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Bankroll Freddie Plays Jenga With $100k Cash!

393 704 views | 30 Jul. 2020

Bankroll Freddie brings

Bankroll Freddie brings the racks to Icebox!

Originally from Arkansas, Bankroll Freddie has been on the scene for a couple years now. He is signed to Atlanta label, Quality Control, and has even shouted out Icebox in his song 'Drip Like This!'

The song became an instant hit and the remix shows the likes of Young Dolph AND Lil Baby, both of who love Icebox!

While in the store, Bankroll Freddie also checks out our Custom Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watch!



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Almighty Black Dollar

The editor did a great job on that intro music

help to gain 10k subscribers

hello person leafing through the comments I wish you all the best❤??

andre dieset

my rap name would be ice jenga


501k Str8 870 ?

John Da goat

Proof net worth’s aren’t right, cause his networth is 200k, but here it says he has 500k, so either the networth is wrong, or that’s his entire networth right there

Lifted Joshua

Google say his net worth 200k. I say he rich rich

Abimael Martinez

straight outta arkansas ???

Jiggy On The Beat

Rep tha Saw! ???


Literally 99% of you won’t see this but I hope everybody had a good day, and god bless you

Heather Sidilau


kick fire

Hating gives u bad luck it fucks up your spirit


freddie stacks of cash
mexican cartels : haha pathetic


You can tell he used to having money


man is balancing some ppls students loans that they'll never pay off. respek?

Chad Mathew

You know they be giving you these big a$$ jewelry boxes just so you can fill them up and he can get you to keep spending your money

Shaun Turner

Arkansas Freddy 501 we in here ???? ??

Almighty Black Dollar

I've never heard of him but he surely can flex


When Bank roll say that Patek my boy was like ok this shi to hard right now bring the racks out see when u save and invest into urself u can buy nice things like this


Whats the paybase working as a jewler here commission / salary?

Darth Pedro

What’s with all these rappers nobody even knows how do they get so much money I thought you have to be popular

Jamaal Summons

I’m from Arkansas


Get Floyd Money Mayweather to come play jenga with his money mayn?

Carlos Maza

?This people work hard..to make ice more. Rich.jjjjjj.interesting..????


If you from Helena west Helena like this


Good score. Just made a nice play guys

Sosa Boiii

Who is this?

Fred Mcmillian

He need that money for them 5 kids

reaction pods

100k ain't shit tbh

Dymer Sym

That's drug money, its has some tens in the stack bc if it was 100k with all hundred would be a lot smaller then that...just saying

Brian Keith

For $11.99 on Wish you can purchase all of the same prop money he was flexing on this video.

Swipeeflow HFSMG

The man ain’t been in the game long... and spending his own cash

John frank


Ντείνη einj myke


raphael williams


Gianna Taylor

He so damn fine ?



kill bill 1804

Big Bank !!
Da goat ??

Cash H

An he got hundreds on top..if you pause near the end of the vid you can see the twents.maybe 30 50k tops

Ryse Revolver

Outta Arkansas! We come from nothing

Mansa Musa

Dont be unwise my young black kings ????✊????‍?

Lord Vage

ICEBOX'S editor mehn

Machete Kidd TV

Hmmm I need coMe there

Rappers Digest

QC the new Harvard

Mr Brown

Bankroll Freddie is the most underrated rapper from quality control.

Steven Lopez

Serious question. How much money do you think these rappers truly make? I’ve read that signing to a major label will yield an advance of, at most, 350k but surely they are making more money elsewhere. I mean a quick shopping spree at icebox, a new car and a place to live will turn that 350k to 0 in a week so clearly, on its own, signing a record deal isn’t sustainable for such a luxurious lifestyle.

Liam Clark69

How he got dis much money ?

Matías Cardona Medina


Courtney Porter

Arkansas like this :3

Kelvin Johnson

Thus is all promoting do these rappers really playing that much


Wise choice... ? ? ? ?

Amier Burgest

Who he

Israel Brown

Brick pah brick

Ben Zito

His boy at 5:00 thinking about backdooring his ass lol

Билолиддин Ахмедов

Яхширок уриш пулди кутинга

Slm Shsh

How you be spending that amount of money when you only got 1 banger that only has 30 million views .... hope he’s investing on the side

Moose Df

A ice box Idk if y’all gonna see this but y’all think a 1.25 mm Franco and and diamond Floridian pendant would be a good combo as a starter chain

Eli Schwartz

Who else went on his IG to see the Bank piece

Jordan Tha Menace

Freddie smart havin his boy hold thee racks !

Stephen Carry

1 day ill be coming through droppin 100k!

Malik Shakur

Icebox Pimping these lil rappers

Empire CrownmanYT

Big dawg shit

Glad TV

Freddie Gibbs ?


Who tf Is that??

Dash Wolf

Literally 99% of you will see this and you're going to fall in a hole and break your toe

Jas B

Big cash . This guy always got paper love from Vancouver bc Canada

reaction pods

Like we care


Racks looking like little infant children

Rich Waan

I got hip to Bankroll Freddie from his love TKO song

Sebastian Xaysanasy

? baby in the building

Gene Smith

Glorifing money is a virus and showing off, is destroying are younger population , what happen to slow songs and unity with get togethers with no fights .


Ever time he say I need it I think of Migos song I need it

FunwithPretty Funni Jai

Bankroll been having a sack omm

50k subs with 1 video

??‍♂️like if you also want to be rich

Hi Hgh

I want to see Melly piece!

xavier dawsey

Is this old because I thought he died

vvs Kev

Idk y he look like one of those 2005 type rappers ?

lil YB

Na boa funny asl “ show em da baby”?

Hollywood Stacks

141 haters dislikes


Sun seem chill not over the top. That's whats up some of these other rappers would of been talking loud jumping all around talking hella shit. Nice jewels

Lee Shunmugam

I feel nothing watching this because I'm freed from desire.



C. E

Question I have yet to see 1 rapper pay with a credit card ?. ? ??‍♂️ ....

Real Hawg

Arkansas stand up??

Murder Bong

THINGS TO NOTICE FIRST: the richman, is the one who opens, takes out the cash bag....from the cash carrier, 3rd man does up his bag, as the bag is never to come off .... proper shit right there.

Ivan De guzman

Kala mo nmn kinagwapo mo mag bling bling. Ngetpa

Ty Garrett

Monopoly money with hundreds at the end ? nawl but good shit bruh look happy as hell

Bubu Bang

Dude really bit his chain to open, that’s what happens when you bite your nails too much that thumb press be hurting ??


#Arkansas we up next‼️

Chris Briggs

Didn't know Bankroll Freddie was from Arkansas! Do ya thang Bro ??

Bryant Allende

That ain’t no rap money ⛽️?

Jordan Rouse

Is it Martin Luther King, Jr ??????


it’s so annoying seeing [EXPLETIVE] like just put the word


Freddie probably came in shirtless and the employees had to give him the icebox shirt

Leo Gonzalez

U know dat anit all rap money

Tony 805

Arkansas gang wya ?

Marquis Beals


Bmg Huncho2x

#LLPFK ?I’m just swipe my card when I go lol

christopher Tillman

Little Rock in the house

sway bryan

Big rocks .....daaamn those baguettes really big asf

Jas B

No games here straight cash fuck wit dis guy since day one . Bankroll Freddie getting that paper

K cash

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Boosie Drops $80k Cash On An Audi Without Test Driving It! ?

418 320 views | 10 Aug. 2020




#boosie #audi #suv


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U think I'm finna test drive 80k , this shit better work fym

Kelton Harris

Boosie bad azz...

Randy A

i just paid my bills online, without asking any questions

Jon Hunter

They gave him all that drama fa nothing. All they had to do was hand over the keys and get the receipt book

Terry Porter

Boosie low key walks like most NBA players lol

Hola Como

Theres no need to test drive bcoz diz ain't da 1st Audi Boosie has owned once ya have driven a newer Audi ya kno they all have da same pep when it comes to hitting dat gas petal it has POWER Bossie knows diz man wuts da point of driving it top dat off Bossie most likely to pimp dat whip and then either sell it use it to rent it out to his peers or five it away to a Fam member.

antonia milton

He came in looking like a bum right, talked the man down 2g's... then pulled his chains out and flexxed up real tough. ?



Coach Leonard

I opened this video to ask 1 question. WHO CARES???

PRESTON Nicholson

Damn be spending all that money on the car I’ll just need $1000 to pay my rent

King El III

Boosie, your out the door price should've been around $71,500 cash bro. Never give those motherfuckers top dollar. You're a cash customer, you're not financing shyt. You need a negotiation coach.

Maria Cazares



Buy spend all the money YOU can. It will never make YOU happy until you be a Real man Protecting your family. Being a man. Money is not happiness. Being a Real man is.

Henri Nevermind

SUV'S don't have trunks, SUV'S have a HATCHBACK or HATCH AREA.


80k on a car. How much in the black community. That the one I’ll like to see. When he pulls off the lot it’s worth 60k. I dropped 2k and started a business. 3 years in now. 80k on covid19 research it’s killing more of us. Now that’s a badazz.

Bmore GEM

Bo$$ $hit bad A$$ no ?

kristopher valle

Why would you test drive a car with 0 miles it’s obvious he’s driven the same car before he just got it now for himself y’all mfs repost anything for some views sound money hungry to me ??

Michael Evans

Boosie buys a car

Wat if boosie crash the car

Hope u don't ??????

Emmanuel Lewis

I just saved $10/month insurance for switching to Geico?

Adan Gielinck


alita copney

Why is this being filmed ?


People don’t know cash don’t matter it’s leasing that’s King the dealership gets more money.


??? Boosie Badazz for real!!!


Love at first sight !!!

Imso Frugal

This is how I go car buying. Dressed down, not trying to impress the salesperson. If you already know what you want, there’s no reason to test drive. Like he said, he came to buy the car, not test drive it.
You should already know what you’re willing to spend or how much you can afford to spend, before leaving home.


So did he have to fill out an IRS FORM when paying cash

Da Suaveologist

I'm sure hes drivin one of these cars before so that's why it was no need to test drive it but he should have had it delivered to his crib

Cedrick Neal

Test drive, we talking bout test drive, real, test drive. Lol

Royale Bey

That was the audi at mo3 crime scene

Big Breezy

He short changed him 2 thousand though we never pay the actual price

Bam Bam Massage

Very wise investment ?

Brian Franklin

Love to see Boosie during his thang


I hope he is putting money away and investing in good ideas. Hate to see him end up like most rappers.

Morgan Bixby

I wanna watch this video all day

Raquan Loatman

I’ll just take the cash and make a Down payment for hoodie and make him think he owns the car and get all mail sent to my house

Gloria Taylor

My. G. Rapper. Boostie. Boss. Ive. Cefied. Boss. Like. This. Since. 80s. Man

Ceevon James

I’m the 666 comment ??‍♂️?


That VW Atlas SEL got the digi too.

Gloria Taylor

Beautiful. Car. My. Favorite. G. Boss. Rapper

La Neatha Cooper

Enjoy the ride!

We Profit

It be the people that don’t have a dime with the most negative shyt to say!! This man has everything he wants including investments, real estate etc. at what point is he not suppose to reward himself or buy something nice for one of his kids? Only jealous people see it as the man stunting, but hustlers see it as motivation!! If you don’t like what he’s doing then why don’t you get the money he got and do it how you want to do it!! The fact that y’all haters watched the whole video let me know y’all are jealous, if it’s was something I was against I would have kept scrolling after 5 seconds, I wouldn’t be here making comments

Eric T

Test drive for what??!! I don't ever test drive. It's a new car. If somethings wrong, just take the bitch back.

Itsyo_ Boyzed

Dude walk in with house shoes on ??

Moe Bridges

Boss moves

Antonio Rolling

Big dog

Mr. GlobberSS

is he really 5'2


Maybe boosie don’t know their all owned by Volkswagen that’s y they all look the same lol

323 213

Only in America Yo!

Noel Thomas

I know it’s gotta be a new car to drop 80k on it.. I know Boosie is smarter than dropping that kind of money on a use car??????

Black Cutty

One of the best Gangster move we just witness ✊? with flip flops on

Charles Henry

Be great can’t afford that but it look good!

Traci Harris

Nice?? Congrats Boosie Boo?♥️????


Bruuuuuhhh, you that small talkin bout hittin Mike momma??? Lol wtf lol

1 to 20 BTC Bully

test drive for what ima buy it and drive it everyday hhahahahahah



Antonio Rolling

Keep up the good music boosie

Noel Thomas

80k is a life’s savings for me.... that’s my struggle...???✌️



That boy is a negotiator ????‍♂️?

sandelyn avarado

1:11 love this momment


Hustler shyt 78k

Jacques Reed

$78k son, not $80?

Frantz Vallon

Why do you need to test drive a new audie ???? it’s one of the top three luxury German cars top 3.

Dre Combs

Y put unnecessary miles on it if it's brand new lol #FullyInsuredToo

Ortega Kinkade

net worth= $800k car = 80k poor money management face palm

Lídia Santos

Well yeah, that's what we expected


With his 800k net worth

Mydebby Toohot

Hey hey awesome ?????????

Mydebby Toohot

U go Boosie I love u???

Kushi Bechoo

So silly

Yolo Swaggins

You can't "drop cash" on an AUDI that's the dumbest shit ever that's like saying I dropped cash on Hyundai and some nerf guns. Clowns.

Reggie N Happiness

You don’t have to test a brand new car. Its under warranty


What's the attraction with these Audis

Donyell Jenkins

Did he say it's a V6 ????

king Jaffe

That Audi Q8 is a monster I used to transport Audi’s it’s better than all the Q classes

Gerald Lord

I love it no finance dog you're the man ?

Anthony Banks

Digital dash. ??

Corrie Davidson

Every new car is a new baby mama god bless the children.

Anthony Wilson

Spend that money on land, gold, investments boosie. The 80 turn to 40 soon as you drove it off lot.

Tyshown Ramirez

80k he could have Open up a business in the black Community hell a small grocery store or big

The Meme Show Tv

It better be the rsq8

Antonio Johnson

Use a card. Save the cash


Ion need no new car. Shit i dooooo

Frank McDowell

When you have the money and the car is it good quality car you don't need no test drive you just dropped a bag?

Frederick White

Should have brought through his record labels....unlike the smart money moves he made with building his home. He neglected the benefits of uses that avenue for depreciating assets
He lost 45k or better on the cash purchase

Judy Moore


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M Bagley

Boosie....you act like you never been in a nice car b4 lol but that thang is official

Mr. Taylor


Sean Yaboi

He will be broke doing that dumb shit...lease the dam car and write it off as a business expense...Who is his manager?


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Joshua Azel

800k networth ???

Frederick Stephens

I spent five dollars on condoms and didn’t even use them

Andre Barrow

He should of came to my dealership out in orland park we gotta brand new SQ7 and a couple new 2021 RS7

Mind HunTer

Damn, i never knew boosie was 5'3

Noel Thomas

That’s a bad investment on that amount brand type car Audi .. I would’ve paid that much on a new Porsche, Mercedes AMG, Range Rover or a used Maseritti for that amount of money..

Father with Fragrance

$78,000 cash I’ll do it right now. That’s a boss move

derek anderson

Outstanding !!

kool-Aid Man

Why Is this Impressive? He just got a Bentley truck not too long ago.

Sid World

damn can u Bless me with a car a take a cheap u 2

Dub Duce

What kinda audi truck is it???

K cash

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Baltimore police said they

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