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Comment remplir un clearomiseur Vega de cigarette électronique KR808 ?

17 185 views | 4 Nov. 2012

Remplissage du

Remplissage du clearomiseur Vega de cigarette électronique KR808 d'Absolut Vapor. Plus de détails sur http://www.absolut-vapor.com/ecigarette-eliquide/kr808-turbo-voluptueuse/216-clearomiseur-vega-pour-kr808.html.


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Cartomizer KR808 / 808 Battery (English)

923 views | 20 Sep. 2011


Cartomizer KR808


. Resistance: 2.6 ohms + -0.3

. Recommended Voltage: 3.2 - 3.7V

. Length: 34mm (808)

. Diameter (max): 7.58mm


This Being an horizontal coil cartomizer, the production of vapor is huge and dense. The temperature of the vapor is very nice, similar to 6v. The taste is polyfill Almost imperceptible, but unfortunately present. The resistance is Within the range expected for this cartomizer making this a very pleasant option 3.7v.

808 Battery


. 280mAh Capacity

. Output Voltage DC 3.6V - 4.2V

. Length 85mm

. Diameter 9.5mm


Since this is a 280mAh battery it's duration is reasonable. Despite the manual activation, the battery connector is not sealed. The fact that the battery has a voltage of 4.2V with a full charge makes it great for vaping cartomizers resistance even if they have a little higher resistance .


. http://www.heaven-gifts.com


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Clouds of Vapor KR808 Ceramic Cartomizers

9 731 views | 29 Sep. 2010

ordered from

ordered from www.cloudsofvapor.com

supriya rengaraja

@ynuawfg I used to be a pack-a-day smoker, but havent touch one in months now. You just need a few techniques to help. check out this video >>> bit.ly/KFTB3Z?=nredol


I agree with you about the 808. These cartomizers give me more vapor than EVERYTHING I have tried. Even high voltage with dual coil... oh I'm talking about regular Kanger 808 cartos. I have these for 510 and I'd have to try them on 808. I use a PigCig for kr808d-1 cartomizers. Also have a model like yours from Cig2o. Check out the PigCig!

This Dang Car

Good review, I just got some 510 e2's and i think im doing something wrong i filled them up correctly but they start to taste burnt after a few hits and i notice that inside the center hole the coil and wick look dark... any ideas? Id like to order some 808 e2's im not a big 510 fan i only got those because i had a pair of brand new 510 batteries layin around that i wasnt using lol


@siramix I've never gotten one burnt taste with 808 cartos. Even on 5v...


Whats up man here I go responding to a 2 year old video. I'm trying to find these cartomizers but I can't find them anywhere on the net. Any thoughts. Thanks for making great videos.

Nick Hall

is this like what the smokeless image volt is?


Please! Is it 808 or 808d-1 batteries??? How long is it in mm? Looks and vapes like a dream...


great review! Clouds of Vapor s one of my fav suppliers.

Ken Wright

How do you fill the carto with such a lot of VG? I find the liquid very hard to get to absorb.


@menameken sure you can, but your battery wont last as long. You can use it on a 808 passthrough. PigCig is a great one too!

R. Paes

How would a KR808 compare to a 510 with an LR atty?


I see this is a year old now. I've been a loyal KR808 user for the last 6 months but am getting sick of the company I use being out of stock all the time :( I have tried some from vap4life but agree with you on their quality lacking although the flavor is great. Wondering now, a year later, what's your current favorite? Thanks for taking the time to do this for those of us who are shopping around and looking for honest info :)

Slender Mann

@Godusesamac Yep, there are little adapters, 510 to 901.


@DWildermuth1 no clue man

Magneto Was Right

wow crazy vapor for a cig size pv


Great review! I got the 510 e2s. I can't seem to get around the weird taste. I'm trying to 'break it in' but shiso miso what a bad taste. Maybe I did something wrong when I filled it. :(


@siramix well I recommend a high VG mix. Personally I wouldn't go any more PG than 50/50. VG is thick but it helps to stop burning IMO. I use mostly all VG and Kanger cartos love it. Some 510 cartos don't like all VG unless it's thinner though. But I was having burnt tastes in my Ego-T with all VG but I put some 25/75 mix in it and it's working wonderfully. Also you might have to tweak your wick slightly up or down or make sure they liquid is able to work through it easy enough. MSG me if u need