Newegg payment

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4 765 views | 15 Apr. 2019

Enlace de NEWEGG



¿Tienes problema al pagar con PayPal? ¿No te deja comprar si eres de México?

La solución la encontré en promodescuentos.

¿Tienes dudas?


Nuestra Web: http://ecomprasmx.com

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/EComprasMX

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EComprasMX/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IDBonilla

Nuestra tienda ML: https://perfil.mercadolibre.com.mx/ISAACDAVIDB


► Tarjeta de Amazon:


►Nuestro canal de PROGRAMACIÓN:


►Nuestro canal de Tutoriales:


►►►►►►CRÉDITOS ◄◄◄◄◄◄

Música: Inside The Moon ( https://goo.gl/7kOqfy )

Autor del vídeo: Isaac David Bonilla


Emanuel Lopez

Investigando me enteré que la aduana no deja pasar las laptops de newegg, saben algo sobre un dichoso permiso especial para importar laptops a México?

Tio Manub lel_lol

hola amigo se puede pagar en cuotas

The Cent

EComprasMX cuando viene el pedido de estados unidos pasa por la aduana de mexico ?

You Baka Rene

Vamos a probar ;3 buen vídeo bro

Fermín Reyes

No conocía esa página, pero me servirá para más adelante. Buen vídeo.

Kevin Games Gfx

Cambia el titulo papusho pusiste NEWEEG


Se Puede PayPal SIN Tarjeta De Crédito? Tengo 17 Años Y En Unos Meses Podré Pero Quiero Comprar Ahora :(

Manu :0

Realmente esperaba este vídeo <3

Eliud :v

Primero :)


Oye Issac compre un producto en linio con tarjeta de banorte amazon pero me cancelaron el pedido, ya me habían cobrado y todo pero después lo cancelaron, que crees que haya podido ser? También será por eso de los acentos o caracteres especiales?


Damn, justo estaba buscando una página para comprar componentes, gracias muy buen video


El año pasado si hubo black friday para México, envíos gratis y cupones de descuento. Este año sale mas caro comprar en esa tienda que en México. Umm Trump y sus aranceles me parece.

Marlon Lopez

Para los son fuera de México pueden comprar mediante casillero virtual y obtienen una dirección de Estados Unidos

jose casmicelanius

Se puede tener PayPal sin tarjeta de crédito

Rafael Canales

jajajaja "Apple" como dirección ni que fuera la gran manzana

Edgar Armando

desde el 2004 compro en esta pág y en el OTRO MOUNSTRO frys.com. lamentablemente en méxico para hacer negocios no saben realizar CLUSTERS COMERCIALES. el 90% de los negocios sean pequeños o med. son ENVIDIOSOS si supiera EL ENORME POTENCIAL de hacer cluster , estas compañías unieron fuerzas con otras micro tiendas y ahora son unos mounstros en electrónica. frys.com y newegg . en la vida compraré en las páginas de aquí están demasiado anticuados para hacer negocios y tratos con el cliente ni se diga están MUY IGNORANTES Y ENVIDIOSOS para realizar negocios . cyberpuerta y ddtech mipc , todas esas cochinadas de robo . si supieran hacer un CLUSTER los muy tontos dominarían de américa latina central para abajo. . Y NO SE DIGA newegg y frys en BLACKFRIDAY , me MOJO ESOS SI SON DESCUENTOS AGRACIADOS CON EL PÚBLICO. HASTA 80% monitores todoooo . CONSEJO BAJEN LA APP newegg y preparen su carterita que con 400 a 500 dolares arman más que decente su PC.

Xx Blackwiner Xx

Amigo necesito sacar el código de rastreo de un paquete en qué parte está ?


genial video justo lo que buscaba, pero si mi direccion tiene un guion como la pondria para que no me aparezca ese error?

Ricardo Didier

Like si quieres comprar desde tu pais a precio de estados unidos :'v

Newegg payment

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Why Was my Credit Card Declined

50 734 views | 2 Jul. 2019

WalletHub's experts

WalletHub's experts explain why a credit card might get declined and what to do next. Learn more at https://wallethub.com/edu/cc/credit-card-transaction-declined/25834/

Goofy Omm

I have one question can you go to the ATM and deposit your money in your credit card is declined

Jason Jewel

Contact derickwalker454 worker on Instagram for help with you account he got my fixed he very good and reliable


I need help. I changed my atm card Pin last day.and then a while ago I went to selected branches of atm machine.Every time i entered my pin code "your selected atm card doesn't exist "always appeard on the screen..what should i do.?

Linda Cannings

Your not giving the answers i need about my credit card declined and your saying go on the back call that number ive been doing this foe 3 weeks but they have a retarted recording on it dam im fraustrated i cant get my money back they give you the run around and no one knows how to get in touch with those bitches Im talking about a bought perfect gift card i purchase i dont have money to waste and im mad as hekk cant get no answers on internet went throught every thing possible still cant get answers or get them on line to explain why its declined they shouldnt be selling visas any ways but this is my last ill ever buy all scammers


I’m just trying to buy madden 20 on the ps store

Kaito LOL

My mom got a money on landbank but when i use her credit card on games it said credit card declined? Pls help me i need robux

Pranay Kumar

My card declined how to activate...☹️

Andy Shit On You

In my ios it says card declined but my android i can add the card pls help imm trying to buy vbucks

Dany Potts

For online transactions it says declined maybe it's on savings account ?


Stop Staring In To My Soul Please Women

Jyra Olaco

I have 102 card but 38only use :(

Uchiha Najmi

so i cant buy games in steam??

Izuku Midoriya

wait my mom's in California and im in Australia

so im a fraud

Xxx Tate


road trip clip

Thank you for this


You are sexy


I cant buy vbucksss!!!!!

Francesca Lay

Can you ellaborate on 'not enough available credit' ??


I have a temporary card and I was freaking out because I was trying buy stuff online and in person but my card kept declining. I got an email saying my card was shipped. I think it's because I need to activate my new card.

Dark Ninja

Listen i cant buy games on steam it says Your purchase has not been completed. Your credit card information has been declined by your credit card company.

Note that in some cases, your credit card company may put a 'hold' on funds in your account, but you will not be charged. After correcting any errors in the information displayed below, please try your purchase again.

Sadna Motee

Hiw to fix that please help me with this issue

Williams Grander

Thank you guys for recommending me to XENDACYBER on lnstagram just got mine fixed within some minutes?

Super Ness

I was getting a new card but it was declined.

Gwij pn

Thank you

Nickolai Edison

Contact [email protected]yahoo.com he helped me fix mine

Klynt Basadre

I ordered earlier using my dads cc to buy a laptop on shopee, the payment failed but an sms was sent to him that the payment was approved by shopee idk what to do please help me.

Its Pudding

I want to buy cp and minecoins but my mom's Credit card was declined


Robot ass geez I got scared the why she stares

Shining wizard

you're beautiful darling

Dark Man رجل الظلام




kim Winston

it's exacty three months ago I first contacted this credit repair specialist, I have absolutely no regret today, my score went up almost 200 points increase. Value for money is guaranteed. And most importantly, your information is safe with him and he delivers on time.
I am so happy that I found Mr Matt's contact. He helped me clean up my credit cards oustanding debt and improve my credit score after divorce. He helped me pull my credit reports, and shared with me what was on them, he then tackled the problems for me. I am more than happy with the results. I have recommended him to a number of people, none of them has had any complains, and I recommend him to anyone interested in repairing their credit score in quick time. Great man to work with! text only via whatsapp 414-909-3913


so lock super

Goofy Omm

I got the decline at the Asian market



ricardo milo

Im so sad kine dose not work AND I WANT MONEY ?

Rose Supreme

I'm trying to commission an artist, but PayPal keeps declining me. What do I do? My card is none of the issues you stated (though if I have to guess, it could be Reason #5).

Smashed Egg

I just got my credit card just now and it has like 5 dollars on it.

I wanna buy somthing on amazon on 3 dollars butit declines

djuliankata e

Can i fix my card


Im just trynna buy some vbucks :(

Namjoonie's SeXy BrAiN

When I buy robux it says "transaction declined.contact your card's issuer or try a different payment method."But I need robux T-T

Bush Mitchell

marc_ushack on insta just helped me fix my credit card decline issue.. He is a genius.. I recommend him

absolutely nothing


MRV b3an

Why tf does she speaks like Donald trump



Jason Ofc

Wow thanks

Milo Games

It won't accept my dad's credit card for herbalife


What about Error

Stephen Donohoe

We need cards to make our credit better check out how


My card was looked at as Fraud Suspected, how do I fix that problem?

Recardo Millions

She accent looks like Californian ??

Newegg payment

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Yo u still giving the boys away?

michael montalbano

I sent through PayPal for bestbuy bot

Outertale Sans

whatever i try it

Alan Huerta Luna

i sent you the payment bur i didnt receive anything

Jayden Carbonell-Smith

ITS Legit!

Shop Smart

i would like to purchase .. do i just send the money?

Gustavo Lavariega Lopez


GaryGames 814

I sent you the cash thru cashapp man, do you need anything else?

Th Duk

purchased today got best buy, amazon, and newegg running in the background right now thanks so much

Benjamin Cevallos

Can you run this on different models for rtx cards or is it 1 link page per run? Since idk when one will be avail.


A little bit suspicious but ima do a background check and let you guys know

crystel rickard

how i recieve. i paid

Jake Smith

goods and services thru paypal?

Leo Cuevas

Yuh ??‍♂️

Jake Smith


Danny Nunez

payment sent

al r

di you get the 3070

Jay Zeng

today bestbuy restock the 3080. The bot wouldnt work, it stopped when the yellow add to cart show up. When you test with other items, it works fine. I believe the best buy change something. I think the bot need update.


It works imma bout to tell all my friends lol

Duke _

Is there way to run multiple products for the same website? I tried using multiple tabs but ran into a problem


does this bot works for best buy? because last time i bought for best buy with the just one more step thing, i doesnt work more

David Méndez

Thais bot is compatible with Amazon España?

Cesar Elizondo

these still work?

Connor Seward

Hi can you friend request me.

JahTechVidz YKTV

I want to buy the newegg bot with bundle id how much?


Yo Kellen, the bot has an UPDATE available, is the updated version of each bot included within the "donation"? Because we CAN'T update the bot on our own because is asking for the Order ID and Email ID.


aye bro i just sent you 5 for the amazon bot


are you still selling bots?

Jake Smith

It’s currently installed & working atm.. will update if it purchases what I’m wanting it to!

Thomas Nguyen

hey i just sent payment how do i receive the bot?

elliott_ lol

Hi kay

A Zone

Does it work when antibot is on? Are you using proxies?

Carlos Antonio

how i can contact you want to make some question about the amazon bot..

Pedro Pons

@GAMEAWAY KAY how can i contact to you to buy newegg bot.do you receive throw zelle?


Hi kayyyyy