Salt cost

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Why pink Himalayan salt is so expensive

115 698 views | 20 Jun. 2019

It might look pretty, but

It might look pretty, but a pinch of this stuff will cost you. 500 grams of pink Himalayan salt can cost around R30, up to 6 times more than generic table salt. But why is it so expensive?

Although there are reportedly an estimated 84 different minerals in it, only 2% of the salt is made up of these minerals (which give it the pink colour). This means pink Himalayan salt is nutritionally similar to regular salt.

There's an argument that it's more mineral rich. Does this have any kind of impact? Himalayan contains nearly 80 minerals, including phosphorus, bromine, boron, and zinc.

For the wellness market, a common perception of the salt is that it contains less sodium, which makes it a prized feature in healthy cooking.

The artisan salt market is booming though. Global salt consumption is forecast to be worth R204 billion by 2020. For the consumer, pink Himalayan salt is marketed as tasting more luxurious and flavourful. But does it taste better for the price?

Is the mining and distribution process what's making the product pricier?

Most of the pink salt mines in the world are based in the Punjab region of Pakistan, where the mineral stems from 200-million-year-old sea salt beds.

Here the cost of mining is relatively low, and the raw material is in abundance. The Khewra Salt Mine is the largest of these, producing 318,000 tonnes per year.

Even though there is a big supply, skilled workers here use traditional methods to harvest the salt.

And you can only find salt with this kind of colour in very few places, such as the Murray River in Australia and Maras, Peru.

For the wellness market, this rare salt also has healing properties. The producers of pricey salt lamps claim Himalayan salt helps to remove mucus and allergens from the air. And salt chambers at spas promise detoxification.


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Shifra Baila

I find it saltier than regular table salt, considering I get my table salt from the dead sea, so I find myself using less salt.

Mad Chaos

Redmond sea sage is way more healthier than HPS.


It is very good for you

gp g

Majority indians don't even know about Pink Himalayan salt.

Manuel Romero

In addition, it is 250 million years old but expires next year, this makes it more expensive

Anna Freeman

Accidentally I found it in a dollar tree and paid a dollar and 25 , wow was that luck or what? And it was a good size like at least 8 ounces or more.

John Lukach

Regular white salt has chemicals added pink salt doesnt

Shahrukh Jehangir

If u Need Pink Himalayan salt contact me +92316573140 1kg only 35 doller shipping charges is your ? pure

Sachin koli

Kitana rupaye kg hai

Mind Learners

Himaliyan salt is 100 times better beacuse of its properties


I could also claim that a pretty blonde saying that pink salt is basically a scam could be the same analogy as Instagram promoting it... ?

ux. mmax

Pink salt is Sooo cheap in pakistan starting price only 40 pkr or in dollar 0.26

abdullah rizwan

Pakistan zindabad

Samurai Berserk

Its not sooooo expensive at all in Europe

Anna Freeman

I live in northern Canada (fort st john, BC)

Dukrinah Kristiyanuh TV

Whos here because viens vlog

Rashid Ahmed

I am.supplier of himalayan salt plzzz contact me 00923236067611 email [email protected]yahoo.com

Food and Vlogs

Hi dear u r using my video clip in this video so contact me as soosn as possible otherwise i will strike u

Ruth Worman

It is good and good for you


Mafia make money , if you pink salt in Coffee Grainer color chance on white! Where is all MINERALS ?

toolman thetim

it's so expensive because yuppies will pay that much for salt and hype.

Rosalinda Medrano

Porque unos cuantos, se hacen ricos, !!!!!!!! N


Should have done a blind taste test.

Special Star Enterprises

we supply pink himalayan salt from pakistan. contact whatsapp 00923338786026
we also provide white salt as well

Ajas Essentials

This is dumb Himalayan Salt is the truth!


Dollar Tree 1.00

Diana Nielson

All I know is when I stopped consuming regular salt and regular sea salt and replaced it with authentic Himalayan salt my body reacted different! No more swelling on hands and feet, no more digestive problems my Addisons became more balanced I started retaining less liquids and loosing weight.. I can taste the difference because I only consume the best quality Himalayan salt.. I’m no doctor but for a person whose health is extremely sensitive due to diabetes, Addisons, lupus, thyroid & arthritis I have learned to listen very closely to my body. Himalayan salt has helped me tons


Good tasting salt but you should also try the one harvested from migratory bird sites near the pacific equator


2% is a lot when related to trace minerals. For instance, if your DNA were 2% different, you could be a orangutan.


I boild salt and water...added pink dye.....
Impressed all,my guests at dinner....

Genie Al

In China,LiaNing, is so cheap...Wonder why the Chinese tourists buy so expensively during their visit to Japan ! The FACT is Japan buy them from China and sell them to Chinese tourists from CHINA !!

Spiros K

natural sea salt is much much better

Shumaila Rasheed

This the product of Pakistan

Jamiami Jamiami

It's not so expensive, BJ sell a big old tub for about $10.

Sa Cha

I didn't know our salt is expensive! I'm just fascinated with it's color and it's really salty compared to normal ones.


Celtic salt is slightly better.

Fazal Syed

Check the of multi vitamin tablets ingredients for the percentage of mineral in it compared to natural salt

Usman Khan

It is very cheap in Pakistan. 1US$ 1.3 kg.

R. Guzman

Just bought a few bags of pink salt at Big Lots for $1.00 LB. Yes, 1 dollar for a pound!! get it while it last.

emma music noel

I wasted 100 ruppes on pink salt ?

Pink Salt

If you want to know more about salt and the value of crafted items of pink salt then you can visit this link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1DoWf2HO6wfGPtXditAGXg
You will get everything according to your expectation.


So she works for Morton's Salt...lol

Anarchism is cool

You are saying that the pink color pigment in the Salt has no impact on ur health. How much b12 per day you need ? 5 fucking micro grams. If that little amount can make a huge difference in ur health. Then 2 percent of 5 grams i.e 100 mg is alot. It matters u dumb bitch.

Zafar Iqbal

My family and my ancestor have been using pink salt for generation and the messages and the benifit have been padt on why should I listen to these myth doctors especially for 50 years these medical mafia have grown into empires by misleading peoples its shame in the name of humanity. Elephant has to pair of teeth one for showing and one for Robbing ???‍?

Joshua Reuben

I use it and it works wonders for our health.


Lack of professionalism. Please don’t speak about something that u know nothing about

Daphne Rodriguez



This salt is trash.


She looks like she uses pink salt for make-up

Md. Mostafisur Rahman

Per kg only 300 TK. Details: 01681017252 call or Message.


It tastes different but that could be the delivery system. I use the McCormick hand grinder that almost powders the rock salt. I’m new to it and I prefer it.

Richard Lane

Well if you're taste buds work. I can taste the difference . Too me I can taste like pop rocks on my toung when I eat them.

Rainy Akash

Himalayan salt also uses as skin scrub


In pk I got 3 pounds for free

John Smith

I prefer authentic Himalayan Pink Salt because to other salts they have added sodium ferrocyanide as an additive. It is an anticaking agent which causes many health issues like baldness, skin issues, diabetes, kidneys failure and cancer.


I can supply pink Himalayan salt and Himalayan salt lamps at very affordable prices. You can contact via WhatsApp number: 00923074141150

Amyn Guy

beautiful looking salt from a beautiful country

Fayyaz Khan

This is not hemaliyon salt.. ,
The origin of this salt is khewrah , District Jehlum Pakistan .
The khewrah salt mines is very famous visiting place in Pakistan .

Waseem Farooq

of course, its gonna taste like salt because it is salt. so all the doctors in the world are saying how good it is and then you put just one out there (at least show her qualification) who does not agree with them and shows that it's not good.

Mark Holman

It's beautiful♥️?️

M Shahbaz

00923105159261 we are producer of these beautiful lamps from Pakistan... If anyone need this we can provide

Pink Salt Wall

Pink salt is great source of negative ions, which purifies air and kill allergies.

zain ulhassan

If anyone want internationally contact me whatapp 03025558185 on very cheap price bulk quantity (any country)


This is just a bigness. We as local people purchase this stuff just in 1 dollar. And we don't need it to burn. We just keep it in our rooms. It is sufficient

this guy I think

Tf is the difference beetween african channel and the normal

Manzoor and Sons

Manzoor and Sons is striving to be the best leading company in salt products. We export our products directly from our manufacturing facility.we have customers all over the world. Manzoor and sons understand every customer,s needs. We offer high quality products for reasonable prices. By the use of modern technology and sufficient sources and more than 20 years of experience we offer you best from other competitors from quality as well as price aspect of view.


Work and buy or order authentic Himalayan salt??

Red Knight

It's a scam, getting taken for a ride. Like acai berries or avocados


My Uncle gave me a rock of this when I visited him. I didn’t know what it was until now.

Manzoor and Sons

Helloo December
Sea salt..


It's great for low potassium levels
And taken with warm water its help clean colon

Manfred Lindfield

I know we are entitled to project are own appinions
on this medium “YouTube”
But really, if your trying to seek any credibility in projecting any information, then please validate your point, where is the substance to your claims,
Just to make blame to instagram propaganda, and then show individuals tasting it, when it should be a blind test, on comparison, and sinse when does something have to taste better to be good for you, so that’s arguably saying donuts are good for you because they taste better than
You need to really review what your doing before you make your claims.
Wait until you reach a ripe old age, after being dosed poisons from establishments and so called professionals that are eluded and groomed into thinking their Doctors,
I have done 60 years of that taste test, and thankfully I gained the wisdom to know what is best for everyone, and that is common-sense and self trail and error, and

D.A. Risse

I'm a big fan of pure, refined, white table salt.
Good ol' NaCl .
If a bit of iodine is tossed in, I'm ok with that.

Gary Brown

It tastes better I use a boat load. love the stuff for the taste I'll be using it for the nest 50 years
They also mine it In Utah

mohammed naseem

u r really stupid. try the item first then , otherwise you are misleading your viewers.


Also it taste good also why addictive? IS there nicotine or some shit?

Rohit Das

I don’t think this was good advice.

Kazeem Ali

in pakistan himalayan pink salt so cheap,

Prakash Nair

Does this 1 direction video's objective is to discredit a pink salt revolution? & does "Business insider" implies 'insider" for the regular salt 'business' ? It quite looks so. For example, good research data would give what 2 % trace minerals out of 20 grams of pink salt constitues to.. and whether that would substantiate the daily need of trace minerals ? Who authenticated the claims.. ? And the testimonials on taste ..Hello!, different salts will not taste way different. Better actors and better script next time. And more relevant data, authenticated by a scientific body of repute! Good luck! ?

Salt cost

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Tata Rock Salt sendha namak Review | टाटा सेंधा नमक रिव्यु

42 457 views | 5 Dec. 2019

Let's see, how the Tata

Let's see, how the Tata Rock Salt is, and what is the cost.

Patanjali rock salt review and benefits


aashishdev singh

Sir ....is namak ko hum bhi use kar rahe hai...but isme kuch sand (ret) bhi.....muh me kabhi kabhi feel hoti hai....woh kya hai....kya uske kuch side effect hai....pls bataye

Ram Sam

There are pink sand in this salt. Is this pink sand edible?

Yogesh Kavire

We had purchase puro company Rd. 110/kg and D mart product Rs.61/kg

pramod kumar

टाटा रोक साल्ट और सेंधा नमक एक ही या अलग अलग? मैं जैन श्री सेंधा नमक व्यवहार करता हूँ जो कि सफेद रंग का है। मुझे उच्च रक्तचाप रहता है। कृपया अपनी प्रतिक्रिया दे।


Amazon customers complaining about the sand residue in the dissolved salt. Is it true?

Puran Kumar

Market Mein jitne bhi rock salt brand Hai Un Sabhi Mein sabse Achcha brand kaun sa hai iska video Jarur banaen

sabnam khan

Ise thyroide me use kar sakte hain fayda karega na

vijaya pai

Tata pink salt doesn't dissolve fully in water some sand particular settle down very disappointed.

cool monkey

haha namak ka bi review banate hi kya ????

Yogesh Kavire

Pls call 9167980852

mohammed shaqeel

Can I use it instead of normal salt in cooking

gurdash maan gurdash maan

सर सेंधा नमक और हिमालयन पिंक नमक इन दोनों मे क्या अंतर है मे क्या फरक है क्यों कि सेंधा नमक बाजार मे ₹60किलो मिलता है प्लीज रिप्लाई करें

Rizwan Khazi

Sir sendha namk se bp high hoti hai kya


Mitti q aathi hai is me


110 Rs. For 1 kg. ????

Fit Club

Even now I am using it ... and found its a good one??

Ankita Patel

Himalayan pink salt aur rock salt same hai kya ? Please reply


Bihar me nahi mil raha hai

Rakesh Choudhary Desi Jaat

सेंधा नमक बेस्ट हैं बाकी सब फर्जी हैं खतरनाक है

Rajkumar Ahuja

नमक मिर्च आदि मसाले प्लास्टिक में नहीं रखते

Janardhan Kamble

Bhai ingredients and price benifits bolo anki sirf dikhao ....


Is this Tata Rock Salt powdered salt

Usha Sanjeevi Raman


vikram verma

Sendha Namak to natural hota hai to usme expiry date kyu diya gaya h.
Use 10 saal baad bhi use kr sakte h agar wo pure h


SALT me rathi hi

Kiran gotarne

Dukan me khula send ha namak nahi milta kya please reply

sabnam khan

Thyroide patient ise khaay to theek rahega na


Is namak me iodin he ya nhi

Rohit Kumar mawai Rohit Kumar mawai

ये नामक रो ज उपयोग कर सकते है क्या मतलब सफेद नामक बिल्कुल बंद करके

gopiraj suna

Is sendha salt or rock salt taste alike normal salt?

kavi kotresh

I used it two days but i feel more body ache is there any problem reaction
ple tell me


Link dedo na vaiya.bahat upkar hoga.


Ye Khane me kinkin krta he kya....? Maine sendha Namak magwaya wo bhot kinkin krta he Uske liye kya kare....

Ravi Nandy

Namak se kuch fayda hua sir thoda bataye sir

Joydip Basu

Vagban ke puja mai ager kuch khana banaye toh ye namak use kar sakte hai ??

Sunil Sharma

Mai Alpine company ka sendha namak use kar raha hu kuchha month se ..Thankyou for guide..sendha namak expensive jarur hai but fayeda bhi hai...


Videshi company hai Tata bhai

Syed Shakeer

Kya is Namak se weight loss hota hai?

Ashish Sawant

Ayurveda / Prominent Vaidyas recommends use of ' Sendha namak ' daily.


Mai ye namak use kar rahi hoon sabji khane se mitti lagta hai pani mein bhigo kar dekhne se mitti jami milti hai itna costly namak aisa kyu hai

Sunil Mishra

Original सिंघव नमक की पेहचान क्या है?

Amit Das

Vai ye review tha ya promotional add tha.apne integrate pe to focus hi nehi kiya??

Hingolekar Niresh

Desh ka nammak TATA nammak

Saroj Sarpal

Kya isme iodine hamari body ke liya sufficient hai

Zaid Ansari

Sendha namak kaha milta hai


What is पादा नमक in chhattissgarh ?



Shitij Kumar

Because it very has very less iodine shall we mix both the salt white and pink


आयोडीन सफेद नमक को छोड कर दैनिक use मे सेंधा नमक अपना सकते है ओर नुकसान तो नही है

Sagar Jadhav

Pune mai khaha milega

Ayeesha Parveen

Thoyid wale log isay use kar saktey hai

Amul Shinde

Sir ye namak pakistan se aata he kya?

Mahendra Singh tekam

Market me kahin bhi mil jayega sir please reply

Bhanu Dubey

क्या ये पानी मे पूर्ण रूप सर घुल जाता है ?

Sanjiv Kumar

Chor company hai Tata

Vinod mishra Vinod mishra

सेंधा नमक का व्यापार कैसे करे।

Pooja Sharma

Nice information

alex world class

Super rock salt Alex ke liye please Sampark Karen full Jankari detail Mein Jaane 9756 960 606

10E 53 Khalid Raza

Does this salt contain iodine

Soni Verma

Sendha namak roj kha sakte h kya

Anu Thakur

Rock is available in market and they are cheaper 20 to 30 rs.per Kg.. 110/rs.is too much

Yogesh Kavire

This salt not get full dissolve in water.
It is leave some stone like tiny particles at base of water.
This particles are safe or not please confirm.
We are using this salt first time so we are confused by seeing the unfeasible stone particals

Salt cost

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How much does your salt mix REALLY cost? | BRStv Investigates

25 066 views | 13 Feb. 2019

How many gallons do you

How many gallons do you think your salt mix actually make in comparison to what it says on the label? What does that look like when compared to other salts in total cost/gallon? Today Randy seeks to answer those questions on BRStv Investigates!

#BRStvInvestigates #BRStv

Don't forget to cast your vote on our Reef2Reef Poll below!


Chime in on the #AskBRStv Facebook Group!


Today on BRStv, we have a brand new episode of our series, BRStv Investigates. In this series, we explore popular reefing theories, products, methods, and what the manuals are missing, with a focus on putting them to the test!

*Legal Stuff*

The purpose and content of this video is to provide general information regarding the products and their applications as presented in the video. Aquatic sales solutions, inc. And its officers, directors, employees and agents disclaim all express or implied warranties, in any way, related to the products and their application as presented in this video, make no representation or warranty regarding the products and the application as presented in this video and shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses or damages of any type, including but not limited to punitive damages, or from personal injury or death resulting from or in any manner related to the video, and the products in and contents of the video. The viewer expressly agrees that aquatic sales solutions, inc. And its officers, directors, employees and agents shall not be liable for any damages or losses related to the products in and content of the video and hereby agrees to hold the foregoing harmless from any such losses or damages.

Robert P

Really wish you sold FritzPRO salt because I want to see how those Texas' boys salt works out to as well!

Tim Kscope

Now that we know the mixing values and also how they hold up in a mixing tank, I would like to know what the trace elements look like from each right after mixing. Have you already done these tests, if not would sending a sample of each to Triton Labs be out of the question?


Looks like I have to try Marin Pro.


Fritz RPM (Blue) is the best salt I've ever used. its not costly and keeps your levels high but not too high. Wish that would've been included here.

jg m

ALL!!!!! these other salts are dirt when compared to aquavitro why the hell isn't it on here?

Loverman Smith

You Guys really blew the lid off of that Caper ! Well I Never !

Charles Kopf

Test Fritz salt. I am really shocked I didn't see the Fritz brand listed since that is also a major popular brand.


before watching the video ill guess at 1.025 it only makes 70% of what the manufacturer claims.


Really good video for this subject. Especially for the avg reefer in this hobby. I’ve have and always stick to, IO:Reef Crystals for the past idk how many years.


But instant ocean and reef crystals are. Usually the same price for the 150 and 200 gallon box. So why didn’t you use the 200 gallon box? That’s what I use. Either way that would make instant ocean by far the cheapest and the fact my local fish stores sell it at $35 for the 200 gallon box.


Biggest issue with IO salts is they leave nasty deposits in mixing tanks IME. I’ve been using Red Sea blue bucket for a few years but after seeing this may switch to Tropic Marin Pro

Mike B

YES! I want to know which of these salts hold their properties when stored... but please tell me you did more than a week. Some of us have 100+ gallon reservoirs that might be a month or more worth of salt.


That was great! Really looking forward to the results of their perimeters!!


I would like to see fritz salt tested

ATF intheHouse

When you get a box for $45.00 or a bucket for $37.50, instant ocean is a good bit less.

Joe's Reef

Can u do this test on Dr. foster and smith salt please


I see so many people commenting on what you guys didn't test or didn't say that I just want to thank you for doing this video in the first place! 2019, and BRS once again releases a reefing video that should have been done ages ago. BRS are the pioneers of reefing information exchange!

Gene Yuyiboy Jimenez

Great topic and info!! Very surprised that the most expensive salts could be the best deal around!! ???

Brian's Aquariums

You guys a just too smart! I wish you would of used Fritz salt.

Gail Sheldon

I want to print that chart! Awesome!!!

Jungle John

Would love to see fritz on here.

emad hassan



Fritz pro RPM! Been using it forever nothing but good things!


Been watching your live streams, when you guys say something, you mean it. Loving it !


Thank you for always making the extra effort to keep things objective and informative for the consumers ?


Nice 1 Team BRS ? Im in Australia so salt brand availablity is a bit different. I mix in 20l / 5.5l buckets & Ive only used Quantum aqua (ultimate aquacare) & Red sea black so far over last 2 years on my 4 tanks. The quantum mixed & stores fine but Alk is always low when I test. The red sea black mix's ok but stores terrible for me, I get precipitation if I leave it mix much longer then an hour let alone if I forget it's mixing & it goes over night ?. My Instagram is @nanoblenny & I'll upload a video of the 3 buckets I have mixed atm. I do rinse & wipe the buckets each time & Ive tried dif pumps but it's the same

Angel A

Wow that’s amazing

Race Reynolds

would have liked to see Fritz salt! Please at least do the test and post an updated chart from the video.

Peter Clark

Did you subtract the weight of the packaging (bag) from the weight of the remaining salt? I doubt it would make much, if any, difference, but I'm curious since it didn't look like you did in the video.


What size or brand of sand do you recommend? My sand keeps getting blown around by my power heads and leaving "bald" spots in my tank.

Joe Gallagher

awesome i switched from reef crystals to redsea blue bucket about a year ago and I am not surprised with results I didn't see my monthly spend increase that much.

Brett Abbott

Let’s be real. Everybody’s buying the big box of Reef Crystals for $49.99 on amazon...

Jim Jestude

Icp testing would be great to understand trace elements

Bob Ellis

Awesome video, I had already changed over to Tropic Marin Pro .. I love it, it mixes so damn clear!


Instant Ocean is available at plenty of places for 54.99 for a 200 gallon box. In fact right now (2/14/2019) you can snap it up off Amazon for 50 bucks shipped. Going off BRS's table that would make it more like 28 cents a gallon or $11.39/ month. Coupled with the fact that Instant Ocean has been used for literal decades on showstopper tanks it's hard to justify giving another salt a try when IO works and is almost half the cost of the next cheapest salt.

Evan S

Ordered a backup battery pump yesterday from you guys, for $14 including shipping. Great deal!

david richard

why do you never talk about Aquaforest

Wolfman Jack

I got into reefing with the understanding this is not a inexpensive hobby you get what you pay for..After the last of the RS salt is used up I'm going to switch to Tropic Marin.
I'm setting up a RS E-170 for my daughter this is a good time to try it see how it goes "Clean tank,happy fish & corals " so I've been told..enjoy these short subject videos Randy lots of useful information..keep them coming.

Lebryant Johnson

The regular instant ocean is actually supposed to make 1.023

Daryl Ducholke

That was awesome ...now test which salts are better!

Dharma Bum

Why don't you carry Fritz! Cmon BRS


Excellent video.

Brandon Clark

Will you be testing other brands like Fritz or LA, or only stick with the brands you sell?

Seth Williamson

This would necessarily be a longer-term study, but I'd be interested in some data on consistency. In other words, pull samples from different batches over time, repeat the test and look at the variance in grams/gallon. For example, maybe Salt-A took 684g/5gal this time, but next time it is 762g, and the time after that it is 713g, and so on. Multiple data points would be more predictive of future performance than a single sample of each.

Lynn N

Quite surprised that Fritz was not on this list. Thank you for doing these.

Paul Diehm

If you are running a nano tank up to 40gallon, there really isn’t a reason to not use TMP is there? Figure at 5g a week, the bucket will last you almost 9 months, at just under $11/mo th

luke Fham

How come you guys didn't test aquaforest salt?

Brian Crowe

I've been buying salt based on price and in reality I've probably been spending more than I need to.

Daryl Ducholke

Seriously...what this video taught me was how cheep water changes are!! The money we spend on tanks ,equipment ,livestock, utilities, etc...… and we question doing water changes???? Just hooked up DOS to do 31 gallon a day water change for one week...roughly 5% per day...then will go at 1% per day...already notice changes in tank...crystal clear water:)..Fish that are not shy and have amazing colors and vitality! No corals yet. But coming this week! I don't think cost is stopping us from water changes...its time and its just not fun:) Best thing anyone can do for their tank is hookup auto water change:)!!!!

Bob's Reef Tank

I wish you guys carried fritz rpm salt. I’d like to know how it compares.

Stern Signature Astrophotography

I find this test alittle in accurate as to my local shops selling the bucket and the 200g box of reef crystals for 43.99 and 49.99 respectively


interesting, I've always want to try tropical marin pro but is so expensive....now I know is only 5c more per gallon....hummmmmm


Thank you!! I've been doing math off of the weight and zooming in on the pictures on the website!


I think I'll stay with the Instant Ocean salt in the purple bucket.

Bob Denton

Great review Randy! You guys get better all the time!

Trevor King

Finally a new video I care to watch. Well done.


Good episode

ATF intheHouse

Would be nice to have these numbers in cups of salt . 1 cup = xxx grams , how many cups for 5 gallons.
I’ve found my instant ocean gets me to 160 gallons for a bucket or 220 gallons for a box, just as they state.

Hector Uribe

I would like to know which one leaves the least amount of residue in a storage tank. Great video!


Im not sure about all other states, in Cali and Nevada IO salt is $30 for 200 gallon box which makes it $0.23 cost per gallon tax including (8.25% in las vegas). Which is by far cheaper than rest and still great results.

Jonathan Bivens

Great info I’ve always used IO due to cost but when you look at the price differential you could make the argument it’s the most expensive.

The Royal Reef

Can't wait for the follow up!!!

Bob Dankert

Is this data posted on your site somewhere, or only in the video?


The instant ocean and reef crystals 200 gallon box is the same cost as the 160 bucket so I’m curious why the test was done with the less salt option? It inflates the price per gallon.

Crystal Li

interesting, you guys should add the aquaforest line as well


What was the water temperature when you did the calculations/measurements? I know that the temperature effects the salinity. I am not quite sure how much. If I keep my tank at 79F and you keep yours at 77F would that make a huge difference in the calculations?


Uhohhotdog Gaming

My local PetSmart charges $75 for a bucket of instant ocean reef crystals ?

Looks like I need to find a new place to buy salt

Harry E. Swan

Thanks for the video...I use Seachem, too bad it wasn't in this video.

Corey Good

Is it fair to say reef Crystal's cost more when the 200 gallon price is the same as 160?

Rusty Shackelford

You guys are hilarious. Why would the test a competitors product and potentially show it in a favorable light? It just makes no business sense. RPM? LA salt? You serious Clark? Nothing wrong with those products but why would you expect BRS to spend the time and money on performing ANY test on it whatsoever? Look at it objectively and don’t say something like “but but but, if they cared about their customers they’d cost analyze it because that information benefits ME!” That is a selfish argument

james parrott

Could you test each of the salts mixes for alk calcium and magnesium and then the cost to have them buffered to an example of 8.6 alk and 480 to 450 calcium. I think that's the real money maker for deciding salts esp since your tests shown that most are close to the same costs initially but with time and additives could potentially make a certain brand stand out...
I don't like having to test for consumption then again right at the water change to get it back to my parameters but I do because money is invested and more importantly living things are relying on me. So less steps means more time to cherish the Tank!

Petro Kuzyk

you guys rock


great info!

Jays Reef

Great video idea! I have thought about using other brands n wondered if would help to use less 2 part and if would even make much of a difference with my coral n fish. Currently using reef crystals and have been in the hobby now going on 12 years. Looking forward to more videos on this. thanks

Cory Simpson

I just wish you could do more brands. Specifically fritz salts.


I thought there was going to be a second part to this?

Anthony Murphy

Need to carry and test fritz rpm salt

Joseph Carmi

I still don’t have a saltwater tank myself, but I love these videos cuz I’m a details kinda person and love absorbing all the info, hopefully it saves me headaches and $ one day

ATF intheHouse

I have a $1.50 set of plastic measuring cups 1/8 cup up to 2 cups.
Instant ocean gets 5 x 1/2 cup per 5 gallons, I mix up 6-7 gallons in two containers- buckets and add 1-3 x 1/8 cup to that. In a brute 44 gallon container I put in exactly 21 cups of instant ocean. It measures out and comes up same parameters every single time.


Based on how the next video goes. I may change my salt mix.


cool video, I wish H2Ocean was included.

Brian Tibbetts

Is ESV not purchased enough to make the tests?

Reef Guy

200 gallon box of instant ocean reef crystals on amazon at 56.29 a box might be tough to beat!

T Surro

Great vid, but even better, when mixing how fast does the water clear up? And how fast does the manufacturer recommend mixing before using.. some say 24 hours, that’s not always convenient!

Joseph Pettit

Most expensive tropic marin pro 22.00 a month (264 a year). Least expensive instant ocean 15.60 (187.20 a year) so 6.40 a month or 76.80 a year difference. Its good to see the long term cost as well. Keep up the great videos guys.

wilbert tucker

Is frots pro aquaticd rpm a good salt

John McDonald

Brightwell claims to use a similar grade of ingredients as Tropic Marin Pro.

FL Sharkvictim

Randy, great vid as always mate! I have been using Neo for a long time and it HAS worked great for me, plus, it never leaves any sort of residue on my saltwater barrels on my mixing station. So everyone over at BRS jump ship to this Tropic Marin Reef Pro A?? Personally, I am not a fan of any REDSEA products at all. Very overrated in my opinion. Also not a fan of Brightwell aquatics additives either but my coral and fish seem to like Neo Reef salt. I am a firm believer of it's not broke don't fix it and keep it simple. Hope to see you all at RAP in Otwn in a few months??

Lee Genick

I was disappointed to see that you had not included Two Little Fishies Accurasea 1 50G box in your investigation. The small bags of pre-measured 5G mixes in Accurasea is tied so closely to what this investigation was all about. If Accurasea's measurements are not spot-on per the packaging, then a reefer may need to use a small portion of a second bag to adjust. Thus defeating the purpose of the 5G bags. I have been reefing since the 1980"s and have used many salt mixes. I like the premise of using an entire container when making SW to avoid the potential issues with settling or uneven mixes of salt. Since most reefers are not mixing huge volumes of SW all at once, I would think that this would be of interest to many watching this episode of BRStv Investigates.

MIchael Black

Nice work BRS, really enjoyed that data. Thanks

mel hittahz


The Passion Reef

Just wow...this analysis so valuable...thanks Randy and the BRS team...

Nigel BayGuy

The Tropic Marine is not over 40 gals more than the other salts tested as you stated - its between 20-30 Gals more according to your spreadsheet results. Just keeping it real. Thanks for the calculations though.

Miles Long

I use aqua vitro salinity by seachem. A bucket says 220 gallon. They don’t lie 1/2 cup per gallon stated in the directions = 1.026. Every time 88$ on sale over 100 off. I always by on sale.

Aaron Sharp

wish aquaforest was on your list... Great info though, I had know idea that they would be so close in price when broke down to gallons!

Tha Bizness Reef Tank

I am surprised at the results. The cheapest salt really not the cheapest. Since I do a continuous water change seeing how long the salt remains stable is HUGE for me and with that information it may cause me to change salts. I really wish you would have measured Fritz.

120reefkeeper Reefbunker

Where’s the Aquaforest salt ??

Skookumchuck Reefer

You definitely have me thinking about changing my salt, however, I am going to
Use the skid (32 buckets) I have before ordering more. Thanks BRS