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Reeds Jewelers - Extraordinary Engagement Collection

204 views | 3 Dec. 2014

Special Pricing on ALL

Special Pricing on ALL Engagement Rings at Reeds!

Reeds jewelers locations

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Todd Reed Jewelry

6 125 views | 14 Apr. 2010

This video from Veranda

This video from Veranda Magazine's The Art of Design Awards features the internationally acclaimed jewelry designer Todd Reed making a pair of custom earrings in his Boulder Colorado studio and talking about his inspirations and ideas for creating his award winning jewelry. Todd is widely recognized as world's leading figure in using unique raw and natural diamonds, in all their myriad forms, in his high karat, gold jewelry creations. His signature designs are avidly sought after and collected by musicians, artists, celebrities, and other discerning individuals looking for the truly rare and precious in a new world talisman. Special Thanks to VERANDA Magazine and the exceptionally talented team at McConnell /Hauser . The amazing world of Todd Reed can be discovered at www.toddreed.com


I’m such a huge fan, and beginning self teaching metalsmith. Wish I could visit.



Great looking Jewelries.


Lovely piece.