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Shrooms, LSD, and Legit Uses of Psychedelics in Treatments

30 593 views | 18 Sep. 2017

With all the recent

With all the recent studies of medical marijuana and its benefits, some researchers have become interested in researching the use of psychedelics like psilocybin, LSD, and MDMA for treating mental illness. It's hard to research though, because of the drugs' legal status as Schedule I drugs. This makes them very hard for researchers to obtain, it makes it hard to get research approved, and it make it difficult to find funding for these studies. Aaron Carroll has the details.

This episode was adapted from a column Aaron wrote for The Upshot. Links to sources and further reading can be found there: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/17/upshot/can-psychedelics-be-therapy-allow-research-to-find-out.html

John Green -- Executive Producer

Stan Muller -- Director, Producer

Aaron Carroll -- Writer

Mark Olsen – Graphics

Meredith Danko – Social Media





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Aedan Denny

Wait...is his shirt striped or am I just tripping?

Jeffrey Clemmons

Is there somewhere I can find the sources used in this video? I don't see them documented anywhere.


Check out http://www.maps.org/ for more information and recent science

nab 6215

I bet this one isn't monetized.

Matthew Furtney

Nice job getting all the sides of a complex topic.


When calculating costs of drugs, should we also include the gains? A yearly drug fuelled party can be incredibly fun and recharge the batteries to be a more productive member of society.

Even if there is no therapeutic use for cannabis, it still has social benefits. In our overstressed society, people need a release valve. Cannabis is that valve for some people.


Mushrooms cured my depression. It was very treatment resistant. Several different medications from the doctor worked for a while then lost their effect over time. But I haven't had a problem with depression since I tried mushrooms.


I may or may not know someone who may or may not have tried both LSD and Psilocybin multiple times. Nothing but good vibes and feelings as far as I can tell and 100% believe they do not belong in Schedule I and should be studied more openly.

Charity Miltenberger


As a patient with PTSD, anxiety, and depression, this is some really exciting research. I've been hearing about it off and on for a few years now. Pharmaceuticals haven't done much for me and I've been switching my cocktail of drugs for a long while. America needs to get their shit together on drug classification so patients can benefit!

GigglySam Entz

We need this kind of videos :')

Luke S.


Andre Vieira

They don't need to be perfect, just better than opioids. Which is a pretty low bar


I remember I requested this awhile back so I'm glad you've made a video on if ?


Fun fact: Even cocaine and meth are schedule IIs, at least in specific forms.


There is no direct evidence to show high levels of abuse in psilocybin or lsd when compared to opium morphine or OxyContin

Alexander Shved

I would love to see videos on noise pollution, and siamese twins :3 any angle any news, any studies, the first seems relevant to modern world and health, and second just seems like an interesting topic to approach from medical perspective
Love the channel and content!


These tools are an essential part of the puzzle for our future. And governments have banned them due to paranoia and fear of loss of power regimes.


how many hundreds of thousands of people smoke themselves into an early grave each year? how many hundreds of thousands of people drink themselves into the grave or get drunk, drive and kill innocent people or get drunk, go home and bash their wife? its a fucking joke. that alcohol and smokes are legal while psychedelics can't even be used in research studies to find out if they have any benefits.

Marc Cast

imagine taking acid and shrooms at the same time


I think Dr. Carroll might know Lucy personally.


wgoahg, was just talking to a friend about the entheogenic uses of psilocybin, then this is the first thing in my feed

Chris McSweeney

Read "Drugs: Without the Hot Air" by Prof. David Nutt.

Yanick Jose

We do deliveries Discreetly. We have the following = Lsd, dmt, shrooms, ket, salvia , 2cb,
mescaline, wax, weed, Codeine, carts, vapes and mdma. ADD US ON SNAP CHAT AT:


Heard that it could help with OCD.


I'm curious if people in the study using psychedelics to cease addition to smoking or alcohol continued to use psychedelics afterwards? I'm all for legalising these things, but it's certainly possible for people to use them as an escape from other problems which may prevent harmful affects of alcohol for example but isn't exactly a cure.


Psycadeøics made me overcome my death fear. Lsd madd me face my death fear

Kari Hereditary

I, as a person with anxiety, volunteer to be a test subject for lsd and other psychedelics

Marcus Rees

Great video, love your channel.
If only our politicians acted based on science rather than what will get them elected. Keep pumping out great videos, I'll watch them all.

Vaibhav Gupta

Do a series on fitness. There is a lot of bullshit out there.


Can we do research on ketamine as a depression treatment next?


Could you please do an episode on intermittent fasting and its benefits? There's so much information out there, its difficult to sort through what is fact and fiction. Thank you!

Sethasauras the Studious

Thank you Healthcare Triage for confirming my suspicion that there is something fishy about the federal drug policy here in the US...

Interplanetary Reconnaissance

If someone can reduce my anxiety for a year even if it is a placebo, I'm in

Russell whisenant

MDMA is considered an "Empathogens" or "entactogens". These are different enough from classical psychedelics that they should probably be considered separately. MDMA is also narrow toxic.


It kills me that people can be prescribed drugs so potent EMTs can die just by touching it but pot has no direct recorded deaths and is illegal.

Jesus Balbastro

What's more legit than chasing the dragon and seeing where it goes


quit smoking, do lsd



Brandon O'Dell

IMO legalize all drugs and all forms of sex (except any form rape)

Jon Joseph San Juan

Please support and refer to maps.org - Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies


This is the hidden gem of complexly/nerdfighteria. This channel needs much more promotion. I'm so glad I finally found it.


Could you do a video on Whole Food Plant Based diets?

Yet Ga

Just wait till scientists start studying dmt, ayahuasca, ibogaine. Holy shit at what they'd find


Legalize it

beneath.the.roses Lucid Dream Journal

Guided microdoing hepled me over come alcoholism when nothing else worked. I was dying. I'm sober and happy now. I do not feel like I'm missing out either.

shroom dmt

We do deliveries Discreetly. We have the following = Lsd, dmt, shrooms, ket, salvia , 2cb,
mescaline, wax, weed, Codeine, carts, vapes and mdma. ADD US ON SNAP CHAT AT: psych_trip2000

Abraxian Absolution

I wish they'd at least remove the language in the Controlled Substance Act insisting that there's any legitimate reasoning behind drug scheduling.

Florence Williams

I assume that the religious experiences psychedelics are known to induce, don't count as proven benefits?


It's about time this got some serious attention.

Matthew Corcoran

Scheduling is so fucked

Trevor Grover

No substance should be illegal to research. America needs to stop being so fucking retarded on this issue.


Drug laws are enforced by ignorants and lobbyists...

Finite Wehosh

This is the slippery slope of the legalization marijuana. I we legalize weed, why not psychedelic drugs? If legalize psychedelic, why not drugs like cocaine?

I'm not against legalizing marijuana, but this is a double sided blade we are trying to balance.

Dexter Scott

Ask almost ANYONE who has taken LSD, the "drug" changes you. You see yourself the way others see you. You look at yourself objectively for the first time, and you see the way society is, and it is laughable. “Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behaviour and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.”
― Terence McKenna

Erica Bone

Ever since i got this guys contact Mr BLAKE ( +19739883022 ) from my friend, he supplied me with SPHYCHEDELICS. I got rid of my depression with mushrooms and LSD. I suffered from it for about 3 years and I was practically unable to do anything. My life has definitely changed in these last months after starting to take psychedelics. I haven't taken acid for a couple of months but I still have no depression. At the moment I have a situation in my life moment that would have stressed me enormously just a few months ago but I feel very calm. It's like I have complete access to all my emotions and I can just observe them without getting hung up on them. I have gotten back my joy for life and my motivation to study and achieve things in my life.
Just sharing to help someone in need out this.
go for it and see the change in your life. MR BLAKE +19739883022

Lounge lizard

None of these positive outcomes will be shown in the U.S. as long as Trump's elf (Jeff Sessions) is in power at the inJustice Dept.


Do a video on subscription based heathcare!

Parzivald Shiflty

I love your format and info, and don't even mind you being openly left (i am too, but it skews the message), but you really need to stop talking down to your audience. those who already know are annoyed and those you are trying to convince are belittled. Don't fall into the same trap the bill nye show did plz

Drew Cress

Good. We need to make decisions based on data and not dated fear mongering. Thanks for your work and raising the question

Jesse Simmons

Psychedelics are illegal yet cigarettes are legal and cause cancers. Dumbfuckup laws.

Shivian Morgan

I'm so So SO GLAD you made this video! Thank you so very much!

Mojos Bigstick

'Addicting' not 'addictive'?


Really interesting!

Stephen Cody

In my nearly 2 decades of time in either emergency medicine in an ambulance, or as an emergency room nurse, I have not once seen anyone come into the emergency room overdosed on any psychedelic at all. I haven't heard of one person die from a psychedelic drug. However, I have seen hundreds of people overdosed on heroin. For those that don't know, oxycodone OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin, die lauded, Sentinel, and many others, are all opiates similar to heroin and are all legal. I have seen many Tylenol overdoses, I have seen Benadryl overdoses, I have seen thousands and thousands of college students with alcohol overdoses. So my question is, why are we making the drugs that are not dangerous illegal, and having pharmaceutical companies making medicines that are over the counter in some cases that have caused more deaths?


Thank you for talking about this!

Reece Crump

I've wanted to know more about this, thank you. I veer towards st8 edge and a lot of guys I talk to mention this in some way. Haven't bothered to look into it, but I trust HT and am happy to have an opportunity to be informed


Kinda wish there was a mention of the importance of set and setting with psychedelics.

Psychedelic mushrooms were made illegal in Amsterdam because of a man who jumped off a bridge to his death.

Is that really the place you should be ingesting that type of substance?

Should you have a sober mentor during your experience?

Alex M

I would strongly argue that self-reflection, personal discovery, and the seeking out of transcendental experiences are perfectly legitimate uses of hallucinogens. Alcohol and tobacco alter consciousness in far less meaningful ways and have greater risks of long-term addiction, death, injury or aggression.

Shrooms cost

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Plants vs Zombies 2 Hypno-Shroom vs Caulipower NEW!

3 850 190 views | 14 Mar. 2017

Plants vs Zombies 2 Two

Plants vs Zombies 2 Two Premium Plants Hypno-Shroom vs Caulipower, comparing two plants: Hypno-Shroom vs Caulipower

Featured PvZ2 Gameplay ► http://ow.ly/YB1qN

PvZ2 Modern Day Gameplay ► http://ow.ly/YB1Ah

PvZ2 Jurassic Marsh Gameplay ► http://ow.ly/YB1J7

More info about the game:

Plants vs Zombies 2

Platforms: IOS, Android

Publisher: EA - Electronic Arts

Developer: PopCap Games

Plants vs Zombies 2 Every Plant Power UP

Thanks for every Like, Share, and Comment!

Primal Gameplay Plants vs Zombies 2

Ryan Feng


Zomby Trap

Caulipower can hypno garg and mech.

Noah Murray

I know u cant control it but the hypno shroom is lvl 2


16:49 oh no the zombies are now intelligents

Dark Aricus

CauliPower is actually the best for me because it can shoot Gargantuar Zombies and any Zombies

Chandan bhai


Steven quartz cutie pie de mayo diamond universe

Your making cousins battle lol


So 6 seconds are 19 seconds????


My favs are chomper,hypno and doomshroom

Jaime Vicente Ibarra Lumbad

When you had too many mushrooms:

Manu Roblak

I prefer hypno Shroom


The disadvantage of caulipower is its recharge and it this time to attack again.

Vũ Lê

Hypno nooooooooo!!

not joaquin

hypnoshroom is basically drugs

Indah Nur

Hypno shroom is actually 20 seconds cause you were upgrade her in 2?

Gaming whit Ángel

Hipno moosrum

panini papa

Aquí está el comentario en español (:

Something Suspicious

Don’t tell anybody else but, the cauliflower can float above water (don’t tell anybody)


it wasen't really fair since hypno-shroom is lvl 2 and caulipower is lvl 1

Erick Ramirez

Ayer estaba jugando con hipnoseta al máximo nivel y le coloque nutrientes, entonces se la comían los zombies pero el zombieinstein estaba muy muy débil, no resistía las mordidas ni de 3 zombies :( al parecer le bajaron la dureza los creadores

Santosh kumar

999999999 Daimonds

อั้ม' ตี้.


john cleo paguyo

Hypno shroom



rodrigues kamada

fivou injusto na parte de empo de recarregar a hipno gumelo tava level 2 e a cada level alguns como o hipno deminui o tempo no level2


Hypno-Shroom: Requires strategies
Caulipower: Money does the work for you already

Ryan Feng



God finally pure gameplay! Literally everyone else who does this stuff uses mods an hacks.

6:21 bye

b e a v e y

Caulipower with a power up can kill almost anything and everything on the map. Hypno Shroom with a power up can kill off a whole lane, but depending on the amount of zombies, they might kill your gargantuar. The cost of Caulipower (sun) is cheaper than the cost of Hypno Shroom if you think about it. 1 Caulipower is equal to 2 Hypno Shrooms, but Hypno Shrooms are single use, and Caulipowers can hypnotize a lot more than 2 zombies. Hypno Shroom can hypnotize zombies but they have to be eaten first, which are disadvantages for levels with the rules: “Don’t lose more than 1 plant, or Don’t use more than 1,500 sun.” So I don’t recommend you use Hypno Shroom for those levels. The wait time of Hypno Shroom is 20 seconds, and the wait time of Cauliflower is 45 seconds. The time it takes to complete a level is about 7 minutes. You’d have hypnotized 21 zombies with Hypno Shroom in the span of 7 minutes. And by planting Caulipowers only, you will have hypnotized about 81 zombies in the span of 7 minutes. Thanks for reading if you made it this far. And hopefully this wasn’t biased. I really love Hypno Shroom, it’s still my favorite plant, but I think Caulipower is better. If Hypno Shroom was better, why would it cost money? o.O

RIDHO craf

Like hypno shoroom

Isaac’s Way

Caulipower’s plant food effect should be hypnotizing 3 zombies closest to home into gargantuars, that would be better

Ryan Feng



Caulipwer is better cause it can control gargaunter like hypno shrrom with abbility but wothout abbility and also the caulipower is ranged


hypno lvl. 2
cualipower lvl. 1

Me • 4 minutes ago

i think hypnoshroom is better just my opinion


i think there is cocane in the shrooms

Семен Шапошников

Who is a winning?

Aydin Munir

That’s not how u play caulipower or hypno shroom

Suyin Chen

The hypno shroom took 19 seconds because he was level 2 and caulipower had 49 seconds because he is level 1


Hypno shroom wins

Narfi LOL

hey the hypno-shroom was lvl 2

Vân Trần




cats make me cry

I got the hypno shroom but how to upgrade the hypno shroom

Opughd Yang

Caulipower is great for the long run, whilst hypnoshrooms plant food power is like a slower version of japalineo.

Angeles Fernandez

Yo opino que ganaria himno zeta |÷¥¶∆

Jake Wakino



Hypnoshroom is level 2 and Caulipower is level 1.

Ricardo and friends

my goodness im getting tired on how many people are complaining about pvz2 being pay to win.
first of all if you dont like how you have to pay money for a plant just don't buy it. second of all you don't need those plants you can beat the game without them. and last but not least people are saying how are you supposed to win with level 1 plants, guess what the same way you did before the seed packets became a thing. I usually dont like complaining about anything because all I do is the same thing as the people I get annoyed at but it's just really annoying.

Shanna Butts

Caulipower is poop

Mrs.madrid 7792


Dany boludin

Is better Hypno-Shroom

Be Trieu


Xx_Oofer Gaminq_xX

The hypno shroom is better

John M

0:53 - 15:13 - 15:18 - 15:19

͔ ͔

15:02 Piano zombie hypnotized LMAO

John M

Premium plants?

John M



This Primal Sunflower Is So Cute

Game YT


Wet࿐but my dck is longer dan ur relationship

These 2 colorful plants/shrooms make zombies go high


Pogo Cap Magma

Blooming Archangel

To me caulipower’s passive ability is better but hypno shroom’s plant food is better

Егор_YTLots of games!


Circumflêx ÂÂÂ

Before hypno shroom was free, I’d say caulipower won


Honestly I prefer hypno-shroom so you'll have to cope with that.


Cauliflower is good because it doesn’t need to be eaten, but the hypno shroom can turn zombies into gargantuams with plant food.

Is. C. D.

Es mejor son Games

bOnKeRs rEvErSo

I say Caullipower’s better because Hypno-Shroom is sun wasting because you have to replace the Hypno-Shroom, while Caulipower hypnotizes a random zombie. And it only disappears when it’s eaten.

Emanoblox_oficial Oficial youtuber


Wali Gaming

Say like a poop

hii Lili


Jack Gibson

Final wave theme sounds like zombies on your lawn

Which makes sense because that’s how many zombies were on the lawn

Ryan Feng


John M

15:13 Zombie piano crushes Primal Wall Nut!


Hypno-Shroom Is Like Much Better Than Caulipower Because When You Power Up Hypno-Shroom When A Zombie Eats It It Becomes Into A Guargantaur Which Is Pretty Cool But Caulipower like doesn't Do Anything.

M u k a

I think I know why they made caulipower premium, he’s pretty OP. I prefer him over shroom because shroom isn’t as good as him imo. He has to be eaten and you have to look for a good target(unless you use plant food). And when shroom is eaten you have to deal with the other zombies on the row that are probably stronger than the hypnotized one. But if you don’t have money then shroom is fine. They’re both good in their own ways

P ig

Not fair cuz hypno lvl 2

Thomas Short

Looks like the caulipower is more powerful than the hypno shroom


I'd pick both of them if i were you

Warren -•_•-

Calipower could be balanced a little if it was limited
Say it only converted 10 zombies when was desyroyed

Rebecca Lee

The sounds caulipower makes is so cute♥♥♥

Dacarta360 _

Wow caulipower is basically the best plant

Ivan Amaral YT

Hipno-Shroom win

Youtuber Mat the Zombs royale gamer

In other words, caulipower is a upgraded version of hypno shroom.


But Hypno shroom is lv 2


I wish they make a plant that can like destroy things.

Like a plant that can destroy mine carts in wild west , trap tiles in lost city, modern day portals etc etc

Surround shroom
Sun cost: 150
Recharge time: 20 secs
Single use, instant

Surround shroom likes all surroundings. Because he likes destroying them

ภัทรพงศ์ สมุทรพิพัฒน์

Unfair video hypro shroom is lv 2 fakking un fair video

Ryan Feng

I feel like caulipower's plant food should be shoot a lot of hyom things

Primal Gameplay

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? Click Here to Subscribe Primal Gameplayhttps://goo.gl/E8iDgD

Legend d monkey

You mag have bought all plants couse ur ytber but u noob... no hate but I can see it in ur playstyle

Oscar Li

Hey, how come the hypno shroom got lvl 2 and cauliflower got lvl 1?

Arceus 101

Dude, you can't compare them when they're different levels

Boy Freezer

You always make the freshest PVZ2 content

Leftover sugar11

Hypno Shroom Wins Cuz It Makes Garguntars And Has A Shorter Refresh

Emil Legia



Hypno shroom’s cooldown is NOT 19 SECONDS

kirby overload

cauli power wins

Faris INDO Master Revenge 2020 YT {OFFICIAL}



Caulipower is hypno shroom cousin

Shrooms cost

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Storing And Using Dried Mushrooms

64 526 views | 19 Aug. 2017

The mushrooms that I began

The mushrooms that I began drying last weekend have now completely dehydrated - so this video deals with storing them - and also shows how they can be rehydrated and used.


Good tip about the silica gel for storage, but for the risotto... =) not the best. No Italian would ever put parma ham and parmesan cheese on a mushroom based risotto. Parmesan on mushrooms is considered sacrilege. Almost like putting parmesan on seafood pasta. That said, some lunatics in Sicily do it. But then they're laughed at by the rest of the country.

Christopher Balani

Have a good trip


Need advice. Tried drying shrooms in oven, made the biggest mistake of not having enough time so I turned it up ??‍♂️ 5-6 days later they have started oozing out white stuff, do you think they are saveable if I wash them and then try to re-dry them properly this time? Or should I throw away and just go picking for more and do it properly this time???

TheNatural Surgeon

I just got 7 grams of magic mushrooms so i need to know how to preserve them long term i think ima invest in a vacc seal cause who has time to let magic mushrooms go bad !!!

Peaceful Painting

How do you dry them?

Willow Brown

420th like ;) ?

Martín BA

Are those psilocybin mushooms ?


I had a phase in my life where I just literally JUST ate mushroom and nothing else (ended up in hospital with malnutrition tho) I also made mushroom chips for snacks haha, wish I had this machine back then.


I have found that in re-hydrating mushrooms, some of them are rubbery. Have you found that to be the case or should I soak them over night as you did to get rid of any rubbery texture?

Ice Blue

Waste of time watching this useless video.


Damn boy you know how to eat

Christopher Zvl

So I bought some magic mushrooms about 2 weeks ago but they been sitting In my car in a bag are they still good to eat ?


I use a white plastic tray to dump the trays of mushrooms/vegetables on to.

john sanders

Do mushrooms ? have to be 100% or 50% dry before vacuum sealing

Clucking Bell

Mrs T here. I am so going to rehydrate my mushrooms in this way. I had given up dehydrating them - I've started Canning them now - because they never 'came back'! Like flipping leather even when I'd left them in a pottage over night. I thank you for sharing*kt*x

Anuj RJ Sharma

I couldn't recognized that packet , please explain something about them.


It's better just to take the silica gel packets and distribute them among the mushrooms. It will better absorb moisture that way. Putting some in the lid is more visually attractive but less effective. Also, put in a few oxygen eater packets. Removing oxygen will prevent oxidation and keep the mushrooms from going rancid from any naturally occurring oils are present. Finally, if you are willing to spend a little money, get one of those jars that people use to vacuum seal and vacuum seal your mushrooms in it. You may choose not to do that part for the less expensive varieties of mushrooms, but when you've got really expensive mushrooms like morels, it will be worth it.

Arnav G


Christian Jimenez

Where can i get those Pouches

Rose Edmonds

that looks yum :)


Love the silica gel mod to the jar. So simple yet so ...clever :D

F.K. Burnham

Nice batch of 'shrooms. I dry most of what I pick, and store away to use as needed..

I would be concerned about using the hardware cloth if it was galvanized. Stainless steel is available, and is much safer, as the lead, tin, etc can oxidize and possibly contaminate the mushrooms.

The traditional way in the 'States was to thread them on a string and hang from the rafters to dry, so the heat from the kitchen stove or fireplace would dry them. (I also suspect that dust, dirt, and critters could get on them too.)

I use a mesh pizza pan and place it on top of 3 fruit jars on top of my gas range. The heat from the pilot lights works great to dry them in about 3 days. I turn them at least 2X a day also.
If the day is hot, above 90 F., I spread them on dishcloths on the top of my truck hood to dry. Takes about a day, and the breeze really helps too. If the weather turns, then on the pan they go until they are dried out.

Chantrell's are the best. I pick them wild here in the fall. Fried crisp in butter, a light pinch of salt, and garlic to taste. Great on a steak also. There are many other types of edible 'shrooms here, but I am only 100% sure of the edibility of the Chantrells'.

I do like the use of the moisture absorber in the lid of your jar. If I am not totally sure they are dry, I put them in the freezer at -20 F. for 3-4 days and look for any residual moisture in the plastic baggies. This can also kill any bug larvae that might have gotten into the mushrooms.

Niranjan Balakrishnan

We need to wash before drying?

Christopher Williams

That risotto looks amazing!!!

Some Character

I recommend to microwave the silica gel so they can get recharged

Rock 360 Media

What's the oldest ones you've eaten? I have an old baggie with two year old dried ones and curious if still good enough to take?

Hazel Gardner

I often stumble across shrimp when I'm just looking for info ? always great to see him


Love it!

mystique rose

Great video..how would you add dehydrated mushrooms to pizza?do you need to rehydrate then or just place then dry on pizza and bake..thx

Corrine Wager

Ohmygod, that mushroom risotto looks absolutely divine!!! I have to make it! I foraged a 15lb hunk of Chicken of the Woods, would be about $200-$250 dollars sold to a restaurant but I saved it all for myself. Ate fresh sauteed mushrooms every day for a week so far, with jasmine rice and veggies or just simply mushrooms in a soft roll sandwich with a slice of brie, absolutely out of this world. I pickled some of it, too, but actually I dried about 80% of what I kept and now have about 2 gallons of dried chicken of the woods wild foraged mushroom! Massachusetts, USA. So I have to make this dish with them, they are delicate, slightly floral, and yes, taste a bit like chicken!