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Índice S&P50, Standard & Poor’s 500 | FXINTRADIA

290 views | 1 Apr. 2018

“si te gusta,

“si te gusta, comparte”

El nombre completo del índice sp500 es Standard & Poor’s 500, que normalmente se abrevia como sp500. Es uno de los índices de renta variable más seguido, ya que es considerado un referente para la economía de los EE.UU.

Con sus 500 empresas más sobresalientes de la bolsa neoyorquina es el índice más representativo de la situación real del mercado que junto con el Dow Jones juegan en la plaza más importante del planeta, Wall Street.

Estas 500 empresas la componen de 400 compañías industriales, 20 de transporte, 40 de servicio público y 40 financieras.

. Es uno de los índices más utilizados por los inversores institucionales ya que incorpora una de las carteras más grandes de empresas y por tanto un reflejo real de lo que sucede en el mercado

El 4 de marzo de 1957, el diario The Wall Street Journal informaba de la creación de un índice electrónico para los mercados. El titular fue: ‘Standard & Poor’s ofrecerá datos cada hora de 500 valores’, algo que como podéis imaginar era totalmente revolucionario para la época.

Aquel día, el S&P 500 daba sus primeros pasos en tiempo real, algo para lo que fue fundamental las aportaciones de IBM en el mundo de las computadoras. La intención de S&P era crear el índice de más interés para los inversores y 55 años después, podemos decir que lo han conseguido.

En la actualidad, el índice S&P representa casi el 75% de la capitalización del mercado de EE UU y para que una empresa se incluya en él debe tener un valor en el mercado que exceda los 4.000 millones de dólares, además de cumplir con unos requisitos fijados por el grupo y que son evaluados por un comité de decisión y por supuesto, deberán ser compañías radicadas en Estados Unidos.

Y creo que con esto ha sido todo. Que no es poco, ¿no? Espero que haber visto este vídeo haya servido de algo más que para causarte dolores de cabeza.

Así que, ya sabes, si crees que ha servido de algo ¡comparte! y no te olvides tampoco de comentar.

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Ontario SP50 Knife Review: What Is The Big Deal?

15 094 views | 28 Apr. 2014

I am NOT impressed with

I am NOT impressed with this knife. The knife did not come with a good edge on it and because of the tough 5160 steel, it was very hard to re-profile the edge at all. The FFG of the blade did not baton or chop well. I would recommend passing on the SP-50, and go with the BK9 or SP-51. Those are much better blades.

kniven kniven

Not kydex insert. Normal painted plastic.

Monse DGuzman

How did the kraton handle hold up after you hit it with your baton? And also do you foresee the kraton getting loose overtime like cold steels kraton? Thanks


i really think you had a dull knife lol in your 51 review it cuts the rope easily proving that thr 51 was way sharper. i have both and they are almost identical. i wish u did a vs video side by side

Austin Lozinski

I just love the SP50 and the SP51! I've been waiting for someone to do a good review. Awesome video, thanks man!


Ken Onion Worksharp takes minutes to sharpen.....Thanks Aaron for sharing your thoughts and suggestions with me, I appreciate it sir.

Scott Hill

I bought the SP50 and it's a great survival style/size knife.  Sadly it looks like Ontario Knife Company dropped the SP51 from their product line.  When sharpened it father sticks fine for me but honestly a smaller blade is better.   My only issue is the rough blade coating, it's ok but I wish they'd have used something slicker/smoother.  So far I like the SP50 for a heavy duty blade.  Thanks for the review.


most heavy choppers are actually very cheap compared to a finely crafted survival knife. For the field I think it might be better to carry a cheap machete and a basic Mora Knife for the detail work.

Robert Boren

Send it back to OKC and I am sure they will sharpen it for you. Mine came literally shaving sharp and in over a year of use I have been unable to dull it, at all. I have a decent collection of fixed blades and my SP-50 is among my very favorite. I don't go into the woods without my Spearpoint Bowie and my Glock 20. Phenomenal knife at twice the price.

Sonny na

I love this blade but like the 51 better. 49 is an awesome knife too

todd wilkinson

Love ontario knifes,great reviews G.T. Also i wanted your honest opinion on which do you prefer between the ribz pack or this you are wearing? I want to order one of these you have,but want to know which feels better and what you think about it.Thank you.


I got the sp46 and wish I woulda got the 49.. the flat grind sucks azz for splitting and Im wishing I got the longer blade.. love the shape though.. every 1 gets the 51 and the 53 but I think the 49 is better shape then the 51 but easier to maintain and control  then the 53

Rhys Tucker

Nutn would disagree


Good review. I've wondered about these. I like 5160 steel but am now curious about the geometry. I guess it would need to be reprofiled. Gonna check out your SP51 review to see what you had to say about its edge. Looks like my SP5 is still more than adequate.

Rd H

Hello make a nice Convex edge on it and its going to cut, chop much better...


First I want to say I love your videos and gear reviews. Lots of good info and really cool gear. But, is there a particular reason why your videos are always so small, they never fill the youtube video box/space. I'm just wondering why you record in that fashion or upload in that way. Thank you!

Mark Deloy

I have been working on this knife for a month now to try and get it sharp enough to slice paper, it's still dull and I can usually put a wicked edge on a blade.  Thought it was just me.

Scott Hill

I ended up getting the SP50 for $50.  Since OKC no longer makes the SP51, I got the SP50.  Since the BK9 is much more expensive I've never owned one so I really don't have anything to compare SP50 against.  My SP50 is hair popping sharp and so far I'm happy with it.   Maybe ignorance really is bliss.  Thank you for the review.

Frank Serra

Subscribed due to your excellent and through review. My brother gave me one of two Ontario SP 53 Bolo knives, bought for $45 ea., from Midway USA, heck of a good price. Also have the Ontario Bushcraft Woodsman knife in 420ss. Haven't had a chance to try them out yet.

Michael StJohn

GT, I've always wondered why Ontario put the loops on the female side of the retention straps when the blade side is the one that gets cut.

Skinny Moose

Mine has been on dozens of wilderness trips and is super bad ass, came sharp enough to shave with, holds a good edgr too. I don't know what to tell ya


If you could only pick between the SP 50 and the SP 53, which would you choose and why? I noticed the SP50 is more expensive than the SP 53.

Denise Cervantez

Gideon. I also had an SP45, bought because of your video by the way, and an SP42 that came very dull. I spoke with an OKC employee through facebook. He was extremely apologetic and very helpful. He told me that even with Dan Maragni there they had some get by them. I have since received the sp43 and sp46. they came ok sharp, but with about 5 minutes of sharpening on my diamond and ceramic sticks they were paper shaving sharp. I love all my Beckers but for my hands, the OKC handles are much more comfortable. I have big hands and the Beckers sometimes do not have enough room. Keep up the good work. 

oogity-boogity woogity

I was under the impression that a flat grind would outperform a saber grind at batoning.

Escariot Nah

The grind doesn't make a direct difference. If you still have this knife, you might take a caliper to it and see if there is a heavy transition between the secondary and primary bevels. The grind can make a difference if the manufacturer takes a more aggressive angle, at a given weight, on a saber vs. flat. But you can turn a saber grind flat by simply removing the flats. What people attribute to grinds is usually an angle difference in the first half inch of the blade from the edge.

colorado 14K

I coulden't agree with you more.  I have a SP51 and was impressed at the heavy bushcrafting abilities. All the flat (like the SP50) grind knives I own have given me the same results as you got on the review.  I have subscribed to your channel and hope you give more unbiased reviews like this in the future... thanks

Ken Marapese

Nice review, I didn't realize there would be such a difference for battoning between the flat and saber grinds.

kniven kniven

Sp52 mutch better chopper and slicer:)

Ulfric Stormcloak

Amazing how the grind alone inspires the difference between your reviews of the 50 and 51 -- actually its not that amazing, it should be a well known fact that Saber outclasses full flat in all capacities.  Though the fact that its not well known is in fact amazing.

left-hand yogi

wouldn't it have a similar edge than the 51? I would think that in the same steel, and the same size & profile, the higher grind angle should make it a better chopper than the saber-ground version... Unless, 1) the edge was left too thick at the transition between the primary grind and the edge, &/or 2) you are relying on the greater mass of the blade to do the cutting. One way to test this would be to set the knife on a solid surface and swing a piece of wood at the edge, rather than vice-versa. Also toughness by itself doesn't make a difference re: ease of sharpening, which i think is more a factor of hardness and abrasion resistance, like in a high-carbide stainless. 5160 is one of the easiest steels to sharpen because of its relatively low carbon/ low carbide-forming alloying elements. Thanks for the video - i'd be curious to see how the sp50 and 51 would compare if you were to reprofile the edges to the same thickness at the secondary edge bevel transition. peace.


After seeing this video, I really appreciate my Silky Nata. A side by side comparison would probably show this blade to be obsolete.

Jerome Kukurugya

I love how you seriously put knives thru their paces. Thanks for the great review, this knife definitely seems like one I'll be passing on for a better option.


Have you seen the new OKC Bushcrafter Woodsman knife? It looks like a SP50 but with a full profile tang + wood scales. What do you think?

The Dude

1. Just a little constructive criticism: If you had to sharpen that knife for an hour on a sharp maker how many times do you think you reset the edge bevel on that knife? Food for thought. I know Ontario runs 5160 a little soft. But an hour? Either your sharpening skills are seriously lacking or the knife is heat treated improperly. If heat treated improperly you more than likely will see some serious rolling of the edge when chopping.

Jimmy Haley

why compare a knife with what an axe/hatchet is DESIGINED for??? total waste of time using the wrong tool for a job that another tool will do the job MUCH easier,,, like comparing a splitting wedge against a rock,,,, both WILL do the job but one makes life much easier,,,, ole USN vet

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior

It just amazes me what a relief edge does to a knife, I compared my new Stromeng Leuku it's the KS 9, very thin blade but has a Scandi Grind and that's the relief edge and it baton's and chop's well, same thing with the SP-50 since I have the Ranger RD-9 with a choil my fav, I went with the SP-51 and no regrets, what I would like to see is O.K.C. should make the Ranger Rd-9 or the SP-50 thinner but with a high Scandi Grind it would be much lighter and IMO a great chopper like my Leuku, just my $0.02.

John nacho

I own many knife brands but I still think ontario spec plus line have the most comfortable handles of any knife. Maybe not indestructible but just great feeling.

Cedric & Ada Gear and Outdoors

nice to hear a different viewpoint. have you used the SP8 heavy machete? Has a good grind and is like a japanese hatchet. In 1095, too. Its my big blade of choice


i'm surprised to see that such a seemingly good blade shape/geometry doesn't hold up, especially from the ontario SP line. would you say an esee junglas is better even though it's kind of a similar blade shape? and i'm also curious about its performance if you sharpened it with a diamond stone, like what the wicked edge system comes with


If flat grind sucks so bad for batonning explain why the esee junglas is one of the best


Top tip..........don't use knives to chop. Use a baton and save your wrists from damaging.

A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge

Thanks Aaron! I was considering buying the SP50 due to all the rave reviews. Glad I caught your video in time. Keep up the great work!


Sorry to hear it, I have had just the opposite experience. I have found the SP50 to be an awesome chopper and still able to do fine shavings after batoning a ton of seriously dense wood. Thanks for the review, maybe you got a lemon...?

brutalbrital ‘painless’

I dont know about the SP50 but I do have the gen II SP47, it sharpens very nicely is brilliant at all I have asked from it and I like it so much I retired my BK7 in favor of it.

The Dude

Must be blocked now :-P


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A Look Inside the S&P Global Green Bond Index

78 views | 21 Dec. 2017

Explore the range of

Explore the range of green bonds inside the index and find out how these diverse components stack up to the Agg on a risk/return basis with S&P DJI’s Shaun Wurzbach and Dennis Badlyans.