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Amazon Fulfillment Center Tour with AWS

41 195 views | 25 Jan. 2021

Amazon’s Fulfillment

Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers are wonders of automation, with AWS at their core. Take this Fulfillment Center tour to see how Amazon associates, robotics, miles of conveyors, advanced automation and AWS come together to get packages to customers in only one day for Prime members.

Learn more at - http://amzn.to/2Nch348


More AWS videos - http://bit.ly/2O3zS75

More AWS events videos - http://bit.ly/316g9t4


John Andrews

Very impressive! AMAZON can sell this technology to Grocery Stores to fulfill orders especially during COVID.

John Marshall

Wonder how much all those AWS services would cost if this wasn’t Amazon.

Dominick Lee

I never realized just how much machine learning went into these fulfillment centers!

Mike Mike

It's so close to the point when no humans will be required to do this job.. Not sure what a result this will bring :/


Amazing technology.

Geoff Powell


Santosh Diwakar

Amazing technology deployed ?


I was supposed to go on a live tour at an FC near my house and 2 days before it was to happen it got cancelled due to COVID. I can literally see the FC out of my bedroom window.

Dan Kerns

Very buzzword-compliant!

Lazy & Rich

Thank you Jeff ??

ss tan

I can do that programming ...

Valir Jonathan

Awesome stuff.

Billour Ou

Thanks for showing.

Reggie Asplund

"Want to know how our packages get to you so quickly?"
-Abusively low wages
-Terrible working conditions
-Anti-union curriculum and Union busting
-Unreasonable goals
-Tons of robots.

Ryan Kam

0:50 The crooked line makes me goes crazy

Bernd Glückert

Amazing insights.


your machine learning to select boxes seems to be not working very well tbh.


The narration is leaning a bit heavy on crediting the "amazing" employees considering they're well known for treating them pretty poorly.


I'm actually surprised there's still so many humans involved in the process. Is it the fact that humans are so universally good at recognizing and grasping various objects, that it makes it prohibitively difficult to automate their roles at the moment?

Xavier Raphael

I enjoyed watching this tour

Gaurang Ruparelia

Yeah I have full confidence that some company someday will be able to beat this behemoth. Amazon's a monopoly, growing too big to beat.

Ram Bhosale

It's a good thing that AWS is part of Amazon otherwise their monthly bill would go in millions.
It's still baffles me how much work and effort was needed to get those complex systems to work so seamlessly together.


Good shit, jeff.

Roos Jansen

Amazon workers, join the Union and get a decent pay.

Mike N

So totally cool!

นาย ปัญญา ฤกษ์สกุลชัย

stupid to not understand family it might make sure

94_Prince Kumar Gupta

Why u need Humans ?


i love it

Li Offab

I'm having problems understanting what does "associate" mean in this context, is that an US thing? Is it a synonym for employee?

Paul Kim

I think there's a lot of potential for efficiency in delivery stations as well. Would love to see more software engineers and robotics people innovating at DS's!


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Amazon's Rivian-built electric delivery van hits the road in LA

39 473 views | 5 Feb. 2021

Rolling out zero-emissions

Rolling out zero-emissions vans to delivery packages around the world is a pretty big step. Though the vans hitting the streets this month are delivering packages, they're technically still in a testing period.

Naomi Disaster

She's so pretty wow looks like Nicki Minaj



Mike Smith

introduction would be nice.

Eric Acosta

Yea I'm def watching this again.. professional reasons only

Tunnel Vision

They dont drive good in snow I've been driving an electric step van for the last two months and the battery life isn't good here in Michigan you have to ride with heat off if you wanna get thru 200 stops

Sresty Theegela



what's her IG, TikTok or OF?

Droopy Corndog

Ok Mylencia kinda bad tho?


Damn. Her voice is so calming

Santiago Hills

Amazon’s going to take the federal tax credits that R1T pre-order customers thought were theirs. Great.

absar king

Amazon van are always damaged by their dps. These vans will be broken in no time. Those Amazon drives suck at driving in the first place. Give then instant torque and let see how fast they can go.


Nice cleavage

Dr. I. B. Safe

This is the first time the thumbnail lied and I was completely okay with it.

Lukas Murmann

That front looks so much like a Honda E

David Ford

It was pretty hard for me to hear everything she said I was too busy looking at how beautiful she is.

Will R

Natural, not annoying, Nicki Minaj.


Haha a build in that short of time tells you all you need to know ?


Invest in Lithium mines and battery companies, this is just part of the new electric revolution coming

W3 The Dreamrz

Now if only Amazon could figure out a way to pay its fair share of taxes.

J Lee

What's the ticker for $RIVIAN?

Nom Nom

Damn... what van? She's bad!

Bvk Stha

I know wht this woman is talking about. But it will never beat Tesla


The amount of real-world testing that rivian does is both its greatest strength and its greatest weakness; the tests are delaying the launch time, but are also allowing the company to work out a lot of kinks and should result in some incredibly capable vehicles.


Didn't know cardi b worked for cnet


Meanwhile USPS is driving trucks from 1996

Rick James

LOLOLOL rivian can make for Amazon but no ones ever going to get the pick up truck for consumer use.

Ed S

Now they just need to pay their workers a decent wage.


Daymn!! Time to watch CNET again. Lol Ol’ girl fine as hell!


Meanwhile they ship in boxes taking up 70% more space than necessary.
Cardboard production carbon
Bubble wrap production carbon
Wasted fuel on trucks, carbon
More landfill, carbon

Bezos is a Bozo.
Environmentally and Humanely( he treats workers like slaves) repugnant POS

Matthew Cho

came for the van, left with cleavage.


This presenter is new to me. She did a great job. Nice tone to her voice. Radiant. Articulate. Well spoken. Not sure if she is new to the team or just new to me. Great addition regardless. Nice contrast to Brian Cooley’s style.

Keenan Williams

Hey Nicki

Deroi Bland-Davis

I don't know who she is but I need more! Pretty, pretty voice, and pretty intelligent. If I was straight you'd have a new stalker


Everyone now knows that billionaires and millionaires receiving Joe Biden and Harris stimulus, bail-outs are fun, just ask Melvin CAPITAL LLC hedge fund management and CEO of Robinhood app. ? ?


I hope all the cars are electric ⚡️

Marcel Motorzoneza



Nikki minaj?

100MPH Selfies

She look like a pretty version of Niki Minaj.

Asante Frank

I just subscribe, just to see her face n hear her voice again ?????

tɦɛ ɨʀօռɨċ ʍɨsaռtɦʀօքɛ»

I came here to learn, but how can you see the other stars when the Sun is shinning bright in the morning.

Keye Haze

who tf is she!!!?????

Rod Anderson

On city streets by the end of this decade? Even the Tesla semi isn't taking THAT long to trouble shoot. I suspect they know they will not have sufficient batteries until then.


Massive news! Looking forward to PhD research in this field.


This is good news. If it works well, UPS and FedEX will start putting EVs in their fleet.

The only thing left to tackle is improving recycling of E-waste and making tech more recyclable. Find ways to mine and extract the rare earth minerals in a way that is less invasive and runs entirely on renewable energy it’s self.

Competition will lead to better EVs and more efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing of those EVs.

Lukáš Koutecký

Looks like a Honda e Van edition

Temüjin Khan

She is beautiful.

The trucks are ok too.

Danijel Radanović

I’ve watched this video twice.


Is it just me, or did they copy the Honda e “face”?

Daniel Unjo

Nicky Minaj doppelgänger?


Look at all the dry simps on here

Alex Xander

those vans look creepy for some reason..

Anthony Dayspring99

Nicki M working for Roadshow now?


Big boost for Rivian.


She's beautiful! She looks like she could be Nikki Minaj's cousin.


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Unboxing a Bluetooth Mouse for iPad Pro (Amazon)

13 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Bluetooth Mouse for

Bluetooth Mouse for Laptop/iPad/iPhone/Mac(iOS13.1.2 and Above) / Android PC, Wireless Mouse Slim USB Rechargable Quiet Mice for Windows/Linux/Notebook/Mac/MacBook Air, Bluetooth4.0 White

by AneWish

Learn more: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07LD4TLJJ/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_PDSR6MN515TPTW063594?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1