Ripple current

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Power Tip 21: Watch that capacitor RMS ripple current rating

7 620 views | 17 Aug. 2011

In this Power Tip Robert

In this Power Tip Robert Kollman discusses a mistake designers make often and that is putting too much ripple current into a capacitor that may shorten its lifetime.


Nice video, then... it is recommended to select capacitors with less ripple current?

Ripple current

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Ripple in Buck Converter

1 020 views | 11 Mar. 2019

This video discuss about

This video discuss about Ripple in inductor current and o/p voltage of Buck converter

İbrahim Tekin

could you speak slower

Ripple current

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What is Ripple Voltage in your ESC and How to Reduce it?

2 152 views | 10 Mar. 2020

Ripple voltage is known

Ripple voltage is known as the fluctuation in voltage between the voltage source and the ESC. Ripple voltage if it gets out of control can destroy your ESC.

Ripple Voltage can be monitored within some ESC's internally. In this case you can get an entire data log of a run you make to be analyzed on your computer. This is where you are able to check in with your system.

While analyzing your run you want to be certain that ripple voltage does not exceed the maximum recommended value. If the ripple voltage exceeds the max value once within a run, it is highly recommended to make some changes to improve the value.

There a handful of ways that you can reduce ripple voltage. Anything from reducing load to adding a cap pack. The video covers all methods.

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Here is the video referenced in this video:

Why use a cap pack in an RC Car?


Article on Ripple Voltage and How to Improve it:


rhouse21 - RC Physics

Great stuff as usual!

tiburcio almeida da silva Almeida

Friend, please ask me a question! on an engine that says 3s can i use a 4s battery if i use a 2 to 4s esc?

AMW 47

I have a question about ESC's is there a way to test an ESC for maximum voltage without destroying it? I have an existing ESC that is rated for 2S however many people have found that they can run 3S with it without any problems. However this seems to be luck of the draw. I really would like to hook up a multimeter or something and find out if the ESC I have actually can take 3S without just throwing a 3s battery on it only to find out I smoke the ESC. Please let me know if there is a simple way to test an ESC for max sustained voltage without killing it.


I'm a little confused...... If a higher C rating means MORE amps.... doesn't that mean MORE current? How would adding MORE help protect against too much? I'm not understanding this part.

If an ESC is 150amps..... and you're using a battery that can output 125 amps max... wouldn't that mean the ESC is safer than if the battery could output Amps EXCEEDING the ESC's amp rating?


Nice demonstration

Radio Controlled Madness

Great video, well explained, dunno why I’m asking this I kinda already know the answer
I have two LiFe batteries I had planned to run in my truggy
It’s a hobbywing max8 150 amp
The batteries are two 3s 4200mah 30c
Bad idea ?
I’ve been doing it but is it time to stop lol?

Al’s RC

Nice video, question what If you run more MAH with a higher C rating. Like 7000mah at 70c. Would that help your ripple.

maryõūmã ruun

Watching this week before my exam thank you so much ? u great teacher

Subin Mathew

Iam learning lot about bldc motors from ur channel , thx


I think you should explain this in terms of ripple current as that's the usual EE method for explaining this phenomenon. The voltage isn't so much the issue, it's the combination of capacitor's ESR and frequency that's the issue. Most manufacturers don't account for the capacitance loss due to frequency as well as the ripple current, resulting in caps failing rather quickly.

Mark Mollari

Are TRX connectors good?

Caribbean Mafia

For improvements You left out larger gauge wire for less resistance in the power system especially if you don't have the option for shorter wires. Waiting for the day to see an esc that comes with 6-4 gauge wire lol


Strange question. Does adding ferite or neodymium magnets to the outside of a brushed dc motor reduce low rpm torque? Trying to wrap my head around why it increases power and rpm. By increasing the field shape/pull? Can brushless motors increase rpm with external magnets on an in runner? Sorry if these are the dumbest questions you've ever been asked.

M Ravi DTS

Thank u sr. This word is nt enough for u. I leaned alot from Ur videos.

zedrick zedwick

what happens to your esc if u run a motor that’s 140 amp if your esc is say 120 amp ?

Don Judge

Best explanation I have found on the 'Net to date, excellent.


Excellent information. I'm building a drag car so this is relevant. I just finished your two videos on battery and ESC wire length and the information was incredibly helpful. Thanks Ryan!

Gabriel Torreiro

You are a great teacher! I love you videos! Thank you very much from your Brazilian fan! ???