Theta token price

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From $.10 to $20 - THETA Token will have mainstream adoption through Smart TVs

19 784 views | 1 Dec. 2019

Theta Network and the

Theta Network and the Theta Token is a decentralized video deliver network, also known as a Content Delivery Network (CDN). The tech will make video streaming seamless and without the buffering issues we get now. They have also partnered with SliverTV, which is an e-sports platform. Finally, they are integrating their tech into Samsung and other Smart TV's which will help to create mass adoption.

There are of course no guarantees, but I expect the Theta Token (THETA) to reach $20 or possibly more from its current less-than-$.10 price.

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Nick Keller

What exchange do I go to in the US to buy this? I'm in North Carolina and Binance US doesn't support my state yet.


ADA or Theta please Dave? I’ve got both just trying to figure out what will give me more return so I can invest more into that? Thank you

Amandla Perry

Hi everyone , for more info about thetatoken , kindly contact theta_helpline on telegram

dolo gore

You were right Dave, obviously we have a correction today 28 May but after that it will go again.........also watch out for Enjin on the games

Chandan Khanna

U were right buddy.... I am so happy I bought when u had suggested and I sold it at 5 times and now am sitting on free tokens..... thanks for the advice. ?

Heith Miller

$0.85-$1.15 in 2021 but in 5 years $40-$80 not unreasonable. It will be the GOOGLE of Block-chain. So sky's the limit. That's my down to earth production.???????????? LOVE ? THETA!!! DON'T FORGET T-FUEL is the gas token!!!!!!!!!

Ricardo Alvarez

Exelent prediction, I m a Guardian Node from Theta and I s my number one token,
I love Theta

Illiaz mohammed

Hi Dave.
Do you still see Theta going to $20?

Matty H


Jesse Rivera

How many exchanged have this token

Cheri Rathburn

https://youtu.be/qX3Pc3FnnOA See how the virus is helping this industry

Crypto- MackDad2


Carey Howell

Looks like Hebrew writing behind you, on the sign.


Where can a US Citizen buy Theta? I live in GA and can't even have a BIN account.

Biff Bifford

Loaded up on Theta Token. Long term winner. No brainer. Thank me later.

90's Crypto KiD *

Digital Dave I live in Washington state :) I don't have access Binance is there any other platforms that I may be able to purchase this token?... I looked for THETA on Bittrex also on the Atomic wallet and it is not there ...


I think if you said is like (THEATA) like a movie theater the idea will click deeper in people's minds.

Chris DiVine

I can't understand what he is saying on where to buy theta.


This aged well ?

Blauw druk

1$! You're a living prophet


Is changenow.io strictly recommended for exchanging crypto’s? Going rate to purchase 1 BTC at time of post using this site is $12,700 (approx.). That is a staggering 8.5% fee or $1,000 spread on the market price. That is criminal.
Market price at time of post is $11,700

I’d like to know who had used this site and if exchange rates are reasonable.

Michael Cross

1K 5 years

Carol Pont

I love it maybe $20 to 175

Coin Dish

Dave I picked up 10k theta and 1 M tfuel. Thx! Told everyone from the mountain. 200x

Blauw druk

Thats a Dutch football shirt btw, thats the Dutch Lion on your chest

Nicky C

I keep dreaming about THETA! Getting some today x

R Darlow

I wish I subscribed to your channel the time you released this video...Theta is now blowing up! Great insight, currently watching all of our videos from the start.

Michael Tracy

Can you do a review on how to buy theta and safely store offline for a beginner in crypto’s, I have an ellipal but theta is not supported and like to invest and store offline for safety as am very novice and but believe this crypto has much potential only have bought little BC and LTC , little experience thx

let's get creative diy

Hi where can i buy theta in usa
Thank u

When Lambo

DigiByte Dave now bullish on Theta ?

Thomas S.

I learned about THETA several years ago and bought a ton of it on Huobi. It was easy to get back then but not now. During the transfer from MyEtherWallets to their proprietary site they gave out 5 free fuel tokens for every theta you owned which for me amounted to about $600 worth of fuel tokens. I see THETA as long term hold. In 20 days or so their product is coming online. This is after years of work by the team. I'm pretty sure it's going to stay under $0.50 for a while. The roll out will take time. In five to ten years THETA could go anywhere from $20 to $500. A lot depends on use case. With Covid-19 driving the bus and online schooling (elementary, high school & college) becoming the norm look for THETA to get to $20 quickly.


$20 in a Year or 2?? ? Idk... these price predictions literally seem insane haha. Maybe 50 cents to a dollar??‍♂️ BUT I hope you’re right of course, but not sure if it’ll be that easy anymore. Let’s see! DGB seems dead... but I’ll grab a million under .005. Hoping we see .30 cents in a few years.

Big B

In the theta wallet there is a staking button, could you do a video about staking theta? Thanks

Coin Dish

Don't say HBO never impacted the world. Another project inspired by show 'Silicon Valley'


when we see Market cap of BTC falling and moving to the market cap of Alts...... with an event where mass adoption is on the scene thats when coins like Theta will start rise ....Totally love theta !!

Luis Guerra

Great video.

Joe White

Hi Dave! Can You make a video of how to send Theta from theta wallet to an exchange? I’m having problems sending the token to an exchange! Thank You!

Young Kalc

If you do the math and you are looking to get the ps4 during quarantine you can leave you computer/phone on for 24 hours a day on theta you earn up to 2400 coins and if you do that for 50 days straight you can get the ps4

Hear and Now

Thanks for all the great info. We all appreciate it, keep up the good work. How can I purchase Theta coin??

Alpha Fox

Good call! Been looking at your past videos.. and most of your coin picks have gone up


You never talk about this token anymore how about a new video for this bro?

Stayin Humble

Where do u store theta

Matic Snoj

Man you ware so fucking right!

MV Agusta 675

Will 5G disrupt this system??? I mean 5G is designed to speed everything up 100X anyway.

Tua A

sawadii Kharp bro

Leinad Inside

Not so sure about Theta. Why should Netflix, Disney or
Twitch not ceate there own protocol. Why choosing Theta if they have more then enough money too create something own?

Mkultra90 K

I ♥️ neo theta ont ltc

Frustrated Majority

Damn man. I gotta stop regretting not getting in at 4 cents... I cant turn back time. But honestly if Theta is fully embraced... its going into the thousands. So I got in at $2 and holding.

Jo Nutella

Man you were so right ??

Alex Jones

Theta and bidao are going way up over the next few years.

Silver Crypto

Just found out about Theta its price is going wild right now.

Simon M

Samsung is using theta and has digital wallets in there TV. You will be paid in theta or tfuel Tokens if you share your bandwidth and storage space. I believe it's even bigger than that. There are even ways to get paid to comment and like.


America's top psychic, Michelle Whitedove predicts theta will be over $!K per token and given the technology and the mission statement of the THETA team, I believe she is spt on.

Jay States

But like this isn’t essential or a massive problem for most folks. Streaming latency really isn’t an issue guys. Ok for gamers it might be important but like, prob not even much of an issue. Let’s be honest... perhaps I’m just out of the loop on the use case but I just don’t see the issue it fixes.

Biff Bifford

Sliver.tv has now been rebranded as Theta.tv.


Any thoughts on REN token?

Juan Jose Lajas Gamazo

Theta is one of the strongest projects and one that, in my opinion, is going to appreciate the most. it is already in use today and few projects can say the same. Theta collaborates with Google, Sony, Samsung and more top tier companies. In November 2 $ per token or more.

Andreas Liefke

Buy now. Thank me later?

Jeff Grant

Theta will be over a million or I will eat my own... oh wait, that lines taken already.


Een nederlander die in theta investeerd. Zou ik in contact met je kunnen komen?

Illiaz mohammed

Can you please do another video with an update on Theta ,m

Handyman Inside

Binance.US doesn’t host North Carolina?

Fat Pizza

DigiDave is like the Crypto Oracle of Omaha

its corbeaux

this is gonna age well

Mike Elbow

5G grid will be mainstream before we know it. High speed internet by way of 5G will be offered and forced for free. Either Theta will be buried by govt or used to fuck us all.

Trisha funinthesun11

I think it's going to be in the $1000's in the next 5 years but the problem is you can't buy it anywhere. Binance has locked all American's out. I know this for sure because I got locked out and told I have to go to Binance.US which Theta Token isn't on. Anyone know of any wallets?

Biff Bifford

Is it possible for US citizens to buy Theta? Can’t find any exchanges that allow US citizens to buy Theta.

Charles Patterson

Added to Playstation 4 on Dec. 21st



Michael Yu

Let’s go THETA. Good analysis.

Jack Dani Music

Dave... all I’m gonna say is... see you in Thailand down the road my brother


You can buy this on Binance.US? or Binance Non US exchange?

The Dinarian Gone Crypto

Dave can you email me? [email protected]gmail.com i need help getting theta and im new to crypto, i just got on crypto.com and have some cash heading there now what? Im lost really please someone anyone help this ole chap out. Thanks

Leonard McGlynn

Lol. It figures, I had some THETA coins last year at 9 cents, but a lack of patience and well You know the rest of the story!

Al Darfco

2022 Theta will be at $4500. That sounds impossible but it is still small change compared to where Bitcoin will be at.

John Wesley Lane

Digital Dave is the Digital Oracle


Good information I am from India

Lee VanCleef

Binance does NOT service customers from the USA...and Binance US does NOT have Theta as a coin...so what gives?

Mario Buhagiar

do you need Tfuel to send to exchange from personal wallet?

Nick Mace

good call DD! Almost to .50 cents now!

Lachhab Regragui

Theta can hit 5 $ easily next bull run.


2025 $100

Erich Benner

Smart televisions around the world and tens of millions watching a soccer game. The market is so much bigger than just the United States and people can not wrap their mind around this fact.

Jessi Kim

OmG. You are definetly right. Damm theta is going on fire now

Boss Hogg

My conspiracy theory....Just as many companies in US were started by US Military or US GOV...Tesla, Amazon, Google, etc....I think Samsung is owned by Korean GOV. In turn I think TFUEL will one day be acquired by the central bank of Korea and become the digital cryptocurrency of the Korean Won paper currency. Only 5 billion TFUEL tokens. At $2,000 each that is 10 trillion. Current US money supply is $18 trillion. TFUEL is 450 per $1. I like it to make you a millionaire.

Craig Thorn

I should’ve listened to you on December 1 when it was 9 cents and hit $.41 the other day

John Ripple

Great call


you were right about theta. Why didnt i listen D:

Robert Eaton


Kathryn Carrero

My dad had a dream Theda was 100$ each and vechain was 100$ each also


What a joke 20$??? Pls make serious videos

Jim Zorn

Michelle Whitedove, America's #1 psychic, says theta will go to $1,000, eventually.

Theta token price

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$1000 THETA TOKEN ~ Is it possible ????/ #Theta network

3 215 views | 10 Oct. 2020

$1000 THETA TOKEN ~ Is it

$1000 THETA TOKEN ~ Is it possible ????/ #Theta network

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And I think the theta will be bigger than Google and Google is $1 trillion company

Brian Ito

Theta will be coming out with Etherium compatible smart contracts very soon, with the congestion problem that Etherium is having many projects will be abandoning Etherium and jumping on the Theta bandwagon. Theta is way faster than Etherium and most everything out there, and video on demand is huge!

Jordan Westpac

aye you listen to Steph is cold ? this beats fire

Crypto Dwayne

It really has to do with if you can actually make money selling TFuel. Because what will happen is people will sell TFuel to buy Theta

Joe W

do you think its wise to invest in tfuel also? or just focus on theta coin? i know you cant answer directly so lets just say hypothetically

James G.

I hope Theta lowers the minimum staking amount to 1,000. Have you heard they might be doing that?

Traders Anonymous

Telegram: https://t.me/tradersanonymous1

Mike C

I agree with you on Theta. It’s been on my radar for a minute. I’m looking for a nice entry to establish my long position. Ultimately I like VET, ZIL, & Theta long term. Before the bull run. I want long positions in those 3

Lee VanCleef

Theta Circulating Supply is 870 Million...right from official site Thetatoken.org

Video about Theta going to $1000 "if Bitcoin goes to 10 million" is completely ridiculous..and I am a SUPER Theta Bull. Still - this is ridiculous.

James George

Yes. Even if that question seems silly to ask in light of how much it's skyrocketed, it should be asked.

Robert Hartley

When 55% are staked the real market cap is 500 billion


My question is why do you guys compare everything to bitcoin? This will change one day something is going to take over in my opinion. bitcoin will be huge is no doubts but...

Edo G

TOTAL STAKED (%) 58.05%
THETA Sparkling heart only 3 more days to prepare for NEW 'VoD' ERA!
THETA It’s my favorite CRYPTO FOR the PEOPLE because even those who do not have large disposable incomes or large sums of money to invest, can still obtain a large enough amount to change their lives.
20. - 50.- Usd until the end of 2021!
Over 200.- Usd until the end of 2022!
Twitter: @EdG_73


Possible anytime soon(1-5yrs), as a market valuation. Most companies these days are 1trillion dollars. Google, Facebook, apple, Tesla. And Theta is doing same revolutionary stuff from a different industry. Trillion dollar valuation is nothing when every TV is computer and running a master node for videos sharing and making TFuel in the process.

Allan Aitch

Totally possible. It is the next wave in entertainment delivery in all its forms.


"Gotta have Theta, Theta, Theta..." :) https://youtu.be/vGeVSVgV02c

De Omen

When theta supporters VOD then gets listed on Coinbase it’s going to fly.

D Man

If Theta is the future of streaming then why would you sell if you can earn Tfuel by starting a guardian node?

Traders Anonymous

$1000 THETA TOKEN ~ Is it possible ????

Biff Bifford

$20 Theta is possible over the next crazy bull run. By the time the next bull run happens, THETA will have been developed with VOD, more content, more partners, and perhaps a Coinbase listing as it would provide US citizens an easy way to buy Theta. So getting listed on Coinbase is key. The way I see things playing out, I can see THETA at $1 this year. $2-$3 in 2021, and $3-$5 in 2022 — unless the bull run occurs in 2022. Then all bets are off and the sky is the limit.

James George

Ok. Why has it been down 19.5% over the past month then?


Ivé got a Guardian node! Im fine!


$1,000 is easy, you dont need a psychic for that one, the question is do you see the potential and what is the level of adoption you believe it can capture. Roku? really? Roku is a business that provides content that is streamed to consumers. That is essentially like Theta.tv which while can and i am sure it will become big in itself, for Theta Network it is essentially a test bench or proof of concept, like showing up to a board or investor meeting with a working product with real numbers and the only thing they have to explain is how Theta Network can benefit them with live data. I believe thats why so many people overlook and look down on Theta Network because they correlate its value directly to Theta.tv and it is not true at all. Theta Network is a technology company. By leveraging unused bandwidth and pre-cached data, instead of every consumer device communicating with and accessing data from a centralized cdn, consumer devices can communicate and share data with each other. (centralized cdn's are third party businesses separate from service providers like Netflix that store data for the service provider for the consumer to access. Centralized cdn's are expensive because you pay by the amount of data being accessed from the consumer side. So expensive that Netflix would have to pay around half a billion dollars per year and decided to set up there own cdn service called open connect.) By using the Theta Network and allowing devices to communicate with each other service providers can save as much as 80% off their centralized cdn cost by using a decentralized cdn (Theta Network). The under-looked strength of such a network is that if hundreds or thousands of service providers adopt the Theta Network, if a service provider goes bankrupt for some reason Theta will still have hundreds or thousands of legs to stand on, and it will have a negligible effect on Theta. Ok so there is benefit for service providers, what about consumers. When the consumer shares excess bandwidth with peers that they never needed to begin with they get paid for it in tfuel which can be used to pay for services/content, cached out or there is a use case for NFT's. On the opposing side you may be the one that needs the extra bandwidth, lets say you want to use V.R. or one of the more robust and bandwidth intensive technologies, instead of experiencing lag, rubberbanding etc. from a connection that is not fast enough to keep up you can be connected with say 10 peers and access there bandwidth and everything would render much faster, smoother and clearer. If you want to watch a 8k movie, instead of the movie buffering because of the graphical demand, you can start rendering a different part of the movie and until the movie catches up, a peer within 1,000 miles watching the same movie can stream the part of the movie that they already have in there cache. It goes much deeper than this but i can only write so much in a comment, NFT's, smart contracts, more benefits on service provider, consumer and investor side, iot devices, more than just videos but files, game patches and updates, internet learning, video conferences, cloud gaming on and on. I will leave you with this, i believe a more fair comparison would be as a big tech company would be Microsoft and just like windows everyone will have Theta Network but there are two main differences, first you will get paid for using it instead of having to pay for it and second Microsoft has to compete with Apple, please tell me one worthy competitor for theta and if any want to become a competitor they already have 5 patents to compete with the last being the most important imo. So do yourself a favor, look at microsoft's market cap, last time i checked it would be about $1,600.00 Theta and they have to compete with Apple. Not only do i think $1000.00 is fair, i think it is conservative. People would have called you crazy if you told them what Netflix, Amazon, Apple did etc. before they did it. Theta is big tech, bug tech is what drives the market today and big tech is the way the future is going. Someone give me a big old mitch smile if they where able to read this to the end, i know its a lot but there is so much more.

Paul Hallelujah

It's very easy to hit $1000. Not today or next year. But by 2022-23 yes. Screenshot this. 20$ 1 year. 500$ 2 years.. $1000 3 years

Gerald Morales

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Big Pump

Any advice how to buy here in the us

cryptcrypto420 OGMONEY

Is it a upward breakout?
Looks possibly ?

Theta token price

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Theta Token or Theta Fuel, which one should you have?

2 336 views | 30 Dec. 2020

What's the difference

What's the difference between Theta Token (THETA) and Theta Fuel (TFUEL) and which one should you have?


What's the difference between Coins, Security Tokens and Utility Tokens


4 Ways to Make Money on Theta | Earning TFUEL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkZoP1qq860&t=46s

You Have to Know it and You Have to Have it | Theta Price Prediction


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Vlad Vasilevich

Kate, make video how to use guardian node and edge node, please

Hu Pl

Theta is like buying shares of a cinema-company.
Tfuel is like buying tickets for beeing able to look a movie in that cinema.

T Kars


Wayne's World

T-Fuel is the currency

Jo Ginev

All cryptos are bullish now...tfuel sux atm...kind of pyramid...


so what your prediction about tfuel price in 2021 ?

Omo D

Another clear explanation. Thank you!!!

you are being duped

Joined Discord. New THETA buyer

Trina Hudson



THETA ??????❤️❤️❤️

Evi Frey

Kate, thank you for another great video!!!


How can I send tfuel on my Theta wallet because there is only one key and it's only for Theta... Can I convert my Theta to Tfuel while inside the Wallet?

Sam B

100 dollar please

Jim Zen MacKay

Hi Kate and Val, can you give me some personnel guidance on how to get started with Theta? I can compensate you for your time, thanks in advance, Jim, [email protected]hotmail.com


I don’t think I’m too late to be part of Theta so will view your other vids

American Man - Cambodian Woman

It’s the gas for Etherium

Biff Bifford

Fully on board the THETA train. Theta at $1.50 is a gift. I think the price of Theta 12 months from now will prove it. Mitch Lu said 2021 will be a year of hyper-growth for Theta, and that his goal is to see 100x Theta. ??. Load up now, or you’re going to wish you did. Thank me later. ?

Jonathan Beardall

No one ever says how to get Theta tokens short of simply buying them.


Resist the experimental gene editing, nano particle snake oil vaccines at all cost and false positive PCR tests_--+

i will jack hammer you

Have both but theta will go 1,000 plus in future.. I'm not sure If 15 or 30 or 50 plus bucks in this bull run.. Off I had to guess I'd say 25 to 75 dollar range in this bull run top price..

Berry Bus

So pumped for 2021. Going to be a conveyor belt of announcements ??

Marcus Roark

We need as many people such as you to spread the good news of THETA!

Hakan Çiçil

Hello, how many dollars can THETA reach by the end of 2021

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