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Qlink (QLC) Market mover coin changing the carrier industy

2 289 views | 31 Dec. 2017




Kucoin Exchange


matteo svampa

this coin will be minimum 5 usd by mid 2018 great potential and a very exciting road map! plus the collaboration with huawey this is going to be huge!

Patrick Landfair

You need an adblocker! Ublock Origin is the best. Thanks for the video!

Johnny Crypto

Kucoin Exchange

Qlink price

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27 views | 5 Apr. 2019

QLC go to moon with Good

QLC go to moon with Good development team

Văn Tình Nguyễn

QLC go to moon !!!!

Parkin James

when QLC up to top 100

Qlink price

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QLink free government phone "FAQ frequently asked questions"

3 315 views | 10 Dec. 2019

"requested video" QLink

"requested video" QLink FAQ (frequently asked questions)

QLink https://qlinkwireless.com/

Free Phone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVTYqf7Qxnc

Free Computers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp7bqz4dIhU&t=147s

* New Channel “playlist” for my channel??? 2020

* want to donate?:



Please watch: "Unboxing The Onn Lightweight Slim Protective Case For iPhone 6/6S/7/8, Black"




quick question after 72 hours is up I get the tracking number to track my order wright?

miranda johnson

Where can I buy a phone for bring my own phone thank you

Kimberly Strowmatt

Thank you for educating us .

Static Smoke

my qlink phone screen is hard to use would I be able to transfer my qlink number to another cell phone if I don't wanna pay to get a replacement

Brenda Ison Cashwell

This guy says that qlink is super cool. So I'm just saying that he is super cool, also.

Haiden Talha

How do I activate my phone it's a android ZTE it keeps telling me sim card invalid and won't let me activate.

Eric Todd


Trevor Stepo

Thanks for giving me the information that app works

Starseed 222

I just filled out the application and got approved right away. But my thing is I chose the option to use my own device and also keep my number and just bring it over, so by doing that would they just need to mail me out a SIM card?

Seek Wisdom

Hey this sounds pretty good. How many talk minutes will you get a month with this Q Link service, and how much data does it come with monthly as well?

Trevor Stepo

I called qlink wireless they said my Galaxy note 8 is compatible with their service are sending me a SIM card

Criste Stolvads

Today since the next Smartphone Come with a temperature and humidity barometer integrated with that sensors, that set of sensors should come out quite cheaply as the other chips Since in case you do not bring the Galaxy Note 3 the S4 already a year after the nexus 4es the first smarphone that attracted barometer have come with barometer temperature and humidity the next phone already for 2021-2022 Smartphone as cheap as possible as technology is doubling more and more every 18-24 months ,,

June Ortiz

Can they send me a free gift card

AK Henderson

I'm with assurance and just applied with qlink today.. Will they automatically cancel my old Assurance government plan? I appreciate your vids.

Michael Anthony

Great video!

Maria C Rivera

But no one ever answers cute link I've tried it's always a machine