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32 248 views | 9 Feb. 2021

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Diane Ostertag

Im not irish so idc abt the irish stuff. But still a good video.

Linda Uribe

Target is not cheap

Martha Barnett

GM good video and tfs?

Makeupswatch Fan

Nice finds ???

Nightlight Irene

Alot of new goodies at the dollar area?

Lisa Marie Michaelis

Time for a Target run ?‍♀️?

Chandra's Corner

Definitely need those stackable trays for my makeup

Chandra Williams


Lynn N Things

Those make your own scents are awesome sounds like a great activity for my grown daughters!

Gia Marie

I remember when the Dollar Spot consisted mostly of $1 items, now 70% of the items over. They also used to clearance our seasonal items, now ours sends them to the Goodwill. Wish they would have them all in sections ($1, $3 and $5) instead of scatter.

Jo Celia

Love the table???


Yes love that color

Kennya Vasquez

I love target

janie zapata

I like the brick knitted blanket but I got the light grey color, which I end up loving it.

Lynn Mealy

No Target by me...

Karen White

Nice items?

Romana 01

I’ll be honest, target takes my money every time. I’m weak. ??‍♀️

Glenda Roy

Hey lady

Evelia huerta

@prettynflawled ❤️ going to Target with you. FYI ulta is now in some target’s

Nancy Barta

Love all the pillows and the chargers.I hope they are at my Target!!!I wish all the fake plants wouldnt be in white pots!!!I wanted that gorgeous terra cotta jug they had......went to two Targets I couldnt find it!

Meg Littleproud

I bought those mini succulents in the eggs for my tiered trays! Super cute

Veronica Newman


Nicole Sullivan

You had me cracking up at your "love-hate relationship" with that comforter. ? BTW I personally don't like the color.

Mkilill Liililll

I am excited that they have Revolution at Target!

Susan Thornburg


Pretty Kiwi Kawaiii

Oooo... I want the bunny ears. Definitely be looking for them at my Target

Tanya Montgomery

I'm loving the new makeup finds. Nice video thanks!?

Tiffany Simone'

I love the burgundy color. I almost got it the other day I was in there.

Jay Rogers

Where have you been??? Target is working with Ulta in selling a limited number of cosmetics sold in Ulta.
Also, a few of the mix bar fragrances smell really good.

Linda James

I like some of Targets home decor, but I think they are too expensive for the quality , just my opinion??‍♀️

Arleen Todd

Was the color like a rust?

Gina P-T

One of your best videos!!!

Myfour Jays

Awesome walk through...I just ordered the vanilla bourbon perfume.?

Lisa Robbinson

Hi Pretty. That was a good walk thru, thank you! I need a shower caddy.
L?VE YA ????????

Rina Kellogg

It’s funny to me how much stuff is so 70’s. Lots of stuff looks like things I had in my house as a kid.

C Mack

I have that Patricia Bright palette, it’s really nice

Darlene Jordan

Yes, I bought the chocolate pot

Faye King

Good afternoon

Chandra Williams

Thanks for sharing love target

Carmen Esemplare

Nice thank you.?

Home With Casey

I just am obsessed with target dollar spot. I can’t go often, I get into trouble. I run out of space to put my goodies ????


Omg what city is this target in

Lori Witmer

I will never understand why any woman would want to smell like a grapefruit. I think this everytime I see a grapefruit perfume.

Lisette Morales

I love the Storage bins and organizers


Love the longer vid! ?????

Nanette Lai

The bathing suits! ?

marsha mangaroo

The wall chargers are cute

Jackie Medina



The lipglosses were FRIENDS!! COOL!!!!


I was just looking at monitor stands on Amazon....but I like those...Thank you!!

Yvette Arnold

They have some nice spring decor and colors

sue ann stephens

I just love watching your videos !!!!

Dyann Wynn

Happy Wednesday pnf


Maybe this is why there is no restocking of Revolution at Ulta. Revolution is moving to Target. I think that's a good thing. IMO I have more Revolution palettes than I can ever use in this lifetime though. LOLOL

I got the Woodlands, or something like that, from the fragrance bar. I love the fragrance but the sprayer doesn't work well and gets the liquid all over my hand that sprays it. :( Also, for some reason, the fragrance doesn't seem to last long. I don't usually have that problem. Oh, well. I'll just freshen up often. ;)

Shortstacked 1980

I just bought that Tonka bean perfume at target it’s amazing ?

Diane Thompson

Go to “Do It on a Dime” and Katherine will show you how to arm knit your own white chunky blanket!!

chenai johnson

That vanilla bourbon is sold out in all the stores in my area. It sounds amazing! Would you personally later that with another perfume ? Or some BBW lotion ?

Jena Penrod

I'm going to the mix bar. I need to get to target Stat. I want that chunky blanket. It looks so nice

Betty Loar



Slay Queen ? Lovely Video ???


What are they calling that color, Terra Cotta? Earthy. Pretty if you have a Spanish-style home. Missing L.A.?

Carolann Tracy

those cat lamps you showed are so cute i'm going to target and get them .....


Lol “I smelled them all Vanilla Bourbon ?


I love target!

Jillian Dube


Becky Courtemanche

Love your videos. Target seems to be getting a little expensive here in Florida.

Audrey Phillips

I have been trying to get that perfume for two weeks now lol. I want the vanilla and the cloud musk they smell sooo good ? I go look on my lunch break and spray them and everyone always asks what it is. I don’t wanna order online lol

Victoria Paxton

Bathing suits already! I mean, I wish it was time but here in DC we're supposed to get snow this week and weekend. Ickkkkk... Spring needs to kick winter's bum and get here ?

Hope Chambers

I l❤️ve your target shopping videos! Thank you!!!!!

Tracy Brookey

I love how after you pick something up and put it back you always pat it!!! Sooo funny! I just love you and your channel! TFS!???????. PS.... I have started shopping at Target a lot more since watching your videos! Have picked up a few of the ty-die sweat suits, really love them!?

regina hardin

How is the weather?

My address here

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UNBOXING: I‘M DISAPPOINTED WITH Mirage Fafnir... here’s why || Beyblade Burst Superking Takara Tomy

6 638 views | 5 Feb. 2021

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Sisco's Beyblade Battles

Breaking news Lucifer Is Coming To Hasbro


You should switch the driver

Mysterious Gamer

yo Nightwing I remembered that it is hard for mirage fafnir to steal spin aka spin steal with a hand spin so do a soft launch

James Coleman



Also why do u put the valtryek and valkyries chips backwords

Lihua Huang

use bearing could make Mirage fafnir steal spun


people be disliking even though they havent seen the video yet-

Keshawn Parker



I got the view count of the beast oh no

Jihun Yang

It's because of it defective nothing that's why it have bad spin steal I think put a similar stamina driver like gyro or revolve

rotting cheese

weight, and you forgot it has 2 modes


Hasbro Mirge has rubber

N&J Gaming

To be fair the comparison wasn’t really fair as spriggan had one of the most op drivers for lad and spin steal and mirage had the nothing driver


Put absorb on mirage fafnir

T Teorias Y Juegos

F for the box xd


I think u just got a bad beyblade (mirage fafnir)

lil Godstone

Use that pro series stable defense beyblade vs hand spin fafnir

Nagito Komaeda

Well it's not bad it's just the chassis teeth locking and the driver they picked I think the chassis should have a better teeth locking and the driver hould be a dash driver like absorb dash but with a better dash spring

Beyblade Galaxy

I've just found your channel and really enjoyed it! I've had some trouble hand spinning Mirage Fafnir too, I think it's because of the Nothing Driver that loses its balance easily, specially considering this Beyblade as way heavier than a God Layer System Beyblade. I like soft launching it, tho. It works better for me this way. Nice video, man. And, I'm sorry, but what a great beard you have! Haha

Zedie Zed

Well, Mirage Fafnir can spin steal better if it has a driver that has good LAD and stamina like Xtend+ or Bearing. And ur handspin is a little too weak imo


It can’t spin steal well because, the chassis to thick. If you were to put 1d or 1s and 8’ proof. It would prob do better

Lui Shirosagi [Legend Blader]

Nothing really suckss as a driver. Absorb is better ngl

Valt Aoi

So awesome but i saw Valkyrie is color in the middle is Lime???

Keshawn Parker

4:40 good spark!

Beyblade Boss NZ

The reason it’s not been stealing is because it’s not counter mode for some reason Fafnir actually absorbs spin only if it’s counter mode

BrickSpin Productions

I don’t think it’s as good as people say, fyi “the people” who say it is are just little kids

Master Pikachu lego studio

beyblade that have rubber will fafnir will not affect on draining spin

Andres Mattocks

??? cool vid

angela maria torres

00:37 did anyone hear that night wing said shit!?

Mr gru

It's weird because when I have fafnir in counter mode it spin steals better?!?

Beyblade Master

Nightwing can you do a generation battle of all the springgan

Perla Soni

Can you please flip your mirage fafnir and Brave Valkryie?

Indra Lott

Change the driver... don’t use nothing.. use absorb or bearing


I want to hear ur singing again:(

Tim Breezy

You need drain fafnir he’s a better spin stealer

Renzoid Playzz

You just not had the


Mirage fafnir is way better than brave and everybey

BrickSpin Productions

It’s because of nothing, bad Burst resistance and not great at spin stealing. I battled my friend with a hasbro drain fafnir, and mirage actually lost. It might have been because the friends younger brother is launching, but a sparking bey should not lose to an evolution bey.


I love your videos

Maddox Osborne

Mirage Fafnir is not meant to be handspun, I can tell why he was dissapointed but they even specify that with chassis it scrape.


Thank you so much for the beys and bricks it helped me with get lots of Takara Tommy Beyblade‘s


Mirage fafnir is like the opposite of wizard: its insanely good against left in counter mode, but its the worst at spin stealing now


Man your vids are awesome can’t wait to see you hit 1 mil brotha

Sleeping Ramsay


The Burst King

Hey Mr. Nightwing sir, just wanted to let you know that i too now have a mirage fafnir and it turns out it requires more of a soft launch or a faster handspin for the rubber to be affective because of how the nothing driver falls over and how thin the rubber contact is despite the ring being fully rubber

Cousin Vlogger

You have to use your left hand to spin mirage fafnir dum dum

Brison Humphrey

Mirage family didn't work you got to put it in a different mode for defense deal do you have spend it and you can't use it against another left beyblade


Sad i like ur singing

Leonel Quiroz Va

im dissaponient whith your chanel y wil desuscribe


Now I see why you are disappointed drain does a much BETTER job at stealing spin even when mirage has all that rubber


2s and nothing are bad for spin equalization and spin steal

kyxertv123 plush vids and gaming vids

Hey i have mirage fafnir hes good i used the bey with geist fafnir driver

King Umbreon

I doesn’t suck it’s just the driver. Nothing is out classed

Get Geist Fafnir (takara tomy) and use that driver


There is nothing there for the driver

Efrain Ruiz III

With Mirage Fafnir spin stealing is kind of complications because the nothing driver doesn't have as good life after death or a bigger contact area which hinders it's abilities for spin stealing. Fafnir also can't really take that big of a hit because all of that rubber causes a lot of recoil which in turn causes it to go flying and get KO'd or it will hit the wall and lose spin

Kumail Mirza

Give mirage braves chasse

Riya Soni

Dont you mean you are going to review it?


I have king Helios


What u need to do is light launch the beyblade and also the spryzen requiem doesn’t have rubber the “rubber” on the layer is just a soft plastic I’ve seen other reveiwers and they said it’s not rubber.

Brison Humphrey



The absorb driver on fafnir from the cho z series does a much better job at its “break” ability than nothing

Herminia Historillo

You do dis combo
Rage heleos 2s zone dash
SV Brave dibolios 2a chardes dash

My address here

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My Entire Betsey Johnson Purse Collection | VINTAGE and NOVELTY

838 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Betsey Johnson is an

Betsey Johnson is an American fashion designer best known for her feminine and whimsical designs. I just love her vintage handbag designs, as well as here super fun novelty handbags. I have only been collecting a couple of years, but here is what I have acquired. If you like Betsey Johnson’s designs then you’ll enjoy hanging out with me in this video.

#BetseyJohnson #Vintage #Noveltybags

**ARTICLE** How Betsey Johnson Built A Fashion Empire and Lost Her Name





[email protected]

Mailing Address:

P.O. BOX 574

Grovetown, GA 30813

FTC: Links may contain affililiates. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Programs, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. This is not a sponsored post and all thoughts are sincerely my own.

Elaine Morgan

Made me feel hungry! Going downstairs now for my breakfast. I love the piano bag by the way ??


I love her stuff!!

Brenda Dial

Loved the all black styling!

Judy Turner

Hey Audrey you look fabulous! I love Betsey Johnson bags and her other fun creative fashion clothing and accessories. Thank God she still has maintained her role as the creative director of her designs. You have a beautiful collections of her bags. All of the bags look fun and the bags are a fashion statement and you rock the bags with your black outfit you model. I love how you changed the belts you worn with your black outfit to bring out the style of each bag. Thank for the info: and the fashion show and the brown looks so pretty on the inside as well on the outside. Love you and God bless. ?

Fashion & Fitness Done Wright

Those look ? fun to carry.


Felecia Abram

I like Betsy Johnson but don’t own any of her bags. I know small bags are in, but I love a large bag. Thanks for sharing!

Yoshea Lux

If I did a cartwheel and splits I would probably break! I love ❤️ her. I use to carry her bags all the time. I have her jewelry and I had some dresses. There was an Betsy Johnson outlet near my house years ago. Her stuff are fun. I really favor the second bag. I am drawn to the silver. These bags are completely different from what I use to carry. Yours look more grown up. Lol.. Now here we go. Your piano bag is so much fun. Omg!! The pretzel ? one is super cute. Croissant ? bag. I love this. Thank you for sharing!❤️❤️

Amanda Marie

Im so excited to watch this video right now! Betsey Johnson bags are so fun!!

Avery Home Search

Hello saw you in SBL live. God bless


Noble I just like your creative differences of bags. I too is a Betsy liked too, I did own a Betsy purple and black leopard tote, but I sold her. I think I may have an vintage Betsy bag that I can’t locate at the moment (buried down in my purse collection). I’m like you I love different types of bags. I love your vintage Betsy collection. Versatile I love! TFS ❤️?

Earlean Nesbitt

OMG! Love love some Betsy Johnson...Cute haul. Tfs.

Angela Pressey


Семен Примаченко


OG Cheri

Hey Beautiful Spirit ❣❣❣
As Always You Look Fabulous And You Wear It Well❣❣❣❣
I Enjoyed This Video Thoroughly Because I Am A Huge Betsy Johnson Fan As Well❣❣
Not Only For Her Rocker Chic Handbags But I Also Love Her Rocker, Chic,Sexy Shoes And Jewelry ❣❣???
I Used To Have A Beautiful Collection And Yes I Wanted That Glove Bag That Sold Out Here So Fast In Pink❣❣❣
But I Just Sold The 2nd To Last Pink And Black And White Gold Studded Satchel I Had?
But I Do Still Have A Beautiful Blk Glove Tanned Leather Tote With A Florescent Pink And Orange Emblem On It❣❣
Whenever I Rock This Tote I Get Tons Of Compliments And Asking Where Did I Get Her And They Are So Surprised To Find Out Its A BJ In GT Leather ❣❣
TFS Beautiful ~ Peace,Love,And Blessings ??

Rosemary Templeton

I have one Betsy Johnson white bucket bag. Love IT!

Country Girl

i have tons handbags and jewelry from her i love handbags so rocker and unique been collection for years and cute collection and great video

Agnes Nkhosi

Hi Audrey, beautiful bags, love them all, the leather looks durable ?

Share Bright Light

You walk with such grace and style, as a lady.. I have a few vintage purses....

Abigail Hortencia


Dawn Mazarati

I've never seen the avocado...it's adorable! I'll keep an eye out for your wish list grails. Thanks for showing your collection!

Luxgranny Grace

Yes, Betsey is such a fun designer, I love her vibrant colors, she has always reminded me of MacKenzie Childs, a little wild but fun.
The piano bag is so unique, It's gorgeous!
Sadly most of her straps are not adjustable.
Avocados on a plane and trains sounds about right ? I have never seen the avocado or the glove before, how adorable ?


Thank you for sharing! I love novelty purses!


I love Betsy Johnson

Suz What

Don’t get it twisted. ?. ? ? So cute! I love the older styles to with the rivets and embellishments. Loved the styling. Thanks for sharing! Peace and love...Suz What ????

Suz What

That boxing glove one though. ?

D snapz

I like her stuff but I don’t have any of her bags.

Debbie L

You should have thrown on a Beret when modeling that Croissant Sandwich Bag...... Work that French vibe Audrey!! (*!*)

Charlye 6

The novelty bags were so cute tfs

dj king

I have some cute fun Betsey Johnson accessories. That pretzel bag with the mustard zipper pull, now that is very different. I had not seen that before. Tfs

Deborah Clark

Lovely bags! You could tie a little knot at the top of your piano bag to shorten the strap until you find one you like to replace it. I often do that with bags that are not adjustable.

Alien Wife Form

Hi Audrey. I have loved Betsey Johnson since I was a teen, and I just turned 57. I still have a couple of her vegan leather bags. I have a cheetah print crossbody with a large black bow on the front, and a shimmery red shoulder bag. I definitely appreciate her zest for life. You have some cool bags there. Wear them in good health. Xo

Tina Hayes

Nice collection?


I love myself some Betsey Johnson, she is so amazing and creative and handbags and fashion and liked the collections so very nice. Love it!