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MST 642 Backhoe Loader (2017) Exterior and Interior

192 353 views | 20 Aug. 2017

2017 MST 642 Backhoe

2017 MST 642 Backhoe Loader seen from outside and inside. Engine is 100 hp EU stage IIIB.

The backhoe loader was presented at Truck Expo 2017, Lesnovo, Bulgaria, June 1-3 2017.

The video is available in 3D at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLvvrHnVtuU

Janibek Esbolganov

Без епучей музыки никак? Sikici muziksiz olmaz mi? Music fucks

Denis Souza

Tem tudo pra entra no mercado Brasileiro parece ser boa maquins

Vikash Vikash

nice look

Graeme Sutherland




Ereke Bolat

Замок зажигания, в жопе как так додумались.

Prince22 Lenka

Price kete

Andranik Intoyan

А price?


The loader is identical to jcb.The crane is identical to jcb.Stabilisers are identical to jcb.Even the cabin and the windows are identical to jcb.Even the fucking lights are identical to jcb.Except this will never come close to JCB.Turkish knock off junk copy

اليات ثقيله

سلام عليكم ورحمه الله
أخواني أسعد الله صباحكم ومسائكم
فضلا الاشتراك بقناتي على اليوتيوب
وجزاكم الله كل خير وبارك الله بيكم

Serseri Sempatik

ariza ariza ariza baska bisey yok tork guc yok aynisini aldim aldigim gune lanet olsun kesan edirne durgun hafriyat


Preciso de alguém que possa doá uma maquina retro Escavadeira usada para que eu possa estar trabalhando. Muito obrigado que Deus vos abençoe.

Serseri Sempatik

dert yuvasi bir makine

Edson Ullrich





very nice jcb

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GENERAIDERS 2020 Deck COMPETITIVE Profile + Win VS META Game Review + Price of Victory

27 387 views | 6 Jul. 2020

Competitive Generaiders!

Competitive Generaiders! Sometimes, its not the deck, its the player. THIS DECK requires great piloting and situation analysis to make non-standard moves, but at what cost? Can it compete with other expensive decks in the same price tier?

#Yugioh #generaiders

Thanks for supporting us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/msttv

Support MST via TCGPLAYER Secret Slayers :https://bit.ly/2UQnlXr

Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/zMUuD49


facebook: http://www.facebook.com/msttv

twitter: #tomboxcreations

twitch: twitch.tv/msttv_tombox









what version of ygopro is this?

Logical Juan

Fuck yeah! My level 9 Norse Raid Bosses! I'm glad this archetype is gaining popularity.

Ian-Devon Lewis

Generaider core is about $120 USD. 45 cards currently in core set.

Ray D

Dadbox making us highly disciplined players out here. So that we can be ready for the harsh realities of this world.

ItsYaBoi Santa

Cringy lol

Katsumi Rei

theres a better play tombox, instead of going VFD u go for jormund using mardel and trishula,
then u activate jormund both player draw and put under u a card, which will then trigger Harr and Boss stage = 2 lvl 9, => VFD and jormund, at start of the turn the go for harr and activate jormund during stadby to rip 2 cards from opponent
at the point going for trish theres an option going for synchro play with barricade blocker + auroradon, which will generate u +3 cards and lvl 9 synchro

David Hoch

How long ago was this made? Loptrs are fortunately below $1 now

Brien M.

you're getting funnier every video

iMaytriks U

This is a really cool deck you built. Thank you for sharing!

Angel Barrios

Lmao ??

Bad Goat nation

sub out code for abominaton bls for unicorn and appolussa for a earth slicer for you budget folks

Michael Volpe

There’s a better version of this where u can rip 2 cards from ur opponents hand as well

ali abbas

at 23:00 you should have fusioned with linkross, linkuriob and the token an left the world armor, the reason is that after you us monsteresity on trish you can link armor. and trish for ip an the end board would be boss stage, ip and true king

Eleve King

Gena is my new favourite deck I would love to build mine to be as great as yours but sadly I'm broke so I'm I'll be taking your ideas n put in to good use in my budget variant... So sad I can't afford a BLS dou, it is a really needed card


Why not bring up that a budget option is the scrap engine


what's your camera or video set up?

Savvy Williams

If you made Jormungandr with Trish and Mardel instead of VFD, you could have used Jormungandr's effect, which triggers Boss Stage and Harr, which gets you another lv9 to make VFD and your opponent goes -1

Sunny G

Yes!! So glad you did this

Klever 47

i challenger you


"Are ya winning, son?"

"Not without Needlefiber."

Team NarrowSpades

To Tom take a look and see what you think. It’s a different take on how the deck functions https://youtu.be/QjThdf5xk4c

Donte Boyd

I actually play world gears of theurlogical demiurgy in my extra. That card is an J.D for who need a board wipe.

marco cava

Against dino use avramax


So question: he mentions he has this deck at 41 cards but I only count 40. Does he have the armor as his 41?



Galaxy-Eyes Knight405

This video got a like from me for the mega man reference


Guy at my locals plays this, shit is so annoying


Isn't extravagance better tham the kiri curse??


First you top your final exams then you top the ycs.


28:54 hey that's me, lol.


i’m i the only one who thought your “dad” was gonna make the “you not C-sian, you not B-sian” joke ?


I'm working on a chaos variant at the moment. It's decent but still working on the kinks.

Jonathan Cain

Is "there can only be one" good in this deck seems like it would be

Budget Yugioh

Thanks for the profile! You make generaiders look so fun to play so I might build it if the mardel and boss stage ever tank in price lol

NY - Buddy

We need more dad's to take needlefiber is away from thier kids!!!

rana / Ark-Z Eurobeat

This intro really feels like "If you're nothing without Needlefiber, then you shouldn't have it."

Team APS

So well-explained and informative. Gotta show this to Alec!


In general, Trias is a better target than Harr for Monstrosity. The two monsters summoned off of Monstrosity can share attributes, they just can’t have the same name.
So when you use VFD, detach Trias calling light. This way you have a non-targeting pop and possible draw 2 on their turn.
To prevent the banish effect, you can use it for the infinitrack XYZ to pop even more cards and help facilitate an OTK.
Also, Mekk Knight Morning Star is an option in case if you open Girsu+World Armor, still allowing you to do the full combo. Alternatively, you can run Galatea+Dingirsu in case Girsu gets Ashed, and gives you a decent option going second.


Im on 15 handtraps and gotta say, this sucks

melo gonzalez

you always call fire against dinos with vfd


I guess there are no budget alternatives to Girsu right ?

ben salach

Hey Tom at the end of the combo I like to xyz for Jormungandr activating its effect sucking up linkuriboh then activating Harr and only then xyz fo VFD. Also I suggest you run Bujinki Ahashima it lets you xyz for VFD in the opponents turn. And cut the witch its too much normals. Hope i helped :)

Kidd Comicc

Hey! I love your vids! What sleeves do u use? Keep up the good work

Ian-Devon Lewis

Also 12:54 Actually you have 9 ways for field spell. Mardel can snipe it out of your deck. Might not be ideal, but its an extra pull if you need it.

The Close Call

Finally the ban halqifibrax needed

Coyote briggs

Late but getting forbidden droplet is WAAAAY better to get from condemned witch, it makes u discard let's say 2 cards, and that many effect monsters get effects negated AND attack is split, it's like a modified dark ruler no more

Charles Hilz

Hey tombox is there any updates about Yu-Gi-Oh omega? Hope it is completed soon or at least has a beta.

Andrew Johnson

does wetlands affect totally awesome my nephew would like to know and seeing since you're a judge I figured you'd be a good person to ask and I really appreciate your vids

Jordan Mooney

So when you go into Trish, you are allowed to use a token for material even though they can’t be banished? I’m just wanting to make sure I understand.

Walter Shoup

Tom. Can i get a second thought on a temporary replacement for BLS link and appo.

Sidney Taylor

Any alternatives to the trish fusion? I have everything else but want to know if the trish is absolutely necessary (im sure it is)

Oswaldo Gonzalez-Ornelas

I like the Invoked version better, I find it to be way more consistent

Orcust Playa

can anybody just search up combo normal monsters on ygoprodeck pls its kinda funnybut still a good deck


Evilswarm Ophion:


So Gizmek Uka can summon World Legacy Armor from deck if your opponent summons a dark from deck. Also pretty neat bringing out World Legacy World Crown (I know this because I used it as a proxy until I got World Armor). These things probably aren't optimal but I thought they were cool. First turn use Uka to stop Halq with Water Barrier Statue, later you can World Legacy Succession it back to summon other World Legacy dudes


gender raiders rise up, time 2 abolish gender


Tombox, is there really another you in the world!!!?

sandy thamtono

Quality as usuall


Where did you get all the ulti


What was the reason for not running pot of extravagance in this build.


F on the test, but A on the acting XD


Great skit. Great video


This deck looks cool

Orcust Playa

thunder dragon chaos pls

Generaider Bossman

What’s the interaction like with this deck when it comes to Boss Stage and TCBOO?? Do we get 1 token or none at all?


The Gen God has arrived! I'm personally not a huge advocate for the Girsu build, I think it's so fragile in the current meta game, and it looks like you agree with that as well. I'd really like to see you try out the Cyberse build and tinker around with it, it's definitely a lot more interesting and has various lines of play. It's nowhere near as explosive as normal summoning Girsu, but it still does a lot of cool things, and probably has some unexplored lines of play available. I'd also probably not play DRNM because it's only really good in combination with Girsu, otherwise you don't really have a way to clear an established board with Generaiders. I love that you're playing Awakens, it's something I've been playing in Generaiders for a long, long time. I've considered playing the XYZ version of the trap to try to make Calamities on your opponents turn.

Jacob J

cringe @24:30 , if you keep the Hoar on field , summon jormungandr, activate his effect to force the draw one and chain both boss Field and Hoar to rip one monster out of the hand going first turn

Warren Sylvester

Very good deck profile! Should play mekk knight crusadia avramax in the extra though


Hi TomBox, you said that Boss Stage and Loptr can be activated during D/S Phase, but Loptr can only be used in the MP :)

Sir Ernest

I was considering running Magicians Souls to dump Harr, which I revive with Hela or Selene during my opponent's turn, and to send dead kuji kuri curses/monstrosities/boss quests to gain more draw power. Has anyone tinkered with this idea?

Mike Mekker

I love playing mekk-knights and world leg stuff! I never thought to throw in generaider stuff! This works great!


interesting build, if you want to increase the consistency i'd probably replace apollousa with mekk-knight of the morning star, for those moments when you open with the armor you can discard it to add succession.

Ian-Devon Lewis

I think can confidently say that I have watched this video everyday. Though Im playing Rikka-raiders with a hint of Calamity. Alot carries over and is relevant want my I'm tuning my deck for. Generaiders are crazy. You can minimize them, but their presence in your deck is so overwhelming. To the point it, where 2 Mardel and 1 Loptr in a Rikka deck, makes you feel like your playing a pure generaider deck.

Johnny Boyeet

I love his skits lol!

Aaron Hall

That intro was? fire ?

David De La Cruz

Hey bro just for everyone to know is that Loptr only works in the main phase as a quick effect so lightning storm would hurt

Arnoldo Pina

Loptr is $1.20 from eternity code

The Sentai System

I'm only missing condemned witch and two girsu for this. I may pick them up because I really like the deck. Thanks for the awesome content Tom

Lowell Lucas Jr.

I like the profile! It does seem similar to that 60 card Generaider Boss deck in the PPG online tournaments; However, their build used Psy Frame hand traps and even an orchust lineup with the World Hand setup.

Sermon King

Can you do the same for rikkas?

Brandon Kick

Unpopular Opinion: If you use Halquifibrax in your deck with all its degenerate friends then your deck isn’t good to be honest

Alvin Aloysius

What is the name of the simulator?

Aaron AshCaster

If needlefiber gets banned, can we get destrudo back?


suprised your not running atleast 1 World Gears of Theurlogical Demiurgy (in most cases free nuke + unaffected by monster effect)


Why do you not play Infinitrack Earth Slicer?

Livious Gameplay

I love Generaider as a more fun control deck because of the flexibility, and your profile is very solid. I really do love the different techs you can try with the level 9s, and I might try the IP Masquerena.

Yugioh Fanatics

Hey Tombox, what sleeves do you use?

Fionna Larcom

My 50/50 play of the day would be “head judging”, thinking they make there commons so much better now a days...... -Brent mayfield


>me hearing hee-rarch-ya for the nth time

Okay, say it with me. "Hierarchy". Now add an a at the end. There you go.


i’m glad you play naglfar, that card is awesome. i really like dovelgus in this deck though, i mean i understand why ppl cut it (it’s a brick) but it turns a bricky handful of bosses into a massive field. i won a match just the other night where i drew 3 bosses. my opponent literally quit because my board was too hard to break. if i didn’t run dovelgus i wouldve just lost due to bricking. i think turning brick hands into unbreakable boards is too good to cut dovelgus

Muhammad Abdullah

Omg is he a twin? I thought he was just roleplaying both characters in the past.


Yoooo Hyperion represent, great vid as always


Definitely going to give the deck a shot!

All the different shots gave me Good Eats vibes, especially the cost breakdown of the deck. Can't go wrong resembling Alton Brown!

Jose Luis Esquivel

After monstrosity you can go into Jormungander(Trish/Mardel) activate effect then chain Stage and Harr, make them drop a monster to the grave then make VFD, so end board on your turn would be Jormun / VFD/ Linkuriboh


Nice intro man, I will try doing something funny for my channel! Good content man!


My childhood collection was thrown away as a punishment ?

Murph Muffin

"Jokes on you Dadbox, I don't even need Crystron Asdfghjkl to combo" ?


brooo ive been playing this since girsu came out. delete this before konami sees


Wow Tombox's dad really looks like Tombox. I guess Tombox inherited a lot of his dad's genes.


Damn daniel that intro! :D Loving the skits

Mst price

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How to Beat Virtual World - $50 Deck?! More like $100 now! - Yu-Gi-Oh!

24 958 views | 17 Nov. 2020

It's Time to Pull the plug

It's Time to Pull the plug on Virtual World... before they end you! If they keep winning the price will only keep going up... No longer a budget Deck at $50. Let's figure out how to beat this deck!

Thanks for supporting us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/msttv

Support MST via TCGPLAYER Secret Slayers :https://bit.ly/2UQnlXr

Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/zMUuD49

#virtualworld #yugioh #howtobeat


facebook: http://www.facebook.com/msttv

twitter: #tomboxcreations

twitch: twitch.tv/msttv_tombox








Quelqun x

What can they do if you ghost reaper the VFD?


Ok I activate warning point then what haha

hitsuji wa umaii

thoughts on forbidden chalice tom? seems quite ok to stop vfd going 2nd

The Showoff Type

Risebell The Star Adjuster w/ E.tele is a interesting tech for this deck


Wouldn’t Mind Drain be a good floodgate?

Keanu Singh

U shud just hold your gamma for the vfd


Just run atlanteans 1st turn and rip their hand off,

I hate getting my hand taken away from me before i can do something


Tom one question. If I have super poly in the hand and my opponent has the vfd and the lv9 synchro, can I active the super poly to summon elder entity ntss before gaining the possibility to active vfd's effect? (during the stabdby phase)

Jae Her

The worst part about playing against this deck is learning the ins and outs of this deck knowing you aren't event playing it, but rather against it.

Emily Evans

What about ogre is it any good slowing em down?

Luis Camilo Garcia Zuñiga

What about Ghost Ogre? It also destroys.

DeanOOR 93

Dark ruler + dark hole/raigeki = ded vfd
Mind drain = no free hand summons
Imperial iron wall/chaos hunter = no banish
Silent graveyard = shuts off grave effects
You can also just remove them slowly with mystic mine on field

Just the things I use to counter since I play control decks like ghostricks (don't be like me lol)


Haha great thumbnail

yugi boy yugioh

Just cheat

Marco Coronel

You can use book of moon

Rodney Carter

id like to see a special format of yugioh made... 2 archtypes per deck.... go build a deck can use generic cards also... limit.. donno 10... have a very different meta then


Ash and MST. Your welcome


Simple unplug the router

Anibal Dorado Tovar

Different dimension ground going first lit as Fire ?

The Scentleman

Triple Mirror Force ?


Mind Drain?

NateJustStoleYourWaifu /AkatsukiNate9

Playing Yugioh on a budget just isn’t viably possible anymore...you either have the power cards or run one of the top stratedgies, or you automatically lose; Cause the opponent either locks you out of the game(literally or with multiple negates) or hand loops you.

Burak Kaan Karakoç

Is dimensional barrier a good thing to use? They can't climb to vfd or rank 6 if you declare synchro right? Also good against the zoodiac matchup as well.

Cristie Pagarigan

The Thumbnail was GENIUS ?

Jared Bowers

Thoughts on Crow? Or decks that have in-archetype Crow effects? And you said they don't activate on field, so I'm assuming Ogre isn't great either. Also, I'm guessing that Chaos Hunter is worse than Lancea, as they can easily get rid of her?


??Godly Intro???

Logan Endsley

Man, VFD is about 5 formats overdue for its spot on the banlist.

Mario Rovira

Field wipes? Raigeki, dark hole etc...


2-0d this deck before with Guru lol

Henry Carter

Flip a summon limit and mind drain going first.

Tate Parsons

Can't impermanence if activated in the same column as the opponents chuche negate the effect from resolving of the chuche to pop making the negate of calamities active?

Klemen Hrovat

banquet of millions is a free turn if you don't use your extra deck (gren maju :))

Bray Jay

Hey Tom, new policy update question! Note-taking policy was updated, and Farfa made a video detailing all of the policy changes and listed examples for each one. It was a good update video but I believe the example he used for the note-taking update is not covered under the policy.

Specifically, he said that we could now write down the column a set Infinite Impermanence activated and resolved in. I don’t feel this lines up with the policy change because spells/traps can still be activated in the column, with their effects being negated. As Imperm doesn’t apply a mandatory clause preventing activations of spell/traps, and only negates the effects, could a player take note of this in order to maintain the game state?

My goal isn’t to correct someone for the sake of being right, but to inform the relevant community if an example used was actually correct.

Yoven Chadien

potential numeron comeback?

Bray Jay

MST.tv with the secret sauce to beating the format once again ?? *chef’s kiss*


how effective is crowing the Qinglong ? i am deciding between nibiru and crow for the format and i’m actually leaning crow since so many decks put up negates before 5 summons.

Adam Lajoie

What about evenly matched?

Itz Vaber

So, in short, play Zoodiac

DJ NickeysM

Would Kaijus be useful against VFD?

Luis Macharigue

Would dimensional barrier be a good side for vw?

Ro Bin

I know colossus gonna come back to 1

Urban Smid

Would Herald of Arc Light work?

Mike Anzo

Since summon limit is easily outed, why not side heat wave instead?

ellie cccg

impermanence stops cloudcastle

Michael Glynn

Is retaliating the C or confronting the C? I think one of them is a mini macro cosmos.


well i bought the deck as soon as they came out guess vfd is getting banned next month and the deck will be rogue until the plant 9 xyz comes out


Some commonly use cards:
Solemn Strike
Summon Limit
TCBOO (it don't stop completely)
Gozen Match
Rivaltry of Warlord

Mind Drain
Macro Cosmos
Dimension Shifter
Mind Crush (they reveal by game mechanic when activating effect in hand)
Gnomaterial (halt a bit)
D.D. Crow/Meister (for GY effects)
Torrential Tribute
Mischief of the Gnomes (they need to play exactly Lv 3 or its mutiply, this card stop that entirely)
Dimensional Barrier

Joshua Mendes

Mind drain ??

Rodney Carter

so dimension shifter and Drnm seem like the best options.. having 3of each would give a good chance to open with 1... then eather way your set to make your play

or did i miss something?


thanks for uploading this video, really you are the first , i needed this information

David Nesmith

Wouldn't necrovalley slow them down especially if I have dragoon or the gravekeeper fusion on board?


Im a huge lover of summon limit. Such a crippling card ❤️ I play Dark magician and it’s the only way I feel like I can significantly slow down my opponent to play at my pace

Shivanand Ramjit

Always a great help man.

Filippo Borga

Counters of vfd fly

Rodney Carter

this deck is insane.... now unrelated ruling question for miss timing cos it dose my head in.
if my.cards srates.
when this card destroys a monster by battle it can......
and my.oponets monster states when this card is destroyed by battle it can...
because mine is like just ahead in effect going off would mine stick and opponets miss?
and option 2 same deal ecxcept his says if....
can mine still stick as its killing?


Question, would spooky dogwood work well against VW?


How to beat the deck: don't let them do the Jizi sending Nyanyan play, it doesn't work so it's cheating, but some people who don't understand ruling will tell you ''BuT iT wOrKs On EdOpRo''


Going first, maybe mind drain. A double edges floodgate, both player cannot use monster effect in hand.

Maybe Typhoon

Michael Kerr

Is torrential good against virtual worlds?

Curzio Malaparte

What about 1-time turn-skips like DBarrier, DDG, White Howling, Forbidden Graveyard, Heat Wave, Earthshattering Event? The first 2 seem very effective and cover a pretty wide range of matchups this format but I never hear anyone talk about them. Howling and the rest are... no... but I mention them because they’re still the same genre of card.


In one of my decks i run Summon Limit, but now seeing these guys. What about using Mind Drain?

David Wade

How would dimensional barrier fair as a virtual world counter

Zion Aleem

So you telling me my low tier numeron eldlich deck can dog this shit?!?

Theo Jay

At this rate we're going to have to start name decking ghost reaper to out the vfd...?


What about winter cherries, simply remove calamities from the equation? Yes I know it will require an extra deck spot but it will help in the long run


Talent works really well against VFD imo because a lot of the good players are waiting until mp to use VFD in order to play around gamma. Main deck gamma is way more common than main deck VFD, so I don’t really disagree with that choice. Additionally, the deck, when it’s going for VFD combo is super weak to nib, but when it’s able to set up crystal wing before hand OR the player goes for croc and trap, nib looks bad. That’s the problem nib has always had though, and assuming even the best players are gonna always play around it just means that the other combo decks will be better in the format because they can power through those weaker boards.

Keanu Singh

I love videos like these.

Where Wolves?

100% this deck will drop back down in price.

Maximillian Figueroa

Mst.tv i have a ruling question. Me and friend argued, can u help? My opponent activates Prank-kids "Doodle" targets 2 monsters in grave

I activate D.D crow, target one of his monsters that he targeted and banish it, and then he SS the other monster.
I say NO! Your not allowed to special summon just 1. Because the card mandates that you "target 2" and "SS THEM". It doesnt have the new wording of modern cards "Target up to 2", it has the old wording "Target 2" which cannot be anything less than 2, it must be exactly 2. Does not have "up to" in the card text.

Am i correct? Because just like pot of Avarice and Yang Zing Path, they both say "Target 5" or "Target 3" they do not have "Up to 5" or "up to 3" in the card-text. So that means if you Crow just 1 of those targets, the effect does not resolve. Correct???


I play prank kids, what should I sure? Cause I also run mystic mine in main and they can pop. My side going first does nothing against virtual world and I can't use banish stuff like dimension sifter cause I need my cards to go to grave. I run 2 d.d. crow in main so it helps but very little.


Finally had a match against someone that knew how to play the deck and now I'm here. Guy played through Ash, Nib, Droll, Skull and more going first to make double VFD and played through double Battle Butler, Nib, and a few other disrupts to otk game 2. Fun times.


Has anyone tested mind drain or soul drain?

Thomas Leitgeb

I'd love if the "virtual" monsters would consist of just one type (like psychic), so that Tcboo could hinder them so much more! #toosad


the can defeat nibiru very easy


Making the level nine against them there own macros cosmos???

Manny Whiskey

Wait I’m confused...you said that Nyannyan can bring back face down banished cards? I thought cards that were banished face down are non playable! Only face up banished cards are playable and can be brought back

Aaron Paul Reymer U. Martinez

Well, you can use Warning Point (or Dimensional Barrier if you wish).

AiS the Fisherman

Please do this for infernoble.


Is Ghost Reaper good? To Banish VFD

Vegetto Black

These are my fav kind of videos. Meta discourse 4 life yo

Mr Wilson Gaming

How well would Deck Lockdown do against the deck?

Rahul Thomas

Thoughts on XYZ Encore? Stops VFD and Zeus since u can activate in DP and helps against other matchups like zoo

Ryan 26

X Y Z ENCORÉ!!!!!! No trap to try and respond. And cherries ?

Madara Uchiha

U Chinese speaking to fast ! Slow down

Andre Luiz

"It is a machine that goes Ding!"


VW dont need to play Gossip shadow, if you have a good hand you can play through nibiru and dont make gossip at all, and if you have a bad hand you dont want to make gossip shadow anyway

Brandon Mcdonald

Good video thanks. I wouldn’t touch this deck with a 39-1/2’ pole.

Looks at collection of sub meta decks with disappointment. (Gishki,tenyi,plunder,relinquished,unchained)

Riccardo Odraccir

Pleeeeeeease always other videos like this for other archetypes! From Meta to Tier 3.. Nobody in the WHOLE Tube explains “how to beat” steps as good as You do!!


This video is what we needed!

Safezone Gaming PH


YGO Philippines - Salamangreat VS Virtual World

John Papaioannou

Is gnomaterial good versus this deck? Stopping either shenshen or vfd summon by blocking 1 material seems effective


The only thing that's scary about that deck is vfd

T Epps

Hey just getting back into the game. Wondering how does debunk work against them?

Alexandre MARGOLIS

what about ghost ogre ?

The Archfiend Guy

Imperial Iron Wall is quite useful if it doesn't get outed

Brandon Butz

Thanks for the great video


If they start with gatekuanlon that put a spell or trap from the deck to field and i chain ghostogre they still get the spell/trap?


Mind drain. you welcome

Ryan Gentile

Tactics isn’t terrible against this. Most players will wait for main phase and wait for something to be activated so they don’t get gamma’d


Oh my god that intro was corny .....I love it