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Why should you read Edgar Allan Poe? - Scott Peeples

1 098 943 views | 18 Sep. 2018

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The prisoner strapped under a descending pendulum blade. A raven who refuses to leave the narrator’s chamber. A beating heart buried under the floorboards. Poe’s macabre and innovative stories of gothic horror have left a timeless mark on literature. But just what is it that makes Edgar Allan Poe one of the greatest American authors? Scott Peeples investigates.

Lesson by Scott Peeples, directed by Compote Collective.

Thank you so much to our patrons for your support! Without you this video would not be possible! Vignan Velivela, Ibel Wong, Ahmad Hyari, Eden Sher, Travis Wehrman, Louisa Lee, Hoang Viet, Nathan A. Wright, Аркадий Скайуокер, Ashley Maldonado, Clarence E. Harper Jr., Bojana Golubovic, Karthik Cherala, Violeta Cervantes, Elaine Fitzpatrick, Lyn-z Schulte, cnorahs , Henrique Sorín' Cassús, Tim Robinson, Jun Cai, Paul Schneider, Amber Wood, Ophelia Gibson Best, Michelle Stevens-Stanford, Phyllis Dubrow, Andreas Voltios, Eunsun Kim, Philippe Spoden, Samantha Chow, Armando Ello, Ayala Ron, Manognya Chakrapani, Doreen Reynolds-Consolati, Melissa Sorrells, Antony Lee, Husain Mohammad, Côme Vincent, Astia Rizki Safitri, Alan Froese, alessandra tasso, Gerald Onyango, Katrina Harding, Ezgi Yersu, Katie Dean, Kin Lon Ma, Carsten Tobehn, Jeremy Fryd, Charlene You and Carolyn Corwin.

Zenebech McCutcheon

I love horror, and a TED ED video makes it even better.

Doot boi

This video got it right: To understand Poe you just have to picture him as the main character. That's the best way to interpret his work.


Poe’s life is just heartbreaking. If only he lived to see how great his writing would become!

tarek alsalloum

Seriously why haven't this series recommend 1984 yet

Ajay the Virginia Opossum

The Raven is really neat

cooler than a cooler

White lips
Pale face

Brian Wolle

i consider, that a perfect world would produce no great art.

Totally Not Alpharius

Direct line between him Lovecraft and King

Islam The Spiritual Guide



i let him at a gas station once

Marissa Bones

Because it's absolutely brilliant

Jacob Francis

Wow looks good sounds good very helpful!

Abandoned, Roadside and Historic Urbex

Death always propels fame...sadly.

Atari Salonu

Jack London and Edgar A. Poe are my best friends. Most beautiful souls. I love both of them. Why Americans dont read them. All world is reads Jack London and Poe


and here i am, thinking of edogawa ranpo and how poe wants to finally write a novel which ranpo wouldn’t be able to solve and be trapped inside.


Sopor Aeternus, nobody?

Diba Demir

Can you cover Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë and Great Expectations by Charles Dickens?

Bob Brill

Poe's work is a difficult read for adults, but for youngsters, I think it is inappropriate. Poe wrote about offensive, human behavior for a reason. Even scholars never got it right. With so much importance in mental development, the last thing many children should read is about murder, grave digging, and so on. In my biography of Poe's Scottish Connections, I explain what Poe was doing in the "Romantic genre" of literature. Adults can read about two women getting their throats cut by an orangutan, but I know children simply would not understand any of it. Robert Densmore Brill, M. A., J. D., former California Police Detective, USAF (Ret), Thailand

Teresa Atchley

If you're a Poe fan who hasn't read "The Philosophy of Composition," please give it a look. Brilliant and fascinating essay on his thought processes as he composed "The Raven."

Jennifer Sun

Gothic icon.

Lillina Blue

In the greenest of our valleys
By good angels tenanted,
Once a fair and stately palace - radiant palace-reared its head.
In the monarch Thought's dominion-it stood there!
Never seraph spread a pinion Over fabric half so fair! (..) E. ALLAN POE

Woolly Rhinoceros

Edgar Allan Poe- POEm
I read his work constantly and this is the first time I put that together

Caleb McMillan

Too spooky for me

Dillon Howington

Anybody else watching this for school? Specifically English 3?


If possible, please provide a video for -- Poe as 'Father of Detective Novels' -- The Mystery of Marie Roget and The Murders in the Rue Morgue highlighting the character of C Auguste Comte.


I hope he smiles ????

Axiom Steel

Because you haven't read them yet.


Bro who else is doin the Edgar Allen Poe webquest and don’t know wtf they doin

Ziwei Zhang

This animation is amazing...Could you make a video about T.S. Elliot?

Ethan Hutchison

I did my senior thesis on Poe, all I can say is for the love of GOD read “the conqueror worm” by him, it’s his best and underrated work

Robert Cranbert

As I understood it, he couldn't touch alcohol and was possibly allergic to it. Tales of his alcoholism were told by a bitter literary rival (who wrote his biography!)

Nomi Abril

I learned Edgar Allan Poe from Bungou Stray Dogs.
Thank you anime.

Ka Thy

I think that he was negative

The Half Breed Mari

Ayo watching this for school

Twily Chan

Great! I feel so bad 4 him now cause I know it's a real story. And the pain he wrote into his work is a retelling of the pain he'd experienced.

Anshul Kandpal

Can anyone please name the background music being played in the video?

Jon Sanders

Harold Bloom would disagree...


"Fear is among the most powerful of all emotions. And since emotions are far more powerful than thoughts, fear can overcome even the strongest parts of our intelligence...Fear is primary. If we aren't careful, the worst parts of ourselves will act the same way-towards ourselves."


"I remained so much inside my head and ended up being mad."
-Edgar Allan Poe

John Browne

Read the Tell-Tale Heart in high school and was hooked.

klowi cloe

whats a good first Poe book?

Katherine Knapp


Miriam Green

Was assigned Tell Tale Heart in H.S....never touched his dark world ever since. My life is plenty creative and deep without him weighing me down.

Ringo Mamangon

Ahhhh spoiler alert ?

Memyself Andi

This isn't a great video to watch at midnight??


This scared me somehow... xD

Sophia Kesidou

My dad used to read books by him as bedtime stories for me and my brother..... Best childhood memories.


Edgar Allan Poe is the OG emo


Me before Bungou Stray Dogs: Man, Edgar Allan Poe's writings are so cool
After Bungou Stray Dogs: Hehe, goth daddy with raccoon go brrrrr

Brian J. Carnevale

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night"

EAP 1809-1849

cristina herrera

Loved it :)

Ethan Honey

Anyone else here for school?

Giorno Giovanna

Nobody is talking abt the amazing soundtrack


I will be publishing an article explaining in detail my evidence that Mathew Franklin Whittier was the real author of "The Raven," sometime in the middle of this year, 2021, in Real Paranormal Magazine.

Random person

0:40 is that shadow Gru-

Estefania Patino

I really like it! Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite writer! Thank u for this incredible video!

Sarrah Alejaga

I want to give Edgar Allan Poe a tight hug.

Brixson Parker

who here for school

Ka Thy



Poe is famously featured in an outdoor mural on Liberty St. in Ann Arbor, along with Franz Kafka, Hermann Hess, Woody Allen and Anais Nin. Whenever I read Poe, I can't help but think back to that wall.


Anyone know that kind of music that starts playing around 3:35?

Vinod Kumar

Please make a video about the Narrator!

Neil Holtzer

Egaeus (Edgar Allan Poe)

Dildo Schwaggins

Sounds like ringo starr

Soup Maknae

Ted ed has never led down its readers...it was intimidating, captiving n informative to the point that i cant go without seeing their videos...thank you soooo much...
N can u please do on Alexander Pope, Wasteland by T.S Eliot, works ofGayatri Spivak, jacques derrida n ofcourse on kanthapur by Raja Rao...
Will be eagerly waiting...thnk u

Eric Walker

The point all are missing this man had a miserable existence so much he wanted to take his own life...

amine mk

His writing is clear, and straight-to the point. He doesn't use complex vocabulary, which makes it a delight to read his stories.



Call me Vinegar

Where's his raccoon?

Eric Walker

Life will NOT be lacking by NOT reading Poe! Can’t say the same for the Bible witch very few read...


Edgar Allan Poe didn't write "The Raven." He stole it from Mathew Franklin Whittier:


Yall actually searched for this stuff..?

Man... my teacher made me watch this???

Jennifer Sun

Imagine a world without artists and writers........

nudya kb

When the Edgar Allan Poe (animation) opened his eyes, I did not expect it to be there.
Also, this is very well written.


How about Unwind?


Anyone know that kind of music that starts playing around 3:35?

Neil Holtzer

Ligeia (Edgar Allan Poe)

Asad Khan

I am 1 minute 30 seconds into the video, and I need to thank the video editors and the animators for making such an amazing video. This is really good.

Julia Almeida

"Why should you read EAP?" 'beacause uncle edddie is amazing thats why"

Dominick Nardone

what i like about this is that Edgar Allan Poe used every word for perfect synchronization and it said that he made it so that every word serves a purpose

liberty rose

i have all of his short stories and poems <3


I’ve noticed a trend that every comment is getting over 1000 likes so now it’s my turn


I love this so much!!!

Jonas Mune

EdGar aLan wHo??

Yireh’s adventure

I love that you guys are so interested in this....but im here for school AHAHA anyone wanna help???

Elissa Starshine

I always liked poe

B Chakrabarty

Everytime I read Poe, only one thing comes to my mind : "what a genius!"

mc Wei

It’s sad about his history,especially when the person mentions the haunts of his mother and wife.

your friendly neighborhood bug E

the oval portrait

Elaina Hlavac

Just WOW-

Peepee Poopoo


Hailey Paige

“Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Cask of Amontillado” are my favorites!

Loralye crisp

them all with ling necks creeped me out for some reason idk why

Lucky Sniper

The raven (I think) if you’re going to call it “horror” is the horror of the truth. The raven is the truth in the back of his mind that he is going mad ignoring, not from listening to. A man alone in his chamber in the bleak December feeling sorrow for his lost Lanore. Never flitting, still is sitting, in the back of his mind is the truth of “nevermore”

Rics Rafael Ramirez

This got reccomended While I was actually reading Annabel Lee

Priyadarshini Medhi

Why does all the all the great writers have personal tragedies or are their tragedies the reason for their beautiful representation of their protagonist and their imagination?

Dillon Fulhart

That picture of Edgar Allan Poe you described in the beginning. Pale skin, sunken eyes.

Well that was a picture taken after a failed overdose. They were taking a picture of him cause they thought he was gonna die and they were gonna use said picture to make paintings of him to remember him by.

quite a common practice at the time

He was actually quite a handsome man.

Abhishek Pattanaik

Wow ! What a gem ?


"And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon that is dreaming, and the lamplight o'er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor, and my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor, shall be lifted - nevermore"

Elissa Starshine

I always liked poe's stories


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Receta Pascuense Po'e

14 398 views | 15 Apr. 2016

Video para la linda de mi

Video para la linda de mi mejor amiga, es maravilloso verla feliz haciendo lo que ama.

M. López

Tenía entendido que la receta llevaba zapallo.

amor de gato

en otras recetas vi q le ponia zapallo rayado sera nesesario???


Y esa salsita azucarada como se hace


Oscar estudiaste en The Garden¨??????

la puerta

se. puede remplazar la mantequilla x aceite

Victoria uwu

Justo tenía que hacer un trabajo de esto y ustedes me salvaron la vida

Nicol Alejandra Matus Vega

Muy bueno el video. Me reí al final y me sirvió mucho la receta que presentan.

3 N K Y

El verdadero po'e rapa nui no lleva huevo

Benjamín Gutiérrez

Gracias weeeeeooon ths valfcompa sinesta wea mesa cabo un do

juaquin ormeño

Vi 20 recetas y en todas llevan ingredientes distintos ahora una con huevos!!! Jajaja

Julia Vasquez

Que bueno yo tengo que hacer un poe para un proyecto de tarea gracias espero que me quedé igual de rico como se ve en el vídeo gracias ???????

Tamara Salamanca

queda rico


Yo vivo en Rusia.El año pasado viajé a la Isla y me enamoré a esta tierra, la gente, la musica, la cocina... Me aprendí cocinar PO'E y adoro este plato. Con mucho amor y cariño a todo Rapanui desde Rusia muy lejana ??❤️》》》??????

Yarelita Jaramillo

Que manera de reirme con ustedes...exelente reseta, muy facil de comprender y mas encima, con materiales que estan a mano...gracias por este super y requetecontra divertido video...cariños para todos..????

Gabriela Casanova

me salvaron para una tarea <3 mucho amor para ustedes

María Vasquez

Que facil, cariños jijijiji


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Shoreline Mafia - Poe The Drop (feat. Future) [Official Audio]

718 210 views | 31 Jul. 2020

Shoreline Mafia - Poe The

Shoreline Mafia - Poe The Drop (feat. Future)


Stream/Download - http://shoreline.lnk.to/MafiaBidnessDeluxeID

Subscribe for more official content from Shoreline Mafia:


Follow Shoreline Mafia






Following the release of the group's full-length mixtape in 2017, the Los Angeles-based crew signed to Atlantic Records in 2018, which then re-released 'ShorelineDoThatShit'. After making waves in the hip-hop community, Shoreline Mafia headlined their own sold out tour and performed at Rolling Loud Music Festival.

#ShorelineMafia #MafiaBidnessDeluxe #PoeTheDrop

Adrian Silva

This is straight heat ? Hella wavy ?

Sampson Smith

23 i hit them for a lick

Cesar Lopez

They need to drop a music video no cap ????


Where's Fenix Flexin??

Jame Cruz

The Perk & Molly Affect ??

Richard Bernhard



i been waitin on a Zaytoven x Shoreline project

Carter Morrish

Best song on the album no cap


Best song on the alboum

Niklāvs Bērziņš

shit been on replay since it dropped, this a propper shoreline track.

Ok Daniel

Why is this only 78 k smh deserves way more views where are all the fans ?

Bruno Mota

voz do future mais alta q a dos cara maia


Sure is sayin the n word a lot and he isn’t black

Kota Lz

Fenix woulda killed this smh


this shit flopped smh so much potential

Dylan Pettway

Who else thought their phone or computer was glitching at the beginning of the song? I restarted my phone like two times before I realized it was the beat. I thought my YouTube app was having issues.

49th Member



This shit fire ?

Jose Tinoco


Carter Morrish

Beat wavy asfff

Dan Jimmy

Geeked anthem


This video got me fuckin vibing I ain’t gonna lie?

Scroll of Town Portal

Shoreline Mafia is one of the best rappers alive

youngmike 999

You don't EXIST!!!!!

Jstabitoflife #fun

Shoreline going off with all these songs

Javier Felix

Future lowkey a weeb ? uWu

Pimpin_2fresh YXNG

I’m a big fan shoreline your music is fire ong ????

Sadev Desai

just finished my hs final! yk we gotta vibe right


Luis Castillo

Future ruined the song

aron faustinos

Rip Mac p free 03 free Drakeo

natalia salazar

straight fire ??? and future ???

Jame Cruz

Ohh ya'Mr Chavz LOS'Born 70'$Raised 80'$) in LOS ESR Jr High. Pure Acid Drops in the ?

ben Laurent

Where tf Kato at ??


These animations goin crazyy

Jamming With Pommo

If Mac Dre was still alive he would kill a track with ohgeesy

Anthony Arguijo

Who else on ecstasy rn trippin hella hard on this video.

Rouge Ninja

This shit fuckin bangs!!!!!!!

Vito Calvi Kušnini

Ohhhh, I just hope Geesy won’t continue using autotune.

Enthusiastic By Nature

This beat is one of them.

Little Shrimp Mafia

Best song on album?????

Wilbur Gallegos

This song is hard?????


Wow this is garbage. Shorline is going downhill fast. I just lost respect for these clowns.

Leo Lagunas


Maximo Elias



. .




How yu gone be a pro nba and hit bricks??

Elisa Haven

No one can beat the swag of The Shoreline Mafia he is the only single person who never
uses A U T H E N T I C V I E W S C O M to go out viral and get more views. Thumbs up who agrees


Ohgeesy way too repetitive could’ve been way harder if he actually rapped some decent verses

Jose Moreno

Shoreline low key falling off

one delivery


Kota Lz

Geezy coulda went way harder with the bars anybody coulda said these lyrics obvious rhymes


I needed this collaboration ????

Judith Carrillo


Thomas Taylor

Shout out for puttin me on

Dereon Scott

I’m get grills like ohgeesy

Baba Steve

This song goes hard when you playing gta online

Guap FiftyFour

Got some Chief Keef vibes from this song ?

Jaylon Sturdivant

Future Murdered Everything all 2020 ??



Jesus Garcia

Shit like this I like ?

Jose Cruz.

Future trying to ride the wave

Max Brock

Futures versatility is insane, this track confirms this ?‍♂️

Amelia Dixon


James James


Alab Ama hotpoquette

Rob be sounding like a country singer with all that autotune

The Munchkin Doodles

Didn't know shoreline was making music for Scooby doo




According to Snitchn9 Future doesn't do drugs or pop pills???????

Cali Orange

No talent mafia worste hooks ever tweaker mafia

Oso Bear


[Chorus: Ohgeesy & Rob Vicious]
Po' the drop (Drop)
Gimme top (Gimme top)
Move a block (Move a block)
Nigga, it don't stop (It don't stop)
Po' the drop (Drop)
Gimme top (Gimme top)
Move a block (Move a block)
Nigga, it don't stop (It don't stop)
Po' the drop (Drop)
Gimme top (Gimme top)
Move a block (Move a block)
Nigga, it don't stop (No, it don't stop)
Po' the drop (Drop)
Gimme top (Gimme top)
Move a block (Move a block)
Nigga, it don't stop (It don't stop)

[Verse 1: Ohgeesy]
Feeling sick, I just sipped a quarter brick
And now I'm rappin', but I'm really 'bout that shit
And I ain't capping boy, I really hit your bitch
I get to smacking when I get her in the crib
OTX I only touch exclusive shit
And I'ma kick her out, and cool it with yo' bitch
Money on my mind since I was a jit
And I been waiting on the day I go legit
And now the time is here and I can finally quit
Bagging up the shit and shipping out the zips
Matter fact, I don't think I can quit
I'm a pro, NBA, I'm hitting bricks
On the low, I'm always gonna keep a stick
If she a ho, I'm always gonna fuck your bitch
And I'm a real nigga, real nigga don't switch
And I'm a real nigga, that's real nigga shit (Gang)

[Chorus: Ohgeesy & Rob Vicious]
Po' the drop (Drop)
Gimme top (Gimme top)
Move a block (Move a block)
Nigga, it don't stop (It don't stop)
Po' the drop (Drop)
Gimme top (Gimme top)
Move a block (Move a block)
Nigga, it don't stop (It don't stop)
Po' the drop (Drop)
Gimme top (Gimme top)
Move a block (Move a block)
Nigga, it don't stop (No, it don't stop)
Po' the drop (Drop)
Gimme top (Gimme top)
Move a block (Move a block)
Nigga, it don't stop (It don't stop)

[Verse 2: Rob Vicious]
Woke up with a stick (With a stick, grrah)
These niggas talk like they be all about that action, they ain't with shit (They're not)
I might hit a lick and leave yo' bitch up on the strip (Gang)
Fuck her, then I bill her, bitch, I need my chicken strips (A-ha)
Shit don't stop, we serving junkies in the VIP (Gang-gang)
She love cock, she sniff them Perkies off the dick (Ooh)
I'm from two-nine double-O and I'ma opp (Two-nine hundred gang)
You ain't know, then now you know, bitch, this the block (Bayline gang)
Your nigga beef with me, then give me opp top (Hold up)
I'm on the same street my homie got shot (Pop, pop)
On the Cresh' they call me Murder Squad Flock (Yeah)
Ain't gotta guess, bitch, this a hunnid round chop (Brrah)
Should've went to college, but I'm Bayline stupid (Bayline)
And if I hear a pop, this is Bayline music (What?)
If I ain't the shooter, then lil' Bayline shoot it (Brrah)
And I ain't green up in this hood, but I still ride through it (Skrrt)

[Chorus: Ohgeesy & Rob Vicious]
Po' the drop (Drop)
Gimme top (Gimme top)
Move a block (Move a block)
Nigga, it don't stop (It don't stop)
Po' the drop (Drop)
Gimme top (Gimme top)
Move a block (Move a block)
Nigga, it don't stop (It don't stop)
Po' the drop (Drop)
Gimme top (Gimme top)
Move a block (Move a block)
Nigga, it don't stop (No, it don't stop)
Po' the drop (Drop)
Gimme top (Gimme top)
Move a block (Move a block)
Nigga, it don't stop (It don't stop)

[Verse 3: Future]
Said ooh-woo
Walk inside a jewelry store and spend a brick, suwoo
Got two Glock 9s, they came with a switch, ooh-woo
Popped a Adderall or half a Percocet, ooh-woo (I'm gone)
This a LaFerrari, this not a Corvette, no, no
I got killers with me, murk a nigga bitch, ooh-woo
I'm a trap star, I'm drinkin' my Actavis, ooh-woo
Where the drugs at? I'm not a politic (Not that)
I'm a millionaire, I'll still'll pull a kick door
See these bezels on my wrist, like a disco (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Had your girl and did the Macarena in her throat (Woo)
Got my dogs with me, they another pedigree (Another pedigree)
Sipping mud take me to another galaxy (Pluto)
Them my brothers, them my twins, we like Siamese (Like Siamese)
We share bitches, go to war like we Japanese (Like we Japanese)
I'm in the jungle, pushing stars, smoking Marley (Pushin' stars)
I put the pink diamonds on her, she a Barbie

[Chorus: Ohgeesy & Rob Vicious]
Po' the drop (Drop)
Gimme top (Gimme top)
Move a block (Move a block)
Nigga, it don't stop (It don't stop)
Po' the drop (Drop)
Gimme top (Gimme top)
Move a block (Move a block)
Nigga, it don't stop (It don't stop)
Po' the drop (Drop)
Gimme top (Gimme top)
Move a block (Move a block)
Nigga, it don't stop (No, it don't stop)
Po' the drop (Drop)
Gimme top (Gimme top)
Move a block (Move a block)
Nigga, it don't stop (It don't stop)

Jonah Lindfors

future carried ??‍♂️

jose lara

This a slap


Stay up shoreline mafia ur the hardest out rn fuck what anyone says


They got hella Features I wouldn’t expect

mynameis kurpesh

Who’s idea was it to keep dude on the Adlibs

Daniel Foskin

Shoreline have the best flow and beats ❌?

Bunny LGC

Shore line be making slapps only ??


future really had to 1 up drake by saying he popped half a perc im dead dawg lmfao

aron faustinos

Weak video dope song


This jus get better after every listen

The Tube

They really got that Future feature ??

dinks13 13

Im so glad i went to shorline concert before they broke up

Sadev Desai

im getting watch dogs 2 nostalgia. Anyone?????


Are these meant to be on acid because if it is I need to take mine

6iron Alex

Whole album slaps ?



Stephanie C. W.

I like the purple and green

Michael Guest

Best track on the album one of Shorelines best too this shit go way too hard mane

the Bdes

i am Poe

Daniel L

The beat lagging


no fenix tf.

csahak _

Shoreline mafia hellah wavy with this album ????????????

Samantha Cooley

My nigga go hard this fore my all my nigga that lock up in pin in all my folks in Kansas City Kansas 6 popping

Vegas 808

The fact that Future snapped even though this ain't his type of beat at all

Mr Briceno

Hollywood neggas tha future

Myself Badass


Jason Rubin


elusive mane

uwu future ruined this song uwu

scooter 405

Everybody take a bow uuuuuwoooooo

Jake Lish

I swear I've heard this future verse before.