Unsleeping city

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We Need to Talk About Pete (Ep. 7) | The Unsleeping City

122 458 views | 16 Oct. 2020

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Pete's magic surges divide the group. Ricky makes a name for himself. Kingston runs into an ex.

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You telling me that y'all don't put your spaghetti in the oven????


Brennan played Mr. Brown's wife so well!

katherine grace

“You can’t do a campaign about New York with out people being truly fucking miserable” that hit home

Just Beyond The Corner Productions

at around 37:07 you can actually hear Ally's soul leave their body


Feels like Pete here may become a 50/50 after this meeting without him. A person who fights evil or a person who will be evil (aka BBEG).

Jr The annoying cheese burger

God I love the interaction between Kingstown and his ex! I wish for this rp in my future campaigns!

Hermit Ix

The zoom in on Murphy's "wtf face" during Sofia's interaction with the cat at the beginning was genius! ????


I bet Alajendro had to cast a wish spell to get the MTA to run on time. Nothing short of that is going to work lol.

Blackpeople Storytime

Best Lou episode ever ❤ ? ?

Eos Atwood


Brennan Perry

I like how they turned a passing joke with the L train into a plot point.

Johnny Souza

Pete micro-dosing while people try and teach him important lessons is one of the best running jokes ever.

I Need To Save

Watching Misty treat her assistant like scum of the earth makes me laugh so hard ??? 36:32

Seb Tyson

Omg I love Emily's Tiger Mask shirt!!!

Ya Boi Lil Groot

how do the even episodes have like 30k and the odd episodes have 90k


This says uploaded 5 days ago, but i remember watching this episode on youtube months ago. Is there something that im missing here?


My favourite Brennan Lee Mulligan trope is "Huge Macho bros who are also woke as hell!"

Bryson Lyons

I hope Misty is doing alright during the closure of Broadway


Love that Brennan does a quick smile after saying what was on the letter, loves making characters emotional lol I love it


I fucking love Kugrash...hes such a mood

Riley Paulin

Honestly Emily’s quote at 1:42:25 is both proving to be more true and less true as time goes on

Viper 7

People with dad problems start crying at the Scene with kugrats letter to him ??

Levi Knapper-Grant

I was waiting for the firefighter bro moment to include a reference to the Joe Rogan podcast.

Vinicius Queiroz

29:38 Twirling hair... Laughing without context ("I smell death")... I think someone might have a crush on Zac! ;)

Phyllida Hickish

brennan's british accent is so disorientating for me as a brit

Raye Johnston

I chose the wrong goddamn week to watch the unsleeping city

vessel thanatos

this is just a link for myself for one of my favorite scenes in the entire campaign 59:00

M. M

This episode is emotionally devastating

Bret Pedro

Kugrash is my spirit animal lol him trying to keep up with Ricky had me in tears.

Amy Park

I’m so in love with Brennan’s interactions with Lou as Liz and Kingston, they’re just crazy in-sync as bitter exes.


The bit about live theatre struggling in uncertain times hits different now

Deep Banerjee

I have a pitch for a side quest that feels truly rad.
How do I go about communicating that to you good people?


Is Pete gonna ask Moses if he's his dad?

Explolsive Cake

I’m finally watching these after Unus Annus binging

Coming from Dropout and rewatching the scenes, even though you know how it’s gonna pan out it’s always so entertaining (or in some scenes, absolutely crushing)

Pointy Noodle

Brennan, I’m trying to tail the car, but I’m dummy thicc and the clap of my asscheeks keeps alerting the drivers.



Rae Leaver

The little twitch of a smile and flash of the eyes from Brennan at 47:18 after delivering that improvised letter was just fantastic. YOUR MOVE MURPH! XD

I Need To Save

1:21:30 “There’s a cry booth?”
“That’s really nice but I actually wasn’t gonna fucking cry”
“Where’s the booth man”
This whole fucking thing lmao I’m dead ????????

Mark Simons

Brennan's "yes and" is truly amazing


1:02:35 "You can't do a campaign about NYC and have people's lives not be truly fucking miserable."


I love all the characters! Except Pete. Every interaction with Pete just rubs me the wrong way. It's a real shame. I can only hope this is the start of them changing/developing.

Darkest Argentum

i REALLY want someone to film or animate the drugstore fight

Comrade Eyebot

Never been to NYC, but here in PDX: I feel those public transit moods.

geraldine yorarou

The monestary is in staten island omfg

Roh Orc

i was having dinner when the poop emoji guy showed up T.T

also, i just want sophia to be ok

Dennis Jin

1:36:10 i'm sorry but i had to

voces phantasmae

Revile Paragon 2

I’m going to miss misty

Sesa Mese

its so crazy that people got upset about Kingston's speech about Pete in this when this first dropped (or when people got mad over characters in ACoC infighting)


Will Dropout ever get the option to pay with Paypal? I would love to support you guys, but I can't with the current payment option.

Alexis Pool

Fantasma is actually Spanish for Ghost, so it works!

Jodie Hobbs

god, Misty Moore's attitude and behaviour in theatre rehearsals is *absolutely horrendous*. It's actually hilarious how impossibly difficult she was being. Realistically, she'd be off the cast in the blink of an eye. However, this game is clearly not realistic. It's still funny.

Adam Atkinson

Brennen does a freaking great cat!

Elly K

anyone else like LOOOOVVVEEE Benjamin.....lol "....the beat is off...."

עילי שני

I really wonder what was the Wild Magic surge result though
Or did Brennan just improvise something appropriate

Winn L

This episode made me laugh so hard and also broke my heart!!!! Dimension 20 you've done it again and you do it every time and we love to see it

Rebeca Pineiro Contreras

here rewatching the unsleeping city and I jump to 1:05:03 to hear "Ive got a pocket full of Santas that spit-up colorful red and green M&Ms!" this is a good episode.

Aaron Greenberg


Liberty Stanavage

As a woman in academia, the advice from the Johns for Ricky was so amazing. Love the deep cuts and sympathetic understanding in these.

Craig Fusco

the johns are just the pillar men from new york

Martha Campbell

It feels so good watching Murph roll well during this campaign.

Rain Hunter

Lou and Brennan really love playing dysfunctional couples lol

The Late Hour

"You can't do a campaign in New York and not make everyone's lives truly fucking miserable" xD



Dimension 20

Don't forget to check out our sponsor for this episode, https://reroll.co/


I just love how Mysty is nice to everyone except her assistant.

nanahcuB nimajneB

1:56:47 - true strike actually does something for once

Inkeil Ardmaru

That moment when the dm changes your player race

Alejandro Garcia

56:25 - Can't believe he missed the opportunity to refer to it as an excremental


Garty o Brian has invaded new york

lesbian dumpsterfire

the workout seshion w rick was so wholesome-

John Gregg

The constant rolling improv of this entire cast is just incredible.

I Need To Save

1:07:41 “Omg I got the sharing size you could’ve just asked” ?????


I thought that thing about the L going to the 6th burrow was just a throwaway gag from Misty, but to see it brought back now is like... props to Brennan as a DM for just allowing additions like that and so quickly adapting on the fly for them to be canon!

Joshua Murphy

Murph’s face at 39:00 ?

Jacob Brucks

Is it just me or does Ricky remind you of Escanor from the 7 deadly sins


OML I feel so betrayed by Kingston on Pete's behalf. I wish someone chewed him out there, god damn. Pete clearly sees him as a mentor and the only one who understands what he's going through.

Aurin saint

Seeing Liz and how she is reacting to all this is so typical feminist crap...the stereotypicalness of the character had me rolling!. Love that everyone in this group believe in equality.

Endless L00p

spoiler for the end of the episode but at the scene from 1:55:40 onwards will never not make me cry.

Pete diving for Nod and protecting them, while teleporting in a burst of light, incinerating a couple of vampires... Its good shit man. What a moment for the character, it makes me a bit emotional. Easily one of the most cinematic moments of the season for me ?

Narfi Bjarnason

I know this was recorded a long time ago, but I want to point out that vaping isn't good for you, but it doesn't specifically cause popcorn lung. I do so because I know people use that to justify continuing to vape. Pointing out that someone got small detail wrong is a handy way to dismiss an argument, especially when your only company is yourself. Getting people to quit vaping probably isn't your main goal here, but if you do want to encourage that, you should use different language

ridiculous gaming

Best cliffhanger

Sam Mackley-Ward

i have a lot of favorite Dimension 20 moments but a panting Kugrash screaming at Ricky that he's a beautiful boy before telling him to go fuck himself is easily the best. it makes me cry laughing

J Ninja

Was this a re-upload? I’m getting major dejavu rn

hayden holmstrom


Joe Blow

In one of the Fantasy High look backs, with Siobhan and Lou..

They talk about doing a Trolley Car season.

Lou is manning the switch and NYC and Pete are on the tracks...

Lou threw the switch.

A. Viana

fantasma is the portuguese spelling so pete wasn't all too wrong just fjsjfks different language

Drakey Drake

As someone that has only ever played D&D once, it truely amazes me how creative this whole series and how many stories there are within stories in an imaginary world... Wild

Daniel Zemer

Ricky has his best day while everyone else has their lives continually fall apart.




Kingston slapping the guineas out of Pete's hand was very Fabian


I cannot wait for the next episode holy crap

Blackpeople Storytime

I just want to know what kind of cleric Kingston is

Kolby Rios

Shoutout to Emily for the SICK Tiger Mask shirt!


Oh god Mystys poor assistant.


Jackson is just Phil from the Hercules Disney movie. The way Brennan plays him makes him sound so much like Danny DeVito.


Yulius Sentausa

Daaaangg!!! Just realize the Moonstone Jamboreen sweatshirt.

colonel bipiy

i can’t tell if priya’s supposed to be english or australian someone send help


NYC can burn, we love Pete


the monastery being on Staten Island fucking sends me every time

Caspar Lapthorne

So Pete's ex is Russel Brand?

geraldine yorarou

Siobhan casually calling alejandro Merlin

Unsleeping city

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Faeries and Fathers (Ep. 13) | The Unsleeping City

92 659 views | 27 Nov. 2020

This episode is brought to

This episode is brought to you by Roll20 (https://www.roll20.net)! You can see Dimension 20 and Roll20 WORKING TOGETHER on every battle map for The Unsleeping City: Chapter 2, with new episodes airing on DROPOUT.tv every Wednesday.

Misty is no Moore. Kingston plays poker with a motley group. Kugrash has an emotional reunion.

Support Dimension 20 by signing up for Dropout.tv: https://dimension20.dropout.tv, where you can get EVERY season, EVERY behind-the-scenes feature, and EVERY Adventuring Party talkback! It's only $5 a month! That's like 17 cents a day!

You can also get all of the Unsleeping City as an audio-only podcast:

Apple Podcasts - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dimension-20-fantasy-high/id1485306667

Spotify Podcasts - https://open.spotify.com/show/4zQpL7i8FBLr3O5g8meL8p

Stitcher - https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/ch-media/dimension-20-fantasy-high

Elijah Park

This'll be so weird to see next year. If D20 keeps up this tradition of releasing the episodes for free a year after the original release, the USC 2 will be on zoom when released next year. That'll be trippy.

Pedro Piranda

dude brandon is soo good is creazy

Drane Summy

Don't get me wrong, I loved Misty Moore, but Rowan is a whole other level of homosexuality for me

Xan Ter


river the cat Snyder

I aspire to become the crazy cab driver

Tim de Visser

43:00 It's Capitalism. Can't wait to see where this leads. [Edit: oh we're going to shoot it?]

Dimension 20

Want all the new episodes and seasons of Dimension 20? Want new episodes of Game Changer, Um Actually, and the full DROPOUT library? Well if you sign up at DROPOUT.tv using code "THIRTYTHREEOFF" this weekend, you can get 33% off your first month (and after that it's only $5/month, which is like 17 cents a day). Just head over here: https://bit.ly/dropout33off

Aindriú Mansfield

it just occured to me that Nod doesnt have a gender as far as I can tell? It is possible they're Nodbinary?


Alright you guys finally broke me. I just signed up for dropout. I heard about how college humor had to lay off a bunch of people and felt terrible so I wanted to support this show and the people on it.


magic enhanced poker? fuck yeah


1:59:30 These lines from Robert Moses reminds me so much of Agent Smith talking to Morpheus "I... hate... this place. This... Zoo. This... Prison..." Brennans voice for him makes him sound so much like Agent Smith I can't help but wonder if that's where the inspiration for the character came from.

Ryan Flynn

Why was ally so adamant that the black sludge in nod was capatalism. Clearly it was the representation of greed and lust that mankind has towards gaining money or whatnot.
Capatalism isnt inherently bad....


11:03 "You're gonna fake your own death??"

A+ ad placement

Brianna AhMu

Who are all the Christmas presents from?

Joshua Arent

Remember when this episode was called "Faeries and Feces"?

Quinn Bauer

Hell yeah


I missed this episode when I was watching it the first time (on dropout free trial)

The animation station

1:46:03 who or what made that feminine grunt?


Are the subtitles messed up for anyone else?

Mark Campos

I just realized Sofia's wedding ring was probably the real diamond

Mellissa Bailon

Wait what's going on? First time I watched this it was called "Faeries and Feces", what happened????


I love Sophia’s suggestions. Give the shoes to Wally!


I need more appreciation here for the "sardinian eagle" mcguffin, because when I realised it was a renamed bloody maltese falcon I was internally screaming lmao


the sheer chaotic energy of pete and sophia going off on their own, it immediately turns into "should we eat it? nah, let's be more rational and shoot it"

a v

I forgot that the knocker was the first person we saw Misty give a ticket to him. Dope

BillyGoat 594

i would use roll20 but i cant because all i have is a school laptop an phone doesn't work well

Laura Guthoff

“The most evil one is the one who built the highways.” - as a German, I see what you did there.

Art Leitch

Protest against Excremental erasure! (I'm pretty sure this was originally titled Faeries and Feces :D )



“You can’t feel sadness if you don’t have anything to lose” AAUUGGHHHHHH

Karma Dollie

Me, A teary eyed woman at FAO Schwartz

johnny panic

all rowans are bisexual


I wasnt expecting to be attracted to Misty Moore this episode and yet. Here we are.


If Bobby was made out of rocks maybe him and Rowan would be a different story.

keysi ellle

so good. god damn i have no words

Izzy Martin

i need the music from willy’s apartment?? the jazz is so lovely !

colonel bipiy

loving everyone collectively groaning then failing their intelligence checks, like yes, these are my idiots that are going to save the world

The Indolent93

Omg brennan ! Playing david mustve been HARD !! ?

Gamer Bros

Wait..... they have truestrike? But... but.... I thought that was a bad... no bad? Wut?

nickie Burke

me looking at misty: W H O R E M A G I C

The One and Only Michael McCormick

Man, that relationship between Red and Green is pretty...Stop and Go.

Andrew Russell

Brenan as David towards the end was some amazing action


My favourite part of these series is no one knowing how Minor Illusion actually fucking works


Brennan! Stop psychologically damaging us! But keep doing it, you're too good at your job!


Am I the only one that feels like Misty and the gang are entirely in the wrong regarding everything that happened with Titania?
Like, she hardly deserved to be killed for the simple crime of having her identity stolen and trying to fight for it back.

Chelsea Jordan

Comrade Brennan out here destroying capitalist ideology one campaign at a time

Gray Mark

Pete: (about Rowan) "She's such a bad f**king person."
Brennan, immediately: "You've got a bunch of f**king cartel cocaine in your bag!"


I crushed so hard on Rowan

t K

Funnily enough, Robert Moses was not a great guy. He had the tramways ripped up. He built the highways at a time when only the richest had a car. The highways and bridges were located to convenience the wealthy to go from manhatten to their estates, and cut off poorer communities, which created ghettos and slums.

CoyoD Productions

For poker my dm did 2 int checks and 1 cha check, I cleaned house.

Tyler Craven

I love his clock gnome enterence motion

Borger Fut Fonges



Watching them not having covid safety measures feels deeply uncomfortable somehow?

Max Tolbert

"who am I to refuse the crown when it is placed to deftly upon my head" is such a raw quote

Elen Helel

I love that you can see who had and hadn't watched Steven Universe at that point when Brennan introduces Aquamarine


I love Brennan trying to explain the money cancer and Ally's just like "so basically it's late stage capitalism".

Jacob DiLandro

43:56 Sophie and Pete: The Pure Chaotic Neutral Detectives.

Michael Cassaro

This. This is why I’m here. This why I keep coming back baby!

Shalen Boyd

39:15 bookmark


Can we give it up for Kug and Kingston for their amazing character development and RP moments? Cause daaaaaaaaamn

Kelly S

It took me watching the part introducing Green and Red like 4 times before I realized the bit that's so good


Brennan: here’s a powerful haunting image of the evils of capitalism.
Also Brennan: this guy casts the identity spell by putting stuff up his ass.

Stefan Bobu

Omg. Siobhan is the Doctor.

Big Dream

"Ingé-new" ?‍♂️


MY GOD YOU PEOPLE! I LOVE YOU! I honestly dream of somekind of crossover between you and critical role, kinda like the "escape from the bloodkeep" campaign you made!

Big Dream

The Identify spell... ?‍♂️

Jon Tek

The name changed

Luis Elizondo

Having both Kingston and Pete point and curse against Robert Moses is Poetic Justice and I love them both <3

Alex Purdy

This episode contains the opposite of the nat 40, the advantage double nat 1

Joshua Ruberg

Geez, briefly forgot how skillful Brennan is (they're all so skilled) then he did the Robert Moses voice bang-on from who knows how long was the last time he voiced the character... wow


ok it's the Big Book of Bits & Baubles, right? I'm hearing a lot of Bobbins


I’m very confused. What happened? So is there going to be like 3 faerie courts now?


3:20 Wally 1
13:30 Alyssa criticism
17:10 pixies
18:30 bobby
21:00 bilbry
23:00 aquamarine
39:30 snapbands
51:30 don confetti
57:40 the big book
1:01:00 dons honesty
1:07:30 two nat 1s
1:09:30 snuggle
1:11:00 you are welcome to go ms berry
1:15:00 the eagle
1:17:00 what is this man
1:23:30 wally
1:25:30 Wally makes an okcupid
1:27:50 appear to david
1:35:50 that’s so offputting
1:42:40 you can never be sad....
1:55:30 misty/Rowan the bully
1:57:30 the questing blade
1:58:30 Robert moses
2:07:40 hi I’m the cab driver


Who stocks true strike !?!? The most unbelievable thing

Nina Simpson

The unsleeping city AKA everyone is love with Esther


"We are gonna take the river"
I now have the very new experience of hot coffee spewing out of my nose.


1:57:03 exaggerated swagger


Jesus christ! It took them so long to catch Brennans metaphor it was hilarious ?? shooting, eating taking samples ??‍♂️
And in the end it seems they didn't understood completely Brennans point that it was the corruption of dreams not capitalism in itself.

Grim Greycastle

True strike the worst of cantrips


they changed the title


... so the most magical place for the Sardinian Eagle was up some guy’s ass huh?

Griffen Jung

Lesson from the money scene: capitalism is flawed, return to monke

lila linsley

Zac really said Himbo Rights and just made the most Himbo Himbo to ever Himbo

Butler Shurk

Wait, the British player’s character reincarnate.

Christian Germaine

I wonder how much Brennan wants to just spell it out "BLOOD MONEY" - not "evil capitalism" - with money pulsing through veins is a great metaphorical visualization.

Shalen Boyd

1:17:45 bookmark

tanner smith

I can’t believe wizards caught two of this campaign’s pcs with the true strike trap.

Sophie Kathleen

I swear an hour ago this was Faeries and Feces?


Im still curious as to why zack decided ricky needed to get fully naked in order to run on stage in the battle during the last epjsode.

Mark Campos

I like how lou eludes to Kingston being scared of change by voting for the seelie

Cale Ortega

Me yelling at the screen MAKE IT RANKED-CHOICE VOTING


After watching the show for a second time I researched and found out that Robert Moses was a real dude and I fucken LOVE how Brennan spins his philosophy into his conversation with Kingston, some next level shit

Neil L

waiting for episodes of this weekly has been one of the best things that's happened to me this 2020.

Neil L

Just when I thought Brennan has done every voice possible, he up and pulls out the Aquamarine voice.

Rozy Dixon

did they change the title???

Matthew Koller

Oh My Gods. Holy Shit! Oh my gods!! Holy Shit!!!! Sardenian Eagle...OMG OMG NO FUCKING WAY.
Call for medical assistance as I cannot breath. Omg. No fucking way. I'm dead. I'm dead. Wrap it up; it's over; we are done here; we have peaked.

Rashid M. Bey

Oh my fucking Nod. Wally is so incredibly endearing that it makes my heart swell. I'm on the verge of tears when it comes to Wally and Kugrash roleplaying together.

Iya Espiritu

anything that involves Kugrash and his kids depresses me :(
That confrontation scene was

i n t e n s e

Vektor Gödel

Brennan is such an incredible DM, he has such a nack for making you relate to everyone and letting his NPS have so much emotional depth so quickly, I love when he lets them drop a wisdom bomb from time to time. [SPOILERS] That scene beginning around 1:40:00 with Esther and Sofia almost made me cry, the big reveal tied up these many different character arcs so beautifully... I'm beginning to look forward to these episodes almost more than to Critical Role


2 hours and 16 minutes!?
2 HOURS and 16 MINUTES!!!!

Rowan Bhatti

When Ally Beardsley says that Rowan is a hot name;
why thank you blushes in queer

Unsleeping city

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The Unsleeping City | Season 1 | Ep. 16 | Times Squaremageddon

79 259 views | 18 Dec. 2020

This episode is brought to

This episode is brought to you by Roll20 (https://www.roll20.net)! You can see Dimension 20 and Roll20 WORKING TOGETHER on every battle map for The Unsleeping City: Chapter 2, with new episodes airing on DROPOUT.tv every Wednesday.

Our heroes battle the American Dream itself for the fate of New York City. Sofia takes a great fall.

Support Dimension 20 by signing up for Dropout.tv: https://dimension20.dropout.tv, where you can get EVERY season, EVERY behind-the-scenes feature, and EVERY Adventuring Party talkback! It's only $5 a month! That's like 17 cents a day!

You can also get all of the Unsleeping City as an audio-only podcast:

Apple Podcasts - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dimension-20-fantasy-high/id1485306667

Spotify Podcasts - https://open.spotify.com/show/4zQpL7i8FBLr3O5g8meL8p

Stitcher - https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/ch-media/dimension-20-fantasy-high





Pedro Piranda

1:42:19 rip

Tim de Visser

1:35:20 Pete's like an American Colossus now. Straight up.


i keep imagining that Sondheim fights like king bradley

handanhan 2001

My favorite part of dimension 20 is Brennan telling Zac he loves him

Pointy Noodle

Robert DeNiro as the final villain? No, this guy is burning down the city to replace it with his utopia... he's just Nero.

Alexander Quattrociocchi

I'm more and more excited for each episode, thank you so much for how awesome this is!

Conner Wilcox

So, in case anyone was wondering why the jump was only 70 something, high jump in 5e is 3 + str mod if you run 10' first, half if not. So hers is (3+1)*3*3*2

Antony Avila

I don't know whats more evil, Brennan making the American Dream the final boss or Brennan making this fight a two parter

James Rose

The battle sets in this show are some of the most impressive pieces of art I've seen in a d&d show

The Late Hour

Ally's "*gasp* THE BAGEL" killed me XD


Pete shouldn't have been able to cast vitriolic sphere and fireball in the same turn. Quickened spell specifically states that the only other spell you can do that turn is a cantrip with a casting time of one action

rick zorlac

When hope seems lost and the party faces overwhelming obstacles. A level 20 Bard appears from the Sixth Burrow of Nod. From the mystical weave surrounding Time Square, to the amazement of Anderson Cooper, Neil Diamond appears and a booming rendition of "Coming to America" booms across the realms of New York. Casting radiant energy through the golden door dispelling the ritual cast by Robert Moses between the waking and dreaming worlds.

Cher could have shown up to help the party with a live performance of "If I could Turn Back Time" but she was held up in all the traffic from J.F.K. created by some guy in a Maserati.

The_Yog_Sothoth. : )

Darkest Argentum

i still think Sondheim has a few levels in ranger with favored terrain as "the stage" and hated enemy "Critics"

Nicholas Brooker

In D&D, you add multipliers together and do it once. So X3 X3 and x2 becomes x8 to whatever you're multiplying. This is to simplify and avoid insane power creep with stacking multipliers.

noah nielsen

they better summon santa

Allie Does Stuff

I stg if Esther dies... she and Ricky JUST had their moment

Griffen Jung

Lesson: reject capitalism, return to monke.

Pedro Piranda

21:19 2 spells in a turn is not a thing yada yada yada, we all dont care and this was done long time ago so what ever

Demitrius Smith

"You see the American Dream begin to emerge"

Wow, creating an entire season with Dusty Rhodes as the big bad is very bold of you


Imagine Dimension 20 but every time Brennan extends or retracts one of those antenna platforms you hear a slide whistle.

Nathaniel James

I don't know if this gets addressed later, but Kingston messed up his bless spell. If he does a 4th level Bless, it should give 6 characters the d4

Max aurdunpow

love the content

Zebbi N

Holy shit I was so scared for Ester ? this was intense!

Kei Kazuki Ramirez

I just realized so Pete IS a Kalashtar?


“Santa takes an 8-foot peppermint lance out of his bag and hurls it at the American dream”
-Brennan Lee Mulligan

Chesterson Jack

When Brennan said about the massive knowledge needed to complete the phylactery, I immediately thought “THE BAGEL”


I wonder if Stephen Sondheim knows he's become an important NPC in this game

Sir Stewart

Is this ongoing or not?

James Lukens

Kingston spent a level 4 slot for a level 2 bless, level 4 can hit 6 people but he named 4 only

Thomas Hogan

So is this thing at least CR 20?
Since they get so many team members.

Paige N.


lord buss

6:19 Oh my god, Emily's lipstick contrasting the teeth makes here look like this emoji: ???. It's horrifying.
13:45 You can do it with second level Bless. With fourth level he could also bless Misty and Kugrash.
1:05:20 At least she regains 2 ki points.
1:23:25 The sound Emily makes unintentionally sounds really much like a cat purring.
1:34:45 Dramatic, not poetic.

And now the mistakes. Who makes those subtitles?!
15:44 He clearly says "air elementals".
18:35 "Alliance", not "the lions".
21:01 Range, not weight.
22:12 Vox fanta, not Fox Ventor.
36:58 "How much did you take", not "must see a 10" (what?!).
45:22 Brown, not "bro".
50:52 Default and hip points. Subtitles...
55:38 Protection, not production.
1:07:50 Impression, not in prison (though this mistake is hilarious).
1:11:54 Healing.
1:12:27 Aura, not oral.
1:18:20 Santa's.
1:20:15 Pete could use Bend Luck.
1:22:53 I take it back, "look around carter" is the most hilarious mistake.
1:23:25 Legron gutter.
1:24:19 Runes.
1:28:45 What is that wolf? It's a unicorn.
1:35:30 Huge schacht chrome dream source roman. Never though i would see a phrase like that.
2:03:05 "I didn't use Buddhism"?!
2:17:53 "Have a dream of immunity"?!


Have they finished the Fantasy high Leviathan series?


Is making a LGBTQ character pulling a ally

Michael Ploskina

I’ve been patiently waiting for this

rio chuck

Ricky is a himbo


The American Dream really does just look like Brennan but blonde


27:35 getting some real Ultron vibes here


Wait..... I just realized how similar this combat encounter is to PMMM Rebellion. :0

Smiles for Days

Hey guys! I’m on episode 9 20ish min in and just wanna thank Brennen for being a #1 DM and just a great human bean. ???


for a second I thought alot of people were the final boss including- I ain't gonna tell you that

Michael Giovinazzi

According to the flexlab jump calculator:
After 10 feet of movement
Long jump = 234 feet
High jump = 72 feet
Reach up & grab = 80.3 feet


*Spoilers for episode 17*

Brian looking at Brennan at 1:39:34 I can tell in his head he's like 'You bastard, you're going to make me eat the bagel aren't you???'

Justin Park

I don’t wanna be rude, bc I know it’s not easy to do, but these captions are killing me.

The holonet

I feel like for the rats riding the pc’s it’s like d-day, and now I’m imagining the rat leader shouting, “30 SECONDS, GET READY, GO GO GO, GET OU-“


Here I am, listening while walking the dog, once again tearing up. RIP RBG

valerie marsman

First five minutes and I'm tearing up.

William Mckenzie

It seems we begin and end on Christmas

Kat Szulga

I was so sad coming in thinking this would be the last episode of this season, and now I'm thoroughly frustrated that it is not. My heart is in the studio with Ally (even though this all happened years ago, and has long since been resolved for those with paid access).

Threstral 13

Loads of characters coming together to defeat the final boss is a trope I will never get tired of


Fully started sobbing when Kingston did that thing for Esther wow

Yash Choksey

We NEED a compilation of the gang calling their dice their children along with Lou's increasing disappointment at his son, the d4

Jango Yifftail


R.I.P. Alejandro. ?

Sean Peleras

Finally !

Subri Subrika

Foreshadowing RBG death. Yall should have knocked on wood

Thomas Hogan


Art Leitch

Does Esther call Ricky, "Pete" at 43:00 ? Hahah

Mike Roberts

I got halfway through before I made the bagel connection.

Ryan Paige

Truly, The Unsleeping City is one of the greatest campaigns I have ever seen. Very well done, intrepid heroes!

Elise Staudter

anyone else feel like this combat encounter is just like, incredibly hard to follow because of how fiddly the 5e aerial mechanics are combined with the environmental factors.

Mitch Stacey

Did they miss any other fighters?

Kayla Estrada

Watching these for a second time cause I can’t afford DO rn (cause of COVID). But these are so great still I can’t wait until I can subscribe again!

Daniel Zemer

Pulled an Ally


Would love to see the other questing blade champions join in.
Great Gambino: going to knock this one out of the park kid!(
Ruth bader Ginsburg: I rule you unconstitutional!
Carl Sagan: *takes out a silver telescope * "look at the beauty of a pulsar" a blue light that starts to appear


Me screaming "THE BAGEL!" repeatedly at my phone before breakfast - my partner "you good?" - Ally "THE BAGEL!!" - his face 'oh damn, you right, you right'


Love this Campaign, though I was wondering what happened to the rest of the Sophomore year of Fantasy High.

Amber Curp

Okay but why is no one talking about Ally's bolo tie it's so snazzy


i'm not crying bc of alejandro I'M JUST SWEATING REALLY I SWEAR THOSE AREN'T TEARS ????


the part at 1:19:04 is true comedy gold


Esther: “Let’s live a dangerous life together.”
Ricky: “Ok.”

Doug Rosengard

1:37:24 I just noticed in the overhead shot of Ally counting dice you can see that there is actually a subway track with a train running underneath the outer edge of the main table. Kind of a neat Easter egg part of the design. ?

a v

I appreciate ChromePete.

Aiden Aidenen

I loved how when brenan was taking about the infinite knowledge needed to find out the phylactery or whatever, the gears in everyone’s head started moving.


3:30 rowans choice
4:00 kugrashs choice
4:32 rickys choice
5:08 sophias choice
5:32 Pete’s choice
6:20 Kingston’s choice
13:00 check in with alejandro
18:32 the rats check in!
22:10 what are you
38:30 alejandro
40:00 wild magic
42:50 esthers entrance
44:30 you can call names too
45:15 willys entrance
50:23 m entrance
50:40 pulled an ally
54:30 sad kingston
56:44 Stephen Sondheim
58:08 that’s pulling an ally
1:03:40 a nat 20
1:05:00 full dead no saves:
1:08:30 Santa’s entrance
1:10:30 Sondheim
1:34:30 a nineteen
1:39:00 nods entrance
1:41:00 a pun
1:43:50 alejandro destruction
2:06:20 willies box of doom
2:14:00 alejandros words

Sammy Penguin12

Ricky and Esther are the Gorgug and Zelda of this campaign and I love all four of them.

Beast Boy

The fate of the world depends on...a bagel

Ethen Nicholson

This episode is one of the most tense episodes ever and I am sad that Alehandro died... legit almost started crying with the bit with Alehandro at the end

Leo Alexander

i haven't finished the episode yet but i swear to god if they don't eat the divination bagel to find out the runes to destroy the phylactery i am going to cry

edit: fuck yeah


"...*gasp*- the BAGEL!!"

Ashley Houghton

"Santa throws an 8ft spear of peppermint at the American Dream!"


Battle up in the sky, Riki goes twice as high. Take a look, it's in a book. D&D bro...


It really do be the battle of car antennae

Yna Mallari

last episode would literally be a Christmas gift AWOMEN

Sara Winberg

Oh my god how did I only with this learn that her name isn’t Ruth BADGER Ginsberg

rebecca trisko

Anyone else cry when Kingston grabbed Ester? ??



Is an everything bagel really gonna save New York City?


I live for Brennans Soundeffects. Even when no one is listening, he goes on wooosh and fooom and chchchc


Siobhan’s hair this episode is sooo gorgeous


Alenjandro made me cry. He tried so hard for the Society.

Thomas Hogan

SAVE US, intrepid heroes!!!

Mort Hempstock

Are the closed captions made by a computer or something? In most episodes of this series they are filled with errors that would obviously be wrong in context if the transcriber happened to have not heard well the first time around (like "Willy's breakfasts" instead of "Willy's brick fists") or bits in languages other than English being transcribed as "muttering" or "indistinct" (like "joie de vivre"). I'm lucky that I rely on captions mostly because of auditory processing disorder but I urge you to fix your captions for deaf people.

Zion Flores

I'm not done with the video yet. But if they don't call the pixies I'm gonna cry.


2:16:49 A great moment without context


Aight so to list a couple people on the battlefield right now: The angel of the Bethesda fountain, a brick man, the American Dream, Santa Claus, and Steven Sondheim

ridiculous gaming

Ester released

vera luna fritz levit

I'm so proud of getting the bagel thing like half an hour before they did

Basil Kintanar

Anyone else gave a huge crush on Zac? ??


So happy it’s not over and we get an extra bonus episode

Oisin McCarron

Guys the story and the characters are cool and all but we all know we're here for Emily and Lou talking about what they're kids rolled

Ashley Houghton

I bet Brennan regrets the amount of fiddly bits involved in rotating platforms around, through flight stands etc.