The team up north

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1 928 589 views | 27 Dec. 2020

We all ganged up on

We all ganged up on Sockie! but could we still beat her???

WATCH NEXT - AMONG US IN REAL LIFE *new* https://youtu.be/TFSl4Xj9EhA

LAST TO LEAVE THE BED https://youtu.be/HTI8_iMbljI

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Audge Lee

I think its really unfair that just Sockie gets to be on all the profile pictures. This isnt just her channel, and neither is the cooking channel, yet shes on the logo of both. Sockie gets a cooking channel, a house, a gaming channel, gets to meet gordan ramsey, etc. while naz still doesnt have a Guinea pig, sabre still doesnt have a makeup channel, etc. Its so obvious that Brooke and Justin love sockie more then everyone else and its really disgusting. please treat all your kids the same.

Marianne Pilkington

Among us.

Jaqueline Reyes

or is that just scrachs

anneka challis


Ilishia Figg-Davis

Who could not get found by the other NN so whoever is the imp they have to find the crewmates

Felipe 101

You guys should make among us merch

The Bunnington show

Sockie be steeling my words BIGG BRAINN

symber tadina

Sabre pls stop skipping -_-

franco watson

Hi. Norris. Nuts. I'm a. Super. Legand

Mien Woo

How come they don’t prank Naz? Is it only because she’s younger?

Yami and Jelisia

I am starting to not like this bc biggy is always yelling and saber just could have helped sockie but no she voted sockie and sockie says it’s white then blue then pink then cyan and naz is like it’s sockie she is following me and naz when she yells she spits srry but it is true

Ekin Turkan

Sabre is too nice to play this game

Freya plays roblox !

My biggest flex is that I have been watching the Norris nuts since they were sleeping on mattresses in the swim school x

Maggie TV tube

I just love how sabre always says "YEAHHHHHHH" after a win

• b e a c h v i b e s•


Ria Gordon

I know someone time or to day biggy keep crying for every game

Ayana Stahl

I’ve been a fan for two years now

Hayan Saleem

this my favorite norris nuts video

Harley Claudio

No Sockie

Hayan Saleem

sabre when they are 3 people left you gotta vote randomly if you are a crewmate like between sockie and biggy just vote sockie

yanti tjong

thats rude but funny

Jojo Alnashwan

Can you do a video in among us! But , you can’t vent or do a meeting you can just report.??

Ssniperx 0

I hate sockie idk why she’s jus so annoying

Tyonna Sims

Biggy is a liar

Laila Cele

Socki :am too smart for this
Me: really ?????

Fatima-Zahrah Khan

hi Norris nuts if you r reading this i LOVE YOU guys you r the only youtubers i watch


2:27 I’m no joke dying ????

shut up malfoy

Jesus Christ died for our sins

Legends fam

On the first day of my school I woke up and my hair was going to be in a braid because that’s how my mum did it and then when I did it it looked just like cyber’s hair

The kitten fam Ventura

No hate but sockie is imposter all the time so good job

Ellyianna Rose

I don't like it when sockie's (Cerrus) is like " Always crewmate always crewmate always CrEwMatE" when Saber barley get's the imp so if your crewmate don't act like that -.-

Lucy rose vlogs

Hey sock, ur braces rlly suit u x stay safe

Zia Orchard

I believes that Naz shouldn’t get a guinea pig because I know she will take care of it but you won’t be able to go on any trips or stuff like that because you’re gonna have to feed it And they like a variety of different foods and they really love grass you would have to give them some grass like every afternoon if you want them in the house and if they’re outside just be careful of snakes and other predators like that and have to clean its cage every weekend and if you make one wrong move or accidentally drop them or hurt them they will be really skittish and when you pick it up it will most likely try run away from you and when does tries to pick it up she’s probably gonna chase it then it’s gonna get really scared and she’s probably only gonna buy one and then that one guinea pig will be depressed for his whole life and not have a mate They are a lot of work to take care of trust me I have five guinea pig of my own it’s started off with two then I wanted to make those two males and then now I got two little babies I know the babies are cute but they still are very tiny and sometimes even slip out of my fingers and I’m 14

Keimya Jackson

Bigs stop swearing but lengends don’t judge love you guys

Leia Alhomsi


Scarlet Muellenbach

anybody else realise that sabre then sockie then biggy then naz they all got impostor from oldest to youngest

Rebecca Warren


Miroslava Genovska

Its not among us its among sus


Why are they so rude

Emma's world


Alison Logan

You guys always cry and prank it’s just so upsetting
Y’all mean it’s jut
St I’m getting tired watching you cry
And fight!

Ria Gordon

sockie u shouldn't just take the ice cream but it to late inplus what if it were nutters ice cream

Maple Does stuff

If people comment random things and get 1k likes....



Longest comment you have seen


XXcloudy GamerXX

I am dinusour from among when we played just now um i am huge fan!

Cliff Tornell

I love you


U Should Add Slender Mom To Da Pic

Isobel Taylor


Norris Nuts Gaming

Watch Next - MAMA AND BIGGY TEAM UP IN AMONG US https://youtu.be/YA2JhfdlWY0

Masuma Mehdi

aww i feel kinda bad for sockie....?

Florrie Haddow

Me I have been one for nearly four years

Rose Ambler-Boateng

If your a legend how do we join your game,how do we know when your playing?

Iyanu Alalade

i feel bad for sabre bc sockie always tells everyone its sabre but sockie i hate her she is so rude and dumb

Demi Jones

Love your vidz And l watch you every morning and I'm a legend

Sophie Anna

Sickie wasted her Medway and no one was there so she couldn’t prove she was crew mate. ?‍♀️

On the first round

Keep going

Nearly there

Just a little further

Soooo close

Ily Norris Nuts ❤️

Harry Meldrun

Sockie: her brain: 99999999999999999 IQ

Blayr Scott

hi norris nuts. i'm an american legend but when i do an australian accent my friends tell me that i sound like Sockie Norris.

Bateman Girls

I been watching I guys sense I was 1 on I’m 8 right now so 8 years


I have been a fan of the Norris nuts over 3 years

Zara Spadafora

U never tea on on sockie

Reyna Delgadokll b 08

You kno wat norris nuts should film a gaming vid with NOOOOOOO edit!!! Who else thinks that??

Ilishia Figg-Davis

I know what video you should do on among us

Selena Wan

I loved when they did the no editing vid

Giddy up

you guys should do a song about among us

Cc. randomz

Sockie slowly turning into big brain jade lol ( inquisitormaster)

Isla Scarlett

whenever its biggy he says sabere your sus

BunnyGirl !

Ahhhhhh so relaxing seeing Sockie rage

symber tadina

Legends will never be toxic

relixey rasher


Kayla Bell


Priscilla Bongi

The end is not fair at all

Maria Cichewicz

And a surper legend and I live in England nazzy if you read this I have a bunny teddy and I love you all

Chloe Travell

They shout very loud

Kendal Edwards

Sad socks

Angel l

You can’t say it’s not fair when it’s the whole point of the game and start crying like what-


Just one question why dose biggy always yell it’s someone and then it’s not them

Rebecca Fieldhouse

What are there really names as sockie and biggy don't sound like names to me just wondering as I am new to this

Rebecca Fieldhouse

Do they do school work

Molly Burns

Btw guys when sockie tried to lock saber in eletric she should of vented to Medbay and run to caf and kill saber ps I love your videos!

Briella Smith



Nn,the visual task are 02 empty chute cuz u go to storage, cafe empty garbage, astrods, scan

Aya_* *_Plays

Who else has been a true legend for the Norris nuts since they used a green screen lol

Me :)


Okay so i just got done with watching hiding in 100,000,000 dollar mansion and i was just wondering if that house is from sabres 16th birthday

Laura Hammond

Hi? plz
Plz reply ilysm

Suzie Drinkeld

I know why sabre say where's your proof so then she will not get voted off

Hayan Saleem

i am glad you escaped electrical sabre

Stary vlogs

Wanna know who is the imposter when someone/imposter fakes a task u can look at the task bar to see if it moves or not and they say there done and the task bar did not move they are imposter


Wow Sockie

Lola Zapol

RIP headphone users

Abdul Malek

I'm a fan of the norris nuts over a year

Brooklynn Presti

I love when the Norris nuts post out gaming videos

Shekinah Art

who else just loves the norris nuts

G04 Tiffanie Gene Chiu

Reasons why sockie is selfish your siblings have sacrificed a lot for your dream to to meet Gordon Ramsay and sockie won’t go into a 2-5 hour flight get mad at me but I’m just saying the truth and fact and also your perents will spend 50k on sockie to get her dream and not buy a cheap Guinea pig like sockie is the favorite child

Daylight Official


Cranky World

I have a video idea you should be doing playing your game with the legends!!!

hp fan


Morrione Family

Thats just mean and unfair to Sockie

Jaqueline Reyes

i never saw biggy have freckles well it looks like he does i think i saw him before with them but it loooks like he has more

SMH Playz

Why don’t you play Roblox anymore?

Hanx Gaming9k


The team up north

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