World war m flash

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Minecraft NOOBS! Ava and Little Flash Play Minecraft for the First Time! K-City GAMING

3 774 274 views | 17 Sep. 2019

Today we're playing

Today we're playing MINECRAFT, but we are totally MINECRAFT NOOBS and have no idea what we are doing. DadCity gave us the task of building our first MINECRAFT HOUSE, but I'M NOT SURE IT GOES WELL .... You be the judge! Thanks for watching K-City GAMING!

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World war m flash

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PC Music, Accelerationism, and Xenofeminism

880 views | 10 Feb. 2021

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In this episode, we invited friends of the show, Will and Anton, to discuss their upcoming project: an ethnographic, musicological, and philosophical investigation into the aesthetic phenomenon of 'PC Music' and its unique digital use of space, facial framing, and audible intensity in generating concert experiences. Taking artists such as A.G. Cook and SOPHIE as paradigm cases, we discuss how PC Music, otherwise known more generally as 'hyperpop', integrates accelerationist methods to lay bare the practices of subjectification that arise in societies of cybernetic control. We use this to go on and talk about the deconstruction of identity, hauntology, trans studies, and the relation of Queerness to the promise of new futures across a plurality of post-capitalist frontiers.

Will's Article "'I”'can make you feel better": https://willcashmore.wordpress.com/2021/01/30/i-can-make-you-feel-better/

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organic composition

I'm getting triggered by the host misunderstanding of the tendency of the organic composition of capital to rise and the rate of profit to fall with technological unemployment.

Self Patched

What's the article they're talking about at 43:20?

Ian Robert

This might be my favorite AH podcast


Loved the episode but the way the guests were introduced I didn't know whose voice was whose

looking glass



It's amazing that this is released when Rebecca Black drops the music video for arguably a hyperpop remix of her song Friday made by 3oh3 which is clearly nostalgia for the early 2010's /late 2000's (hauntology)


Oh and the article at 21:53 ? Can't find 'explosion of identity' anywhere

World war m flash

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Nursing school study with me !

810 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Hey y’all, it’s

Hey y’all, it’s Charli???

This video is a full day of studying for my nursing school exam!

Thanks for watching!

Have a blessed day!✨

Topics in today’s video

Nursing school study with me

Nursing school study routine

Nursing school study tips

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Nursing Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/charlifrompeds/ (CharliFromPeds)

Business Email [email protected]

Kevri D

Goodluck ! Where did you get your dry erase board from ?

Carter B

Look at you!!! You’re doing great love. Thanks for sharing your journey ?

Amelia & Debra

I'm new here❤️?


you are making the effort and you work hard at it. Well done

Medical Biochemistry For Medical Students

Keep it up

Letti T.

This is so helpful! I have an exam next Wednesday on the same information!!! I love all your videos, you show the struggle and the success!!!!


Do y’all like these type of videos?

Elexa Matera

Just got accepted into nursing school I start in May!!! Love your videos ❤️

Антон Ратников


francesca milord

I study exactly like tht! I have to say things out loud and also quiz myself or it won’t stick... i was saying it right along w u girl, you got this!!!

Wilshawn Benjamin

Hey Charli I just got into nursing school I start in may going for my bachelors. You’ve been a big inspiration especially since I’m male and didn’t know if I could do it but here I am I also just got a cna job at my hospital so thank you for the inspiration

Student Nurse Neya

I love this people call me crazy for studying all day lol !

Alexandra Georges

Lets us kno how u did on your test

José Sánchez

You look pretty my name is Jose Sanchez nice to meet you


Love you