Rank in tableau

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Tableau - Top and Bottom N using Rank function

6 791 views | 3 Apr. 2019

Tableau - Top and Bottom

Tableau - Top and Bottom N using Rank function


Is it still applicable if you have a filter?


very nice ...thanks

dharanya dharans


Elvis S.C L


Rank in tableau

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How to Filter a Dimension and Maintain the Rank

10 957 views | 2 Oct. 2018

This tip is inspired by

This tip is inspired by Craig Bloodworth, who demonstrated it at a recent Zen Master workshop he and I hosted for The Information Lab. Join our meetup group at https://www.meetup.com/Lets-talk-Data/.

Download the workbook via my blog here - https://www.vizwiz.com/2018/10/rank-filter.html


Great Video Andy, Thanks!

The CASE Function does not work on created calculated measures such as Margin % for changing the parameter measure towards the end of your video. What function would you use for these?

Thank you

Greg Farello

I have a question, what if we need the filter for another chart on another sheet, can we apply filter to selected sheet like regular filter?

Jarrett Carpenter

I watched the whole ad so you get maximum ad money, and subscribed. Thanks for this video

Mark Nolan

Thanks Andy this is brilliant and so timely as i was working on the very same issue this week but having to do it all via excel, this has saved me hours of work. thankyou


Andy this is terrific and easy to follow. My question however is this: can the filter you created using the window_min function be connected some way to the primary dimension you are filtering in order to filter on other sheets?

pradeep sagwal

Loved it

Bill James

Andy, Is it possible to do a Rank of my competitors but always keep me in the rank?

Pankaj Kumar

Awesome Tutorial Andy... my only wish in life is to become atleast 50% like you in tableau.

Zeng Yonge

Great tip

Emavwodia Solomon

Thanks Andy. On dashboard, the ranking reset to 1 for any dimension after applying filter to all worksheet using the database. Finding this challenging. I would appreciate if you could help.

Grace Yu

Thanks for sharing! It's a very nice tip.

roger jackls

Thanks Andy.

Eagan Chan

hi this video is very informative but just wanted to check how i would be able to apply this filter (in this video this would be the selected dimension) across worksheets (using the same filter across worksheets)

Jai Oh

Hey there - I see you are using a cube. I'm having difficulty with mine. My data source is Microsoft Analysis Services cube. I was able to follow along up to Rank Filter - for some reason tableau doesn't allow me to use a dimension name in a calculated field. And when you created the Rank calculated field SUM wasn't an option, just window_sum or running_sum. Any chance you have videos on how to do the stuff you did here for this type of data source?

Hatem Kotb

Thanks for the tip Andy, pretty cool!

Michael J. Rebelein

Thank you very much! As always explained by you super simple and reproducible at any time. Now all we need to do is changing the column header flexibly.

Jamie Davidson-Birch

Thanks Andy really helpful video! I have a question to expand this tip that I'm stuck with, and wondering if you or someone from the community could help. I have Publisher websites, and want to see the top 10 of these, and then their top 5 performing sub-industries (e.g. clothing, credit cards, hotels). How would you still have the visibility of all sub-industries when you've already filtered to top 10 publishers? In your example it would be top 2 regions first and then sub-categories of these (but not filtering out ones that are removed via the top 2 regions first). I tried context filters, but I'm having some issues as my performance metric is a quality score, that already uses a bunch of FIXED LODs that benchmark Publisher vs. the industry. Sorry hard to explain here, but any tips to preserve one dimension, when filtered out by another would be amazing :) Thanks!

Govardhan Bola

I have 3 measures in the view. I want to give Rank = 1 to the highest value in each measure. For example, Measure-1 has values 2000, 2020, 500,
Measure-2 has values 3000, 2000, 400 and meausre-3 has values 2500, 1000, 100. So My rank should be 1 for 2020 of measure-1, 1 for 3000 of measure-2, 1 for 2500 of measure -3 etc. I want to create single rank for all the measures. Is this possible?

Samuel Russell

I dig it!

Dhawal Srivastava

Thank you Andy for this tutorial. I was wondering if there is a way to get the minimum of hte rank after rank filter

Chathura Perera

Thanks Andy you are the best

Amit Awasthi

Hi Andy thanks a lot for this.
Just wanted to know if we can design a Cascading Action filter

Govardhan Bola

Hi Andy, please make a video on MTD, QTD, YTD and MoM, QoQ, YoY calculations

Govardhan Bola

We have certain reports created using SQL server and some are using Oracle as data sources. Our data sources gets refreshed at random schedules. Let's say databases refresh completes by early morning 7am and we scheduled reports update to start at 12pm using normal schedule processing. There is a gap of more than 5 hours between database refresh and reports refresh. User wants the updated reports soon after database refresh. They want a mechanism like once database refresh completes it has to trigger resports schedule automatically so that they need not to wait so much time (like 5 hours in normal scheduling). Is there any way to achieve this.

Note: Database refresh completes sometimes at 7am, sometimes at 8am etc. It's not fixed one.

Rank in tableau

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How to Use Set Actions to Maintain the Rank of a Dimension Upon Filtering

2 317 views | 7 Apr. 2020

One of the drawback of

One of the drawback of filtering a dimension is that you will lose the rank of a dimension relative to others. This happens because of Tableau's order of operations which dictate that a dimension filter takes effect before a table calculation (rank in this case).

This video shows you how to use Set Actions to filter a dimension while also maintaining the rank.

Download the workbook here - https://www.vizwiz.com/2020/04/set-action-rank.html

Ritimugdha Das

Hi Andy,if two have same rank, then we use the Rank_Dense function in place of Rank function.is it correct.


What if two have the same rank?

Harshad Hardas

Thank you, bit complex but done.

Kunal Rawal

Hi Andy, I need to be able to use this doing a filter and be able to apply it to multiple sheets.
Example -> The user needs to have a filter of Sub-Category, I need a sheet which only shows the rank of the subcategory. I also need to show a detailed analysis of the selected sub-category in a different sheet. I have seen examples where we use Lookup or Window_max to retain rank but I am not able to apply them across multiple sheets.
Can you please help.

Zeng Yonge

Great presentation. Thanks a lot from Shanghai.

Predator Fan

helo sir kindly tell me how i make these types of videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sS2mrO2536Q plss ans