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What is Kinhaven?

4 912 views | 15 Aug. 2016

A promotional video for

A promotional video for Kinhaven Music School's Senior Session, for high school students. Visit www.kinhaven.org to apply now!

What is kin

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Tipsy Off Non-Alcohol Euphorics? | We Tried Kin Euphorics

14 466 views | 21 Feb. 2020


SINCE YA'LL WERE SO NICE IN MY LAST VIDEO I TRIED TO HAUL MY BONY BUTT INTO GETTING YOU ANOTHER ONE UP SOON also here's that video I was laughing about: https://youtu.be/zKWlEej2j5Q






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Thank you for recommending the video in the description. My life has been altered forever.

Abbie Grier

I love you guys and your commentary

Jacob Ponce - Open Book Open Mind

lmao this was hilarious . i think imma pick up a bottle lolol


I love your videos! Does miranda have a youtube channel?? Love her!!


Probably the most fun/witty review video I've seen in quite a while

Meredith Knight

Did you see that on the Dream Light version of the drink label it actually does say that you shouldn't operate heavy equipment while using! ?


We missed you Miranda, the rogue who puts her hand on burning alcoholic beverages


When she said it taste velvety lol I immediately said oh hell no lmao .loving this video ?

Graham Davis

You might not buy your drugs from a doctor (unless they’re prescribed) but your drug dealer definitely buys it from someone with a PhD

Sevilla I. Love

You two have GREAT banter and play off each other like expert entertainers. LOVE IT. Thanks for this seriously good review. And you're both funny AF. THANKS!

Samuel Adamek

“When I go to swallow it I don’t want to.” ..............THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!

Kevin Facts

Is kin legal in the UK


phenylethylamine 2-phenylethylamine. 1-phenylethylamine. 2-phenylethylamine (PEA) is a trace amine, found in very small amounts in the human body. It is the parent of the amphetamines, such as methamphetamine; the name "amphetamine" is a contraction of Alpha-Methyl-PHenylEThylAMIN


First time seeing your channel, great video, and you remind me so much of Bindi Irwin!

ded Noodl

When you find out the guy with a PhD actually has the best weed


I love how skeptical she was in the beginning , only to get the most out of the experience xD


Holy shit! I looked up reviews on Kin (after I bought it) and found you two...That was funny as hell! I haven't received mine yet but now I'm excited to try it.

Mr. Varhansen

You "sat for a little 'white' "? Are u talkin about coke


Ok but Lauren & Miranda drunk storytime should be a thing

Randolph Angeles

Keep listening to these two will drive you to drink


y'all should try kava as the effects for that is similar to alcohol

Jordan Barnes

Miranda could get it. Hi Lauren! ??

Graham Davis

There are more studies on Kratom than on ibuprofen so idk why you’re saying trust stuff because it’s regulated

Isabella Marie

U aren’t supposed to do more than 4 shots bruh


umm isn't Xyitol in it that being sugar alcohol

Lazy Cat

What happens when you chug the whole bottle?

Anita Luevano

Were can I buy this

Whitney Turner

I'm picturing this turning out like I love Lucy's Vitamitavegamin episode.


You guys are hilarious. Love ya vibe ?

HaloDaycare Daily BO4 Vids

I'm somewhere between highly aroused and highly entertained

Mckinze Mitchell

"This is what happens when your parents are rich" ???

Billy 6 Strings

Just took a shot of the “upper” one and proceeded to be highly entertained by you two.

If you guys did a channel together reviewing random shit and giving opinions, I think it would do great.

Daniel Hyatt

That kin shit is a joke. None of the ingredients are anything that will give you euphoria. If it had kava in it maybe it would. My friend and I drank a whole bottle it did nothing.

What's Up Under The Bed

This is hilarious but also very informative. Thank you for this prime content!

Pinky Chan

You two are so cute omg haha the giggle fest ??? aawww

ASMR Sunshine Shelby

Love you guys!


Have fun paying $40 for two glasses of a drink

Jenny Lin

(and this video but mostly for the link)

Amusing Bouche

But people with Phd's make the best drugs

Tarah Skinner

Thanks for sharing!


Basically, maybe it did something but I'm not sure but maybe maybe versus a shot of whiskey is like yep yep definitely

Jack Stone


What is kin

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A Deep Dive into Tumblr's Otherkin/Fictionkin Community

11 280 views | 4 Jul. 2020

A deep dive into Tumblr's

A deep dive into Tumblr's Otherkin and Fictionkin community (plus all it's other subcategories: demonkin, angelkin, TaylorSwifkin....)

? SUPPORT THE CHANNEL - https://patreon.com/vangelinaskov


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Treka Double

Humans tend to forget that they are animals too, and a lot of us live disconnected from our animalistic instincts and reflexes. But deep down, we are animals, so it is expected that we share similarities with them. It's just logical, we are biologically part of the animal kingdom. In my opinion, some therians and otherkins are just people who share similitaries with an animal or a creature, which is normal as I explained, but are overthinking their link with that animal instead of realising that it is normal for us to also have animalistic instincts since we are animals. The human brains is kinda designed to over-analysing things and see something as more special than it is. For example, imagine that you roll a dice 6 time, and you obtain 1 2 3 4 5 6 in order, you will find that impressive. If you obtain 3 4 1 6 5 2, you will probably find that uninteresting. But you have the exact same probability of obtaining the first result than you have obtaining the second, making them Both just as rare. It would be as hard to get 123456 as 342651, and if you were trying to get 342651 precisely you would realise this, but your brain is thinking that the first one is more unique just because it corresponds to the correct order too.
So in my opinion some otherkins and therians are just over-analysing elements of their personnality that make perfect sense when thibking rationnally about where we come from.


a woman identifying as a man.

A woman identifying as a Kat
Society: ? Mentally I'll


I always avoid these videos in case my blog comes up. I know that I'm not who I kin, but I was made to feel inhuman at a very very young age, and I think that's led me to the otherkin community. I'm well aware that it could be caused by mental illness for me, and I don't hide that on my blog.. but I do get rather upset with anti's because like,,, you're attacking someone over something you believe to be mental illness or make believe.. neither is a good look y'know? At the end of the day it shouldn't be harmful to others (though in the case of the family situation it definitely is.) And it generally isn't something you share with people. Before my non-human alter (the only one I'm aware of) integrated they'd also hang out in this community. As a kinnie, I think a lot of folks in the community are actually just a fan of the idea (angelcore/fairycore/Demoncore/dragoncore) etc and identify with that core a bit more and then y'know. Make an otherkin blog. But not everyone in that community is like that. A lot of us can admit it may be a mental illness, but that if it's not hurting anyone then it's kind of like mocking someone with a different disorder. On another note, the video has finished and my blog isn't in here so thank goodness for that.


Kind of wish you talked to a otherkin instead of going on tumblr. And calling us weird and wacky. Most of us know we aren't really a dragon. It just sucks seeing people make fun of people who are just trying to cope and a lot of us have autism. Maybe you should have done a interview and asked questions and tried to understand instead of just making fun of people. I really enjoy your videos but

Meg Meg

Vangelina looking at the Shane situation and just going “...nah” and I love that energy


But what if it's ironic!? IRL roleplaying 24/7 sounds fun. That's all it is. It's just irony.


Otherkins do not 100% believe they are non-human. They know they are technically human, with human bodies and human minds. They just feel like inside of them in their soul and mind they have a strong connection with something else, many people feel like there is instincts and thoughts that resembles another species. Some people are very spiritual, and feel like it’s their inner spirit that is this other species, some people just don’t feel comfortable as humans, and they escape through imagining them doing things like running in the woods, or being able to fly, these people don’t have to believe in spirits, but almost everyone that’s otherkin/therian feels like there is something different inside of them. A lot of this sounds crazy, and there is not much research about the community because people just genuinely wont believe in these people. I think there is so many people in the otherkin community who either just genuinely doesn’t understand that they are human, or they just really want to be something else. These people are probably not otherkin, they need help to sort out their feelings.

Even more explanation:
An otherkin is a person with a human body and brain, that completely understands that, and knows they are not physically something else, or mentally at the same state as a non human being. These people feel that inside of them they feel more like something else, and can have behaviors that are similar to another animal/being. If you for example pretend to be non-human, or imitate another type of being, you are NOT otherkin. Otherkin are basically just human people who FEEL like something else, and feel more comfortable identifying as that type of being instead of human. This doesn’t mean that if you are a cat you have to groom your fur, or pee in a litter box, because you don’t have fur, and human bodies are not made for going to the bathroom in that way... you are not physically a cat, you are just on some level, mentally or spiritually a cat. You can, in your mind, have wings, or a tail, but not irl.

You could say that the feeling is like when you have lost a body part, you have only one leg. And in your mind you still think you have two legs, but you don’t, and it clashes. Your body really really wants to have this leg, like you are used to in your mind and how you work, but you don’t have this leg, and you have to accept that, and make it work anyway.

Same thing with not having wings, your mind really feel like you should have them, because inside they have always been there, but not in real live. And you have to accept that it’s not possible for you to fly.

This is why a lot of otherkin people wear fake tails/wings etc, because they feel like that part of their body should be there.

I hope my long very random attempt at explaining some of this made someone understand just a little better.

Jolene Doorenspleet

I loved this

Kelli V

What would we call someone who feels they might be an alien ? or descended from Aliens? Say...those with negative blood types who don’t have the “monkey” genetics ?

rey benes misasi

I'm honestly.... Not technically sure if it falls under the otherkin umbrella (p sure it's not but whatever), but I'm Voidpunk. Which, for those of you who don't know, is a kind of punk where aro-spec/nuerodivergent/disabled/non-binary/other dehumanized folks just be like "I'm not human, I'm a(n) [insert thing here]". It's all mostly in good fun-- for the most part we don't ACTUALLY think we are aliens. It's mostly just a fun way for us to cope with our feelings and design cool Eldritch entities. I think that may be what's going on here, but I honestly can't say.

-home chord-

We thought we were otherkin for a little bit before the osdd diagnosis. Didn't really get involved in the community or anything, but skirted around the edges. Now I know the fake memories that Erikka has are just shit she came up with to keep herself entertained during trauma shit (some religious stuff - so she decided she was angel kin, I guess. Made up all these weird memories. But it kept her happy, so whatever).
Anyway, my point being, eh. I defo don't id as otherkin now, but I don't think they necessarily deserve all the scorn? Like, I still don't get Erikka's shit at all, but doing the kin stuff was really good for her somehow.
Idk. I think there's a hell of a lot of mentally ill people in it. Not an excuse, especially when you hurt other people (then it's 10000000% not okay), but I don't see the issue with people daydreaming about bullshit stuff. Especially if it keeps them occupied whilst life is rough.
Anyway, that's my two cents. Sorry it got a bit long.
- Ben & Alex

C-H Williams

Amazing. This is what the internet needed right now ?


I am someone who claimed to be an alien-vampire in middle school but it was all just for fun. We were a group of four who where all kind of outsiders and everyone else at school already saw us as freaks so we embraced it and made the best out of it and each picked out our favorite type of creature (we were an alien princess, an angle, a vampire and life-sucking, vampire-alien)
It was all really fun but we all felt like we had to break character as the "vampire" developed self-destructive behavior claiming "they don't need to watch their health as they are immortal anyway" and we told them to get help

Melissa Castle

I love this video over the drama videos any day thank you

Lisa Stevens

So interesting. Do more videos please.

Jo Is here I guess

idk the angel part made me actually mad because that’s something I believe is real and is part of Christianity, and these people are like ?✌️ date an angel! ✌️? like what no no thank you that’s actually disrespectful please stop

Parker Pittman

y'all when I was like 15 I said I was otherkin on Tumblr omfg this sent me back ama


Hmmm...I know a number of people who I'd describe as inhuman.

sleepy smart boy

The idea that "wings pop up" Is more on the line of phantom limb pain. Like if you can't see them but you feel them and it kind of seems like they're getting touched and bumped into and they're heavy. Most otherkin fully accept that they're in human bodies without these features, but feel the features rather than see them.
-An ex angelkin system w/ an angel alter

Desert Bruja

Loved this! ?

Connie Shattuck

I am so so glad you did this lighthearted video! Exactly what I needed to see today. I am so sick of the beauty drama and needed this break. Keep up your good work, you keep getting better and better??‍♂️??‍♂️????‍♀️??‍♂️???????

kymmy ridley

I'm here for this kind of content.

After watching I have to say it seems like its a coping mechanism. Probably just trying to escape reality. and sometimes to escape reality you have escape yourself. If I go much further into this train of thought I'll offend the internet so imma stop there lol


I was under the impression that therian are people who believe they were a animal in a past life and still carry qualities of that animal in their soul, which actually makes sense to me


I am confusion

Amir Stein

The glamor isn't from The mortal instruments. It's from Percy Jackson ?
In the mortal instruments they use an invisibility rune.


✯ ecsassy ✯

"Angelkin" here. Tbh, most of the community is pretty cool :)
I've never meet someone who was trying to convience me that they were this or that creature/animal. Some people just keep this aesthetic, others are into witchcraft... I personally just started getting myself into paganism, but my "angelkin" (I have that in my bio) is just me liking vintage things, oil paintings, pics of clouds, gold and silver jewelry... I do not think I am an angel, a mythical creature nor do I try to convience people. I just like the /aesthetic/ . And being a writer, there is a whole other world in my head so my imagination runs free :) I embrace that. And that's on that, half of the community isn't really this extreme and this delusional :)

Jordan H.

Definitely do more tumblr videos! I’ve been on tumblr for like 7 years and I would love to see someone who doesn’t have a tumblr or use it often explore that hellsite. Other youtubers (like strange aeons) have made tumblr deep dives but they’re always tumblr users and kind of desensitized to it.


I've always thought of otherkin as a mixed bag of things that could be goimg on. Some psychological issues, some not. A lot has already been mentioned in comments. Non-human DID alters of which some might not be aware, people who believe in past lives, people who take indiginous stuff a bit too far, people who simply strongly identify as an animal but are fully aware their body isn't an animal, people in psychosis, people trolling, people who use it for attention (which might indicate a deeper problem, like neglect)...
As you could see, only one (trolling) in my list is not either a psychological issue or simply an identity expression.
True, someone actually believing they're sprouting wings in the shower is either trolling, or delusional. But if they're delusional, they might be in psychosis, and then you would have laughed at someone in psychological need of help. Or what if they're a non-human alter and not aware? Then you laughed at that. These are reasons why I really think laughing at otherkin isn't ok, even if it seems way out there.
So I could see people maybe pointing at the story of the person born into an otherkin family and it going way too far and thinking 'isn't that harmful then?' Well, yes, but in a different way. It doesn't mean being otherkin is harmful, but it means that if someone - or even a whole family - takes it too far to a harmful degree, maybe psychological help should be sent in to make sure this person isn't in psychosis, or has untreated trauma, or something like that. Self identification isn't the same as plastering it on other people like that. Sounds more like psychological help is needed, and the family has a big case of enabling, or mass psychosis, or neglect, or all of these. There should've been proper help.

This is why I don't think 1 generalising opinion can be formed of otherkin, and why in any case, even when sprouting wings, one should not laugh at otherkin, as you could either be laughing at someone's identity, or at a psychological problem needing adressing.


While watching this, I had to look up whether I was an otherkin/merkin, because I'm a mermaid. Not in a sence of I believe I was suposed to be a mermaid, but I dress up in mermaid tails, and swim. Turns out, I'm not but that was a slight identity crisis.

Ginger Dragon in Redshoes

1 It's okay to call a fae a fae, ask them.

2 How is a person who lets a voice in her head tell her what to do throwing shade at others for being different?

(Edit) 3 Why is the generation who defend transgender people and their feeling like they were born into the wrong body mocking otherkin? Hmm?

Catherine ღ

I think it's great that non human alters from different systems have found comfort and community with otherkins. ??‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️


I can't speak for everyone, but there was a period in my early teens where I identified as otherkin, and for me at least your theory about wanting to be special or it being escapism/a coping mechanism was pretty spot on. I believed I had the spirit of a cat, and that I was one in my past lives, but I knew deep down that there was no way I could know that, even if it were possible. It just made me feel better about myself, and it was a belief I willingly took on for that purpose despite knowing it didn't actually align with my own logic. (No disrespect to otherkin at all; we just have different belief systems.)

Hunter M

Some otherkin are just like chilling and having a good time expressing themselves in ‘weird’ ways and tbh I love and respect them but like,,,,,,,,,, some otherkin are deadass serious and that freaks me out a bit

Jaymie Nest

I’m Irish too, you’re right they prefer the term good neighbors. I usually call them the fae or faeries but when I delve more into fae Wicca I’ll be using the term good neighbors. Other-kin I don’t think they are real. I do believe in past lives but it’s a bit much. I mean some otherkin call themselves trans species and it bothers me because I’m trans and it’s nothing like being trans. Love you’re videos ?

Elizabeth Gribble

your makeup looks really pretty !

A Sprout

I can't help but see it as anything but some kind of trauma response. Whether its chronic stress, feeling like you have no control, or some big scary event.

Had a few students that experienced so much neglect that they would act like animals. Way beyond typical pretend play. Too young to know what otherkin was.

Had a friend for a while in college. Was an otherkin or fictionkin (I forget what he ID'd as) for a while. But he also ID'd as everything under the sun at one point or another, so it became clear it was an attention thing. He struggled with a lot, but let it become toxic and if we didnt stay current with his minute to minute changes (literally. He expected us to have alerts for everytime he tweeted or posted to tumblr) we were "canceled". King of pushing people away before they left you first.


Y e s. I remember when Ready To Glare used to do these types of videos and I love them!


"And as sad as that is, its also really funny" SPAT MY TEA LMAO

Alyse Blend

I needed that other voice today lol I’m so over all the drama ?

M17UN4 C4P70R

im a kinnie, i dont believe i am not human, tho i feel a lot that way due to being neurodivergent, and its a great way of coping, it makes me feel great..

Lucas King

Oh to be a worm wriggling in the dirt

Blue Boy, Nate

quality content: Vangelina explaining to us why we should Not eat jewels


okay but the angelkin/demonkin aesthetic and how it ties in w religious guilt really slaps ?✨

Bex Middleton

Good content! I really enjoyed your videos and I hope your channel will thrive with these deep dive weird videos! ✌️


i'm a kinnie from tumblr, tho i have distanced myself from the community because i'm a nervous beeyotch who doesn't want to get hit with that Wonderful Anon Hate that tumblr's known so well for. there's not a lot that i can say that hasn't already been said, but i wanted to comment saying that i'm shocked at how non-hateful this video and comment section is. i came into this video expecting to have a part of me (that i consider very important to me) insulted and berated, and instead, i was pleasantly surprised. i will admit, tumblr tends to take stuff too far with /everything/ (like that story about the kid raised in an otherkin household? that was fucked up. absolutely not okay.), and the kin community isn't excluded from that. but a lot of folks are actually really good and okay to be around, just partaking in a community that aligns with them.
also, final note, as an angel-kin, i promise we do not have that many eyes. that we'll show you, anyways. (i'm joking, i'm joking.) for real tho, thank you for coming at this with an open mind, it made me feel welcome here and i appreciate it. i'll stop babbling now, sorry.


i am a regular human with only two eyes is anyone is interested in friendship ;))))

(joke about you saying to not hit you up if they are an angel)


Gosh I love you ? I thought this was going to be another one of those videos talking about how other-kin are real ? always keeping it real


Oh wow! I was about to write a comment but I saw some other people touching upon the stuff I want to mention. . I’m watching now, though I’m nervous given the otherkin and otherkin allies in the comments correcting information. And please please please don’t use tumblr to learn about the community. There’s r/otherkin in reddit, my channel, PD (who I saw commented somewhere in this somme this section), and other creators. There’s a documentary that’s...questionable. It’s where the “on all levels except physical I am a wolf, arf!” meme comes from. The people who made the documentary actually coached Nia to do that “arf” thing and they definetley sensationalized it. I really, really really...REALLY want someone from the community to make a documentary on the same level as The Fandom that came out a few days ago about the Furry community. To reiterate some things other people have said and to add: Otherkin do not believe they are physically their species. We know we’re in human bodies, it’s kind of the point. Some people have psychological explanations why others have spiritual ones, it either way we have a non-human identity. We live human lives and do human things and have families and jobs and we function in society. There’s 60 year olds in the community! That’s how old it is! There’s adults, not just teens. Also, Otherkin is generally used as an umbrella term for those who have a non-hu,an identity, while Therian is a term for someone who identifies as an animal found here on earth, like wolves, birds, hell even insects. The “I feel wings” thing are often described as phantom limbs, they feel them but we can’t see them. There’s a whole lot to cover and so little time so I highly recommend you do more research so you can better understand the community.


Omg I love this so much ?


Tumblr is a fascinating place, and I'd love to see more videos like this :D


Be careful with looking for info of otherkin on Tumblr, it can be the most toxic place and won't necessarily represent the community well at all. Like all groups.. we have our extremes and our weirdos.

punky lesb

your use of background music chef's kiss

Lyc Þór

The thing with otherkin...like it’s not like they’re like furries with fursonas, they say they are like really that other species and should be treated like transgender people are...
thing is...transgender people have an ACTUAL, MEDICALLY PROVABLE difference between their gender identity and their sex assigned at birth. there are actual brain differences that can be measured.
Believing you’re a dragon/mermaid/dog/whatever and ACTUALLY believing it...is I think a case for a therapist

Ruby VE

Henlo, pleeeease stop referring to otherkin/fictionkin folks as people who "think they are ____". Its an identity. You wouldn't say a trans man "thinks he is a man" or that an autistic person "thinks they have autism". I know it can be easy to belittle groups and communities that we don't understand but please try to use more respectful language. (I am not otherkin, I just think its important to be kind)

karissa Flores

I love you're videos but....
? why is it that when ever people cover a topic like this they use the examples that completely misrepresent a community and only cover the most crazy version of it. These people saying they want to eat jewelsand have their wings pop up are looking for clout.

Most people of the therian community and other kin community know they aren't anything other than human. They don't think that they can shape shift.

It's just a brief of spiritual nature or psychological nature.
In the spiritual sense people believe in. Past life they were something other than human.
Some of this group report to ocationall feel phantom limbs of what ever they think they were in a. past life. A phantom limbs are reported by people who have had a body part removed but the feel it even if it's gone and been cut off their body.

In a psychological sense they believe that in some situations they may react like a certain animal would. Like being a solitary person or a pack person. On fiercely protect those they love. Or something like that.

People who wear collars and run around on all fours are seeking attention or have a mental illness. This is not the majority of the otherkin or therian community.

People believe in aliens, cryptidcreatures, various God's, ghosts, chanelling energy, and so many other things and conspiracies. Is it really crazy for people to believe they weren't a human in a past life?

I love you're videos and would like more random videos on aliens ghost and all sorts of things. I like these more than the videos on drama of YouTube's.

Octopi 9

What % of alien DNA does one require to qualify as Otherkin?; or are they too real?


As a very-involved member of the kin community, though I've drifted away from Tumblr greatly, almost no one believes they are ACTUALLY the thing they are kin with, unless they kin to cope with delusions, in which case they're still aware that they aren't physically that thing.
Most of kinning is spiritual, though there are many other aspects of it. It's definition is very personalized, varying from relating to a character to believing in reincarnation. Which again, most recognize that they are now in a human body. Kinning can also be used to cope with many different things including trauma, dysphoria, and mental illness
Honestly, most of the posts you showed were jokes, more than likely. Such as the wings in the shower one, no one Actually has wings that pop out, it's impossible. But it's fun and validating to imagine "what if this thing happened like it used to in a previous life"
I know it seems very wacky on tumblr, but I recommend looking into other resources if you'd actually like to be educated on the matter and understand why people do the things they do! Cheers ❤️

S'ghetti Nona

THANK YOU for taking a break from the DRAMA.☣️
Given the pictures you saw on Twitter today... double thanks!

Crystal Lynn

PLEASE do more tumblr deep dives!
Also I wonder how many or the otherkin genuinely believe it and how many are just trolling or bored

Brittney Vujcich

Haha, both of us reacted to them calling the good neighbours the other thing the same way. Don't call them that they don't like it!!

Tortoise Of Legends

I wonder how a kin of a biblical figure would feel about a kin of a figure from Hinduism or Islam.

Matthew Flowers

Okay, this was a great way to unwind after binging on the DID community drama. I need dumb shit like this lol thanks for giving us this kinda content


According to Carl Sagan, we are all just the universe incarnate. So like. Galaxy. Yes.


Schizofrenia? Maladaptive daydreaming?

Doseneis Doseneis

I think for most ppl it's kinda a spiritual thing that's a bit out there, sure but not any more than other belief systems? Idk

Thea Lindahl

I was listening to you live while at work and this jumped over to my playlist when you were done. I squealed when I heard otherkin.

Carly J

“And as sad as that is, it’s still really funny” ?? love all your videos but this more fun content is awesome

Banana Manchester

Mental Health professional here: if you are otherkin for fun or because it helps you cope with the stress of being human, be my guest. However if you genuinely believe you are a demon or an animal, please go to a therapist as you might be suffering from dysphoria or low self esteem. Remember mental health conditions are not fun whimsical adventures and they are genuinely debilitating. Please don't self diagnose though!!! Get a professional to diagnose you.

Ben Baker

So many things could be going on here. For instance, I do not have any nonhuman alters in my system(that I am aware of). But I respect alters in other systems who are. So could some be using this as an outlet of expression? I would not want to shame another's alters.
But I also think this sounds a bit like cosplay on steroids.Maybe they just enjoy fantasy play.
And maybe some ARE trolls making fun of the rest.
And also there are many cultures where spirit animals are part of who they are. So some may be spiritual representations for them.
But some are probably also mentally ill and do believe they are truly that being.
And I certainly would not feel right ridiculing any one of the above groups.
But you are so funny! Cautioning dragons that jewels are expensive and have no nutritional value. And admonishing others about "real" fae etiquette. You are so funny. I was LOL throughout your vid. Need more like this and a break from all the drama on YT and in RL right now. ?


omg this is such a fun tumblr deep dive!! I want moree ?

Christa Smith

I didn’t know tumblr was still a big thing... ? ...oops.


There are academics who are studying otherkin. (A few academic articles include: "An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Identity in the Therian Community", "therianthropy wellbeing, schizotypy, and autism in individuals who self-identify as non-human", and more) The general academic findings so far is that otherkin experience something involuntarily that is neurological-psychological which causes a disconnect from their body image. They've also found that an incredibility high number of otherkin are also transgender and/or autistic. Studies are also suggesting that there may be a neurological link between these two other subjects that help to create the experiences otherkin have, but a lot is still unknown. One thing that has been discovered, interestingly, is that despite internet stereotypes, the otherkin who have taken part in studies have been found to be quite functional despite their identification and experiences.


Tumblr is still a thing? G'd to know!

Jim Lowe

This is one of my favorite videos of yours. third time watching it. :D

Jayme Ann

"the fucker became a pony"
I laughed so hard I almost peed! What crazy shit


A man can identify as a woman vi versa 100% normal in 2020. A person identifying as another species "totally fucked in the head!" Logic of 2020


So yeah, left a comment on your twitter, as I said there I was an admin at Otherkin (.) Com under it's original ownership (I don't know who owns the domain now) and the sister site Nocturnusonline (.) Net (no longer running). I'm a bit disappointed in this video and you got information completely wrong. There are several sites filled with helpful information on this topic, I wrote some of the info found on these sites as well as many individuals that I know.

Also, Vampires generally don't identify as Otherkin though often found mixed in wirh them.

Coffee venger

Hello! Just wanted to pop in and say that dragons aren't really Fictionkin. Fictionkin is when you kin a fictional character - aka, someone who kins Iron Man, or Link from Zelda, or... any fictional character, really. Dragons would be classed as Otherkin.
As someone who is a Fictionkin and does so for fun more than a genuine belief that I'm actually these characters, if you would ever like to find out more about the chaos and fun that comes from the Fictionkin community, feel free to message me or something! I agree that it would be nice to have something uplifting amongst the chaos that is YouTube right now. Lmao.


yea that's most peoples troubles. Something inside them tells them this is weird and cannot be true.
But for a beginner, you are quiet open-minded I guess. Just ignore the feelings against it and it'll be ok.


I 100% believe that they are what they say they are. ❤️ That’s because a very possible—I would say highly likely—explanation for this would be a DID/OSDD system whose host is a non-human or fictive.

If they’re not aware of their neurodiversity, they would simply believe the reality they were created with when they were young.

Rosie Cooper

Okay no joke for the whole two years that I've done of my degree I've had my heart set on writing my dissertation on the mental stability of those who believe in Otherkin. Not really sure how I could make it scientifically researchable though...


I know a guy who actually studied the otherkin community for his master's! We didn't talk about it that much, but he did say it seemed to be people having a spiritual connection with those beings, similar to religion and other spiritual beliefs in general.

Talon Queen Pry

I am only here because I had to do a little fuckin pissed

Someone is telling my friend and trying to pressure her into being "fictionkin" for the character Raihan from pokemon sword and shield.

I am convinced this is some kind of shoot off of schizophrenia


Is it hurting anyone? No. So why do we care?

Lily NP

Wow, I did not know there were still people calling themselves otherkin. I remember diving into the otherkin side of tumblr YEARS ago. This was around the same time there were endless labels for every nuance of gender and sexuality circulating tumblr, plus constant posts about every little thing being offensive/appropriation/etc. So it seemed like the concept of otherkin came from kind of a parody of that: this completely out of the box identifier that would call people out for the most ridiculous things (one example that I remember was a post saying that being named after a plant (Ivy, Rose, etc.) was appropriative of plantkin). Especially once a lot of otherkin accounts eventually admitted they didn't actually identify as otherkin, they were just posting as a joke. I thought that was the case for most otherkin accounts, and the rest were younger people hopping on the trend in search of identity and community (as we all are as teenagers) but eventually would grow out of it as the trend died off.


13:14 was too funny ?

Michael Afton

As a therian, I’m sorry.

Jet Sterling

Since most people on this channel know about DID at least vaguely I figure I'll mention this. I think sometimes experiences and feelings related to being or having a nonhuman alter can be misconceived by the person experiencing them as signs of being otherkin. My alter who used to be the sole host of our system used to have huuuge problems with that, I remember one time he was on vacation with his then-boyfriend and the entire time he was like. Oh my God, I feel such a deep kinship with monkeys. I want to climb on shit and make chimp noises. I cry when I see baby monkey pictures on Google images. I think I am Literally A Chimpanzee. And it turned out one of our nonhuman alters (appropriately named Monkey), who the aforementioned host alter wasn't aware of, had been close to the front the entire trip and was causing him to feel that way. He's done the same thing with dogs and probably countless other animals and creatures we have in the system. He's a feline alter himself and before he knew he had DID he apparently would get dysphoria over not having cat ears, which is... a little funny, I'm sorry. Imagine not knowing you have DID and being like "huh I get sad that I don't have literal animal features and sadly paw at my human hair looking for triangle ears at night. Must be a normal Tumblr experience under the Otherkin Umbrella TM and not lots of mental illness"

anushka pandey

oh no..

Lillian Ellis

Ok so I'm 13 and I'm therian & otherkin myself, and for the wing thing, no one else sees them because they aren't actually there, but they are called phantom limbs/phantom shifts, but we still feel them even if no one else sees the phantom limb, for example, I once got a wing phantom shift at night while I has trying to sleep which made sleeping on my back so uncomfortable so I was laying on my stomach for maybe an hour or two basically staying off of my back, Otherkin and that stuff are spiritual unless its psycological for a coping mechanism or something like that, I'm Fictionkin too and its supported by the multiverse theory, like how reality shifting is supported by the multiverse theory too, and we feel basically everything the character does, if they are happy, sad, angry, hurt, we feel it all, its just pretty hard to explain fictionkin tbh, but we are all aware that we are human tho with human limitations

Dani Paul

A friend of mine is a professional mermaid, as in dressing up and free diving in aquariums. Shes TikTok famous and people consistently drag her for 'thinking she is a mermaid'.

Weasel Easel

PLEASE for genuine therianthropy information, watch PD's YouTube videos or visit the Therian Guide website!


I thought you were Irish but your name didn't sound very Irish sarry I am an Aoife, Irish but living in the UK ✌️


Holy shit babe, ? you had me pmsl! On a completely seperate note, when you mentioned neighbours, I’d love to see a vid on that! We don’t have info like that over here, not from an Irish perspective, and I mean that with the utmost respect, but you would have folk tales over there that we wouldn’t of heard ? anyway love your work girl- you in this vid total pissa! ?

Beatrix Berkes

These guys need to start playing DnD and live their fantasies there

QuEeN Of Flames Glittering Holo Wings

God something light hearted all this drama is DRIVING ME INSANE, Between Nicacado & Orlin Fighting & Shane & J☆ n Tati BULLCRAP I'm over it all...... HUGS ❤??????❤??????

Maeyi Crimson

The one with the 22 years of cringe made me laugh so much wtff hahah
Like I believe otherkin exist (and non-human DID/OSDD alters are not the same for the record. It's close but not the same) but that was just.. wtf-


as an astrophysicist, the galaxy/star etc kins make me so... frustrated? like how can you kin a ball of burning plasma? how can you kin a galaxy, which is just a thing formed by gravity, consisting of gas, stars, dust and dark matter? how? a galaxy cannot die, how can your soul come from that? i just.. gah


Anthony Padilla made a video where he interviewed Otherkins!

m.a.leigh 1492

Yes please do more. I haven't run into this until now.