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43 739 views | 5 Feb. 2021

Keane is aiming at the

Keane is aiming at the comp he is most comfortable with, but lands a chosen Sivir on lv6. It's usually assumed Xayah is better than Sivir, so Keane is dancing between the options before settling. And Sivir does not disappoint. Enjoy!

0:00​ STAGE 1

1:08​ STAGE 2

4:14​ STAGE 3

8:35​ STAGE 4

12:14 STAGE 5

16:16 STAGE 6

18:32 ENDING

This is Riot's Teamfight Tactic's (FESTIVAL OF BEASTS) SET 4.5 patch 11.3.


? Follow Keane ?





Edited By "JimsyTFT"

⟹ https://www.youtube.com/JimsyTFT

⟹ https://twitter.com/HemenJ



NA ⟹ enaek (MAIN)


NA ⟹ Keane tf (SMURF)


OCE ⟹ Keane tft


KR ⟹ Keane tft



Playlist: https://youtu.be/MCkTebktHVc

Taylor Peay

holy shit keane listening to alan watts. what a legend. i respect keane even more now.

Memefighttactics - TFT

I always watch keane's ads till the end bc I want to support him in any way possible ??

Joshua Limbaga

"Its less fun than set 1" spoken like a true tft player.


take a shot every time keane says "sivir damage" XD

Sleepy Simpy

If i got a penny for everytime keane says : "Oh sivir damage" i would have paid for my college xzd

Swaggy D Fap Csr

I liked the part where he said „Oh sivir damage“ ?

Ghaith S.Jawad

1:22 did Yasou just missed his Q ?

Korn Suwannarat

Finally they gave the Spirit buff some animation <3

Ram Tasitic

I dont play tft anymore but i still watch your video's cus i like the content.

Александр Березкин

Я первый

Harvey Crewe

Feelsbadman moment when Keane declares he doesn't enjoy TFT as much as he did in Set 1. Hopefully there's something that brings the magic back of the first set.

Jared Jacoby

Hello past me on twitch 18:41

Casper Luit

So we're just gonna ignore samira's golden spin in the last fight?

Deutz Perlas

Nice game lods


How early am I?



Emir Şentürk

This guy is egoist af cant even accept an advice

Александр Лоскутов

thanks for video, Keane


Wow my sivir always sucks, wtf xd

Shinigami Gaming

That alan watts chillstep though

Samuel Gastón Jeria Salazar

"What can they do" to chilean spanish = "Qué wea pueden hacer". Greetings from Chile Keane klo.

Max Deckers

Keane every round: “Oh Sivir damage”


Comment section is hive mind hell.

werm zucker

"What can they do?" This is such an iconic line lol

Antoine A.N

I put sivir everywhere, it's just so fckn op

gena ruto

"Oh Sivir's damage, you see this?"

N.S. Louw

I'm so confused how he thought to do this comp.


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*FREE WIN 9 ELDER SOL!* - TFT SET 4.5 Ranked BEST COMP Teamfight Tactics 11.3 Patch Strategy Game

42 079 views | 8 Feb. 2021


Ig: @reddoxed

*FREE WIN 9 ELDER SOL!* - TFT SET 4.5 Ranked BEST COMP Teamfight Tactics 11.3 Patch Strategy Game

#tftset4.5 #tft #teamfighttactics


Could've have gotten 7 mage 9 elderif you built mage cap instead of vanguard spat


Damn the Asol Heals coming in clutch in the last round

Bartłomiej Goliasz

This music is too sad

Timo Samaraj

Ladies and gentlemen 4:01


Am I early :)


So basically i was trying to dodge his zephyr... ok tell me more

Вячеслав Брунковский


Mardale Cristian

3:52 How the fiora was eaten by the nunu?

JT McCord

wow .. way to end the video at the end .. editor .. cmon




what elo is this?


why didnt the editor let him speak at the end lmao


13:46 and 16:53 So Ornn can't use his ulti to stun when he get the Zhonya's proc.... Interesting ?, bug or intended?

Varun Sharma

Dayum, that comeback though

Adithya Arun

I just played this. Got an early spat and an elderwood chosen but the game absolutely cucked me by giving me EVERY OTHER 5 STAR UNIT EXCEPT ORNN :( Got 4th

lords nia


mr sweden

hi redox what song are u playing in the beginning of the video ?


Too Good

Kosta Mirolovic

Kako te nije sramota ovako glup video da izbaciš, sve baguje i u pola rečenice završiš video, vrlo ne jutjuberski od tebe

bob bobo

yo the audio is louder on the right side

Şevket Fishao

From Turkey nice comp

DangerNoodle 42

Damn Last time i was this early... well .... never happend


ngl I love your videos Redox but you have the personality of moldy bread.

Aydox TFT

Please don't forget to subscribe my Teamfight Tactics channel


Damn, two mage's caps and all those large rods. Pretty lucky game.

Haktan Çakır

Türkiye ??


I don't know about you guys but I'am really enjoying videos like this, Redox keep it up :) thank you for all the great tips on TFT!!!


Thank you for the video ! Always a good time chilling with your good vibes.


so basically i was trying to sepher...
editor: no one even cares man


Redox just got 4 spat items without batting an eye

Memefighttactics - TFT

Although he got nerfed, Elderwood Asol is just way too strong man

David Stern

Background music?

Duaij Albeloushi

I can’t believe that we missed out on 9 elders and 7 mages, it was possible if redox didn’t make the vanguard spat.

But this is an excellent video anyway, love you Redox!

Grimm Joe

2 Star nunu but just for 3 gold what a great offer


This was such a highroll game holy


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The NEW Best TFT Teamcomp (FREE ELO)

104 912 views | 6 Feb. 2021

The best TFT comp

The best TFT comp

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got this comp a min ago and was superb.. got the nidalee choosen as you hahaha. Very nice!

Greed Intin

People who in the bunny club, tell me how is it?

Ariel Mon

I was winning with this Nidalee for two weeks in a row. Now my secret is out. ?


Hello everybunny

Quentin Raats

Why does he buy champs without using them and then sell them again? He said something with Eco, but im a bit confused on why he does that


Climbing ranked ladder series!!! :D

League Master gg

I used this comp then somebody decided to run an almost all assassin team comp

Ren Joseph

Bunzz try the 4 excutioner and 8 divine team comp.. your kayle is going to be very OP


bunz the next time you get a neeko's help early. try to bust out the double 3 star nidalee crossfire oneshots. i'm curious

Henare Rogers

Can you try these comps in a decent elo lobby? not these 7 plebs you've got from your Fuufuu club mate, cause this shits not happening in high elo lobbies cause this will never happen in legit games

stefan borac

Dude, i literally just tried this team comp after seeing this clip.. Im gold now! finally. This comp is disgustingly OP! holly crap!


it actually works out pretty well to climb up, that Nida is so fun wining many 1v_whatever


Nice looking comp! I just got a nice Mr. 100 with Syphoner chosen Nasus ♡

Venci Ivanov

Change your phrases pleaseeee you are doing really nice videos but change this phrases...

SSstormshadow 30

you've inspired me to play tft and make my own youtube channel playing TFT. thanks bunzzz!!

Gustavo Bastos

Play scarner urf pls


I totally fucked up someone with 6duelist , 4divines , 2 adept , 2mystic (smth like this but i cant remember exactly) i just know i had yasou 3 combined with divine , qss , magic shield

yuno gasai

Yo bunz!! I recently watched this and played it myself afterwards..and i won! Op!


You're like a 2021 version of Ned Flanders lol. But I like it lol

Quang Duy

do Dragon Lord Braum with super AS.

Arab Gaming Zone

What elo is that

Yasuo Killer

Gets four 3-stars and I can’t get a level 2 kalista

Dustin Padilla

But why did riot ask for help?

Oskars Akmens

you know, you probl should roll to 30-20 gold mark on undefeeted winning streak if you know what you need and odds are good.

lopoc 907_

Day 9 of assking bunnys girl to play one game

Mr Suicide

I was honestly was very frustrated, when you put a gargoyle's on Jarvan, because gargoyle's goes really well with zz'rot's portal.

Otto Gar

Mage Darius, reset if dont die on frist dunk is hilarious!!!!!


You know whats taking ranked by storm? the same undying freakin diana with ie hextech and titans. aint fun like that

Bee Moua

Bruh I literally tried it and won! (Dude quit) haha. Keep up the good content ! ❤️?

Richard van Knotsenburg

this whole set is just sad


Haven't watched it yet, but if it is another "Free Elo, but barely survive with 4hp and get extremely lucky with rolls Neeko - game" Then I dont want it.

France Rafael Abelita

Did he say dandeadly something hhahahahaha so cute hehheehhehe

JoDarryl Gone

Do exactly this and you will get elo..
Rolls warlord nid round 1-1, gets full build by 3-5, 3- stars entire team while rolling for nid..
Anything else master?

Thaís Moraes

I haven't seen that many 3 stars since set 3

pourya niazi

mage nidalee?

Joseph Del Mundo

You know what's better than nidalee, 2 nidalees!!


Can you make video about items and do more meta builds

Balázs Kákonyi

I built the same comp yesterday I was so proud to Nida ngl!?


riot never nerf that


everyone talking about the "hellooooo everybody" at each start but personally i love the "and thats a wrap" at each end

Hunterxhunterfan1111 Wing nut

This comp is super beatable but I agree it’s super strong

Andy H

Psa don’t do this if you don’t got nid lvl 2 early and have a jewel


Very nice !


The last guy:gg
Bunz: so u have chosen death


Do you have trouble talking so much? Or it's pretty easy for you? Don't mind the constant commentary

rafa Mojavee

In spanish you can say " hola a todos hijos de puta", it almost the same idea.

Jatt Mackson

"I hope you step on a lego" such a good insult lol

karim fakih

Can we get the name of the track played in the background? It sounds really good

Hieu Nguyen


Rama GG

This game is getting more and more stupid. characters of level one, two, three more powerful than some of level four and five

Mostafa Ali

this is ranked ?

Laura Marie Thygesen

Nice video ?? more of that, thanks

Tyler McGinnis

Too bad the luck factor in this game is the real free elo

Wilderk Hooi

is this on the pbe ?

Christian Nieva Martinez

early gg in da comment


Hey Bunz, would you mind to add the curent Patch to your Videotitles?

Mohamed Omran

hellooooo everybody sux pls stop it......

Gev Zoran

I love the meta rundown keep doing it


I thank you for all your work and I hope you can live happy forever so that we may always have great videos like this one<3


You know, thats crazy. This is actually my build from the last set lol. Good to know its still viable in this one.

Shmuel Tzabar

Love the meta videos bunz keep it up


Intro "howdy there partners fancy seeing you around these parts"

Hassan Mahmoud

Mage sivir

David Kweon

NOOOOO I been abusing this comp since the new set came out... Gotta find a new comp now.

Michael Stilts

Love this video! Tried it and won!

Vladis Dumchus

Paid actor

Poseidonic X

can you do a luden jarvan or luden pyke because of their cc


bunz i know you read this on the toilet, wishing you a good one

Jake Mellon

Had a crazy game today with warlord Nunu, only got him 2 starred but was still hitting 20k true damage. You shoulda give it a try Bunz

houssem ben hassen

bunnz has a chosen nidalee with perfect items and two 3-star frontline units and still jealous of the guy who has fortune lmao

Volkan B

2 3* Nidalee would be the dream ??

Greed Intin

Reminder to like the vid

Enola Melkova

Do you know why i watch you? To see the perfect tft game and I get it every time?✨

Fezix 123


shawn damphier

could you possibly link the sights you look up for guides. been playing tft since set 1 and watching you for many years before that would mean a lot.

Stealthy Kun

I think mighta forgot to mention his other language hello everybody mention.

David Ouellet

What rank are you in tft ?

Diego Gaete

truly free elo, 100 in two rounds

sam templeton

Just saw this in a game... kind of destroyed it with 8 vanguard katarina. Didn’t know this was a video until after I finished my game and hopped on yt haha

Floris Vanwijnsberghe

Hello Bunz, I run 8 brawler every time I get tham chosen. It's so strong in early and op at 8. Your video inspirered it ?

Vitor Monteiro


M.M. Gaming

Lol? I beat this comp all day long wtf you talking about it? Stop playing normal mode ? Atrox / Katherina rekts this comp

Vlad Ermolaenko

New meta, are you serious dude ?? People have collected this way since the last update.


Skrrt skrrt nida bites

MR Atishi

legends tell of a story that once upon a time bunzz wantd to tell us what rito had told him , no one heard it.

Reimjel Andrei Senas

Ive been trying this for a while and its really good but if bunzz do it its better ;)


do more i wanna climb

Nguyễn Nhật Khánh

gg =))

Colby Hopper

11:50 "guys were getting really unlucky here" has perfect items, 3 star garen and vi

Routeloss Rou

666th liked lol :P

Greed Intin

I like when you do rundown bunz. Looking forward for more :)

xristos vavos

its uselless against neeko fabled vanguard mystic

El DeBarge Jr

omg bunnz you friggin made urf look so fun .. i got pwnd lol.... really diggin the meta vids with the crazy build vids.. i like it all.. bunnyfufu club i think im joining i cant resist much longer


So... what did RITO ask you to help them with?


THIS WAS THE LAST 1V9 CLICKBAIT LIE of yours that I am watching. I'll give ya one more chance to redeem yourself with a real 1V9...the last dude was even lvl 7, the prev one lvl 8... I won't even mention the jacked up adds... I like your play stile cuz it is off meta... Don't jump on the meta wave just cuz of the hype, views and money... U greedy bastard...No hard feelings mate... HF and keep up the bizarre team comps.

Florian Schröder

Can Swain be in 4x Ult with Mage+Manamune+tear?

Jiakai Wang

HIDE THIS! people dont need to know

Tevin Prom

I literally fucking flip my desk, when that fucking nid came out that early. Id be getting bull shit fates all fucking game. Thats so FUCKING BULL SHIT!!!

Mauriel Ramírez

Good content, but damn that was a lot of ads

Useini Scorpion

Wtf i did this comp last season, 4 sharpshooter 6 warlord and max niddale
you are copy cat bunny