Price of crystals

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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - Pricing Information ( Lightsabers, Costumes, Holocrons )

56 678 views | 31 May. 2019

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge -

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - Pricing Information ( Lightsabers, Costumes, Holocrons )


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Steam Gear's factory

The officer is 100 bucks

G Ant

anyone know if you can put kyber crystals in the legacy sabers

Andrew Johnson

Do they have obiwan?


Big mistake not letting you change crystal on legacy blades. I get the idea, but I was hoping to not build my own to get the different colors.


Any info on how much does kylo rens lightsaber cost? And thank you in advance

Cake Pop

When it's more expensive to visit Galaxy's edge and obtain the items you mentioned than it is to travel from a different continent to the park, I'd say it's overpriced.

Ben The Gamer McGlinchey

Are these prices still correct?

Roberto Morales



I would need 300$ just to get 1 driod, and 1 Lightsaber...oh jeez...

SirJames I Gamerfuzion

Based on many videos I've seen from the land and shops it seems like Disney does Not offer the Pants , Boots to go with the outfit however can easily be bought off Amazon or other sites

Derptor Whooves

The 1st order costume isn't really that bad with the price. 501st armor Costs alot of money. You may say it's alot but. It's really not that much.

Miles M

I want to make my own saber (I’ll be using Power and Control) along with a legacy saber. I’m not really sure which legacy saber I want yet. I’ll also buy a Sith holocron and an extra crystal. As for a costume, there’s no way I’m paying that much for a Sith outfit at the park so I’ll be buying one on amazon before I go. If you didn’t notice I’m much more of a Sith warrior than Jedi Knight kind of guy haha.

Alex Vega

I can't wait to go to orlando's!

Emerald Coast Fishing

Where did you get the resistance hip/thigh bag and how much


Can you get star killer is light saber


Everything seems to be priced way to high. Damn. I guess this means i cant buy nothing because of that. trip cancelled i guess.

Derek Thompson

Too expensive....what do you expect from Disney....

Domingo Ibarra

Can someone please tell me the prices for all of the legacy sabers for Vader and the other siths pls

Zack Dean

I have to wait until 2021 I think

James Attack

Does anyone know whether the crystals that go in the holocrons (like the yellow, white and black ones) also work in Savi lightsabers?

Sturmmann Airsoft

The poncho thing is kylo rens cloak

Zackary Davison

Do you know if you can get two of the temple guard lightsabers and make it a double blade like with mauls?

Charlie Reynolds

$13 for a kyber Crystal come on it should be like 5-7 dollars

Tales to Chill

I live in GA so to far for a trip to California for this, however it is opening up in the Florida Location at the end of August, So I can wait and man it will be amazing.

OfflineNico • since 2014

OHHHH I'm definitely getting Luke's

Zuniga System Entertainment

Going on Tuesday plan on building my lightsaber and buying darth sidios cloak

Anthony Gardiol

Im so lucky i only have to drive 2 hours to get there


Outrageous prices

Anthony Gardiol

Thank you ive been wanting to go to galaxys edge and everytime i search something up i wanna know your the first video


200 dollar. Worth it. :D I think


Also a tidbit for you folks; you can’t wear costumes if you’re older than 14 I believe. It says so flat out in one of the shops where you buy costumes. So, if you were looking forward to cosplaying and/or roleplaying in Galaxy’s Edge? Sorry.

Charlie Wollaston

Does the light sabers price come with the actual saber

SirJames I Gamerfuzion

Darth Sidlous Cloak - $250
X-Wing pilot outfit - $250
Princess Leia - $125 ( her white outfit no slave leia option)
Kid size first order outfit $400
Imperial Jumpsuit $100
Officer Jacket $124

Gweenify YT

for the Storm trooper suit price jeez, they think we're all like millionaires

Ivor John

very interesting. as a non American are these prices + tax or inclusive? also for those from other countries is there a way to ship the items purchased ? ok yes i know it will cost more just dont feel i want customs in my country to not understand the Star Wars thing

Snell World

Reys Saber? Don't you mean Anakin's Saber?


Go to the old school saber smiths (Vader's Vault or Genesis Custom Sabers. Even Saberforge or Ultrasabers) you can get them in all colors RGB string blade or tri cree. Much higher quality

Danielle O.

Was not expecting the holocrons to price at 50,,, geez,,,, (was expecting like,,, 30)
eh, i guess it's probably worth it


I like the jacked and the bag dus you ged it ad the park??


Lightsaber first , holocron, a few crytails and thats it for day one. On July. I will make my own droid and maybe get some cool little items.

Art4Life Productions

I will easily spend $800-$1000 just to have the perfect lightsaber and outfit. It may take a few years, but it’ll be worth it. First, the lightsaber. Second, every crystal. Third, a belt for the hilt. Everything else comes after. But those are my first three must haves

King Awesome

$6,000+ for a first order stormtrooper made me die a little ?

Chinchilla Master

That's weird. So let's say you want a white lightsaber blade for your custom saber that you built but you have go to another shop just for the Crystal smh


Is there a Lobot skull cap with headphones?

Bruh cow

Thank you for telling me I was wondering how much The robes where was and the lightsaber I edit I’ll proberly be getting darth Vader’s saber and a with holocron ready to me darth Baby yoda square up Rey!

Geon R6

You’re a fucking hero

Sonic Guyver

I know I'm going to build my own saber, Peace and Justice path. But along with that I will be getting a Jedi holocron, probably a belt, and a legacy saber, either Luke's from IV or Obi-wan's. Maybe a few pieces of Mandalorian gear as well. Other then that I'll see what catches my interest. I think I'm going to set aside about $1,000 just for Galaxy's Edge shopping. A pretty big splurge for me but worth it. I think I will be buried with my personal lightsaber, clutching it over my chest with both hands.

Jeffrey Gallardo

Can you write the list of the sabers characters


250 bucks for a full Jedi outfit. 200 for a saber. 100 for a droid. My oh my.

Jack Smith

Did they offer small blades for kylo rens saber?

Ronnie Rodriguez

Too bad I can't order a saber


Thanks for the pricing clarification! Was afraid the crystals would be more expensive. Cant wait to get both holocrons and buy a red kyber crystal praying for the rare black crystal :)

Isaac Martinez

calls it Rey’s lightsaber

slaughters a group of younglings

phanex mind

How much is the jedi tunic?? Sorry couldn't hear that quite clearly

Valentino Ortega

Black Khyber crystal

Big Chonk

I would get a port puppet a custom ls and a legacy ls and a couple of kyber crystals

LucasGreen X23

How much?!! Jeez! I’ll pass. I’m a fan, but I’m not insane.

Cris More

Good info vídeo ! Thanks !
It does feel like there is a variety of prices, and you do get some realy cool stuff, but it also seams like it's a park for ritch people...
But I could be wrong... ✌️

Daniel Aguirre

I haven’t been able to find any official info anywhere but people are saying there is a super rare Black Kyber Crystal that can be found in the Red Kyber Crystal containers at Dok Ondars.

Snell World

How much for ROTJ Saber in picture?

NickT 123

Prices are bullshit

Ballistic Builds

Thanks. I was looking just for that info. I’m kinda bummed that the crystals won’t work with the legacy sabers and that the blades don’t come with aforementioned sabers

Aaron Fielder

They really want that $$. Like they're hurting for it.

God Doge

I'd buy Ben solos saber

Rev Lite

darth maul? luke? leia? Han? where are those costumes?


I’m thinking of getting a darth maul light saber

Btw does anyone know pricing on that

Theo Mörsdorf

3:40 in some of the red boxes are black crystals

Lucas Selko

Thanks this helped me choose my lightsaber alot

Keegan McKinney



Darn it so expensive ☹️?

Shay Vidas

How accurate is the legecy sabers compare to the ones u can buy from ultrasabers or costume sabers ?

Samurai Jedi16

Would love to see "The Dark Saber" out on display and for purchase in the near future. That my friend would be ?????

Dezerea Hunter

Disneylands star wars.

Spark Shark

Time to save up for this lol

Alexander Leal

I thought the most expensive is that R2-D2 which is I think $25,000

Jordan Jones

How many legacy lightsabers can you buy at a time?

Butter Boy

So should I get the boi wan legacy lightsaber or should I make a custom ,ightsaber

ViZed EditZ

For sure either getting (if Disney ever opens again) obi wan


Disney is now just trying to find more ways of being an asshole

Cory Bell

You don’t have the black crystal

Judo _

Does the Kylo REN helmet have a voice changer?

Reza Aziz

Any blasters and holster belts?

Blitz Reacts

Omg thank so much I have been trying to find legacy saber prices and everyone else only talks about savi,s workshop lightsabers

Jesse James

I'm definitely getting a Mace Windu lightsaber :)


I’m going but idk if I should buy a legacy one or build one

Roxy Mrls

Thank u very much for this video


but i want to make a light saber and a droid. to bad that costs 300 bucks :(

Michael Kuzela

Not Rey’s for the hundredth time

Z. Xyrel

As a cosplayer, I already made my Jedi robes haha.

Cole Viloria

The Wallets Edge instead of Galaxies Edge. I didn’t know there are reservations, wish it was just open for everyone who paid for a Disneyland ticket. I just want a Qui-Gon Jinn lightsaber and I hope there is a legacy one.

Jacob Summerson

Definitely getting the obi wan lightsaber

Price of crystals

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New Crystals For Sale Best Prices On My Etsy

2 947 views | 30 Jan. 2014


Thank You So Much For Buying From My Shop I Hope You Enjoy

Kit Walker

In the purple Category can that skinny crystal been made in to a necklace? I would love that if it is. Great vid btw

Steffan Beats

Make a review on a pack off ecigs PLEASE

Andrew Marks

Nice video I love all your vids especially elax e hookah do you do a review on the 800 puff shisha time watermelon flavor. If not please do because I dont think the 500 puffs is enough and I kinda want more but I dont know if the flavor is gonna be as good as elax

Arvin Auditor

i have a cystal how much price?

Linga Raju

i have many cristels how much price?

Price of crystals

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Buying crystals from China! Insanely good prices?

5 732 views | 6 Nov. 2019

I found an awesome shop on

I found an awesome shop on fb that sells really high-quality crystals at super low prices. Gem mineral world. Check them out!

Kim Sitton

What shop in China sells things individually? Ty

Okeez Music

Whats the name of the store

Dana Donnelly

They may be real. But some come painted. You shouldn't paint or color crystals or stones. It takes away the stones vibrations.

hazel karambo

I just got rose quartz, I’m in China I’m not sure if it’s real or fake it costed almost $2. Are yours real?

Amanda Nichols

Name of the shop?

Jess Wright


Michael Mctighe

Where did you order these from ??

Brooke Huchel

Something seems too good to be true with this. Unfortunately, I've heard some not so good things out of the chinese shops. It kind of scares me a little.


Are you still buying from them? Do you still recommend them? I just found them a few days ago and have started a basket. I LOVE watching their shopping videos and bidding on the things. SO MUCH FUN! If something has happened since this haul to make you change your mind about them, feel free to warn me!

Crazy For Crystals by Janners

Binge watching your channel today. We have similar tastes in crystals. I'm working on my channel lately, now you come back! ❤️

lil ruskii

thankyou for sharing these beauties!! ?


I have bought so many aMAZING things from Gem Mineral World! such a lovely company. Chrystal Fantasy world is their sister company and I' buy from them too! GOSH I got some great buys! I'm expecting a $1000 shipment next week from them ....mostly druzy skulls and weird carvings.

Beatrice Martinez

What’s the name of the store?

Marina Dee

Be weary. A lot of these crystals are fake, some have been dyed and heat treated therefore losing any decent qualities they originally possessed.

Ashleigh Stone

How does customs work?

Shang Shang

hi can i plz have the link to purchase these thx

Liz Zamora

How can you tell if they are real?