Next swedish election

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Sweden election — A nation divided

4 765 views | 7 Sep. 2018

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In elections widely viewed as the most open and critical Sweden has faced in decades, support for a rightwing nationalist party with roots in the neo-Nazi movement and a long tradition of warning about immigration has been boosted

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thanks for the sinister soundtrack

Ziggy The second

The old man in the beginning says "yes, one thinks that it will make it worse for those who live here, that there are refugees coming..."


3rd world war will be a religious one. 4th world war will be with bows and arrows.


But who cares about the swedish? Except themselves of course! They are not in Europe, are they? Does anybody still buy their gripen saab? Volvo anywhere? Let them live well and in peace far far away in another galaxy. Godspeed

Archibald Maule Ramsay

When you imports millions of foreigners from Africa and the middle east into a homogenous nation like Sweden which has been a nation comprised of 99%natives since its inception, how can you expect unity? ......"hey guys let's import so many foreigners that swedes will be a minority in a couple of generations, I'm sure that will make us all much more united" lmao

Justice Rule

This is going to be just like in the rest of Europe and America today, 90% of old people over 60 will vote for xenophobic nationalists and 90% of under 50's will vote for internationalists.

mahtava paska

SverigeDemokraterna used to have nazis but in modern times they are not racist neither nazis

Next swedish election

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Swedish Election: Turks to vote in Swedish polls in Konya

9 294 views | 17 Aug. 2018

Political parties in

Political parties in Sweden may face a struggle to form a new government amid divisions on the future of immigrants and refugees living there. Support is surging for anti-immigrant policies ahead of next month's local and general elections. But Sarah Balter explains how one town in Turkey's Konya province could have an impact on the results.

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Borisje Boef

Turks should be more worried about the rise of islamo-fascism in Turkey itself. Sweden 4 the Swedes!!!

Pac Oo

Liberals in Sweden are soo progressive, they don't even wait to import their new voting block, they just let them vote from their home country.

Ursusdines Animalia

Don't be fooled by this. Don't vote for liberals this year. Everything to these people is racist, it's just used in a cavalier manner to save their arse for their crimes. Vote for AFS.


WTF? In Norway you have to be in Norway to vote, we also normally don't accept dual citizenship.

Alexander McGyver

Like we didn't have enough Turks in Sweden already. Turks who are (on top of it) eligible to vote in our elections as well!!
I am so tired of the Turkophilia in Sweden and Western Europe. When will my countrymen realize that Turks aren't westerners/Europeans at all and that Turks will always put them and their fellow countrymen first?
Never forget all the Ottoman invasions of our continent over the centuries!!

C. Lincoln

What do you call a Turkish person born in Sweden. A Swedish Turkey.


Islamophobia definition is “the normal, healthy condition of any infidel”



Count it all Joy

Incredible..these turks should not interfere with our business and our country how can they vote it is ridiculous. let us swedes also get as many votes to vote against your turkish people

Borisje Boef

These British 'journalists' on TRT and alJazeera are the worst pc crackheads betraying Europe,


Turks voting in Sweden's election. Absolutely crazy.

bajs korv

1:56 VALFUSK: ELECTORAL RIGGING! It´s not allowed by Swedish law to influence electors in the election area. This one is obvious by Sultan Kayhan.

Anna Lööf

Turkish nazis :-(

Ink Kin

If western youth didn't feel entitled to an easy living immigration wouldn't be necessary. If you don't want immigrants, work a job no native wants to do.

Hans Järnmark



I think it's time to supplant 50, 000 Swedes into Turkey. Lets see how their elections go after the next twenty years.


What kind of a report is this?  "Nazi, racist, racist, racist, islamophobia, Nazi". This is not reporting, it is profoundly dishonest and emotional propaganda. You would think Sarah Balter would be embarrassed to be pushing such obvious garbage.

Waffel Reitter

WTF They don't Even Live in Sweden

Rooppy Guyy05

You interviewed Mikail Yuksel, a now independent politician leading the Islamist,

Fredrik O. Zachrisson

What do they have to do with our election anyway. This is scary stuff if you think about it.

John Rex

"A rise of Islamophobia? I wonder why that could be?"

Dajju Kunrama

Vad är det här för mög?



Noel Relova

turks are muslim, their objective is to conquer Sweden. im sure theyre gonna vote leftist candidate! it is now up to patriotic Swedish to decide, bring back the peace! its now or never.

Adri Sajjad

I hope sd will not win insha'Allah

xxx persia

stefan löfven sold his country when he was in saudi arabia .. .so money talks - not ppls votes..time 2 wake up sweden

Next swedish election

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Can we determine anything about where Sweden is headed from this election yet?

1 473 views | 10 Sep. 2018

A lot of the focus in the

A lot of the focus in the Swedish election has been on the far-right Sweden Democrats. Can we determine anything about where Sweden is headed from this election yet?

Elliott Pollendine

Uh sweden democrats are second biggest party

It's O.K to be a straight white alpha male!


John Johnson


zeme osa

The social democratic idiots in sweden led by tbose female escorts have mortgaged the future of sweden to those Islamic invaders. We know what will follow next which will be more mosque, more sharia, more no go areas,more halal food and of course more forced marriages and rapes. Those who refuse to learn from history would be condemned by history.


If I was a Swede I would not vote for the SD. I do not agree with their politics. But the establishment in Sweden needs to look at itself and ask why just about 1 in 5 people voted for this party. Perhaps they need look no further than the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation - SVT - a semi-independent of government state TV and Radio system. After the last party leaders debate on Friday, SVT management put out a statement that the inclusion of the SD leader Jimmie Åkesson in that debate was 'anti-democratic' what!!!. FFS when it is expected that up to a fifth of the population is expected to vote for a party (some polls predicted a quarter) who the f**k do these petty public service jurnos think they are trying to shut up that proportion of the population. That is so anti-democratic that only a public service broadcaster - who believes their job is to tell the little hard working blue collar/working class people what to think - could seriously claim they were the democrats. The sheer condescending privileged middle-class globalist elitism beggars belief.

Dabbler Deluxe

Rightwing parties only know how to scalegoat and fearmonger not govern which is why every rightwing populist ends up like trump, with people running around trying to clean up the mess


Leftists are bribed to preach Islam and help Islam conquer Europe.

Alpha Go

Kom igen Sverige! Gör Sverige bra igen!