Sound vs bay

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Killamanjaro Vs Stereo One Vs Creation 27 Dec 1987 Montego Bay JA | Sound Clash

2 857 views | 2 May. 2018

Killamanjaro Vs Stereo One

Killamanjaro Vs Stereo One Vs Creation Wolf Man takes on Stitchie's role as di main DJ pon Stereo One as Stitchie is off sick. Wolf Man a battle with both Killamanjaro & Creation with Ninja Man & Papa San a war same way. BIG SOUND CLASH!

Jaro features the likes of Early B, Ninja Man, Junior Cat, Puddy Roots, Dirty Harry, Ruddy Irie, Daddy Shark, Hugh Griffiths, Daddy Blue, Conrad Crystal, & Iron Man.

Stereo One features Wolf Man, Ricky Stereo, Bendi Lou & Courtney Melody.

Creation features Papa San, Lecturer, Preacher, Tender Touch & Brother Ranking...

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Check out The Best Of Early B https://bit.ly/2IiuvRz

Check out The Best Of Junior Cat https://goo.gl/B4nRDF

Check out The Best Of Killamanjaro playlist http://bit.ly/2gFYQvu

Check out the Live Artists playlist http://bit.ly/2weO7v7

Check out The Best Of Ninja Man playlist http://bit.ly/2eDQ9Bg

Check out The Best Of Papa San playlist https://goo.gl/Ncemkf

Visit the channel to find more http://www.youtube.com/c/SoundKing

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Patrick Duncan

Stereo win d clash

Black Panther Hi-Fi Sound System

Hail jah

Youth Leaders of Tomorrow

Big Dance

Sound vs bay

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882 views | 9 Feb. 2021

This weekend we had such

This weekend we had such an awesome party for Super Bowl LV! Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, family, food, and fun! You guys know that's a recipe for a GREAT time!

How did you spend your Super Bowl Sunday? What delicious foods did you eat? Did you get to hang out with family or friends? Let us know!

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Sound vs bay

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Raw: Giant Squid Makes Rare Appearance in Bay

3 254 675 views | 30 Dec. 2015

A giant squid made a

A giant squid made a surprise appearance in Toyama Bay, central Japan, last week. Giant squids normally inhabit the deep sea rather than coastal areas. (Dec. 30)

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Old Tv gaming

MoNsTeR iN rEaL lIFe


Dang koro sensei is huge in the Netflix adaptation

Mirror face

member squid from Rocket Power?

Akiro Ai Del rosario

of course its from japan

Cat Sounds

Another giant squid was spotted in Japan late, last month, and almost definitely dying.

Regarding the one in this video:
'It was spotted when it swam under fishing boats in Toyama Bay, measured just over 12 feet long and appeared to be a juvenile. It was assisted back out to sea by a diver.'

Aura Riolu



Guess it came for sushi?

The Gray Ghost

Probably all the radiation being dumped from fukushima did it


I got concerned when the diver's bubbles paused.

Jeff Eduardo

big squid


Asia Jp#1 gang


Feed it one of the tourists!


that is not a giant squid. thats a red squid

Jared Koerner


Seth moment

Asia japan 1 gang

Philip Bahia

that's one of the largest Giant Squid I ever seen,it but be 25 feet long.

Tiago Lucas Borges

Now that's a big sushi you got in there

Joe Arnone

i wanna eat it

Mike Wazozki

Anime girls are scared rn

P - 730

all the deep sea creatures are going surfaces when they're dying.

Johann Alyosha Van Tassel

I'm honestly in disbelief. I know these exist but I cant fully comprehend big squids

Alex Sampson

According to aoc she was here

rdani Adi

Meanwhile Japanese was like ????????


I bet they ate it raw as soon as the cameras turned off (sushi)


Asia JP#1 Gang

Imam zaki

Seafood lovers: Yummy !!


yo how did they get the footage of him pulling up

Adriana Garcia

The white spots appear when there near the waves there red becuz they live in the deep aea

Solomon Tuigamala


Solid Snake

It’s looking for anime school girls

Carlos Fernandez

I see that as a blob of sashimi, but too bad it isn't really edible.


They one of my favorite sea creatures

Sricharan Kasoju

Japanese...sees squid


Chairman Meow

Colossal Squid Maximum total length has been estimated at 14 metres (46 ft) 700 kilograms (1,500 lb)
Giant Squid Maximum total length has been estimated at 20 metres (66 ft) 275 kilograms (606 lb)

Leonard Dement

It's curious about people apparently. Not the monster people say it is. Didn't attack or anything.


How big is this thing

Christ Powell

Long thought to be a myth ,here we see why science can't always be trusted. Just because one doesn't see things for themselves does not mean that it doesn't exist. I predict pretty soon we will have pictures of a live megolodon .

Hey, that's pretty good!

Going to be be the biggest fried calamari ever could last me a year without going to a restaurant.

DaDa Dong

thats a one big sushi.

Grayson DuBose

i wanna eat it

Dafid Kemuol

Thats squid controlled by uni soviet (red alert 2)

Kaila Stephen

The squid likes being a celebrity

Aura Riolu

Watgbs fans know this creatue SQUIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Daniel Robinson

Probably dying from fukushima radiation...

Random guy with a baseball batte

Just imagine how big and colossal the creatures who chase them out of the depths must be

Bryson Irvin

I’m just surprised they didn’t try to eat it


Oh I thought it was the size of a ship until I saw it from the surface


A lot of hungry Japanese drooled at the bay that day



Mr. Fossil

A dive with the real life kraken.

Joseph Martinez

Many deep sea animals come to the surface to die. It looks old and sick.

Julia Angélica López Ruíz

Thats not the colosal squid :(


I came because of Armin

Daygo Cali4nia

Salt and pepper calamari with a side of sweet chili sauce

LOL dude12

This big guy came to the bay to say goodbye to people:(

-RIP giant squid

Jalapeño and Banana Productions

One of the reasons I'm not in Japan

Copper Head

So Squidward's finally living the big life!



Ok folks, get ready: 50 kg of garlic, an acre of parsley, a barrel of olive oil, a tree of red peppers, 3 cases of Chardonnay and oh, one biiiig frying pan.

We Remotely Low

We hadn't really seen one of these on video.until recently and now we're getting lots of cool YouTube footage!


Giant calamari

Hyper Nova

Eat him


Best video of a giant squid I've ever seen, by a hundred miles! Its angry eye alone worth a look from several million viewers.

Mike Jone

That’s a kamakiza squid, bc look how excited those ppl are, you wanna know why???? it’s ShaShimmy time????

Pedro da Boléia

That's a twenty-footer.

Robbie de Castro

thats a lot of calamari

Adriana Garcia


j Dee

horrible nasty creatures. we must get rid of them all

Terri Shepherd



Squid pog

Happy Nuggets

The next video is squid and whale mukbang..

Lorie Matthews

It looks very sick. Believe it has come into the bay to die. Wonder if there is a lot of radiation in that area?

your tags

"What a magnificent creature"
"Oh i hope the squid gets better"
*hears japanese
"*O H N O*

Muhammad Aldi 18



Peace Piece peas

Are they deadly ?

One less loose end



It said ???????

[{ Ash Skyz }]

The largest squid ever is 46 feet long


Hhmmm miam. Imagine this thing eating me. Hawt


The poor thing is about to die!
aw that’s just sad.

Chantel Wensley

Who would win. The squid or the octopus. ...or would they just be friends. ❤️

Devlet Babanki

İts very scary


Asians waiting for dinner

daddydespacito aka twitchprimed

Asia jp#1 gang


Sadly, Giant Squid, despite seeming like a magnificent creature with a long life, are actually very short lived, living only, on average, 5 years.

Lord Demoncrusher

Bucket list entry: Swim with the Krakken!

Solomon Tuigamala


David jin

It was definitely sick cuz giant squids are brutal hunters and killers

Deadly Nightkid

Japanese guys goes yum yum

Scarlett Boggs

The Kraken is on vacation, let him be bro.

Violent Rainbow

In Japan of all places, it's like it wants to be sushi!

Steve Luth

I wonder how many there ate dinner made from that squid


Poor thing. Rest well.

Katona Balint

Asia Jp#1 gang


World, except for Japan: "EEK!"

Japan: "Imagine how much ikayaki we could make with just one of those."


Imagine it suddenly grabbed the diver.

Jeff Eduardo


Max Mussallem

How badass do you have to be to get that close the that type of squid

Talis Dorman.

Those people will butcher it and eat it alive while broadcasting to the world. The cycle repeats.

Michał d

can I eat it ? :)

Adriana Garcia

Wait I realized there was a fiver next to the squid