Silkroad online market

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TOP 10 NOSTALGIC FREE MMOs - What made them so GREAT? (Analysis)

10 315 views | 5 Apr. 2020

What are some of the best

What are some of the best nostalgic free MMOs of the past?

Join me on a ride through time to our childhood games!

Leave a like and throw us a comment or two. Thanks for watching! ?

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Cabal Online: https://store.steampowered.com/app/253490/CABAL_Online

Perfect World: https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/pwi

GunZ: https://gz.masangsoft.com

Tera: https://tera.enmasse.com

Flyff: http://en.flyff.webzen.com/landing

Runescape: https://www.runescape.com

9Dragons: https://store.steampowered.com/app/390100/9Dragons

Allods: https://allods.my.games/en

Aion: https://www.aiononline.com

Akali Art: https://play.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB

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Chortling Kraken

AHHHHH 9 Dragons! I didn't believe it would be here so I began the journey to try to remember the name of it up until the moment you said it. Glad you mentioned it was fairly obscure, because it's always seemed like one of those games people played but never mentioned. I remember being stupid lucky with Blood Essence drops and spending half my day in the market to sell them. There are so many memories on this list that seemed forgotten even in the honorable mentions. Great job


Where's Ultima Online?



EXeR Gaming

Seriously no Conquer online ?

Vector Burn

Great video, Talyk! Wathching this, I remembered that besides Silkroad (which was one of my favorite MMos ever made) I remember I sunk in thousands of hours into MU Online and 2Moons (renamed Dekaron) and I had such a great time in those games, they all offered a different dopamine kick...good times. Anyways, great video and hope to see more! Have a great one!

Brittany butler

So many memories. It was the cabal music for me, right in my feels.

Nelson Lorenzo

Gunz!!! Haha omg

Tartine Prefere

This was such a nice video to watch- Really enjoyed it and would encourage your good work mate. Well Done


silkroad is the best in my opinion


Silkroad online, still the best MMO till this day <3 it gave me good memories, that are still in my heart ... that game deserves to be remade to better graphics so it can compete with modern games :) i bet a lot of people would love it as much as i loved it


Yooo this is crazy. So nostalgic. I played the hell out of Cabal Online, Ijji Gunz, Silkroad, and RuneScape. Sooo many years ago. This was an awesome vid, thanks!


muy buen video silkroad era mi vicio en los cybers

Silkroad, Cabal and Aion


now how the hell this guy only got 500 subs i thought i would look at a couple million subs at least


r u kidding me? no city of heroes?

RC Hernandez

Silkoad / Aion <3

zazo rsps

Great vids man keep up the good work

Matthew B

Runescape!!!! That opening music makes me cry and happy at the same time! All the pvp wars etc. oldschool ruinscape should be number 1!

Jjongs Cheekbones

Hey guys, does anyone played Tera in the last few weeks/months and could some of you tell if its still worth to play? Because I got a new Pc on christmas and I was thinking If I shall install Tera again and try to play it again, but I'm not sure


Aion <3


i really love this video it made me riminise alot
definitely some honorable mention would be
rappelz , runes of magic , champions online , raiderz


The nostalgia of hearing PW, Tera, Flyff and Runescape music is unreal. Life was much easier when these games were the shit.

Ved Dev

I forgot about one game 2008 or 2009 online pc game , mmorpg i think , we fight with plant type animals , it came when free realms came now I can't remember the game and it's driving me crazy. Help me here

Romulo Gepilango

after watching this.. I feel so fucking OLD!! HAHAHA

Alfons Alkelid

Are you still playing Electus.What are peoples opinions on it? I played like 5+ years ago on ISRO. Just don't want to invest in a ''dead game''. And would like to have people to play with. Anyone know population on ISRO?


zezima... not many people are going to know what he is talking about :')

Xian Toby De Leon

perfect world all time favorite still playing ph official server

Hemm Humm




Colt Gad

Silkroad Online is the best i play it since my childhood

Voruto Uzamaki

Men finally someone had some cool commentary on silkroad good job bro ?? this is my childhood honeslty this made me grow up and grind in real life ? playing this game made me have multiples houses and grind it all out ????


you could be a great streamer for Silkroad online since they aren't many English speaker ones. Turks are monopolizing this business and many ppl like me are looking for streamers with a British accent like yours.


Ragnarok online my first and most nostalgic mmorpg, also got nostalgia for tera and aion and allods and perfect world, i tried the rest but didn't get to endgame in all

El Sanchez

where is Metin2?


I still miss silkroad, played from early 80 cap up untill 120cap was just released, after 100cap it started to go down hill, its more pay2win now and alot of english speaking players were leaving.

80-90-100 cap were the best times i ever had...

Dave Wygrabek

Wow! I’m amazed by the quality and professionalism behind your videos. You definitely deserve a lot more subscribers, keep it up mate! As for the games, Silkroad will live forever in my heart.


Is it just nostalgia? Or did these games have something that made them special? Let me know about your good memories in the comments! ?
Additional honorable mentions: Zu Online, Ferentus, Maplestory, Metin & Metin2, RappelZ, City of Heroes, Talisman online, Conqueror Online, Ragnarok Online, Runes of Magic, Champions Online, RaiderZ, 2Moons, MU Online.

Angry Alien

9:50 omg when that music came on I was like holy shit FLYFF!!!!!!!!

Bradley Rae

Silkroad was unbelievable! I played it around 08ish. Got to level 50ish and I thought I was the greatest. Would always party with noobs and help them level up ?.

Arvanites Βόρεια Ήπειρος

i think everyone associate their nostalgic feelings with that game which they played back then. for me atleast its Metin2. i cant describe which feelings i got with this game and which memories i associate with that game (of course now i see it with different eyes, and thats the hard one, because you will never get these feelings like back then again) for the most people its a trash game with trash graphics trash gameplay trash support und just pay2win (which is indeed the truth). but because i got all these experience with this game and saw maps full of players (which are ghost towns today) and met sooo many different people back then in this game like my biggest online friends or my biggest enemies. i saw maps and bosses which i didnt knew. everything was new and no one knew exactly which bonuses on weapons or which skills are usefull and which arent. today everyone know how it runs and what you have to do. because of all these memories its just a masterpiece for me. thanks for your work (upload) btw.

brad black

Anyone remembers Archlord? Bugs at every corner, but still so nice :'D

Romulo Gepilango

we got so many games back then, because we worry less and have fun ... no toxicity and more. xD

Common Freak

he said "fry with meeeee" XD

Erin Francisco

Flyff most nostalgic

Bradley Rae

I also played perfect world. Boy that game was huge. Never really got far in that though

Noel Lang

The time with Silkroad is such a beautiful memory. It's almost a love-hate relationship. I think it's a shame that Joymax ruined the game so badly.

Defesa Cibernética

Silkroad ❤


Omg whaer is rf online?

Neil Jordan Tuvilla

Silkroad best ever,iam a filipino from the philippines,this game silkroad whas introduce me by my friend steve a british guy,never play another mmo aside from silkroad,i was hoping joymax will fix it,or somebody would make silkroad private server that would last atleast 10 years??,damm..silkroad is love sir..

Silkroad online market

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Silkroad Online 10d sun +15 Spear vs 114 Lv 13d Spear

213 views | 8 Nov. 2020

Silkroad online market

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Silkroad Online 2 Gameplay - First Look HD

391 638 views | 26 Feb. 2014

Join Player.me today:

Join Player.me today: https://player.me/?invite=ltsune

This is the very first look of the international version of Silkroad Online 2! The game has just been released, and it is being published by JCPlanet.

You can read all about how to register, all the latest news, screenshtos, videos etc. at: http://www.sro2forums.com


what?! silkroadonline 2 o.0


This is Legend of Silkroad, not Silkroad Online 2.. And this game sucks hairy balls compared to Sro.

LorD ZeuS

FREE SILK AND START ITEMS !!!! https://euonline.weebly.com/ you can check the newest server 2020 Not pay to win !!

Ryan Nguyen

I was playing until they changed the trade system and job system make it basically unappealing.

Blue Demon

How dowlaud this game?


Все равно лучше первой части Silkroad Online нет и не будет!!! ИМХО


Why nobody mention that this game is canceled and dead?


Yep it all looks very good. They should keep it up. The question is, will there be bots again ? if so they are wasting their time. Bots is what killed sro 1. Nothing else.


Хуйня игра

Thomas Guebbas

how i can regist me at this sro2 ?

phuong nguyen

it look nothing like silkroad but ill try it (btw fyi silkroad topost to have china and eurp because is about tryinging)

Peeka Peeka

with that frame rate i think someone got cancer.

Eduardo Althaus

u looks like a idiot LOL

Orlando Augusto

how i downlaod silkroad 2 ?

bulbo toro

What the actual fuck. Worst game ever + worst video ever = AIDS in MY BLOOD

Jeff Huynh



Where is the Legend(story) in this silk....this is more like a Cabal....like shit i still love the first Silkroad played alot of time....

alper bayraktar

oyun içi karakter hareketi, skillerin görüntüsü birebir cabal online silkroadın hızlı ve akıcı havası yok

Angel Rivas

fail..when the game finally comes back up..it better have HUUUUGE improvements.


This is fake lol

Gokalp Ulku

wtf is this where is the old sro




stop complaining, this looks alot like sro.


where can i donwload this game? i cant find it in the JC website... neither in silkroad site.

Norm WhoTheHellKnows

You mention that you cannot run max graphics due to being on laptop, then you continue on to bash on it for its graphics....

Aron Soumete

rofl that char creation, is almost IDENTICAL to TERA xD

Cursive Dragon

This reminds me so much of Everquest.


Diablo 3 Interface. ^^

Warren Graham

Funny how 80% of the guys in this comment section are not abled to speak proper English. But what did I expect from Silkroad's community...
Anyways, looking forward to May 20th, hopefully they polished it a little.

Eren Boztürk

Metin 3 diye piyasaya surseydiniz ulan adam gibi silkroada benzer bir oyun yapsaniza


i came here looking for drugs....


can i run this maxed at 1080p i got amd a8 5500 4.1ghz , 8gb ram , xfx 6770 1gb gddr5 core clock 951mhz oc

Holas Colas


Berkay Deniz

it feels like it's not silkroad anymore -.-

Koko Loko

is it true that sro got hacked and a lot of people lost their accounts ?


where i can download client ?;> and which language have game ? english or chinese ?


Silkbot,i remember the time all server were full because everyone was running 20 accounts.
Fk this game.

Väiski Vemmelsääri

Is the game still ruined by bots? I played Silkroad about 6 years ago but I quit when every server was always full and 3/4 "players" were actually bots selling money or gathering money.


so smooth

Lindhon Paolo Balino

Is the game line now ?


Silkroad Online 1 is much better!!


sad af this game will never see the light of day


SILKROAD ONLINE MMORPG BEST IV PLAYED IN MY LIFE u can play private servers are kinda fun

Ali Yıldırım

This is not sro2 this is sro -2

Clifford Broñola



It's funny how terrible this game looks compared to the original.


It looks like cabal online, this game never gonna be as good as old silkroad, this game is a waste, they better remove the shitty updates after degree10 and add some new areas and fun things, and start some servers, but no, they just copied some shitty game and named it silkroad 2...

Han K

This is not Silkroad Online, at all. This is terrible. What the hell? This is the successor to the great game? Damn. This makes me sad.

Jesus Alva

hello friend I want to know if there is problem you have win 8.1 and have some problems if


the virtual animation is very poor, terrible, is too shity, but toooooooooooooo shity that reminds world of war craft


lol its poor near silkroad 1 :)

Lindhon Paolo Balino



nice video but this game is shit... R.I.P Silkroad T_T


Wow lol I remember the original Silkroad, what a good game it was, I miss it haha I remember when I first got a wolf pet ahhhh so many memories :)

Khalid Alkaabi

Love silkroad

Scott Bourne

this is such a shit review

Kaan Dilibal

maşallah silkroad 2 güzel olmuş ya <3 <3 <3


It is not really original SRO it looks like metin or something different shit. Old SRO was the best online game i have ever played. In these days your game starts at maximum level and u cant achieve this without bot and everybody are equal during a game. In old silkroad everything started in level 20 with caravans, capture the flag, events and so on. its not problem to get sun set until 7 degree for free now. Useless, definitely!

Boulik Macboulinkton

that they would even release that pile of crap it literally lokks like it was made 2002

Fakrul Musa

Well I kinda like Old Silkroad Online more cause I am an old player back in 2008-2010 i think then I stopped cause of school


is beta 


i tried this game, its terrible, silkroad 1 is tousand times better, S H A M E

Teddy Bear

Silkroad online 1 is the best

Orlando Augusto

Eu quero jogar este jogo. como faço? nao encontro em nenhum lugar para fazer download.
I want play this game... How download our buy this game

Silkroad Online BlackRogue RU

Приветствую всех любителей игры Silkroad Online.

В данный момент проходит ЗБТ нового сервера по игре Silkroad.

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Кап 125 - 12дг, рейты на данный момент х50.

Как попасть на ЗБТ?

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Так же посетите тестовую группу ВК и поучаствуйте в нескольких опросах касательно сервера.

Bob Franz

 Silkroad 1 is best   nr2  bullschit

Mamdouh Elfar

guys , i've registered and downloaded the game from www.sronew.com 
is there any one can help with the language cuz it's Chinese !!!

KingMax Le

thanks for video, I already downloaded this client of Legend of silkroad by JCplanet, but i can't log in !!!. Run Client, and it's freeze. it appear Update progressive server....wait 4 hours, no display Start button ...:(( May you give me a reason...maintenanced ?


Omfg This Fucking game Looks Gay "!


What similarities does it have to the original? Its looks too different to be called a sequel or a 2nd Silkroad game. I played the original as well as Silkroad-R

Donatas Simaitis

I thought silkroad r online was the second game.


Старая была лучше

tsab thoj

probably lots of bots, lots of grinding, lots of wasted time, lol

Georgian Nibuuu

i want donwload where i can download ? 

Shadowsweep from reddit aznidentity

Is the game still incredibly grindy to the point where you have to bot? I loved SRO 1 but i quit because the grind was ridiculous and i dont know how to bot


is this called silkroad online 2, really or not??


this is not silkroad.


This game looks like garbage why even bother to make it... Oh wait I know why, to steal stupid gamers money who want to play "silkroad 2" for a nostalgic feeling which they won't get because this game looks like poop sro was good for its time this is not. If you want a game that's similar to sro but more up to date with game mechanics and graphics I would suggest Tera rising. Sro was fun because of the triangular conflict between the job system . If they make a new sro they should keep that, add better movement like wasd rather then clicking around, update the graphics add more classes and add arenas. Bam you have sro 2.0. This looks like shit though don't play it.

Tobias Philipsen

It's look like Diablo in third person! It's doesn't look like Silkroad Online 1


this sux

Terry Mason

where can i download?

Juan vera

I need a help for me eh I created an account for this game and when I go to connect q tells me the account does not exist in the official website and if i connect normal mind

Lennie Lovèn

where to download ?

Денис Пронов

#Silkroad #SilkroadOnline #Menikon #Silkroad100кап



Наконец-то это случилось! Пришел конец вашей беготне по серверам. Это сервер, на котором Вы обретете не только новых друзей, но и целую семью, а также пристанище на ближайшие годы.

Сервер создан командой профессионалов с более чем пятилетним опытом работы в данной сфере. А это значит, что Вы можете забыть о лагах, дисконнектах и прочих проблемах, на которые Вас обрекают некомпетентные администраторы других серверов.

Menikon - это тот самый РУСРО, только с грамотно проработанным геймплеем, отсутствием паровозов на фортах и уникальных боссах. Только живые игроки! Много живых не только русскоговорящих, но и интернациональных игроков!

У нас Вы найдете переработанную и сбалансированную систему профессий, новых уникальных монстров, новые торговые маршруты различной степени сложности, награды за активность, ежедневные уникальные события, систему слияния оружия ,профили для билдов, скины, шелк в награду за гайды/голосования/поиски багов/поиски нарушителей, ежемесячные награды лидерам лучших гильдий и еще столько всего, что не хватит и суток, чтобы расписать все возможности.

Конечно же, мы не забыли и о самом главном – PVP-активностях!

На сервере постоянно проводиться турниры, наградами за которые будут самые настоящие деньги!


It's different form silkroad


where can you download it

Sam Vann

u can still play in close beeter?


Bots in 3-2-1. 
Silkroad online is Fullbots online 2 now...

Edmon Lacsa

looks like tantra to me

mustafa ahmadi

Looks like shit.....

Nivelzinho Gamer

#sro2gameplayDo you still play the silk road classic joymax


wtf is this generic ugly ass shit totally kills the whole point of sro which is the theme

Topeiraman lord

I would have loved a new silkroad online experience but from what i read here this game was shut down.. I loved the old one played it since 2007, "the golden age" but ppl started botting and the game died, first came the gold bots then came the s bots and society died... i left the game with a lv 96 glavier took me for ever only quests never boted and if ppl joined in a party to lv up they wouldn t need that. My question is... Why isn t the bot thing over? Are they afraid if the game dies or something?

John Hang

battle sucks... char during game play looks like a 2yrs old drawing. I'd rather stick with SRO 1. 2 suck too hell.

Tommy Campeau

Do you guys remember that +11 SoSun 7 degree blade on Aege? :D:D


I remember the times when I senselsly waisted time getting my character to level 98 in Silkroad 1
and waisting money on silk!
looking back now, it all seems so dumb boring and unthrilling at all!

Mike Gonthier

Lets hope this company is not as shitty as the old one...


They can do whatever they want, but they will never bring back the golden era of 70-80 cap.
Where everyone was trading on lvl 20.
People making builds such as blade/bow/ice/force just to find out they messed up.
These were the golden days.
But then the bots came...