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Mojave MA100 Demo- Acoustic Guitar

2 344 views | 23 Jan. 2013

I just got this matched

I just got this matched pair of Mojave MA100 small diaphragm condenser tube mics and decided to try them out on my "Timeless Instruments" dreadnaught acoustic guitar luthiered by David Freeman.

I recorded the demo through my Line6 UX8 USB 2 interface into my iMac running Cubase 7. The stereo signal on this video is completely dry; no compression, reverb (other than from the room), EQ, nothing.


0:01 Demo 1 (A riff I made up)

0:38 Demo 2 (Another riff I made up)

1:20 Demo 3 (Cheesy Little Love Song by Justin Taylor)

1:57 Demo 4 (Neon by John Mayer)

Richie Conway

I dig that tone! It's very neutral.

RK - 12PL 928238 Brampton Centennial SS

Sup Pewpiepie, when'd you learn to play the guitar so well?


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1 088 views | 25 Sep. 2014

It was suppose to be an

It was suppose to be an open back headphone but it was not! I tested the sound and it was muffled too. Sounds like the diaphram is broken because it couldn't handle even the smallest amount of bass! I messaged the seller if the headphones was the same as the picture s/he has, and the answer was "yes". Obviously, it was not!

I wanted this set for a my collection :(


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Mojave Audio MA-100 on acoustic guitar - Pettibone / Bianco NEW

1 864 views | 15 Oct. 2012

Mojave Audio MA-100 on

Mojave Audio MA-100 on Acoustic Guitar.

Played by Doug Pettibone. Recorded by David Bianco

Daniel Shapiro

Nice! Martin sounds sweet and full. Which capsule did you use? Omni or cardioid?