

Deveshwar Reddy#yolo

Anyone listening to this in 2021?

The Limbo Chimp

First song i heard from logic and THANK god that it was this one

Fusion EDM

Why isn’t this on Spotify?

Stacking It

#2021 if you still banging this u a real one

I am unknown

That's so good:)

Jarrad Nonmus

2020 new year’s eve!!!

Nikola Petronijevic