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Riot Blockchain (RIOT) Stock Analysis | Should You Invest? Why I'm Bullish

3 551 views | 3 Jun. 2020

Hopefully you guys were

Hopefully you guys were able to gain some value from this. Again, if you want to talk feel free to drop a comment! ??? You can also support the channel by checking out the links below.?? Appreciate you. ??

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Remember guys, take action and make waves in these markets! ? ?

Understand that this is not financial, legal, or tax advice. I do not guarantee a particular outcome. Please do your own research and use what you’ve learned to make your own decisions.

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Leslie Robot

i bought 1 long term call option at 4.85 and another short call for 6/19 at 2.44 LOL i also have some btcoins. really bullish on blockchain. recently earned 25% on ETH.LOL

Sam Myunfmg-Dea

Hello everyone

Brad D

Very bullish on RIOT! Ever since I watched your last video, I've been killing it. Holding and taking profit 50% of my stake each time. And then avg down every dip. Thanks for your time ?

Brenn Capital

Love RIOT, went in at 2.15 and think they're the best to go for if you believe in BTC.
Have a look at DGLY brother, they're about to take off huge imo. just finished their offering at 1.65 and is breaking 1.70 resistance as we speak.

Philipp Savelyev

Great video! What’s your short term thought about Moderna? Does it seem like a recovery considering fundamentals ? Thanks, man!

Josh Robertson

I’m kinda wanting to invest into some $3 calls for Jan 2021! Thank you for the info!!


I have to say having access to your portfolio and seeing all these videos help me put everything together to make informed decisions and make my own conclusions on things. I literally started a month ago and I’ve made some money, thanks to your videos and products and your reference articles. Thank you Royce!!! Please don’t stop!!

Jia Ming Chen

Hi Royce, do u think there will be another market crash? Maybe not as bad as the coronavirus crash but significant enough to impact the economy?

scott corney

You could buy Riot Blockchain before Bitcoin rallys! Then you could put the money into Bitcoin if it x5's. Say you only have $1000... You could wait for Bitcoin to pull back to 12,000 or 11,000 and then buy in. Bitcoin will hit 20,000 before next May, but it will have to retest between 10,000-12,000 in the 1st Quarter of 2021. Even if it x3 you will own more bitcoin as a result. That way you owe more bitcoin then just putting it straight into bitcoin.


Do you know any short term stocks that are good? Because I really only have like 100 dollars left and I’m trying to find some good stocks to make the money grow. Thanks Man, you are the sole reason why I wake up at 5 am just to watch your vids. ??

Black Beard

Canadian Cryptocurrency platform payment traffic rises to all time highs. $DIGAF stock online payment for bills has been rising during this pandemic! To the Moon ???????

Elizabeth Cardenas

Royce where do you think riot will be if bitcoin hits 50k by year end?


Emergency question: on Webull, what happens when an in the money call option auto exercises and you don't have the avaliable funds (for the 100 shares)??

Ralph Rodriguez

200 if bitcoin goes to 100000


Bought 20000 shares when they were at .$65...gonna be a GOOD year lmao

Cummins Power

Do you have any videos on how to trade options trading on robinhood?


Maybe I should get in ?

loveandgamingx x

RIOT has been good so far. Given potential, I don't think its too late

Dylan Gibbs

Royce Jakob. Thank you for the advice on riot I've done a lot of research on these guys and I'm so excited for this one before the halving riotset themselves up for success by upgrading their systems to produce more output. I think they will lead they way for sometime. If I make what i think I'm going to make I'm definatly going to book a trip to Hawaii and thank you personally lol thanks bud

Prosperous Life

First! ?

Jose Garcia

What do you think about MGM calls for June 5??

adarsh garapati

Do you use margin trading?

Barack Obama

Thanks for the video!

Tom Frenz

Don`t consider myself a technician but RIOT is ready to form a "GOLDEN CROSS" within days, which is very bullish and could lead to a breakout. Let`s hope!

Tom Frenz

Just took a position in RIOT, will add to it if it pulls back. Square really taking off as did Marvell. My theory on Moderna is that it won`t go up as much as we earlier thought, too many vaccines now (5) getting a lot of attention. What do you think?

Christopher Ley

12 minutes this time

Michael Saikaley

$MARA is now debt free and ordered 1200 miners!!!!!

Tom Nichols

Good service just got my payout!!!!!

Stephen Amesquita

What do you think of apps? It seems like a great company, its cheap and it doesnt really go down.


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4 242 views | 17 Jan. 2021

We talk about blockchain

We talk about blockchain in general and the recent explosion in Bitcoin Mining companies. Remember that Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency which is an application of the underlying technology known as blockchain. We talk about the aggressive computational acquisition made by Marathon Patent Group with Bitmain and their share dilution. We also talk about the metric that allowed me to identify other undervalued mining stocks. This is a general overview of BitFrontier Capital Holdings. Let me know what you think about Marathon Patent Group Stock (MARA Stock), Argo Blockchain Stock (ARBKF Stock), Canaan Stock (CAN Stock), Bitcoin Shop Stock (BTCS Stock), Ebang Internaitonal Stock (EBON Stock), Bit Digital Stock (BTBT Stock), Bitfarms Stock (BFARF Stock), Investview Stock (INVU Stock), BitFrontier Capital Stock (BFCH Stock), Riot Blockchain Stock (RIOT Stock), ISW Holdings Stock (ISWH Stock), Hut 8 Mining Stock (HUTMF Stock), HIVE Blockchain Technologies (HVBTF Stock), and CleanSpark (CLSK Stock). *This channel is for educational and entertainment purposes; I am not a financial planner nor am I suggesting that you buy or sell securities. Everything said is my opinion and interpretation*

Email me for a discord add code: talkwithelillc at gmail

Follow on twitter here: https://twitter.com/TalkWithEli

Patreon available here: https://www.patreon.com/TalkWithEli






Chuks Mark

Wow hackerjoe1 on telegram save my life thank you sir 2Btc??

Carta Genero

My only question: Are you valuing hypothetical machines as = to machines already mining?


i think we should focus on what's the mining cost per coin for a miner, clsk claimed profit over 6k how does the rest comapre to that?


Having a bad website to help sell an investor is a big blow for let me. Lucky then I never have looked. still bullish. My ignorance is dwarfed by optimism. Seems speculative vs volatile such as BC

Jeff K

Any chance you'll cover FTFT in a review?

Andy Vo

This miner seems fishy

Thomas bella Christiana

I am nothing, if not for the 5 btc i recieved from Hacker Diego on telegram that help my carrier I am so grateful thanks ???.


I am all in on $ARBKF with 10,000 shares that I won’t start selling until it hits $10 at least. I will add more shares to swing though on the way up.

Worm aka Tgwlhffxzpasqm Lwvcvbcvbdlmyz0

I really have my sought-set on $BFCH, I'm gonna grab some this upcoming week

Eric Lang

Big announcement today from them. Looks promising. Congrats on picking this weeks in advance buddy ?

dd dd

BFCH seems to be a pink sheet stock that i can not trade, can i trade on Fidelity?

Jay Kemm

140-150K by EOY with 70-80% pullback next year before the next halving.

Fernando Abramowicz

Eli don’t you think that may be the company plans have changed ? No updates in the website. No updates on tweeter. No efforts from the company to show things. And they must know that decreases confidence from investors. Don’t you think that’s something to consider? I think that’s a way of talking. Or a way to informing. They don’t seem to have anything good to share with public. Of course I feel tempted to buy those shares At that price. But I do think something is happening here as well. Thanks for your videos. They are really cool and I really like them ????

Chheng Oan

Can u do btcs a review


They don't have a respectable website and they mined 0 BTC so far. That's what I learned from their twitter account

Wendell Davis

Please take a look at Integrated Ventures.

Market Cap: 15M
Current Price: 0.119
Float: 121M

Daily $7k mining revenue.
Projected $2.5M annual revenue at bitcoins current price.

Currently mining at PETAWATT in NY (better power efficiency facilities)

All the DD can be found below:

Below pictures of the mining operations:

Was previous covered by the InvestingChannel (Youtube)

If their is something I'm missing, please let me know.

stew tube

Thank you !

Christopher Bucci

When do you think this stock will surge?

robert jakes

Can anyone confirm the legitimacy of BfCH?

Diya Hossain

Can you make a video on hut 8? I recently bought a bunch of shares and now it is tanking making me lose a ton of money

Sam R

Thank you thank you thank you. You are answering my prayers ??

Market Gains

As a beginner of Bitcoin trading watching videos on YouTube is very wrong I was ignorant doing so...so I decided to try Mr James Albert and ever since then he's has made about $14,000 for on every $5,000 I invested just in 2weeks

shock levels

people was talking about hackerklerry telegram i dont believe until i make a deal with him and i received BTC thank ????you so much sir hackerklerry on telegram??✅ ✅✅

Mcloy Cocken

Fuck it! I am getting a shit tone of shares! I am gonna ride Eli LETS GET IT!

Stock Talk with Eli, Ph.D.

I was right! AGAIN!


If you had to pick only two mining stock, which one would you pick and why?

Jim D.

Love your videos! Thank you! Q: Why is the new building 7,500sqft and only 1,200sqft dedicated to miners?


BFCH is absolute Trash!

Haye Akira

Can you make a video focused on ARGO please with short and long term price prediction.


Do we have any info on the CEO? He has never made a public appearance and is not on LinkedIn. Management and future direction is crucial for mining operations.
I have sent emails and spoke with a third party call center who passed along my info. They have not responded and their inbox does not accept any more messages.
Has BFCH purchased mining equipment? If not, they will not receive hardware for several months and it will soon become antiquated.
I get containing costs by performing all of the work in house, but are they qualified to establish a functioning mining facility?
Is this just a pure gamble?

James Johnston

Can you look into $CCTL gone up 1000% last two month

Taiwo Azeez

I’ve been dealing with him for 5months...it’s really great to live a lavish life and invest at the right time..I really wish I could meet him in person hacker_brandom on telegram I owe a lot to him

Taiwo Azeez

I’ve been dealing with him for 5months...it’s really great to live a lavish life and invest at the right time..I really wish I could meet him in person hacker_brandom on telegram I owe a lot to him


how abt invu?

Flip w.

Great video Eli, my favourite crypto stock is a low float miner on OTCQB that even survived the bear market with very little dilution , now at 0.12 cents coming from 2 cents: INTV, all the best!

いしけん チャンネル

Eli do you hold BTC?


What do you think on IPSI?

Christopher Ramon

Trust is needed for shareholders to move on this. I feel like BFCH doesn’t understand this or care about it. All the numbers provided are speculative at this point and it took them 2 -3 years to build one facility. They are defunct. They did get 10 million in 2018 to start this venture but if they were smart they would’ve been building investor relations leading to next week’s launch catalyst.


Can you do a BTBT update


Great formulations sir .. Please continue to update BFCH and how it compares to the others out there.

Space D007

Hi, why don’t you send an email with your questions to them ? BFCH tk

Jay A

I bought EBON based on your recommendation at $8. is is worth it to hold?

Levi Roberts

Great video! For anyone wondering, Fidelity did allow you to buy BFCH a couple weeks ago but recently stopped. My friends on Webull and RH said they couldn't get it on those platforms (but I haven't confirmed that myself). A friend on T.D. said he could buy it so you may want a T.D. account to get BFCH. I snagged 10k shares at 3 cents a share on Fidelity before Fidelity stopped allowing us to get it. I hope Fidelity brings it back as I want a bigger position. Maybe some can chime in if they can get it with their broker as I'd love to know which brokers provide access to it.

Chuks Mark

Wow hackerjoe1 on telegram save my life thank you sir 2Btc??

Lucky Seven

Thank you for your content. Very informative. I was able to find one and they look like they have a solid plan and also have a major tie with software company (AI). The ticker is CODE. In my opinion may even be better then ARGO. Your thoughts and opinion are highly recommended. Thank you

Gail Som

Get in early on BITF ??

Crytpo Krypt

I have had BFCH for a month, thumbs up!!!


Thanks Eli - these guys only have 3 full time employees? Leaves me a little uneasy

CryptoRonin *

I’m holding BFCH I really like having the opportunity to get into these crypto companies so early on knowing that these will eventually moon as crypto continues to get adopted.

karon butera

Staying calm through the daiIy market price changes isn't an easy feeling to bottle in, although I still strongly believe Bltcoin is going to enter the $50kUSD record before mid-year, although that's my personal opinion. A lot of my friends who are holders are currently going crazy over the sudden drop in price and a follow up rise. Firstly, you aren't supposed to be emotionally entangled with the market charts/price. This is a good realization I worked towards correcting early last year, so it was never second-guessing when an opportunity as crypt o tradlng came my way. With much energy channeIed in tradlng Bltcoin daiIy with the gulde of a T.A exp ert Ryan Beavis, my portfoIio went from approx 5Bltcoin to 38Bltcoin within a year. I will always suggest to newbies or old holders, Trad e with an expe rt people! It is truly easy, only requires your time and gulde with a mentor like Ryan. You can reach @Ryanbeavis on Te.l*qram OR wh*ts*pp ( + Goodluck

Christian Regala

I would stay clear away from this one as red flags everywhere. Last update/communication was on their twitter account announcing they have installed a power pole and turned on electricity. Other than that, no further updates or any status of progress in regards to minging rigs. Read comments from others on other platforms and share the same sentiment. It is near impossible to get anyone from BitFrontier on phone or email. In respects to communication, Argo they are definitely NOT!

Bills Tommy

Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

Ty Rouke

MGTI. To the moon.

Stock Talk with Eli, Ph.D.

What do you think about BFCH?

Tes West

Thanks for the info Eli!!

Hisham Álvarez

Too risky, I ain't putting my hard earned money here

Chuks Mark

Wow hackerjoe1 on telegram save my life thank you sir 2Btc??

T Oki

Thank you Eli for your efforts! We really appreciate your hard work!
I have a small position in BFCH as well. I do feel like there is quite some risk due to the lack of updates and unsavvy PR, but hope its in the works to improve.
Here is a video (take with a pinch of salt) of someone who has spoken with the CEO of the company and the companies overall outlook:


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Full Alert: Hive Blockchain Technologies Inc (HVBTF) (HIVE)

525 views | 10 Feb. 2020

Full Alert: Hive

Full Alert: Hive Blockchain Technologies Inc (HVBTF) (HIVE)

Full Alert #hive #bitcoin #richtvlive

TRADING ACADEMY JOIN HERE - https://iM.Academy/corp/cjoin?enroller=richtvlive


2 Free Stocks are Waiting for You Valued up to $1400!

Come and gain access to in-depth analytics and low costs at Webull with me - https://act.webull.com/kol-us/share.html?hl=en&inviteCode=k6JClu7x6e2t

YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/c/RICHTVLIVE









Rich TV's company profiles and other investor relations materials, publications or presentations, including web content, are based on data obtained from sources we believe to be reliable but are not guaranteed as to accuracy and are not purported to be complete. As such, the information should not be construed as advice designed to meet the particular investment needs of any investor. Any opinions expressed in Rich TV reports, company profiles, or other investor relations materials and presentations are subject to change. Rich TV and its affiliates may buy and sell shares of securities or options of the issuers mentioned on this website at any time.

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We strongly encourage all investors to conduct their own research before making any investment decision. For more information on stock market investing, visit the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") at www.sec.gov.

Troy Levi

Forgot 2 hit the like button had 2 come back haha

Troy Levi

I'm up 20g on hive in 2 weeks. 200%. Sold