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Why You're Having A Hard Time Selling Your Coins?? - 3 Best Ways To Sell For Quick Cash!

24 343 views | 28 Sep. 2019


#RecessionProofInvesting #CashForCoins #TreasureInPocketChange

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Ernesto Gacosr

Yes! I'm very interested to sell my old coins..

Sindelicious Mixin it up

Great video

NiceGuy Mick

good one.. gotta say...I have been selling on Ebay since 2004 and in the last few years the fraud has gotten worse by the month. coins are the worst. I sold antique coins, jewelry, plates, magazines and comics books and rarely had a problem. everytime I ship a coin sold on Ebay, I get anxiety. Ebay sucks for sellers. I see they have the NGC thing on there now. can you maybe make a video that tells how sellers can use the NGC service on Ebay and the costs...that would be a good one. thanks and glad to see you're feeling better. cheers.

Fiat Destroyer

I've sold a few coins on ebay now; several went pretty good!

mg heslep

I'm actually lucky if I wanted to sell I would go to Daniel Malhone the owner of Portsmouth Coin and Currency and he has the YouTube channel coinhelpu



Jeanne Miller

Great informative video. Thanks so much. :)

Catrells Life

i have a 1990 penny is it worth money and it has no mint mark

Guillermo Hernandez

Yjabe cohi. Contha. 347. 286. 5292. Then. Gracia

Agnes Flores

I have coin how to sell it my coin do buy 1989 d dimes roostvelt how much this vulues 1989 d dimes sir

Ricky Maddox

I have a 1989 penny no mint I think its copper how do I sell it 225-3830790


thank you very much for great informations

time4grace best

hi, how does consignment work usually; do you know?

Mandy Dullavin

I have 3pcs coins liberty howmuch a coins can u help me bro to sale

Christi Bare

@blueridgesilverhound and thanks for another, very informative, great video!!


Thank you for helping us beginners too Mr Sean. My only question to you is I got a 1964 sms Kennedy half dollar but its scratched because I tried to clean it I didn't know it's bad for a coin value . How much you think it may be sold for and thank you again

David Nieto

Cant u help to sale my all coins sir,, jeferson 1941d 1964d 2pcs 1989 2pcs,,
Lincon penny 1960 1967d
1970 3pcs 1971d 1974d 1976d 1977d 1982d 1979d 1997d 4pcs 1999 2pcs,,
LIBERTY QUARTER D,, 1973 2pcs 1974 2 pcs 1965 19815pcs
1982 2pcs 1979 2 pcs 1977
1988 2ps ,, (minisota 1858,2005)
(1861 2005 kansas)
( 2009 COLUMBIA) thank you sir....

Mercoly Faminial

I have Lincoln coins for sell

Jade Rosal

I have lots of old coins..

C. T. Murray

That is great information just what I needed I'm getting a whole pile of coins I want to sell. Thanks you're great

mike field

coin dealer is like taking it to a pawn shop

Inzi Hassan

I want to sale my coin Can you tell me please where I can sale

Guy Robinson

Just for fun say a fellow finds this strange penny. it feel really light and and it has the strangest doubling on the letter RUS. it weights 1.06 grams and exactly the same diameter and thickness. and it was just before the Disco fever sets in. good year74 I was living in Denver. Yeah I dont believe it either, Same SD city where the last one turned up. Now were talking insane. you know checking your change, naw that never happens to me. Been a collector for many years. and this strange 45 year coin who's statue of limitation should have ran out by now.. One very trusted establishment says to go now and don't use the strange little coin to by candy,oh boy!! then old boys say buy the store instead. with a Penny? I just won the Lotto, and can't collect the winnings. Tomorrow will be that day we all dream about when we watch coin hunters, or you get a rolls and you find something you or anyone else has ever seen. what ever happened to that thing kids would say to one that lost something. finders Keepers. It reminds me of Friday the 13th. freakin Uncle Freddy messin up the big dream, the dream that leaves you asking "What are i going to do first?" I just need to find the strange little penny a home, where it can find all the love it needs.

Allan Figueroa

How can I sell all my penny.and dime.and quarter coin

Tammy Matt

I'm sell all my coins double dies two faces on coins from 1882 too 2019 for one price

Jkentted Ortiz

Nice idea myfriend?

Oleg Petelevitch

In other words their legal ripp offs ! They sell high and buy very low ahhh what shit !

tami K

I have a Morgan dollar coin 1295 with the 'V instead of U' in Trust, Y does it appear to be not worth much $?


Hey blue ridge silver hound I'm seriously thinking about selling my 1884 CC Morgan hored on ebay. What should I start it at? Thanks man!

Basterd M Collier

Shawn how can I get a hold of you to sell coins on line at auction. I have several but I have the 1970D over S that's selling for 30.000 on eBay now

Arthur De

i have some coins here and i am looking for a buyer- check my video in my youtube acct. thanks

Carrie & Terry Kellogg

Like the info but i never sell to a dealer same as pawn shop I Know they gotta make to I'm that desperate I'll go to like cash n go ur still getting robbed but u keep ur coins unless I'm dying I rather sell to someone who collects

John Howlett

Hey Shawn, I watch you stuff early am through out the day on and off ! Well appreciated brother! Been collecting for almost 2 yrs, no sell anything yet ! Well I have a Lot of nice circulated stuff, keep it coming MR! Have a great blue ridge DAY???✌

Sharon James

Love your very informative videos! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!

Channel Hopping

What about Coin shows in selling your coins? Is that a great ideal or not? Nice information ! Thank You

Manny Machado

Please look at my pictures I sent u .......Hello shawn its manny

Marcelo Diata

Where can i sell my 1955 and 1968 penny coin i am here in the philippines are there any place here in phil?

Fudd 308

Thank you! IMO if you want quick money don't invest in coins. I absolutely can't stand fleabay and the crooked sellers on it, it's destroying the hobby and the newer beginning numismatists with the hopes of getting good coins at a fair price, eBay is full of counterfeits and Chinese fakes and eBay isn't making any effort to stop it. Every single time I do a search for a price comparison for any given coin, counterfeits show up in the search. I report them, and go as far as buying them and send them to the US Secret Service filling out their forms available on the website, I immediately get a refund and the Chinese seller is removed from eBay only to start again with a different name. I love Great Collections, the buyers premium is the lowest of the others, they check the the coins and slabs, it's discreet and they will be more than willing to help you get your raw coins graded with a discount and you can request an early withdrawal from your consignments with a 24 hour notice, it's easy! I just purchased a 1946-p lincoln penny ms67+rd with a population of 17 with 0 grading higher at a fantastic price, i've made 49 purchases since June of this year and I have no worries about counterfeits at all, if there is a problem they'll make it right. IMO Great Collections is a must for newer numismatists with all the resources that are available, it really opened my eyes on what it's all about! It's made a profound difference in my attitude about coins and currencies and collecting /selling, no risks at all. Thank you BRSH, I was actually afraid of trying something different and stay away from the eBay pool of fakes, I'll sell on eBay but I'll never cheat anybody, ever! Great Collections and the other auction sites are simple to join and are full of great information including previous sales, the best part is the crooks don't sell there!

margie becasen

hey sir...i watched your videos can you pls help me to sell my old coins...lincoln pennies..1907-1945 US-Philippines coins..queen elizabeth 2..and so many..thanks

Merle Langley

Shawn I have a2005 penny without the 5 a real error what do you recomend??

Jigs Marcial

I have so much.. Coins but.. The problem. Is.. I dont know where is the place.. In phil. To sale.. Lots of old coins penny.. 1967. Quarter dollar.. And old selver coins.. Cnt u.. Help me.. Pls my friend..tanks for.. The.. Vedio tips.. Verry nice and understable. Very clair..

Vicente Heras

I want to sell my 1943 jefferson nickel and 1936 buffalo nickel

Bobot Enriquez

How to sell my cents to you. I have 12 pcs. of penny year 1991, 1994, 1998, 1982 2 pcs., 1983, 1988 4 pcs, 2001 1dime 2008, 1978 five cents montecillo and two shilling queen elizabeth 1968. help me iam here in the Philippines.

Justin Simms

I just want a box of DIMES for ALL THIS emails.

Ulises Hernandez

it sounds like it's all a scam favored toward the house as always. why buy something if you're going to sell it for nothing! scam!

Joseph Harbin

I have a 1941 Mercury dime what should I do?

dennis victorio

Shawn i have to sell some of mine to buy another coins.


Can you please tell me how i can selling my coins?
Because i don't really known how ,i have a lot of those oldest Penny coins .From 1919s to 1939-44-55-56-57 -58 -69-80-82.
Thanks for your help .

Kassandra rhoades

I have a very special error 1966 coin and need to sell it. I would love to send you a picture

ling cheah

I have old coins want to sell how to go about Pls advice..


Your full of shit...I'd never leave my coins with any dealer ..also people should never take there coins and gold to any dealer
..they are 100 percent ripp offs....sell on Ebay offer up buy it now...dont listen to this fool

Sherry Welding

Thank you. A helpful video and thats also what im working on .Ebay is our choice but is there any source for specifcally. Error coins ? Sherry in Seatac wa

Mary ann juntila

pls help me sir,i'm from the philiphines,


I have 150 yare old coins

Darlene Wells

I have a collection of all types of coins,
I started collecting a couple of years after I received my dad's collection when he passed.
I'm thinking about getting rid of a few of them now I know how to go about it.
Thank you for the information

Vera Boyd

Thank you so much for all the information you have given us. I have so many coins. Silver coins Morgan silver dollar, old silver dimes. Thank I will go eBay.

Andrew Hart

Well done with what you're doing and the perspective from which they come from! I would update this for the times we are in as well!


i found a 1988 penny with no mint in my drawer...ebay?

Barbara&Chuck Boykin

My husband has gotten me a lot of wheat pennies and half dollars because I have brain cancer and I am just laying in bed all day and he thought this would help me however the double vision and straining to see is not really helping how do I sell them all and how do I do it in case there’s anything worth a lot of money we are both on disability and 70,000 would pay for our mortgage and new car

Sean Gibson

Get to the Damn point man ...YOU SUCK!


Are you in Georgia? I have a collection.

Scott Holliday

Love your videos, I'm attempting to sell coins on ebay and have sold a few. Great video Brother. ?

Terri Suitor

Great info as usual! Thank you BR sir!

Macaangos Macaraya

I have a lot of coin but the problem is how i sell this i dont know where to sell i have 1982 1983 1966 1994 1993 and many pls.tell me how to sell thanks

hanib g habib g

I have nots and coins cents lebrty coins kawait coins. Sand me wattsp

Christi Bare

@blueridgesilverhound I have some currency and several coins that I would be interested in your opinion on pricing and where the best place to sell them would be. One of which is 1985 Lincoln penny in a mint set, should I get it graded because I saw one of your videos on it and I believe it will be graded high, where should I send it, and if it is graded high which is the auction house you would recommend? Thanks for any help that you can give me.

Lois White

I am wanting to sell some of my coins. A few I have had for over 30 years. I have also been saving all my coins for 3 years. I take care of 3 disabled people. Thank you so much for the info.

Rachel Peralta

Hi, i have 1965 Jefferson nickel, does it has a value?

GD Saving The Past

Great information. Another possible way of selling is to join a coin club in your area if there is one and get to know the other coin and currency collectors who may have the same interest as you do.

Leticia Amaya

I have a coin 1984 p i would really like ur input have no idea what the error would be questionable please help me

Julius Sunaz

i have 1974 d jefferson and 1995 p 1996 p jeffersoni and 1776-1976 drummer boy i have 1992p 1995d quarter i want to sell who want to need #09653973039

Jay DeLaRosa

I asked my coin deal about my 1796 and he said i dont have enough money for that coin

Kusuma Remmlinger

I have 1975 &1985d i want to sell

narinder kohli

can u tel me the best morgan doller
1881 value

Mossman 52

Great info. Thanks Blue Ridge

Savage Stacks

3 coins shops near me within 8 miles. One specializes in rare coins and pays the most consistently for sterling, 90% junk and gold. Another one is owned by a local guy and he pays well for gold, pre-1933 above spot near greysheet, and so-so for 90%. The last is a shop half owned by the nicest guy in the world and loves to teach, but his posted prices are set by the chain of stores owners.

Casiano Perez

Hello I have a one dime liberty and one cents pennie liberty
United States of. America can you help me to sell this coins tnx

Paulah K paulah

How I selling my coin

Ronald DE Angelis

What’s It, Be Like Homie Home Slice

Betty Grable

That's right baby! it takes money to make MONEY.. Thank you and the Universe

Linda Maldonado

Thank you for Sharing

sean baker

Thanks for the excellent tips! Keep it going bro!!


i have no hard time selling coins, i am bout to take some to the store.

Sylvia Trevino

I truely am disappointed a month an a half no answer. Im glad to say i have found currency world a better site in which my questions are answered
Very informative an right down to the point.

Jordan DeFord

1904 indian penny have any decent value?

Vinh Pham

Great information video thank you very much

George Riddle

Is anyone interested in a 1994 penny that is bigger than a regular penny is an error coin possibly even it a discovery coin


My personal opinion, I think people shouldn't buy silver and then turn around and sell it off, that's crazy, don't buy in if your on a check to check living style, ONLY buy with the fullest intentions that the money you put in is OLNY extra money you can afford to loose, YOU WILL LOOSE unless you understand exactly what's the long term deal

Fred Carson

Shaun do you ever buy are sell coins on Amazon I had good luck buying never tried selling just curious thanks for you amazing videos

Md Mojnu

I have new Penney 1 United kingdom new Pennce 2 rama tanka token 1740 British India 1862 half Anna mughol 1831 akpai sikka George 1947 tiger 1 rupi India and another coin sell it any buyer interested contacts me


Just do a 10 day auction ending on a sunday at 7:45 calif time. Starting at 99 cents with 12 quality pics in focus & cropped. Admit you don't the value, let the bidders figure that out. Free ship in USA only. Done it several times. Or you can pay a bunch of fees for a buy it now when it gets relisted every 30 days.

Elvira Omandam

Good morning sir this is elvira I have rsre coins to sale I hope to have additional capital for my businesses

Ratha Bun

i have old coins all 500 coins do you buy coins whatsApp me +85598443334

Toni Zumpano

Great video Shaun. I'm a fan of Great Collections.

rrgfhgfyrljfyazekyer Ahmed


Lisa Jones

Shawn I am new at this and have a lot of coins but not sure what I have please help

Paula Riley

@blueridge...I have a one dollar sacagawea dollar, does it worth anything???

Merri Lundin

I’ve got my HENNING counterfeit coin onebay... thanks to BlueRidgeSilverhound informational videos on this topic! ? let’s see what I ale off my bank for a first tie!

Diana Tobin

Hello, Shawn and thank u for that beautiful info, I will consider every possible way to may money and hope it works out for me. I love your videos so keep up the good work and thank u.

Mary ann juntila

sir gud day,i sell may tree kinds American coins,one cent,of lincoln penny,year 1964,One DIME,YEAR 1994,AND 1PCS,QUARTER DOLLAR,I SEND YOU A PICTURE OF TREE COINS,THANK YOU SIR,

Trade coins for cash

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Pay day cashing my coins for CASH :) $$$$$$???

38 044 views | 27 Dec. 2017

HOW to use a coinstar

HOW to use a coinstar machine. ..trade coins for cash :) 380$ .. coins do add up .. save all ur coins .. HELP ME SUPPORT MY CHANNEL BY SUBSCRIBING . THANKS

Julio's Lawn Maintenance

19k wow

Julio Manuel

Sweet Over 12k views but just wish had more SUBSCRIBERS

Lord Shadowz

I don’t know why but that machine looks sketchy. It’s like one of those cheap ATM’s in a bodega that you know had a skimmer in it and a private fee of $9.99 but you need the $20.00 for scratch offs.

Bake-em Del

You just got robbed next time roll your change up and take it to the bank


I subbed you
Now your turn subbed back to me

Julio Manuel

Wow 36k

Jake Lomas

that rips you off even more than coin star 10 precent is going to them

Minnie Earhart

Fun video!

john clipper

can I have $100 pretty please

Captain Maximus

Wow nice work!

Franco Andres


Jadon Dodson

Dude had hella quarters ??

Oscar Lopez

I take the coins if you dont want it anymore

Josh Gould

I don't understand people that would spend their coins for purchases at the store...if you save them for awhile,youll end up with a ton of money

Julio Manuel

Hey guys please check out my other page . thanks https://youtu.be/zeGzDlakCKc

Hyunjin Lee

Very Pinoy
Carrying bunches of coins in plastic bags ahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha hope Philippines have that idea for jeepney drivers, sari-sari store owner, and other small businesses in the Philippines

Julio Manuel

Please help me get too 200 Subscribe ..thanks

Daniel Lopez

Who puts coins in a plastic bag

Julio Manuel

Make sure u Subscribe ..would make me happy :)

VizDaK Do

Lets support each other man.. Keep it pup

Trade coins for cash

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Where should I sell my coins?

216 705 views | 7 Jul. 2014

Not sure how much your

Not sure how much your gold coin is worth or maybe where to sell it? Chris and Maryanne cover a ton of questions. If you have any other questions, you can email Chris at: [email protected]

If you have any suggestions for a potential video, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Text your photos of your coin collection to Chris: 727-458-2148

Check out our website: www.belleaircoins.com

Or give us a call at: 727-585-4502

Md Aslam

‌। I wanna be old coin kindly tell us how I connect to u

jibril maulana

I have a collection of Indonesian currency, old money, maybe you're interested Please contact me, thank you, hope it will be our sustenance with amen +6281215094266

Huawei Y5

i want sell some old coins

Singh 89

How to sale my old coin 500years old history kal coin shiks fast guru nanak dev ji


I have 1804 Dexter Coin looking for a real legit coin buyer

Olivia Mount

I can recommend Oldcoinner on !nstαgrαm to trade your old coin, they are real and I trust there job

Hemanth Bojanaparthi

It is East India company coin 1835

Bob Taub

I have a few English coins and others. How can i find what they are worth? Thanks,

Peter anthon Fernandes Peter anthon Fernandes

I have old coin h can sell

Ma. Jenieca Serrano

i have 1922-1943-1981 silver liberty coin. i want to sell contact me in 09071218917 whatsapp

Shahid Ghaffar

Helo dear i have amrican old coin one cent 1964 and one dime 1974 and i want sele this am from pakistan an i have no idea fore sale this coines my no is +923027493020 please help me

Subir Chatterjee

Watts app no. 9051880403.coin and note indian done hair

halakoo minhas

I have unique coins Elizabeth 2 one is 1962 and other one is 1971 if u want to buy my cell num is o3o86486759 plzzz contect with me as soon as possible

Ann Jones

Contact Oldcoinner on !nstαgrαm if you want to sell your old coin, I sold mine to him and he’s reliable and trustworthy

Jeffrey Careno A.

How to sell my coins.fifty cents.1945 & 1944.silver coins.plssss rply

Han Nguyen

I have some coin 1880 1822 1922 but I don’t know where I cac check the prices If someone knows about that place help me sale it and my email [email protected]yahoo.com contact me thank

Gopal Magar

Hello boss 10pes call me 0182680558

Jenipher Hilda

Winner of a video, I've been looking for "what are the rarest coins in the us?" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Wonenry Sonucas Approach - (search on google )? It is an awesome exclusive product for uncovering a proven trading method to get fast results without the hard work. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate at last got amazing success with it.

lillian zoe

I have one old coin 1941 gold one.. 50 centavos republika argentina ..i would to sell it. I looking for buyer.. Please contact me

mohamed ali mohamed

I have one 1902


1:02 minute lol that's stupid

Manish Kadiya

How to sell my coin 1 penny Elizabeth 1986 or 1999

Ghulam Shabbir

The real old coins sale ...you can parchzed old coins
Mobile number
92 03452361215

David P sandalas

I Am interested in buying all kind of coins or note from any county serious sellers DM WhatsApp +17058796043

mark kenneth cagay

i have

Vicky Vicky

I have UK 2 pence 2009 error coin, how can i sell this? +94779914158

Pokemon Legend

I haven’t been collecting coins for long maybe about 5 years but it hasn’t gotten serious until the start of May 2020. Great video still and lots of information always like a great video.

Vincent kumar

Hai am Indian old coins collector. Any body coins buyer contact immediately .am selling in old rare coins and notes .contact 8682085401


lying BS. local coin dealers will not pay top dollar. they will take advantage of uneducated individuals

Dharmesh Patel

I have 1919 old silver coins Indian rupee

Anga prasad Anga prasad

Call me sir indian old coin 1942 1rupee my number 6309401699 pls sir call me

parvinder sharma

150 coin note hai 9315228327

Ami 48

Saya tinggal di indonesia kota samarinda jln lambung mangkurat blok A no 21 banyak koin kuno perak jaman belanda dan lain2 datang saja ke rumah ku mau ku jual semuanya

Manuel Magat

Thank you

Cosmic Mirror


James Monfiero

Thank you

Sayed Muazzam

Kindly see my collection here, Many Antique and vintage items here

Kirk Ian

i have 1970 d five cents coin.. does anyone know d value?

Ami 48

Wa 089517990141

Ghulam Shabbir

The real old coins sale ...you can parchzed old coins
Mobile number
92 03452361215

Lalaine jhoy Gonzales

Hello I have an old coins in the Philippines and the other country and I want to sell all of this...but how?

Adil Alirana

Georgivs v coin 1925 British Indian coin how much price

gilberb manampan

Thanks for sharing... Hope to have business with you

Binod adhikari pubg game

Sir i have a old mony plz contack my watshap nombar 9822924447

Bobot Enriquez

Sir. Happy Good Day. I have 2 pennies 1982 no mint mark. how muchworth of money 1penny how to sell my pennies to you. I am here in the Philippines if you want to buy contact me. 09098740445 thank you.

Ajay Singh

I have lots of old coin please call or wtsap on my no 9714866177

thenumerologist manofnumbers

remember, hes wanting people to come to him so of course there going to inflate the price!

arslan nadeem

i have a 1300 years old coin any one interested

JoseLuis MariscalReyes


Scout Ranger

I have ferdin 1820, peace dollar 1922 legit.chinesse silver dragon yr 1908 and differnt kinds of all coins hiw can i sale..?

Prasanna Kumar

I have indan old silver coin if u want reply me I wl sell u

Dilshan Behappy

I have around 30-40 coins for sale . I have copper coins old one if need just provide me the contact number onwill share the pics to you

Abdullah Bangash

Hi guys
Who are interested to buying old coins please contact with us
[email protected]gmail.com

محمد على Mohamed Ali

Hi I have very old coins who wanted some pictures to contact me, wattsap+212635428782

Ghulam Shabbir

City karachi

Jun Mendoza

Hi I'm herminigildo mendoza from Philippines,I just watched you in the YouTube and I'm interested to sell my half dollar coin 1967,I don't know how we could a deal,I'm in a far country however if you are interested my #09617844185,thank you.

JoseLuis MariscalReyes

I Israel coins I think some are gold I'm not sure I got to double check

jon retouch

hello , i have few antic coins. and i want to sell them.. but how ? if u want sample then i can send u that privately.

Dunia Halchal

Selling the indian coins plz help available the defirent coins [email protected]

durlov Chandra Borah

Sir,gd evening,I have some Indian old notes and coins,plz call me 6901386953

R&S channel

I have many voins and many countries coins also

Asalam o alykum Pakistan

I have 1956 cent liberty sign United states of America

Ravinder Punia

I have British India 5coin 1906.1936.1939 and 45 other old coin of different country for sale ravinder Singh .punjab India 94632 94853

Olivia Mount

I can recommend Oldcoinner on !nstαgrαm to trade your old coin, they are real and I trust there job


So if I was John Wick I can cash in my gold coins with you right? ?

Channel.M. Nur Alam

i have a jefferson coin in 1963. and that is my grandfather's collection who has passed away. and my grandfather has given the coin to me. and the condition of the coin is still in good condition and very unique. I want to auction off the coin but I don't know. I live in eastern Indonesia or more precisely in Ambon

JoseLuis MariscalReyes

Hello I got Israel coins collections like about 95try
Calling you're closed

hanib g habib g

I have alotup coins and most countrys coins and nots sir you give me wattsp ok number I'm from Pakistan

Camilo Robles

You by gold coins.

Scout Ranger

I have diffrent kinds of all coins uspi.spanish and chinesse silver dragon rare coins..how can i sale..

Nmerichukwu Romanus onu

Hello sir how can sale my coin I have up to 20piecs now.

Lalchawimawi changsan

I have one coin one rupee India 1942 you on for what can contact me my number 6001052967

Ann Jones

Contact Oldcoinner on !nstαgrαm if you want to sell your old coin, I sold mine to him and he’s reliable and trustworthy

hanib g habib g

I have 29 coins and altoup nots most countrys so please reply me on this comment

Edwin Labis

I have so many coins pennies pls advise can u help me? 10 50 20 Uk 1 pound, quarter, dimes,

Priyanka Sagvekar

I am having 51 old NRI coins from various Countries with one Saudi Arabian Riyal for Sell only. Can you purchase?
India, MS, Bombay
Mob No.9082813224

JoseLuis MariscalReyes

Do you buy antique bank check

Shaik Dastageer

Hi good morning sir. I have some coins total 55 picess is their I am selling this coins I have euros cents 1999 to 2018 is their pls call me my watsap no.+269 3670862. Pls call me sir.


Best place to look up prices is on ebay - what it sold for. Local dealers are sneaky little bastards, you have to know what your selling to them or else they call everything bullion!
I took my gold coins to a gold/silver coin market and asked a few dealers how much it was worth and got an average of what it was worth. Make sure you go with your cell phone , go out and get yourself a cup of coffee and look up your coin knowing how much its selling for. One said my gold coin was just bullion so he offerred me spot price. I flipped him a finger. Two others offered me 40-70 above spot so I knew they really knew what they were going for. Much less than ebay but its because they are trying to make money.

Alba Pineda

Can you recommend me a coin trader or buyer? Thank you

Maria Cathy

Hi i have valuable coins but i dont know where to sell


I just found a “ocean in view! Oh the joy” coin and I heard it is worth over $1000. And I’m just a kid please help me

Edgar Serna

Didnt answer 1 question

cedrick andog

I have us one cent 1963 and Quarter dollar 1965 and Five cents 1977 how to sell it

biene Erick

I get all about the coins that you looking just inbox me tell me what you want

Brandon Whitehead

Blondie makes this painful to watch

Edea Sisia Nou

Have a collection of Australian penny coins ranging from 1915 to 1964. Please advise if coins are of any values. Will send a list when requested. Kind Regards

Jenifer Tandi

I have old coins

MVKV enterprise

I have more than old coins collection seal 9688449399

Xolile Gift

Hi me I'm selling this RSA coin penny 1942 and 50c Hong Kong 1998 I have

Rizwan Mugal

8386036715 old coin

Noorjhana Ali Gani

I want to sell.

Hemanth Bojanaparthi

Will you buy my coin

Darius Stone

hlw sir i have old coin how to sell sir

Cesar Manangan

Sir I have old coin 1944 amirecan pilipino centavo and quarter penny dim and Australian dollars 1942/1943/1944 and many more

ridge runner

coin dealer : always sell face to face ebay : hold my beer

ridge runner

the days of brick and mortar coin shops are gone, the hobby is not that big. you can run a ebay coin shop at home and work a full time job....otherwise go lease commercial property, only open set hours, and only reach people that can drive to you.

Noorjhana Ali Gani

I have 4 coin .from 1971.1973 1974 an maney more.of uk .kingdom

Inzi Hassan

I want to sale my old Coin

Rolly Malolot

Sir have a good day to you i am Rolly Malolot of oroquita city misamis occidental phillipines i have 20 pcs of old coins 2pcs of 1922 liberty silver dollar 4pcs quarter year 1969-1980-1981-1982 and phil. American silver dollar piso coins and 3 Fines and mexicana silver piso coin year 1896 Pls help me how i could sell it to you or to the right person