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MicroStrategy Stock Update January 2021| MSTR Stock Analysis (Michael Saylor Bitcoin)

1 755 views | 16 Jan. 2021

An update on

An update on MicroStrategy Stock (MSTR) in January 2021

In November 2020 I revealed my favourite stock pick; a company known as MicroStrategy (Ticker MSTR). Since then the stock has gone from $180 to a high of $630. Over 250% in just 2.5 months! Insane.

In this video I cover the recent decision by Microstrategy to issue a $650 million convertible debt note which they used to buy more bitcoin and I provide an update on my position. Am I still holding or will I sell?

MicroStrategy is ran by owner and founder CEO Michael Saylor. MicroStrategy offers business intelligence solutions to its customers. In Q2 of 2020 MicroStrategy made massive headlines when they became the first publicly traded company to put its treasury reserve assets into Bitcoin. Since then MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor has been doing the rounds discussing their massive bitcoin investment.

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So now they're borrowing to buy Bitcon? $650 million.


Was hoping your next video would clarify the FUD on Tether. Hope you'll still make a video about that topic, because it's driving a lot of newbies, like myself, crazy because we can't assess if this is a black swan event like you talk about at the end of the video.

peter lee

I bought MicroStrategy after the first Bitcoin purchase and took a very quick 10% profit on 33% of the holding. Should have held all of it......

Jeffrey Bertram

While Bitcoin remains bullish on all higher time frames, it will likely retest the breakout level at $38,OOO over the weekend to form another higher low. Bitcoin would enter a bearish phase if it slumps below $3O,OOO, as this would form the first lower low since the rally began in early December. However, for the time being all momentum oscillators and technical indicators are pointing towards continuation to the upside, with price targets beginning to emerge around the psychological level of resistance at $5O,OOO. As long as the price continues to stay above these, the chances are that we will see higher highs for the Bitcoin price. I will advise every investor to keep buying and accumulating, or better still if you want to make more profit with what you already have, get a Great Mentor and coach like mine to guide you through, I have made over 9Btc profit since the October Rally, not from buying at dips but from day trading, thanks to my mentor Dr Mike Laury, @mikelaurycrypto on Telegram for always helping me stay ahead of this market, he’s also on whatsappp_+I(323)47I_38OO__ Reach out and you'll be glad you did .

Alejandro Sanz Martin

Well done! I do hold MSRT as well for the simple reason of convenience that many other investors will think of. Exchange and cold storage is not up to everyone. This will drive demand to the stock.

Bees Sun

You are amazing, looking forward to your next favourite pick


Who sold them that 500 million in Bitcon? Someone sold it, MSTR bought it. Who's right who's wrong?


In 10 years we'll be talking about tulips and bitcon is the same sentence. Any company sitting on cash should be offering dividends or buying back stock, or making acquisitions. Buying Bitcon just because it's going up, just because the Chinese are running for the hills in the wake of the "disappeared" billionaires and are willing to buy Bitcon at any price versus losing all, doesn't make Bitcon a prudent use of corporate funds. Shareholders should start formulating the lawsuits now.

Big Ben

Great analysis! Michael Saylor is 'a man on a mission'. He will reach the moon and I am joining the ride. Bless you!

affe gorilla

I am up 125%. Your Portfolio Must be Crazy ?????

Adnan Baqui

You're responsible for sending me down the bitcoin rabbit hole early in 2020. Doing pretty well because of that. Thanks x100

Heffernan Investing

I don't know if it even needs to be said anymore but here it is anyway: Ignore all the spammers in the comments!!!


Great timing with you videos on bitcoin and MicroStrategy! 2021 will be an interesting year

Prof. Dina Reyes

It’s dropping, any advice?

patti murphy

I just bought $7,000 of MSTR and it just dumped...now what? should I get out or hang on?


What do you think about BAKKT? Another bit coin and digital asset move.

pablo cesar castillo

Is it too late since yesterday?

Craig Szymanski

I'm about to yolo a third of my small account into mstr for April. Pray for me I'm about to explore space.

Steve MurphysLaw

I watch every Saylor interview from 10 mins up tob2 hours ,
the best one is with Raoul Pal , on real vision

hope u don't have to cash in to get a mortgage ?????????
great videos ????

John Spencer

Hey Ciaran - I thought you were crazy pitching this stock a few months ago as I not convinced about bitcoin and the Chairman of Microstrat has a somewhat questionable past. However it seemed like an easy way to get a slice of bitcoin so I punted a couple of k on the stock. I have been coming around to bitcoin and my shares are up about 60%. So thanks for that, good to see you back on youtube BTW. Microstrat is going to be a wild ride.

Woody Wu

thanks to your Nov video i bought some mstr shares.

Danil En

Microstrategy the btc fund! Can be a good way to diversify btc holdings in a portfolio - especially as it can be a very quick off ramp to realise btc gains (albeit, at a significant premium - Their btc holding is valued at 2.7bn, but market cap is now 5.3bn (underlying business market cap is probably around 1.5bn) .... I am fascinated to see earnings report near the end of Jan.

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Upgrading to MicroStrategy 2021

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Adopt MicroStrategy 2021 quickly and risk-free with our proven methodology and expert support.

Microstrategy support

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Stock Market News | Bitcoin, MSTR, TDC, TRCH

328 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Stock News: Bitcoin,

Stock News: Bitcoin, MSTR, TDC, TRCH (Microstrategy, Teradata, Torch). Plus how to do stock research.

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Market Stock Picker

Thank you for the time in doing a bit of investigating on TRCH! I appreciate your honesty and respect your opinion. You definitely helped me identify the risk involved given the lack of backing and terrible balance sheet. Thanks again!

dylan sloth

Glad I made you laugh ?. Yeah I sold it all but seems like they're really good based off my own research and what you said. Thanks again! Glad to see your method for research also ?

Dale James

Thanks a lot for your reply! I went in with half on AMD as I have been looking into them ever since I used AMD products to build my pc and I think they are great. Got another 500 in Revance as they should be getting FDA approval soon. Playing around with the other 500. Looking at CHS and TXMD. If you have time look into them and let me know what you think.

Blessings 2You

Thnx 4 the sigma6 answer. DELIGHTED U OWN MARA TOO?! (Queen JMIA's "bestie" in my port). Because of that, I now trust your secret sauce & I'm buyin' AMD... NOW!

I added U (Unity) after its dive post earnings. Plz check it (U) out. And for the 3rd time: LEU, any opnions? GREAT VID, KEN! Luv wakin' up to these!! ??‍♀️???

Joseph wirth

Do you think alpha status is pumping TRCH?

Salar Melli

Cramer just endorsed AMD .. I picked up some Vislink and its up 15% already and some have a price target of 60$ ?

Berlin 1130

my portfolio pretty heavy in relatively early Mara/BTC! good to see you're in Mara too
EDIT: at 18:16 you search up TTC's (Toro Company) short float, not TTCF's (Tattooed Chef). TTCF's short interest is about 19.36% on finviz haha. it was 37%ish about two weeks ago though if i'm remembering right

Salar Melli

I know you do not do pennystocks but this AITX stock has been a crazy ride ? ?