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SEC Week One Game Predictions!!!

87 views | 22 Sep. 2020

SEC Week One Game

SEC Week One Game Predictions!!! Guys In This Video, I Will Be Going Over Our SEC Schedule For Week 1! Some Of The Games Are Easy To Pick, While Some Are Very Difficult, But I Pick A Winner For Every One Of Them!! Much Love Fam And Stay Blessed And Tuned In And I Promise You I Will Be Back With More Videos!!!

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Wulf Man

ROLL TIDE!!! The SEC is back to bring life to food once again?, i agree with the predictions Ga is lacking in many areas of their offense but feel they have enough defense to hold them off. Kentucky is one i had to think about as well but with losing their QB for the season and other injuries they still came out 8-5 one game off from auburn, the only thing that has me on edge is kentucky 1-3 road standings but with the returners and a better recruiting class I think they can pull it off. Fl of course will beat a first year Lane Kiffin, LSU will squeeze that one out but could be a close one, TN and SC is a toss up but with how the vols picked up I feel they can get going earlier this year. Everyone already know them Vandy boys going to.........LOSE??RTR


Great Video Ben And I Agree With All Of Your Predictions!! I Agree With Everything You Said! I Love How We Think And Thanks For Finally Giving Me My Shoutout!! Lol

Justin Williams

Nailed it! As a hog fan I hope we can pull the Georgia upset, but I'm realistic and know that's a slim chance.

Crimson Wave

Great video Ben. Game week is finally here. Can't wait for Bama to roll.

Nick Saban Jr.

It's game time brother ROLL TIDE ???. I'm so hyped, I feel like Ray Lewis before the game. Georgia defense is the best on paper I think, but we see can they live up to that. I don't know about the Auburn tigers this season but it will be interesting to see this game how it plays out. Florida will beat the brakes off of Ole Miss I think, I hope lol. LSU and Mississippi State that is going to be interesting no comment. Tennessee and South Carolina I think that is a underrated game South Carolina QB was pretty good and I see him I getting better but I think Tennessee will win. Texas A&M and Vanderbilt I think Vanderbilt wins, oh my bad I thought you was having my baseball LOL ?, but if we're talking football Texas A&M win of course. I agree with all our predictions. Some games I will be paying close attention to. This was a great video keep grinding and don't stop ??☝???✊???


We'll see how the guys look Saturday big guy! Gotta get together!

Sec predictions

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SEC Shorts - What if SEC teams had their fortune read before season?

364 526 views | 30 Sep. 2019

We're 5 weeks into the

We're 5 weeks into the 2019 college football season and all SEC teams are starting to get an idea of how their season is going to go. But what if you could go back to before the season started and get a dose of reality from a fortune telling machine? How would they respond to where they're at 5 games into the season.

Ayush Sinha

A&M was spot on!

Hunter McNair

are we just gonna ignore the fact that TAMU is doing very well in 2020 lol

Cody Holloway

More collabs with funnymaine please

Christian Johnson

That LSU prediction though ?


That Devonte Smith Prediction actually aged pretty good in 2020

Mickey Dees

The Devontae Smith prediction though

Fine Dining And Breathing

This actually aged really well for A&M


I'm sure LSU wouldn't like their fortunes told from this year

Knight 28

0:52 he actually predicted a&m’s season this year

The Lyzzyrd King

hey did joe burrow really wear a "Burreaux" jersey? i saw a picture. Didnt know if it was photoshopped, and i dont really give a damn enough to close youtube to google it.....so.....

Michelle Wittler

0:56 A&M's best season will be 2020 
Corona: Hold my beer watch this

Coolio Smith

On the money with Texas a&m 2020

Punch Doug

When are you gonna do ACC shorts?

Max Mckay

Bro that devante smith one might’ve been the best prediction I’ve ever seen

Timothy Matous

He was accurate with texas a&m having a good season in 2020 lol

Jay Hartin

Press F for Texas A&M's 2020 schedule.

U cappin bru

Devonta actually does

Carmack Sanderson

Texas A&M appears to be surprisingly accurate right now (5-1, only loss to 'Bama)

Jimmy Jimenez

I see much success for you in 2020??


0:27 damn he was right

Wavy T

When are you gonna do ACC shorts?

Raindrop Walka

he called Devonta Smith getting most TDS

Gabriel Peterson

How did they know A&M would do well in 2020?

Ben Tindall

Who’s here after devonta

Triangle Nilnoc

A loss to a MW team... How humiliating to the SEC Teams.

jordan miller

That Texas AM 2020 comment aged well


Lmao how did they predict Devonta breaking all those records


Man they really got the smith prediction right


Holy crap this predicted the future, yeah Texas A&M did really well this year

Hunter Broughton

Funnymaine yessir


I wish vandy would care about athletics smh

Crystal Mullen

Baltar was a bit off about Texas having a good 2020 season - or at least, that's the way it looks now.

Greg Gaston

Scary accurate

Josh Lowman

Haha they called it for Devanta

Rocco Guevara

Damn, he just shut down on this year for the aggies, wonder if he does the same thing next year


A&M one was accurate

The Moneyman

It’s funny, this was almost accurate

Jacob Handler

I mean he wasn't wrong about A&M being good this year

Nicholas Bauman

predicted lsu a&m and devonta breaking all the records right

Daniel Mackey

Your show always cracks me up!??

Kyler Wilhelm

LSU didn’t crush Texas, but they got the Heisman right

isaiah lancaster

Accurate about A&M?

WKY 044

Voltar gets it right for Devonte Smith

Brett Walsh

Texas A&M working out well in 2020 ?


That is so Arkansas........?????

Cupcake0477 Gaming

Watching this after Devonta Smith won the Heisman for Alabama: ?

Atticus Ruiz

When you realize the fortune teller predicted Texas A and M to dell well in 2020 and they are 5th in the country lol

David Cole

This was pretty close..


We just not gonna talk about the Texas A&M prediction

Damacio Huertaz

The Devonta Smith prediction is pretty scary accurate.


Texas A&M is actually good in 2020

Dat1asian Kid

how did all of this age so well

Poco Por Poco

One Vandy success was beating Missouri, at the least.

Gordon Ramsme

0:52 that’s some accurate stuff right there

RJ Reall

When joe burrow won heisman and the natty

Fluffshep Network

The Wyoming over Missouri one aged like a Chateâuneuf-Du-Pape. #GoWyo4Life, baby!

Will Temp

How was so much right? All of LSU was correct, A&M is having an amazing 2020 season, and Davonte is breaking records. It’s crazy

Henry Herold

A&M are great this year nice one




And they said Texas a m would have a good year this year

Jb’s Fishin Tv

The accuracy for Texas anm

Jordan Acosta

To Vanderbilt: "Beer sales will be GREAT!"


Emma Bonn

So far Baltar was correct about A&M for 2020

Michael Reilley

Damn. Sec shorts really predicted A&M’s success in 2020

Tango Charlie

January 2021 and it is SCARY how accurate this was. A&M’s success, Burrow for Heisman, Devonta for ALL the records... Nuts.


That 2020 prediction for AtM was on point

The goat

That Texas [email protected] one aged well

Jake Subers

Need to update Texas A&M now that the season is different

Maurice Haywood

Wow called devonte smith ?

Trace Martin

Texas A&M's prediction is actually right. They are good in 2020.


texas a and m is good in 2020 tho lol


I like seeing this in 2020 and Texas A&M is doing really good this year.


lol the lsu one was true


LSU aged well lmao

Steven Boydstun


crawford gwin


Cam Mahathey

The Texas a&m prediction is spot on

Pawz Pogi

They legit weren't wrong about A&M being good in 2020!

Axel Seaks

Dude they predicted everything right

i snag17

who’s here in 2020 Texas A&M is ranked in the top 5

Ryan Hicks

Baltar was dead on with the Aggies.

jc oglesbee

"Beer sales will be great!" Lmao they knew LSU was on Candy's schedule! ?


What I'm imagining he would say if Ohio State did this,

Balltar: "You will go undefeated"
Fan: "Yes!"
Balltar: then get robbed against Clemson in the playoff semifinal
Fan: "..."

Aaron Cabaniss

0:54 This did not age well

Vegeta C15

That was right about Texas anm


Insane how accurate they were

Mobile Sports Machine

1:55 devonta just won the heisman


Missouri still has a football team?

Christon Lin

SEC shorts really called Devonta breaking records too... y'all are something else!


Yo the A&M one tho....



Jbanksey 22

Yo that Davante Alabama one spot on this year

Danny DNA

Devonta Smith... that was a 2020 prediction.


Burrow in the Heisman conversation... you could say he was, yeah...


South Carolina spot on!


As if the week I'm commenting this texas a and m are ranked 7 in the ap poll (its cause the prediction for texas a&m has a form of complete accuracy even on the year)

MrTakingCookies [CreepyMaskSaleman]

It pains me to see Kentucky fans okay with being mediocre.


damn they got A&M right

Bryan Jahn

You guys should make another channel where you make shorts like these, but about the big 10 and call it “big 10 tales”

Pizza Patrick

A&M aged really good actually

Sec predictions

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2020 UPDATED SEC College Football Predictions

4 777 views | 18 Aug. 2020

It’s the best conference

It’s the best conference in all of College Football, the SEC. We share our updated predictions for all 14 teams based on the new 10 game conference only schedule. Will Alabama retake the throne? Will LSU repeat? Or will a team like Georgia or Florida emerge from the East and take the Title that has been dominated by the West for so long? We answer all of that and more right here.

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Florida and Tennessee both have traps game week 1

Corey Weed

2-8 for Carolina seems alittle low too me

Jacob DarthBaneMasteroftheSith

Honestly I got my tiger 9-1 or 8-2 I got tamu 6-4

Chris Law

Auburn will go 11-0 SEC champs Book it.

david burke

Lmao @ the uf fans in the comments.. Mullen really has y’all fooled .. lol ?


Glorified spectator says "oh, which black team will I cheer for this year?!"

Dan Rudloff

Well done

Jacob Watson



LSU 7-3

David Cole

LSU had a lot of Key Losses. Do not expect them to beat Alabama. If you look at the History of Tiger Stadium games with Alabama has meant nothing. And the fact that only 20% of the Stadium can be filled means crowd noise will not be that big of an issue.

brandon reese

Seems like pretty fair predictions to me. Great video man keep it up.

AJ Jolly

I like these predictions. Georgia and Florida are so close in skill this year that we could possibly get 3 SEC Teams in the playoffs this year if the cards played out correctly

Graham Brooks

Still good picks. I won't pick UGA to beat Bama until I see it.

Some Person

Coach O hasn’t lost to Auburn in his tenure at LSU.
1. Georgia 9-1
2. Florida 8-2
3. Tennessee 6-4
4. Kentucky 5-5
5. South Carolina 2-8
6. Missouri 2-8
7. Vanderbilt 0-10
1. LSU 9-1
2 Alabama 9-1
3. Auburn 7-3
4. Texas A&M 6-4
5. Ole Miss 4-6
6. Mississippi St 3-7
7. Arkansas 0-10
LSU beats Georgia in SEC Championship


Ole miss 8-2

Charles Bartlett

Florida 9-1
Georgia 8-2
Kentucky 5-5
Tennessee 5-5
South Carolina 4-6
Missouri 3-7
Vanderbilt 1-9

Alabama 9-1
LSU 8-2
Texas A&M 7-3
Auburn 7-3
MSU 3-7
Ole Miss 2-8
Arkansas 1-9

chase castetter

No 10-0 Florida

Casey Elgin

You're literally the only one who thinks Arky wins a single game this season.

Chris O'Brien

Florida will beat Georgia, it will be close

Swipa da snipa

I have A&M 8-2 their offense& defense has improved so much


Solid stuff. Now you are getting it! Well done this year!


I got Florida at 9-1, can I ask what two teams you have Florida losing too I’m just wondering

A Sanderson

Looking at returning production, Florida has a good chance to win the east. GA not developing 5 stars properly, Losing 4/5 on O-line/ QB with big game issues. Good roster for GA, but Florida is as good or better with returners considered.

Gold & Blue Dude

Excellent intro!!

hgr Official

Arkansas beats Missouri and Tennessee, we will play Texas A&M and Ole Miss close but we will lose those by a possession. We get blown out in the rest of the games.

Brock Lee

South Carolina will get more than 2 wins.


It's basically a possible play for pride year pending on the bowl games. It's up to the players on all teams to "play to win the game".

Wade Phipps

Complete agree with this prediction. I do think either Tennessee or Kentucky will go 6-4

Landon Karoffa

What about all the five starts Florida just got adding depth to the roster

jacob gecht


Chris_ Underrated

Bro you would be a great analyst I understand you so clear much love you just found yourself a new supporter ?


Correction: which SEC teamS, if any, could Vanderbilt upset?

Cole Converse

I got the Tigers 0-10. True Misery!


Hey GE which SEC team, either division, could Vanderbilt upset this year?


My final standings predictions for 2020

Sec East
UGA 9-1
Kentucky 6-4
Tennessee 5-5
South Carolina 4-6
Mizzou 3-7
Vandy 2-8

Sec West
Alabama 9-1
LSU 8-2
Auburn 7-3
Texas Am 7-3
Ole Miss-6-4
Miss St 4-8
Arkansas 3-7


Should be interesting to watch! I’m a west coast guy so I guess I’m gonna be watching a lot of Southern football, but I don’t mind. And your totally right about the SEC messing up the last 2 games GE. I like the lineup besides those lasts two games. And it’s interesting that your predictions are more or less the same, with Vanderbilt of course at 0-10?. Great video GE! Appreciate you working hard to update these records! Keep it up man

Douglas DeNunzio

i am rooting for arkansas as well as georgia because i feel both of them has been able to do well in terms of being happy when one is doing well that well is going great in terms of my ordeal to enjoy how the sport works in general by swimming competitive freestyle on sunday after my birthday because i am excited to see the masters tournament return on november 15th when i think of how tiger woods won last year last minute

Big Unit

Texas a&m goes 8-2 losses to auburn and Alabama


This schedule could backfire on Alabama. Mizzou is farrrrrr better than people know about. Just look at their roster.
Alabama has better back's, but beyond that, Mizzou stacks up very well and may have some of the best receivers in the sec.

Andrew Gatorfan15

My east predictions
Florida 10-0
Georgia 9-1
Tennessee 5-5

Ayden Crews

As a Georgia Fan. I partly agree with Your prediction. I do believe that we will possibly lose to Alabama at least once. And I believe it will be the regular season game against them. But I do also believe that we will get our revenge against them in the championship Game. I believe that Alabama is possibly Good enough to beat us once. But I don't believe they're Good enough to beat us twice. And I'm not totally convinced that they'll beat us even once. Because I believe our defense may be a little more than they can handle Offensively.

WT Keeton

If ANYBODY in the SEC ends up 8-2 or better, they will win their division. This season is going to be a meatgrinder.

Daniel Moore

UGA 8-2
FLA 8-2
UT 6-4
SC 5-5
UK 4-6
MIZZ: 2-8
Vandy: 1-9

BAMA: 9-1
LSU: 8-2
AU: 7-3
A&M: 6-4
MSU: 3-7
OM: 2-8
ARK: 1-9

Jacob Watson


CrewsTheWildDawg 3427

Here are my SEC Standings Predictions

1. Georgia (9-1)
2. Florida (8-2)
3. Kentucky (5-5)
4. Tennessee (4-6)
5. South Carolina (3-7)
6. Missouri (2-8)
7. Vanderbilt (0-10)

1. Alabama (10-0)
2. Auburn (8-2)
3. LSU (7-3)
4. Texas A&M (7-3)
5. Ole Miss (4-6)
6. Mississippi State (3-7)
7. Arkansas (0-10)

Championship Game: Georgia vs. Alabama
Winner: Georgia

Jacob Watson





What part of conference only do you understand...

Rick Slick

I’m picking Arkansas for a perfect record this season. The only way they can screw that up is by winning, but the schedule says no. Go Hogs 2021 season.

j. Doe


Mina Eldiwany

I think Florida beats Georgia and Texas A&M.


Georgia is not as invincible as many seem to think. I bet if last year Florida pulled it out, you would have it flipped for this season. Everyone predicts the future based on past results.

John Bar

Lsu was set to play bama,auburn,t am,florida how many more too teams should they play? Oh there are only a few left aren't there????

Braden the total drama fan weaver

Nope Arkansas will pull off a win against Ole Miss

Aiden Pilot

Auburn goes 8-2, losses to UGA and Alabama

Scott Bancale

It will be a tough slate for SEC. It was poorly distributed overall especially for the lower tier teams. LSU just lost another starter because DB Kary Vincent will opt out this season and prepare for the NFL. This marks the 20th starter out of 22 gone from last season. Pretty much the winner of Alabama vs Georgia game will make college football playoff if both teams are 1 loss teams. If somehow Florida is a 1 loss team with only loss to Georgia, they might be in the college football playoff. I have no doubt Ole Miss and Mississippi State will be better next year. The same goes for Arkansas. Hopefully South Carolina will give Will Muschamp another year because this schedule was set up for bowl game until conference only happened. Of course it will be interesting how will the college football playoff committee will select 4 teams if for some reason there a number of 2 loss teams who are on the cusp yet only 3 teams are either 1 loss or undefeated team.

Boise State has suspended the 5th year running back Robert Mahone indefinitely after arrest for alleged domestic battery or assault enhancement in presence of a child. Army football added home games with Louisiana Monroe on September 12th, BYU on September 19th, Abilene Christian University on October 3rd, and Mercer on October 10th. It will be interesting how army fixes the rest of schedule.

Baylor men's basketball will take on Gonzaga the 2020-2021 season due to Pac 12 not having sports rest of the calendar year. While we don't know where the game will be played, it will be like a Final 4 preview. It doesn't include the Villanova nonconference game for Baylor so it is another great test. It also doesn't include Michigan/NC State, Rutgers, and Seton Hall. Of course SEC vs Big 12 challenge is still in play.

Lastly, y'all would love this article about Baylor men's tennis interim coach Michael Woodson. Link for article is below. It is quite moving.


Texas tech has hired a new head women’s basketball coach in Krista Gerlich from UT Arlington. She was part of that 1993 national title team as a player at Texas tech. Well Baylor football added a transfer from College of Wooster a division 3 school in Jacob Frater who is a 6 ft 3 inch 270 pound Guard who is going to enroll this fall. It is huge to have depth on offensive line. I believe he will have 3 or 4 years of eligibility. Baylor also just added 2nd commit for class of 2022 as a wide receiver. His name is Randy Masters a 6 ft 1 inch 172 pound WR (4 star recruits) who had offers from TCU, Oregon, LSU, Auburn, Tennessee, Florida, and others.

First school at any level Stephen F Austin has opted out of spring football but will concentrate on trying to play this fall. Oh my Oklahoma state men’s tennis lost a guy who was there for 3 years prior is going to enroll at Ole Miss this fall. The player was number 6 singles and number 2 doubles. Still it will kind of hurt Oklahoma State men’s tennis.

James Hutchinson

I'm sorry but Tennessee is going to do better than .500 and sc is going to have more than 2 wins

Alex Prelipcean

The Gridiron Expert what team are you a fan of?

Emperor of Rome

Roll Tide Baby

Jaws Fanboy

I have Alabama and Florida. Florida 40 Alabama 34


People are sleeping on Florida so much and really giving Georgia being able to implement a brand new style of offense a lot of credit. Granted LSU was able to do it in a season but this season is under a lot of different circumstances and Georgia doesn’t have a definitive starting quarterback.

Carolina Jackpot

Normally your stuff is great but the fact you think Tennessee is beating my Gsmecocks yet losing to Arkansas is comical


Geaux Tigers!!