Tezos bakers

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2 261 views | 19 Apr. 2020



In this Video we take a look at how my 2 months of Staking Tezos have been, plus we will change our Baker! I'll show you how this is done, all through Ledger Live.

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Staking Video 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJHdbVL0or4


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Dániel Budai

Great video man, conviced me to buy and bake XTZ on my new Ledger Nano S, keep up the good work!

Adesina Oluwasanmi

Great video.
I use Atomicwallet for staking Tezos.
A review on Atomicwallet staking Tezos will be great.

Dave D.

If you have 100 XTZ staked in your tezos 1 account, does adding 100 more XTZ to the account automatically stake it? If not, how do you stake the new coins? Or do you have to create a new account every time?


Michael Naranjo

My validator is Lucid Mining for Tezos and it's been 75 days and still never received anything. Is there a way to check when I receive rewards? also is this validator not great and should I change?

Motion Island

I have waited 42 days trying to delegate from to Ledger to Kraken, never received reward so pissed, thanks for this video I have switched to another baker

Passive Crypto Show

Love staking/baking XTZ due to the no freeze period or unstaking delay

Tom Padfield

I liked Dave D’s question. In addition, once you earn baking/staking rewards, do they get added automatically to the XTZ that are already being staked? Or do you have to create a separate and distinct account to add the rewarded XTZ and repeat the process of delegating a baker?

Niks Moret

Why are you keeping main of your xtz's in your ledger dude?Bake them!???

Nice Person

Well done!


New to the channel, and I love your videos!


Does changing the baker restart your earning cooldown?

Jimmy Morgan

Been staking tezos for a while, and I get a pretty consistent income from it, thankfully I bought low, so own a good bunch. Been looking into other projects lately, and started staking #BLOCK, which is a project dedicated to "Blockchain Interoperability". Got their own DEX, Oracle Network, and Infura solution in the making, so I'm assuming holders can earn a killing once it takes off due to a very scarse supply of coins (6 million only).

Prime Time

#TezosStaking on Steroids! Guildtoken.io Totally transparent and verifiable.

Tezos bakers

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How to Choose a Tezos Bakery

150 views | 21 Aug. 2020

A video explaining how to

A video explaining how to use the Tezos Bakery listing sites such as MyTezosBaker and Tezos-Nodes. How to get the most profit from your Tezos investment.


Can’t wait to check out some of your other videos!!! All the best and good luck with growing your channel! Have you ever heard of SMZeus . c o m??? If I was you I’d use it to help grow your channel.

Tezos bakers

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Tezos Baking and Bond Requirements

1 279 views | 13 Nov. 2018

Phil Champagne of Hayek

Phil Champagne of Hayek Lab joins us to fully explain tezos baking and tezos baking bond requirements. Cycle 64 will start a fixed 512 XTZ requirement to Bake a block. Watch to learn more about the evolving bond pool requirements.


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I can't bake myself - am new to crypto. What is the safest way to bake ? I don't want to give someone my tezzies - like delegation is there a way my tezzies can stay with m through the baking /bond process ?


And also - does anyone know how I can get my tezzies off the hitbtc platform? It won’t let me transfer ! Or am I stuck there ? Thanks


Great Interview! Thanks!