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"Look Up Authors" Tool in Dialog - Create and Refine a Search for All Records by an Author

49 views | 27 Mar. 2020

How to find all records by

How to find all records by an Author, in Dialog. This video shows the quickest way to do this search, using an author's name as a search link in a record; and then demonstrates using the "Look Up Authors" tool for a more comprehensive search on all formats or variants of an author's name. This is followed by several tips to narrow or refine the results, if desired. To skip to a section, or to repeat it, click on the timestamps below.

0:00 Intro and Outline

0:32 Search by clicking Author name in record

2:20 Accessing "Look Up Authors" Tool

2:49 "Look Up Authors" tool, walk-through

4:09 Narrow and refine results, if desired

7:00 Additional Resources and Contact Info

Search by authors

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Author’s Voice & How To Find It

311 views | 11 Jan. 2021

? Come join our

? Come join our community!


The writer’s voice is simply who you are. But finding your author’s voice can often seem daunting. Many writers wonder who they really are as a creative. In this video, I share a helpful practice for finding that voice.

This is a practice that you can use to really see what is special and unique about you so that you can hone your voice as a writer.

There are three stages to this practice.

The first part is called, "where." This is connecting to where your voice is. Close your eyes and just try to locate it. Now, your mind might simply go blank. That's okay. That's the practice. In this first phase, you’ll encounter some unknowns.

The next question is "how." How does your creative desire express itself? No matter where your author’s voice is coming from, how does that voice want to come out? For example, maybe you'll feel that your voice wants to express itself through a screenplay, or a novel.

The third stage in finding the writer’s voice is the "why." Without the “why,” that natural burst of inspiration is going to fade away. A “why” will give you a sense of active hope. Let's say you're writing a short story. When you feel that you need to take a rest, just focus on why you’re writing it.

You can also use this to find an agent. Simply search online, and when you find one, ask yourself if they’re right for you. Do this for 30 days, and you’ll have a good idea of who you want.

The writer’s voice should not be a mystery. By doing some introspection, you can bring forth your author’s voice and let it guide you in your daily writing.

Gabriela Blandy

How did this practice work for you? Share your experience in the comments!

Christian Dittmann

How about finding your author's voice by, er... writing? Greetings

SreeHari !!!

I did a new thing, I drove a tractor.

Gabriela Blandy

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Web of Science - Search Tips

42 696 views | 6 Sep. 2017

Venkatachalam VV

Wonderful ?


where will i find this search engine? there is no "web of science home page"


what a nice presentation btw, the simplest way to find scopus and Web of science citedness of a Journal @

junaid latif

Can you please. Where is "front page" filter located?