Millions of dollars

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Smash Bros. owes millions of dollars in OSHA violations | Unraveled

3 086 330 views | 9 Dec. 2018

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a ridiculous amount of stages... but are they all death traps? Brian David Gilbert consults the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to discover how many violations each stage has... and how much money they need to pay.

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Sarf McGee

But the metal light fixture/ceiling on boxing ring falls onto the stage and would kill on impact

Foxy Cat

Don't the lights fall on the fighters in the boxing ring?

A Hobbit

“Look at this polar bear. He has no fuckin’ clue what’s going on!”

Jackie Ketcham

God I love this

GM - 06DK 778608 Balmoral Drive Sr PS

Actually, the falling lights in boxing ring are classified as falling scaff.

Josh Plays Games

bold of you to assume that super smash bros takes place in america isnt nintendo a japanese company? please review

Oliver Domke

7:29 so your saying that its technically not illegal to put lava in a work place

Phoenix Havoc

Wearing multiple helmets is a violation. Boom got him in minute 1

Agent S

Why not use the one for theaters since one could argue that much of this is staged. Or for organized fighting?


I can’t like this AGAIN! :(


i fuckign knew the boxing ring would be compliant

Knilolas lynn

The jokes here with smash are insane

Bloop Smoot

Um actually Nintendo is in Japan...

Knilolas lynn

“There is a large ape-“

Gregor Meisen

I don't want to burst your bubble, Brian, but these stages are not all within the USA. You should probably find out where in the world (or outside this world) these stages are located, and then read up on the respective OSHA-equivalent rules that need to be applied in that place.


Try covering games defying physics

Thomas Breed

haha no one likes me


earplugs? are we talking about personnel safety or not ?

Casey Snell

He reminds me of legal eagle in this one

Hadean Garden

hello dwight

Camden Thompson

i love how he says that all but one smash bro's stage isin't safe, but yet they have people like Sonic, Bayonetta, and Kirby, one of which ( that being sonic) HAS FOUGHT A 4TH DIMENSIONAL BEING BEFORE, pretty sure its fine to take risks if the people who're fighting can survive attacks from someone as strong as kirby


“Am I safe to smash?”
-Polygon 2018

Coolio Julio

Pokémon sported by how safe it is to let around children

James McCormick

Only the Saftey Wiz und Bureaucratic Wunderkind could read a sentence were the word “contract” was used five times

Edit: as of this notice, Nintendo should now owe $12,145,297,614


Idea: which video game consumables count as drug offenses?

Dragoneta Slayer

I had always seen the Smash Tournament as more of a force of nature and you can’t really regulate that

Clare Newman

i, quite literally, watch this video every day

Boshi Uses Renderforest

"i need to know where donkey kong pees."

Gravitas Plus

Did, uh, did they send the 50 dollars?

The Stickopia

Petition for Nintendo to make a smash stage with a toilet so we can finally have the answer to the long asked question. Where does donkey Kong pee

John Healer

I'm gonna miss this


"No contractor or subcontractor contracting for any part of the contract work shall require any labor or mechanic employed in the performance"


Dang baby you got me feeling like osha regular 1926R

Michael Kowal

Those "shy guys" that fly with helicopter like blades are actually called fly guys, they're a sub-species of shy guy just like the sniffits

Pupper Lover

They are fighting to the death I don't think safety is a priority when someone's trying to kill you

Abner Colon

Brian you have made a miscalculation so do this over again


Damn it! Now I want stages remodelled to follow OSHA regulations!

Official Exeggcute

BDG: Umbra Clock Tower should have a chute.
Me: You just said it’s falling infinitely, so where would the chute start or end?

Bier B

TIL: OSHA has no regulations against dangerous animals or pets at the workplace, hence the large ape is perfectly okay to have on the construction site.

mild soup

The large ape is categorized as: The Foreman.



Wedge Man

This is such a good video, I rewatch this all the time.


before seing the vid I'm calling in all metroid stages

edit : yup

Le Furret

"There is a large ape"

Pizza Mcravioli

I am here watching the older unraveled's after the final one.

Skittles 536

It’s funny because 75 m is the worst stage in the game

im angry

poatable water

Zig Zag

Here's an idea: what is the economy of Animal Crossing? Like, is a plain garden weed worth THAT much?!?

Ryanthe Doctor11

Someone should absolutely make a mod that makes every Smash stage OSHA safe lol

Payton Grant

"And thanks Nshady16 for making me read 615 page of osha violation YOU PEICE OF GARBAGE!!!" 2:30

Bond with the Broccoli

We’ve all committed osha violations, I mean I made Fire Man’s Stage

nautical brick

Unraveled is game theory 2


Is kof arena osha compliant?

Jonathon Rodriguez Thomas

You know what I'm starting to like this bureaucratic Wunderkind


this sounda like youre describing where i work lol


i want you to find the most osha complient character

my bet is construction mario

The atomic jigglypuff

It’s canon that Mario is about five feet tall

Alec Neuhalfen

Warioware inc. is one big elevator

You don’t need me to tell you it’s broken

I died when i heard this ?

Kim’s Now-Cured Fan

I still remember showing this to my chemistry teacher that made us learn how to fill out OSHA chemical safety sheets with each lab. He fucking loved it. Keep up the great work Brian!
Edit: rip unraveled, still keep up the good work!

Dr .McGillacactus

Good ol' Brian David Gilbert Safety Fan & Bureaucratic Wunderkind of the YouTube channels "Brian David Gilbert" and previously "Polygon" A.K.A "Worlds best bed salesmen", "Grandchild of his Grandmother", "Creator of Pepcorn" "Man with hair" and "Rejected Old Bay advertiser"

Poké-Maniac Chris

God could you imagine if all Ultimate tourneys were boxing ring only? That’d be fukin wack


I love how excited you get when you get to point out their failure to follow OSHA regulations. This show is for futurama fans who's favorite character was Hermes.

The-Anh Pham

11:33 He sound like a deranged man who eat ladders as a hobbie



Forge Souls

If I ever get in trouble, I want this guy to be my lawyer


OSHA is a fucking bizarre concept to me as a foreigner.

Mya Wong - MRH Student

I really thought he was going to demand for Waluigi to be put into Smash Ultimate, at the end.


I want to know which Pokemon is the most edible, I have a feast with my grandmama prepared for next autumn and I wish to serve her only the most delectable of fictional animals

Some Kid

Now Phoenix Wright has legal leverage to get into the game


Okay I love this episode, it's probably one of my favorite unraveled, and let's face It, this doesn't actually really matter.

But does OSHA not have safety guidelines for things like wrestling or MMA or any other form of combat sport like thing?

Catriam Flockentanz

"Is a Shy Guy a helicopter?"
The answer is a resounding: "No, he's not!"
If we're talking about Fly Guys it gets complicated though.

Octo B

Just turn off stage hazards

Fabbrizio Plays

Objection! In order for magma to be a flammable liquid it would need to be capable of rapid exothermic oxidization - in other words, combustion. Magma's ability to conduct large amounts of thermal energy without oxidizing is actually the most damning proof that it is NOT flammable. OSHA is correct to not intend this inclusion!

doot doot man

YouTube commenters ranked on dateability

Quinn Dickman

what does osha say about minecraft world????!
i mean other than being an underground fighting ring

Something's Wrong

You cannot convince me that Matpat and Brian would be colleagues/friends if they didn't become Youtubers.


"There is a large ape" -Brian David Gilbert, 2018

Jack Donnelly

Imma end this man’s whole career

Oscar Jumbo

No hablo Inglés haci que me la pelan y me la chupan

Connor Thompson

Boxing Ring isn't free of OSHA violations: The light on the ceiling can fall if attacked enough.

Just Another Lazy Trash Panda

Hey magma would technically be considered a flammable solid

João Lucas

i know this is the whole point of the show but..... why?


Smash Bros. is in Japan.


4:52 little mac mains agree

filip thunell

I would consider lava an ignition hazard

Still A Gamer

tbf, the fact that the boxing is OSHA compliment really go to show the research put into the game.

I'mma Supah Star Warriah!

I miss this series. :(

someone cool

At least 75m had uniform and evenly spaced ladders.

Fabrizio Silveri

Now that bdg is out of polygon, I need to see Samurai do a 50$ donation to his Twitch streams.


I. Feel. Threatened.

Dom J

"safety fan and bureaucratic wunderkind, please address me as such" is the best line ever spoken, and it makes me laugh every time I hear it

Emerald giss

What if this is a world and they come to fight because they can.


This man sounds like a Karen, except this time you WANT to listen to them.

The Cheaterman

TFW you have to cut "Steel Erection" out of your video about smashing safe :-o

Kristie Yadro

You should name all osha violations in Mario

Tristen the Unlucky

If it breathes, VIOLATION

Daniel Jones

What about the lights on boxing ring? Those can be brought down with a few jumps - are they considered a hazard like the awnings or is it reasonable for them to be excluded since they hold under their own weight and weren't designed to hold people.


Jungle Japes https://www.ssbwiki.com/Jungle_Japes has an outhouse on the left side. What are you talking about there being no bathrooms?

Andrea Rios

As a contractor, inspector, and plans examiner....try International Building Code.


The true importance of English class can be found in scientific journal articles and law

Millions of dollars

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10 Million Dollars - Turbo Charged Affirmations to help you manifest Wealth

119 673 views | 28 Apr. 2016


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Millions of dollars

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Floyd Mayweather counting $1 Million Dollars

2 174 653 views | 21 Nov. 2012

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Floyd Mayweather boards one of his private jets from the Air Mayweather fleet with Rick Brazil of The Money Team.

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helpU 2health

I know he earned his money fair and square but he sitting there counting 1M dollars and there are some people wondering where or when their next meal is coming from....smh

Bubba 007

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Desmond Castro

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Draze Gawd

Rick looking like he wanna rob him

Eduardo Herrero

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Rick’s plottin’ hard

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dude this guy talks about money like its so simple, and there are people out there who cant even buy food for the day


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Sankofa NYC

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Jesse Thompson

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Mac Mcdonald

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Ioan Gabor

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ballistic g s7y

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Astar LonDoN

Hes not actually counting it

It was already counted


Hey Floyd. Do you have anymore left of your millions? Can you spare some thousands over here to your struggling bro?

Wiremu Mcmath

that's enuff to put any one off their dream and realise... shingers I just might change my career.... ????

Ar Гром

Floyd you are really cool man!!! I love you brother


When they get to the hotel room Rick is going to use some Jujitsu and choke out Mayweather. C’mon Rick you can do it, think how many times you can visit Disney Land with that cash.

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-Synopsis –

The son of an R&B legend tells the incredible but true story of a family torn apart by greed, corruption and the systematic abuse of black artists in the United States. Darren Cubie grew up in St. Louis not knowing why assassination attempts, FBI investigations, and witness protection programs weren’t supposed to be a ’normal’ part of life. With the hall of fame success of the iconic soul group known as the Chi-Lites, Darren’s father, founding member Credel “Red” Jones came a terrible price. 

Like so many other black artists of the day, the devil was in the details in the form of contracts and agreements with the mob filtered thru corrupt record executives and banksters. The bitter ending of Creadel’s journey in 1994, penniless on the streets of L.A., has spurred Darren on to become a champion for artists everywhere who’ve suffered from this decades-old system of abuse.

-Main Characters –

Darren Cubie, founder of Entertainers Against Corruption tells the story of Creadel “Red” Jones of the iconic Chi-Lites, the horrific betrayal by his mother Deborah Jones and aunt Regina Cubie and a family ripped apart by an industry of greed. It is thru the telling of the tale that positive change is achieved.

-Story Structure –

The documentary will feature archival footage of classic Chi-Lites performances as well as references to several R&B icons both past and present (i.e. Jackie Wilson, the Jacksons, Beyonce). Primarily the story is about Darren’s survival in the face of this machine that threatened to grind him and his family into the dirt. 

The refusal to bend to the systematic abuse the led Creadel to his tragic demise is Darren’s mission – changing the system, one story at a time. Throughout the recollection of the sad past of Darren’s life should be a present-day bridge showing his efforts to reverse things on behalf of artists everywhere. 

The day to day hustle of being the voice behind Entertainers Against Corruption. Ultimately we should see Darren continue to recruit other R&B and industry stars to the cause to not let his story repeat itself.

-Style –

The flashbacks can have a lo-fi look to them and the present day footage can be shot in a stylized way with go pro kinds of cameras to capture the immediacy of Darren’s day to day mission.

-Format and other production information –

The documentary will be shot digitally and transferred to film for theatrical release. Locations: Chicago, St. Louis, Los Angeles. Timeframe: 1958-present

For the sale of the Story Rights of The Chi Lites Son Darren Cubie and our family 

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