Pennsylvania marathons

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Philadelphia Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon

104 views | 6 Dec. 2017



What's it like to run in the City of Brotherly Love? Flat, fast and fun!

The 2017 Philadelphia Rock 'N Roll Philly half marathon was the 40th time this road running event which takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States on the third Sunday of September. The race welcomes nearly 18,000 runners, walkers, and wheelchair athletes for its out-and-back 13.1-mile course, which starts and finishes near the Eakins Oval, which lies just a stone’s throw from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

This was race #7 in the 10 for 10 Challenge - 10 half marathons in 10 different states to raise awareness and funds for a new state-of-the-art Alzheimer's research center at Northwestern University's Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer's Disease Center.

100% of every $1 will go to fund this facility.

To support this cause, go to http://bit.ly/2m6MdMi

WVRunning Don

When I go to Philly, I have to run up those stairs.  Your great work continues.

Pennsylvania marathons

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Coaster Idiots Credit Wh0re Through Pennsylvania

30 817 views | 20 Jun. 2018

The Coaster Idiots are

The Coaster Idiots are back at it again! In this video, we go to three different parks in Pennsylvania in the same day! We start at Idlewild, then go to Dutch Wonderland, and finish off the day at Hershey Park while Imagine Dragons played a show (thank you Imagine Dragons for keeping the park open late!)

- Filmed on 6/16/18

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E Witak

The. Best. Channel.

Spencer Ware

I love how you guys hate imagine dragons.


My Social Security Number is 54568-02-545677

{professor Breanko}

Is anyone gonna say anything about those ghetto-ass trains.

Ian Graham

Idlewild has gotten worse every year. My kids don’t have the patience for the crappy operations there.


How could you go to Idelwild and not go to Lakemont Park in Altoona, home to the world's oldest roller coaster, Leap The Dips (also, their other coaster, Skyliner, is crazy, buzbar restraints and tons of airtime you wouldn't expect. Think Wild One at Six Flags America or Comet at Great Escape with a buzbar), being that it would be in your path? As for small parks akin to Idelwild and Dutch Wonderland, Lakemont is definately the best from an enthusiast perspective. I believe it was less than $20 for the wristband and I was able to get all 3 credits (I lucked out with the kiddie coaster being that I went on a day a family wanted to ride with their kid and then when I walked up they couldn't really say "no one over 12 can ride". Probably my rarest credit next to Roller Soaker, Hersheypark's former suspended water coaster that was down 80%+ of the time but I managed to ride it in 2012) and attractions that are usually upcharge like paddle boats and go carts are on the wristband. Oh, and with paddle boats, I won't forget to mention that they have a real lake for them, not a tiny concrete hole like some other parks I know of.

chazz Lucas


justin c

wtf? those trains are the new ptc single bench, ok cool, but why those cover things?

Steel Nole

3:39 all the dads with their arms around their kids

Mynameis 325

Ugly scp tato

Beck As Heck



Fahrenheit >>> Skyrush

Zachary Parker

Eltoro Ryan you coming to Lake Compounce this year?

Mark Young

From the UK. Just recently subscribed, videos are great fun to watch. The Wild Mouse at Idlewild used to be the Alton Mouse which was at Alton Towers many years ago so very jealous of you getting that credit!

Peter Zaitzev

You guys are hilarious!!

Maxime Vete

11:51 in the back??


Theme parks in PA just DO NOT care about capacity / efficiency. It's super hit and miss, even at some of the bigger ones.

Collie Gaming

This is my favorite coaster idiots vid


Tumerous kids


Man I’d KILL to go to hersheypark but mostly for the food, don’t tell the coasters ?

Thomas Horsemanko

Worse than comet at Waldameer...
Comet is rough but idk

Coaster Cat



I’m actually crying ??? “thank you imagine dra*ons for sucking a**”


Please tell me you did the Fairytale Forest and the Mr. Rogers train at Idlewild.

Ray Perry

No pov -?! Don't bother


Fun fact dutch wonderland has an unofficial malitia


I used to go to Dutch Wonderland all the time as a kid and the old duke the dragon terrified me as a kid and I had nightmares about it for years after that

John Haas

RMC wild mouse

Skyrush Fanboy

Funny video! As someone who lives 15 minutes from idlewild, I can confirm that park is terrible. It’s the most strange ride I’ve ever seen. Lift hill almost as loud as SteVe and slower than a Togo, and the brakes come so hard that you’re required to put your hands on the handles.

What did you think of that ride?

Edit: whoops I mean wild mouse at idlewild

The Cool Gamer

This was made on my b-day!!!??

Jose Berrios Jr

The Mexican guy is really good at video editing/production.

Haunt Coaster

Boi I went to Hershey Park and The Imagine Dragons Concert that day, no way I missed you guys!!!

Just Jom

At 11:03 the subtitles say terrorist extremist

Madeline Garber

Hershey!!! My home park that I haven’t been to in 5 years. Only have 4 creddits there. None of them sky rush. Comet was my first real coaster.

Fishing Harry

97$ for a one day ticket that’s crazy expensive

da jo

Omg......wow too much

Beefiest Flaps

If anyone is curious to the reason behind the rollo coasters new train, a few years ago a kid got thrown off of the ride, this was the rides only accident since it was built in 1938, if you look up the ride on Wikipedia you can see how the original trains looked

Steven sales

Do a Michigan's Adventure, Indiana beach and six flags great America trip

Jessa Jessa

"I love a$$" ??


I was at that imagine dragons show... I went into the park the next day and almost puked from the pain on skyrush


Goes to show how old I am, the last time I was at Dutch wonderland, the "Kingdom Coaster" was still called "Sky Princess" ?

Coaster Genius

If you want the magic seat on corkscrew at cedar point than go in the second back car two front seats. It was actually really good, super intense. To me, better than valravn.

Sir Henners

fun fact: that vekoma wild mouse was at alton towers in the uk before it came to idlewild

Henry Batley

You should go to Knoebels it has some pretty good rides

Nikki Savo

How the hell did you not hit up Kennywood. It's like right by Idelwild.

Boss Hog

4 men choose to wear matching tshirts.

John Storer

Commenting for Adam's overhypeness. I mean I have to right? Isn't that how YouTube works?


To bad Dutch Wonderland was sold off by Hershey. They used to have a 2 for one deal.


“That was worse than Comet Waladameer” I want that on my headstone

Pittsburgh Thrills

I think that the only reason that the lines were so long were just because of operations at Idlewild. They try to attract people from Pittsburgh, but it has a bad reputation around here.


RIP headphone users 1:58


Igree Imagine Dragons is Crap Music & Occultic Music Videos. ?

Bomb 227

I’m from Western PA and used to go to Idlewild a crap ton as a child

Nate Okrepkie

Lmao my mum used to go to Dutch Wonderland when she was a kid

JDL Youtube

Ive seen imagon dragons bruh

BlimpKing Max

your vlogs are hilarious mang, love it



Cole Mouledous

When I was younger I loved Imagine Dragons and saw a concert ?

Guy T

Freckles and blonde skrillex are killing me lol!

Great editing
Great people
Great commentary

Evil Monkey

I weigh like 160 lbs too much to ride that coaster. Man, that sucks.

Sandra Weilbrenner

Crossing the shark filled moat to get into the park

mikel weiser

Hersheypark is my favorite park

Devin Crum

yeah imagine dragons sucks ass


My nana thinks Dutch wonderland is better than cedar Point


You probably drove through my town from dw to hersheypark. I went to dw as a kid then moved to Hershey

Pennsylvania marathons

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10 Best Marathon Training Tips

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In this video Phoebe and I

In this video Phoebe and I talk about our TOP 10 MARATHON TRAINING TIPS!

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