Iridium charge

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Pulstar Pulse Plugs (Iridium) VS NGK Iridium Spark-Plugbench test... You Decide.

979 627 views | 2 Oct. 2012

www.pulstar-incognitoproducts.com - Every Spark-plug on the market today is ONLY capable of discharging a maximum of 50 watts to ignite fuel. And Power Ignites Fuel! The Pulstar Pulse Plug has an internal capacitor, that captures the power normally wasted by Spark-plugs, using it to ignite the fuel charge. Both plugs ARE the same heat range, the Pulstar plug does NOT produce a hotter spark. It produces a larger spark with more surface area, creating a larger Flame Kernel that burns fuel sooner. Extracting more power from every fuel charge. A good example is...the Spark-plug is a flash light, and the pulse plug is the camera flash. Even though they both can use the same power supply, 2 AA batteries. The camera flash is many times brighter & larger even though it does not last very long. The same is true of the ignition source from the Pulse Plug...in your engine 1 Million watts only needs to last for 2 billionth of a second. Enough time to ignite fuel, but brief enough to NOT over heat vital engine components. The Pulstar Pulse Plug...will NOT harm your engine.

eric d

so NGK is the oem plug for just about every single Japanese auto, motorcycle, manufacturer. but pulstar are some how better?


always use ngk best spark plug in the world

Claudio Carvajal

La cago


I had a set of the Pulstars in my 01 Silverado and didn't see any difference in power or mpg over the NGK's that I used prior.  Only real difference I saw was that the Pulstars didn't like to get wet, they crack when they get the smallest amount of water on them after a little use.  My NGK's could care less about the water.  

Miyagi Motorsport

Yes Dan Rieco is right. Also i would like to see the same test under pressure.... will be not the same results believe me ...


With that amount of Arc it won't even last 10k miles it will wear out the Center Electrode unnecessarily and make no benefits all the spark is doing is igniting the fuel vapor and some engines are already equipped with dual plugs per cylinder for a much better combustion, engines like the 6.2 Ford Boss 6.4 Hemi and 6.2 Ecotec all use a total of 16 plugs


The premise behind these plugs is total bull. A capacitor can only charge to the voltage level of the supplied voltage, so it will only produce the same voltage level as the ignition coil itself. There is no need to increase the current level. In fact that would be detrimental to the life of the spark plug, and have zero effect on the burning of the fuel. Higher voltage levels will help ignite the fuel better and faster, but as I pointed out, the voltage level can't exceed the voltage of the coil. Just another gimmick.


How is this video getting so many likes???

David Wilfong

The opening picture shows the "conventional" spark plug with 50 watts, and the "exceptional" plug with 1,000,000 watts. I wonder why one is brighter? Now, watch the beginning of the test closely. When they both start firing, they are equally as bright. But, as they heat up, the Pulstar gets much brighter. It looks like it is burning the electrode and/or ground strap off to me... Oh, and spark plugs don't fire that rapidly anyway.


Im wondering how these would do with nology plug wires. I would imagine they would spark good.

Gobert 1999

Cool welder but I need a spark plug.


These plugs are no replacement for aftermarket ignition, especially coils which really amplify the energy going to the spark plugs. If you all think you're noticing a performance gain it's just a placebo. Without any instruments you can tell whether these plugs are making any difference to your air/fuel mixture. If you've ever installed an aftermarket racing coil and 10mm wires you can easily tell by the smell of the exhaust that something has changed. If you've ever gone to a drag strip you will familiarize with the same exact exhaust smell. I had a feeling that these plugs might be too good to be true, another gimmick perhaps. I installed them and there was no noticeable power gain or change in the exhaust's smell, therefore no change either to the air/fuel mixture. Buy racing coils.

Robert Morin



I've used both and I can tell you the NGK are the way to go. I heard about the Pulstar and wanted to give it a try in my 2010 Acura TL SH-AWD. I installed then reset ECU like instructions said and they damn near gave my car a heart attack. They threw ever alert possible in my car and were misfiring left and right. I took them back and wouldn't you know it the NGK had zero issues and even ran smoother than it did prior. The one time i strayed from NGk was a complete failure and I'll never stray again.

Oh and I almost forgot the other issue they said nothing about. You can't use a standard Spark plug socket for install or removal. No clue why they would to this. I had to by a new socket just to install them. Very annoying.


The Pulstar spark is too Bright to be True....NGK for me?.. thanks for the demo..lol...Audi Benz....top German brands use NGK ..Japanese plugs...I rest my case case?..

Jacob Sebastien

The Best Spark Plugs is Denso Power Iridium ?


Another "revolutionary" spark plug...OH BOY!!!!


I prefer NGK

John Connor

the pulstar i bought didn't go over 50000 km ,they melted!!!

T_money_ THIRD

Which is which? I can't even tell where the ngk is...

Manjaleu Motovlog

Se trocar as velas de lado o que será que acontece...

Gabriel Opaleiro



Para audi a3 motor 2.0fsi sin turbo año 2003 cuales serian? Saludos desde españa like

Jason Musgrove

Pulstar machine testing pulstar spark plugs vs NGK, not bias at allllllllllll

Hand Tuned Engines

If u will. Exchange the red boots and demonstrate if there in-fact equal voltage . . . Thanks !!!


These plugs are junk compared to the "Torque Master Spark Plugs" I have  an 81 Chevy Malibu with a 350 5.7 liter engine.I`ve installed a set back in 6/8/ 2008.I`ve never had a problem with them at all.I get 25 m.p.g.  on the highway, 15 m.p.g in the city.I`ve put about 30,000 miles on them so far..

Jeremy Watson

Can you do one NGK stock and ngk iridium?

Jing Abion

Show off vs Reliability :)


After this test, the Pulstars were completely destroyed. ;) Longevity is key here too. These remind me of the old Splitfire plugs the lasted maybe 6 months

The Royal Crowned Tiger

I like the Champion Iridium plugs, very long lasting, without issues, start and go, no problems.

Had the NGK in the same truck, and it would misfire, it was installed into a older Dodge Ram, after the replacement with the Champion, all good again.

Both are iridium plugs, Champion and NGK.

Arony Rodriguez

Mejol NGK


if they are so good then why didn't the major car manufacturers use this plug as OE after all "More torque, More horsepower, Greater fuel efficiency" right
F1 teams should use this plug to gain an advantage

Демонтаж кондиционера

Это на дизель можно ставить, а на ДВС не годиться

Top Secret

NGK are one of the top plugs...they make plugs for everything... Shit my weed wacker has NGK plug...that says it all..plus they been around a long time people NGK has perfected the spark plug....Pulstar?????Time will tell if there any good...

Tyler Owen

a magneto shits all over all of them

Ak j

Is this available for motorbike engine?

A li

right side sparkingplug better and stable power other one have to much power and not durable melting self.

Kevin G

So what you rather choose. Honda Spark plugs or this??????
Heres the story. today we have this customer. he getting new piston and piston rings. ALL COVER BY HONDA. customer decide to get this Pulstar whatever its call. saying Honda ones sucks. he rather get good ones.
Honda spark plugs like $50 each!!!!!

Chris Holt

Heard of Ngk, first time hearing about Pulstar Pulse

Jay P

Why would anyone want that many watts flowing into their cylinders. I would thing you'd run lean out of the box.

Hyacinth T

Petrol can burn with the smallest of spark, so what is the use of big spark? Normal branded plugs does the job well


After 2 year , work perfect and save lots of fuel


Awesome video

Im your fan now

Please subscribe my small channel too

Best regards

matthew Kubiak

HAHAHA this is a wasted spark set up if any one knows how they work they pass through the one spark plug in to the other to complete a circuit...   they are seeing the same voltage.. all they did was open the gap or dope the spark plug tip to make it brighter....

brian k

Pretty but easily faked, there's quite a few third party dyno shootouts out there showing NGK on top.

Vincent Manjuran

Don't doubt it. It actually needs more than 20,000 volts to make the spark jump!!! Believe it or not!!! :P

Mr X

put these in my truck after 5k engine started missfiring. found the ground burned off 3 of the plugs

Steve Cea

these plugs are overpriced garbage , don't believe the hype , dyno results show not worth the price

Dc chan

NGK is the best
had been using Laser Iridium Plugs on my rx8
they last for at least 30K+ miles
long time ago dealer put in regular spark plugs 
and they only last for less than 10K miles


wew cool

Brandon Quenneville

dan rieco Don't ever, over look technology** research instead... test maybe?


@yung duck ngk are oem for VWs

fung whyou

Hmm looks like a voltage difference swap them badboys and try it again

Specialized 29er

Just how much spark does an engine need. I thought you only ned enough to ignite the fuel which is just your standard $3.00 plug.

Abdulrhman Alshamsi

It will screw the pistons. Like a drill. Cool plugs is better i dont buy that i gain 1 or 10 hp and loose an engine piston after awhile

Hawj Tsaab

Bigger spark does not equal bigger combustion. The job of the spark is just to ignite the fuel. That ignition will take place no matter how small the spark is.

Bigbot Hoee

Is that cylinder under pressure ? See what one goes out first

Yusuf Abdul Basith Kuntoro

not matter of size of spark, the last result is time to burning fuel air mixture, faster is better

Day Night



Denso is best.


that spark tells me the plug is not gonna last long or piston gonna melt on initial use..pulstar? yeah right

roman sepiol

No difference (


too much sparks in the long or short run will produce too much heat that will destroy the tips of the plugs.

Aries Man

In all fairness, I was a customer of Pulstar spark plugs only to switch to NGK after my 1997 Trans Am suffered from ignition problems. The mechanic pulled the plugs and swapped in NGK iridium plugs but informed me there was no indication that anything was wrong with the spark plugs. Eventually I would have to go back to replace my failing optispark distributor. So, the plugs were not the problem...

I have been using NGK spark plugs since 2012, and I can't stress how many I have had to replace from arcing due to the formation of cracks in the insulator. Also, another interesting fact is that I have been documenting my miles per gallon on the EPA fuel mileage site, and after five years of NGK spark plug usage and documenting all the fixing and modifications that I have done to my motor over these years, my 5.7 liter LT1 was actually getting a better average mpg before I switched to the NGK iridium spark plugs. I am very, VERY tempted to reinstall these spark plugs myself, which I saved after all these years.

Marketing or not, the miles per gallon my car was getting just with these stupid spark plugs was better than any attempts I have made to restore and improve my motor since then! The only real test is to reinstall them and REALLY test them for a few years.

nhivj dek befdfgf mjkovdfjodfajb

Оригинал NGK Iridium bkr5eix умерли на 20000км https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2UAWKeFeaE


NGK is the best spark plug


More sparks doesn't make the gas ignite "more powerfully." Pulstar is full of shit. More expensive and less reliable then the well known NGK.


Been running NGK Iridium IX on my BMW M3 for 40k+ miles now and it has been great

Tubergen MotorSports

My Jetta had a knock pulled the NGK BKR5EGP The ground electrode "AND" center electrode were GONE!
Got my bore scope and yep there they were bouncing around destroying my cylinder! MY LAST NGK PLUGS EVER!!!

Engr Bilal Ahmed Awan

NGK iridium laser ones are the best

M Ashfaq

We love NGK


Are NGK spark plugs made in Germany? If so I am going to get them for my VW

Isaias Tinoco

why are there differences in the glass ? it looks cleaner and maybe even magnifying on the left side


I don't know why people are laughing at this. I just made the switch and my lawnmower is running better than ever.


I haven't seen shit of difference if you want me to believe pulsestar I need to see that is the most expensive ngk perhaps the one for a Nissan gtr then I will beleive. Pulsestar failed.

dan rieco

Marketing at its finest. Don't you think any manufacturer that uses internal combustion engines would use any technology to gain an advantage. Weather it's higher mileage or horse power? I've been a mechanic "auto technician" for more than thirty years. I would have to say plug quality is in this order Ngk ,Denso, Autolite, Motorcraft, AcDelco. They are all good plug manufacturers. Notes: Bosh is only good in the old air cooled VW bug motors. Champions are good, in a couple of Mopar applications and lawnmowers. All rest are Chinese made gimmicks such as SplitFire, E3, and the Pulstar. All junk. I recently had a bad experience with a new customer. He requested that I replace the plugs In the cars they bought for their twin boys. Customer supplied the tuneup parts. Only to be disappointed because of early failures or loss of power and gas mileage. A Toyota Camry came to the shop today with a po300 random misfire code. I surprised the customer when I told him he needed new plugs. His reply was there only 3 months old. I Pulled out the Chinese super do all capacitor spit 3 spark plugs, I installed a set of Denso plugs and of course it purred like a kitten, and all's well. I hand him the invoice for a grand total of 84.80 for his 4 cylinder car. He told me the old plugs cost him over 60 bucks plus postage. Please folks don't fall for the super duper spark plug Hype. Remember what your mother told you. If it sounds to good to be true. Steer clear.

Mr Sausage

Pulstar plugs are crap. I had these on my Iame Leopard kart engine and it shattered in the cylinders.

Fionnan O Brien

it ain't going to be running constant like in this video. It will be intermittent with each cylinder and it won't get a 1/4 of the brightness.

Man Man

Would want to see any manufacturer recommend first.


NGK gets my vote

Rey Gacasan

Had NGK iridiums. They are bulletproof. Rain flood mud no problem.


Bad brand. Two plugs of mines cracked within months. Wouldn't buy it again. Stick with the good old NGK.

Marcelo Cuadrado

No mejora nada es verso eso


Absolute rubbish

Kurt Ma

Silver spark plugs are still the best for performance... will always be. 100%
But useless on a normal engine as they need to be changed more often


i donno man if i got these powerful sparks would it effect my engine ??

Ian Clancy

NGK is standard equipment on the likes of a Bugatti Veyron 16.4, Ferrari, BMW, Porsche, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes ect... Who the hell is Pulstar? Gimmicky.


Always use NGK plugs with no issues.


Go check out the ratings/reviews of the Pulstar plugs on Amazon. Like so many other "Miracle" plugs on the market, there is an issue with quality control and many of these plugs aren't lasting past 20k miles before they start falling apart or causing misfires. When you factor that in, as well as the price per plug, all of these "Miracle" still don't make sense when compared to for example NGK laser cut iridiums which easily go 100,000 miles are still look/perform like new.

Mike S

Switch the wires on the distributor cap while its running so we can really see....that its not rigged

Allan R

Won't a spark that big keep the plug too hot and cause early detonation?

tristen turner

the power claimed by these are impossible. since watts = Volts * Amps, and voltage in a car is a steady 15v from the alt, you can find that there is a need to have 2000 times more current in order to make the claimed power.

wires running 3 amps can not handle 6000 amps.

i mean, the company is claiming to have 1341 hp spark plugs. just no... no. gotta love merican companies, dont give a shit about truth or fact. this product is as valid as homeopathic medicine manufacturers.

waste of money and time

Jo'z avenue

NGK is the best

Ashrof Ashroff

This big firing are great, but it will near to the pre ignition or overheating. ..

Kevin Peterson

Wouldn't that amount of spark burn a hole in the piston? And wouldn't the ignition system itself be destroyed? Like control module, ecu or coil being fried because of the high output!?

Dave Woods

Well that told me nothing


To tylko reklama niczym nie róznia sie te świece od standartowych

Adrian G.

"More torque"
"More horsepower"
That's gonna be a no for me dawg.


Snake Oil



Iridium charge

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Acceleracers Soundtrack: Taro's Charge

34 853 views | 23 Jun. 2017

Credit for originally

Credit for originally ripping the songs goes to CarnivorousVegan. I only uploaded the songs separately to Youtube.

His Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Nope1337Legit1

Music ripped from Hot Wheels Acceleracers: Speed Of Silence.

Haise Sasaki

Does anyone have the sheet music of this for guitar? I'd love to learn this but trying to decide notes when they're not isolated is hard for me.


That one dislike is from the drone that crashed into Synkro isn’t it?

Diablo81 Lycan

Im gonna pass you


this is the same song the used in the ice realm for taro, just noticed that.

Rainbow Apocalypse

Every time I hear Metallica's Murder One I always think of this scene. One of my favorite scenes in these movies and the music sounds so similar.





Luis Nicolao

Taro siempre usa De ataces

Diablo81 Lycan

This reminds me when i skied down everest once

Alceus Rydan

Taro is consistent in being the top racer, overall always close to first. Just unlucky when about to win first place...

Vert is inconsistent in racing but manages to clutch at the most important moments... Ultimate race vs gelorum, world race.

Taro is my 2nd favourite, Karma being 1st.

Minion Pig Productions

"Nice view"

Cheeki Brecci

You have to get back on the freeway taro!


"I'm working on it"


when you step on the throttle towards the protestors



Alpha Channel


Iridium charge

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Matt Desch and Dan Colussy Recall Early Iridium History

556 views | 6 Aug. 2020

In August 2000, shortly

In August 2000, shortly after Iridium LLC's bankruptcy, the satellite network was scheduled to be deorbited. A small group of investors, led by Dan Colussy, saved the constellation from this demise and helped rebuild a new Iridium in the early 2000s. Iridium Communications Inc. CEO Matt Desch recalls some of the company's early history with Colussy in this virtual interview conducted in July 2020, 20 years after the rebirth of Iridium.

Explore more of Iridium's history at https://www.IridiumMuseum.com/

Richard Lupfer

Can't believe it was 20 years ago... those were wild times for sure!