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HUGE WARNING!! For VeChain (VET) Investors In 2021 !! | VTHO Crypto Trading Price Analysis ⚠️

1 611 views | 27 Jan. 2021

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HUGE WARNING!! For VeChain (VET) Investors In 2021 !! | Crypto Trading Price Analysis ⚠️ thanks for watching this video " HUGE WARNING!! For VeChain (VET) Investors In 2021 !! | Crypto Trading Price Analysis ⚠️ "

In this VeChain video , I give a fair warning investors holding a VET in 2021. And show you how to make the right moves so you can make the most of the VET price movement and don't get RECKED 2021 and stipple your bags ! In this price analysis !

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This video is for educational purposes only. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas mentioned in this video. This is not financial advice & I'm and NOT a certified financial advisor !! We have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the information on this video is accurate, but we cannot represent that the website(s) mentioned in this video are free from errors. You expressly agree not to rely upon any information contained in this video.It is important to note that no system or methodology has ever been developed that can guarantee profits or ensure freedom from losses. No representation or implication is being made that using the attached material will guarantee profits or ensures freedom from losses.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. I won't put anything here that I haven't verified and/or personally used myself.

Stock Footage Credit : Videvo & Pexels


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Raphael Stahlberg

Very good analysis. I am not comfortable with selling everything and waiting for this to happen. But I surely will stack some cash to get in on a very low dip - ETH100

A'Li Gary

Basically, vechain/vtho is long term investment and not a short term cash grab like dogecoin or other altcoins


I hope you are wrong


Can I ask what software you're using please?

Davon Thompson

I never believed in ? until now?‍♂️ Now I have to dump everything ?

Nelson U

Great analysis. Just subscribed. Well done!

Doug Dozier

Your videos are so helpful. I'm new to crypto investing and have about 2k to work with. What would be your advice on on where to put the investment for someone new to this?

dirk desmaele

Vet Noting 0.50 cent


Man vechain dropping like a$$ cheeks



Allan Katy

VECHAIN the best invest!!!

Allan Katy

VECHAIN desceu pra pegar impulso pra Lua ?????

shahid hamid

It is only now others are talking abt this . Eth 100

Pim Dankers

Thanks for the informative video! ETH 100! Vechain to $0.50 this bullrun?

Jeffrey Mutschler

Great Great video! ETH100

Natalie Raynor

Well I feel, those who would allow the market dynamism to determine when to trade or not are either new in the cryptocurrency world or probably just naive, ???????????????? have seen far worse times and even better times than this, enlightened traders continue to make good use of the dip even acquiring more equities towards trading sessions, 6 months back I started trading, though I knew just the basics of trading, I've seen a lot of money been made from crypto trading just within weeks. I wasn't able to capture the secret to understanding the use of signals till I got connected to trading expert ??????? ??????. Under his guide, I've been able to understand the ?????? ????????? and how best to use ??????? for ??????? returns, plus his trading classes has been so educative, Mr. Bernard makes you learn while earning massively alongside, ??????? ?????? can be ????????? for crypto inclined concerns Via ???????? +1 (253) 260 6820 or ???????? @bernardkelvin99.

Bryan M


One of the best analyses I have ever seen on YouTube. Brilliantly clear and concise.

Jeff Berwick

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Hell ya it better.. 1M VET locked in.

crypto2021 CRYP

VET to the moon! Lets go to 1$, the project has tremendous potential! Sunny Lu makes wonders


$150 for 100k vtho...dont mind if i do

SiGMAmerican Arcana


Good analysis as usual


thanks for the analysis.

Cool Blue

Great analysis fam!??? Subscribed


VET at the end of 2021, what do you think....0,5€ or less???

Romain Fleury

Eth 100

Guillermo Velazquez

ETH 100

Bryan Soriano

ETH 100

Good Analysis I've watch so far.
New subscriber here. ☺️

VET is the Best??

Joe Blow

Great video Eth 100

onlinejob trendz

"Eth 100 "
ur analysis is good brother .

josh wilmer

Great video. Pro ƚгaᎴers always seem right and make perfect ƚгaᎴes because they don't ƚгaᎴe with the high and lows that some people do, chasing the bottoms and tops. Let's be realistic, there would never be a $ 500. 000 move in bitcoin in a short time frame, you just can't wake one day and bitcoin gets from $ 38, 000 to $ 500, 000, the market doesn't work like that. If actually, they did, then they would be followed by a massive correction probably lower than where she started from. The market usually moves from down faster than they move up because fear is a stronger motivator than greed. It has been proven that winning in the crypto market is a combination of experience and good ƚгaᎴng รiռgռals. Ever since I got to know david tepper of appaloosa management , ƚгaᎴng became very easy because he introduced me to a well-displayed platform and also provided accurate ƚгaᎴng รiռgռals which make my ƚгaᎴe successful as making at least 80%. I have made up to 7 b tc profit just from 4 months wrkn with him. I'd suggest you forget predictions and start making a good pг?ϝit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses. Y'all can reach out to him through Tєlєﻮгam(@davidtepper_trades)........

Tri Ryuzaki

Could you share your thought about BCH, thanks

Paes Haas

Again great video thanks Donte.. ETH100 ?

Richard H


Haris Hamid

I think Vechain needs to cool down. Eth 100


Great video, you have a new subscriber !

Michael Cooley


King Jaffy Joe

I know I'm late but thanks for the info my man!

S Brown

ETH 100 glad I came across this video, thank you!

Value vet prices

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VECHAIN / VET - VTHO Price Prediction / analysis

3 802 views | 31 Jan. 2021


INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/harisinghofficial/

Please remember that I am not a financial advisor and that this video is not financial advice.


VET to 15$ eoy 2021

Titus Saunders

What was future price prediction? I never herd him say it

German Nunez

Are you the same person from Fresh Money??

Tahib Bahij


bill jones

I think you are missing a crucial part of the equation. It doesn't matter if VTHO goes all the way up to a dollar. The foundation can change the algorithm to require less VTHO per transaction. Right now its 88 VTHO per transaction. 2 cents......That can change to .088 VTHO per transaction. still 2 cents 5 years from now....... so of course the amount of VTho burn will increase, causing the price to increase after we break 37 million burned daily. don't you know this? No offense, I like your content.....

Waell Abdulrahman

To the moon in 2051 ?

Jaia Lansana

Nope I disagree!!! Amazon is doing well , theta fuel also doing well. No need for you Thor ideas . Stick with the price analysis !!!

Captain Babossa

If vet is going to take 10 yrs to reach $1.00 dollar I think I might invest elsewhere I think , shame, I have been holding 3yrs other 10 yrs I don’t think so

Andrew Lim

So what's up with the dumping of VET? Is it people moving money out into dogecoin or XRP?

Lys Shiva Arts - Hearts and Swords



I search a good hardware wallet for VeChain & Cardano.

Thanks for your help.

Santhosh Shetty

When vechain pump

hoa tran


Maik Trading

True..but..vtho profit is high that VET for now.

B Wilk

Vet is the future! ?


good afternoon sir As I see in the previous video that vechain will go up to $ 1 in 2030 it is close if it is so bad investment then because there are other cryptocurrencies that rise a year the same as the price of vehain at this time or more do you mean that vechain in 5 years does not will reach 1 $

Lachhab Regragui

If you have missed voyager token( VGX) ,invest in QuiverX (QRX), QRX is a hidden gem

benjamin schwartz

Well vethor will follow slowly vechain price but will stay lower than Vechain. But i think its a big potential since the price is low and it will attract more investors in it

Value vet prices

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Avoid Getting Scammed! How to Buy Used Tractors/Equipment.

62 730 views | 17 Dec. 2019

If you are looking for a

If you are looking for a used compact tractor or attachments, you might think that buying at an auction would be perfectly fine. Tractor Time with Tim walks through when to buy at an auction, and when to be careful about buying at auction.

Pastor David Franklin

Excellent Tim!! Great information!


Unfortunate it had to to happen the way it did and you were the victim, but sharing your story has made us aware of some of the things that we can do to protect ourselves. There are once a year auctions around here that people donate to so that the club or organization can raise money to support themselves and it's done by volunteer auctioneers.

Numa Newbern

Recently went with cash in hand to buy a old Ford truck, had 3 I found on Craigslist, EACH one the person selling was NOT the owner per title etc, one said their uncle gave it to them & he supposedly signed & dated everything, another he was selling his step dads truck LOL , I passed them up, YES one long discussion with one helped to throw up some red flags.

Fiore Vitola

I would buy from a dealer because I would not trust any auction, I have been to some to watch but not bidding.



This is very helpful for potential buyers. Thank you for putting this out.

There is a premium placed on price for buying from a licensed and bonded auction house, or dealer for insurance against possible scams. Bonding gives insurance against stolen property, and communication with lien holders. Reputable factory dealers offer that plus you know safety systems are fully functional. I don’t care who the private seller is, there should be a small price discount for forgoing those assurances even with every receipt in hand.

I grew up with small farming town life. Even the poor farmers were as honest as the day is long. Life has evolved and it’s rare to find a fraction of the honesty and honor any longer from anyone. There are a few but spotting them is difficult. Luckily my dealer is one of the best. Their word is worth more than a signature.


So do tractors bought, even new not come with titles? I’ve been watching other auctions for a little while. Never bought one after seeing what happened to you.

Michael Saffold

Lol don’t steal it well darn I will have to come up with another way to get a tractor.

Chuck Morse

Hi Time, I’m away on business this week and ran into a retired Deere employee at the hotel who was an International Logistics guy for 30+ years. It was a pleasant conversation about the love I have for my 2018 1025R. Who would have thought? Anyway, I noticed that you appeared to be limping in this video. Hope you’re doing alright. Merry Christmas to you and your family and be safe!!

Kioti CS2410

A lot of nice tractors there i know when i called Kioti they told me all that had been fixed on my tractor that the dealer did not tail me about ! and Tim hope you got the Allis G to take home it would go good with your dads allis !! LOL but now days i think when they sale stuff they just hope if you see some thing funny with your tractor you just wont check it out ! and no one will know if it is stolen ! You guys have a Merry Christmas your friend Kioti Curt :-)

Dyshof TV

Yes! Buy from your trusted dealer. Maybe a bit more expensive.....but it pays

zarbond 21

We Have a 1985 JD 1050 With 320 Original hrs.

Truckinchihuahua Alvie Schreckhise

I bought a 94 Chevy pickup from Purplewave on line auction last month, by accident. So it was sight unseen (pics only). It had 310,098 miles on it and a 4.3L V6 with 4 speed automatic. It has averaged almost 20mpg over the 1st 1500mi I have put on it already.
I'm the 1st private owner. The 1st 2 were concrete construction companies. This explains all of the concrete dust everywhere under it and in the cab. Amazingly it was well taken care of. May have been garage kept. It is 100% #'s matching and almost no rust (just a little in rear cab corners). How I know it's #'s matching is the dealer #'s are stamped in places and on stickers under the hood match the window tag that was still in the glovebox. It also has never been wrecked according to carfax. I got it for only $625 + 10% fees (total was $687.50). I've been offered $2000 for it 2 times already 1 by the 1st guy that looked under it. No rust on the frame and no leaks.
Only thing that don't work is the cruise control. And not checked the AC yet. Also been offered (only if still running at 351,000 miles and still #'s matching) an even trade for a new truck from local Chevy dealer. He wants it for a museum truck.


Did you buy your tractor from the “Bluford Ruritan Club”?

Alan Hayes

Where is this auction located Tim?

Richard Schneider

Nice video Tim. Another thing to check out for stolen tractors, trucks, etc. is Tractorhouse.com which has a stolen equip section. Truckpaper.com has stolen semis and trailers....it is surprising how much stolen equipment, trucks and trailers there are. Also machinerytrader.com has a stolen equipment list.

عامر زيدان

Dear Tim really I am trying hardly to buy used rid on lawn mower supplied with vacuum collecting system but I can not I hope you can contact with me I will be very grateful

the Perkins bunch

I'll keep that in mind when I go to the auction in April

AA Just my life Louis Young

Please subscribe share thank you God bless


Tom Tillman

look for ground off serial numbers?

andrew slagle

Wish i had an auction like that near my area.

David Harris

Tim, word of warning. Nothing gets stolen quicker than trailers. They will steal them out of the yard while you are in the house. I know you do not have a fence and I worry about that.


Your father must have been a proud man.

john doe

one reason they sell their tractors is because it's starting to need parts, and downtime will be more costly to them then selling the old one and put it towards a new one.


? Great information here Tim! Reputable auctions do have some upside even with higher buyers fees.
Keep on tractoring! ?

Doug Decuir

i sure would like a tractor.. ive been looking into a used one but i don't want anything too old.. so the price would be kinda high.. ive also been looking at new.. i figure by the time i buy a used tractor for a few thousand less than a new one i could get the new one with deere's 0% intenset and i bet the pay off would be close to financing a new one and paying interest.. and i get the new tractor warranty... kinda what i have been thinking about...

spliceon charlie

Sorry to hear about the "stolen tractor" ordeal. I watched the other video about some of the details. I hope everything works out for the best.

Pohbor 57

You said it, but the easiest way to eliminate the possibility of the hassles you had, buy new. Or at the very least, buy used from your dealer. Nice video!!!!

Jeremy Nguyen

hi Tim, I have a question, I would love to have a John Deere 1025R but I can not cough up $18-23 thousand to buy a new one. is it better and cheaper to buy it from auction with a 1 or 2 years old equipment?

Clayton Hartin

How would you know the life of a tractor If the person on never took it in to get fixed? When I buy equipment I fix everything my self.

Carter Ledbetter

He needs the international 284. Like if you think so

Shane freeman

We have a rule. I we can not pay Cash, we Do not Buy. There for No Debit.

Randal Middleton

That was a good video TTWT... did ya's find anything interesting to take back home lol...

Paul Kleinschmit

Speaking of the 4052, one other thing to consider when a tractor ends up at auction, especially a "far, far away" tractor is that you may be buying a lemon. Of all our frequent mechanic shop customers with late model equipment, quite a lot of them bought the equipment from an auction, many times, online, (tractorhouse for example) and it was not local. In other words, the tractors were problem children for someone else and either something tragic happened (flood), or they just got tired dumping money into it.


You should put the name of the sellers of your stolen tractor in the title ,in big bold letters,,saying ,,do not buy from them!! And do 1 video every month refreshing everyones memory with the same title.

Hunter Smith

Well I've been following your videos for the past few weeks as I learn more about this world of tractors. This is a long overdue "Thank you" for all the info. You have just saved me a potential headache by posting this and the "Stolen Tractor" episode.

Ronald Foley

But how does a auction place knows IF the tractors or other pieces r stoleing or not

Dirk Van Essendelft

So we went through the process of buying a used tractor here this past year. It is a total crap shoot. Fortunately the guy we bought from is an honest man. However, the fact is that tractors dont have titles. Yes you can verify ownership through checking the bill of sale and calling the Deer financing office if there is a loan. However since there is no Title, there is no associated lien system to file against like there is with a car or house. This means that the owner could have put the tractor up for collateral in any county in the US just like any other tool and the only way to figure out for sure is to call county records and ask if a the tractor was used for collateral on any loan. We did call our county and the county where it was sold. However, that is no gaurontee. The bes you can do is check the bill of sale, and make sure to get a dated bill of sale with all the serial numbers on it. There is no legal way to be absolutely sure that the person selling has "right to sell" because there is no title process. This goes for auctions too. You could buy a tractor that has a lien on it there too because there is no way for an auction house to know either. However, the advantage is that most auction houses carry insurance to cover themselves if they unknowingly sell equipment that is stolen or has a lien on it. That said, that insurance is to cover THEM not you the buyer. Your only recourse is to sue if they dont want to make it right just like buying from an individual. The chances of getting your money back are higher if you sue an auction house as they are insured, but the purchase risk is still on the buyer.

glen Rychling

I.ve seem stolen ones in auction.been buy for 40 years


When I bought a used 1025r I gave the seller two cashier's checks. One for the amount he owed on his loan made out to John Deere finance. And the other for the rest of the agreed selling price made out to the seller . I also had him mail the letter he received from Deere saying the loan was payed off when he received it.

George Rydberg

Good video!

Mahmoud AlShami

Great video. What is the name of the auction in your video ? Thank you

007 James

Their all scammers and schemers
even most of the Auctions are scammers overpriced and most made in China ! Americans Greed !


You are an awesome person for what happened to you. Idk if I would be the same way.
That auction company did not just you wrong, but the dealership wrong as well.
Because of the direct action or the lack there of, they have caused financial damages to John Dear by m loss of sales, and I'm sure they have to reprint or tag the pieces that were removed. So even if they don't have to retag everything. I'm sure they can't or won't sell it at the estimated selling price of $30K.
That auction house ALSO Bought and or profited from an Illegal sale of stolen property. If they had done there do diligence and legal responsibility of checking for leans, and legal ownership. Well they wouldn't have a moral obligation.
They know that they did wrong. Any profit they got from the sale of that tractor should go to the dealership it was stolen from.

Take it from me, I'm not one that would want to take any steps beyond what would rectify the wrong done to me. But how many other people were dine wrong by this?

Mitch P

Here in Canada every lean has to be registered. If you are buying something, for a fee, something tells me it was $15 but cannot remember, you can go on a web sight, pay the fee, enter the serial # and they tell you if a lean has been registered to that serial#. I think this can take up to 24 hours at times.


So was that last frame before the verse a foreshadowing of you getting a skid steer?

Les Philaja

When I bought my 2017 JD, 5 year free financing was the way to go. I asked the dealer about insurance. He said, JD insurance for the life of the loan is included in every deal. I don't know if it's from this dealer or included for all JD dealers. Something else to consider when buying used.

Truckinchihuahua Alvie Schreckhise

Ok Tim what did the finance committee approve you to buy... A skid steer?

David Harris

What did that 467 round baler bring? I had a late model John Deere with loader and a 10' bushhog stolen out of a pasture a few years ago. Never heard a word from it. It was left behind a locked gate. I mowed late one night and went back the next morning to get it. The lock was cut and the tractor and shredder were gone. It was a hard knock! I still look for it everywhere I go.


bought a Grasshopper mower, rtv 900 kubota, from Ted Everetts needed a lot of work in the end but its the risk of an auction. on the other hand bought a brand new husqvana push mower in the box, brand new log splitter in the crate, and wood chipper that was almost brand new. its a bit of a gamble but you have to make an educated guess on what its going to take to fix it after words and pay accordingly.

Mark G

Find out if there is a UCC-1 lien. This is a federal Uniform Commercial Code statute.

DDS Gala

Thank you great info and lots of good back ground


Merry Christmas. I have a question there is a Ford 8340 4 × 4 but there is a problem with the hydraulic pump First according to add the Wheels 70% 4 × 4 Not working Could be pump delay or Solonid is it a good deal or not is it easy to fix any advice

Robert Payne

Went to an auction several years ago and they had several tractors that had Europeon lighting on them I found a tractor I was extremely interested in but I walked around and looked for the unit serial number and noticed the riveted plate was gone and cold chisel scars.RedFlag1 then as they were coming around there was a stoppage on another piece of equipment they had to backup and start the bidding back about 2000 dollars from 9000 back to 7000, I dont know if the ring men had messed up or what Redflag 2 it killed the Auction

david s.

never trust an hour meter, at least the old ones. Double so for compact tractors, I see lots and lots of them selling in ads with crazy low hours.

Numa Newbern

I typically ask, HOW LONG have you had it, last time it was used, tagged etc, if it is a flip vehicle or equipment I usually pass on it

Doug Dodson

Enjoy all the tips and advise on your videos Thanks Tim

Laurie Harding

I don’t think you made a mistake!!! The auction house is (Greazy) as you would say. They must hold a licence to have auctions. And their licence should be pulled until they square up with you and cover your legal fees too boot. And keep doing what you are doing... I always say. If nothing else, “advertise them!” Let the public know!

Chuck Lynch

Great advice Tim! While I can usually get better prices at auctions, I also use tractorhouse.com and negotiate only with dealers. I've found some gems for cheap.

Drew Wilke

Make sure the ID tags aren't ground off

Graham Shea

Excellent information, Tim. Thank you! I like the idea of speaking with a private seller about things other than the tractor; this is a great way to see a bit into their character. Do they seem genuine? Will they look you in the eye? Are they evasive, or want to move you out if you test the rabbit trails? I like the casual approach, and it's helpful to get information about them, the tractor, and their motivation via a simple series of backdoor, friendly questions. Great information!!


I buy, sell and trade JD equipment continually. Mostly from Craigslist, eBay and Facebook ads. My first question to a seller is "What is the serial number?" If the answer is that the serial number is missing, I want nothing to do with the seller. Many times they will have an excuse like they are at work and will get it for me later. That is a big red flag! Then they will never call or email back because it is stolen or a scam. If the price seems to be too good, there is probably a reason. If they drop the price too quick, another red flag. I always ask for a Bill of Sale and always give the buyer one. I never accept a check or other scams. I will always pay with cash and only accept cash in payment. I always have a COUPLE FRIENDS WITH ME. Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson. Like you, I try to have a lengthy conversation with them. You can get a pretty good idea if they are honest. I try to take a quick picture of a vehicle license plate if possible. I have bought 5 tractors with just pictures from JD dealers and one from a reputable auction site. Never had any problems. This was a very good topic and well presented.

m9 ovich

Thanks Tim.
I found it cheaper to finance a new tractor than a used one and I got it set up the way I want it
Financing was also cheaper than taking a big chunk of money out of my retirement account raising my tax bracket to the next level.
Cant wait til it gets here.
Mike M.

Gary Faulds

Good for you Tim . Very educational . I like how you kinda stepped on the toes of that auction company that sold you the stolen truck. ????


To many ads in this video

Bob Fitch

Tim on a private unit try looking up a UCC LISTING with the state or commonwealth

Ross Wagner

Thank you for the information. I’m sorry this happened to you. I also like how you tie a scripture verse at the end of your videos. ?


Those ain't tractors! Stuff you were showing are toys


There used to be several bi annual 'equipment consignment sales' around here, the last one shut down last year due to a lack of buyers. The last time I went most machines were going for pennies on the dollar so sellers quit bringing their stuff to sell. I used to come home with a full trailer ever time for very little money. Reselling them was slow, but I could turn a small profit. Now nothing sells, for any amount of money. No one has cash, they go to a dealer and buy it on credit so they can make payments.

Stolen tractors would be hard to track in some states, around here they don't do a thing, if its not titled by the state, its up to you to prove you own it, and if its used, a hand written bill of sale means nothing.
The rule of thumb is if you value it, lock it up so it don't get stolen. Ever since roll back wreckers became common inthe 70's so did stolen smaller tractors.

Brent Brown

Good advice from someone who knows first hand the problems which can occur when buying from an auction house. Thanks, Tim.

Jeff Rainwater

Does the auction have financing or are they typically cash only? Also, how do you find out about these auctions? I would love to know how to know about ones up in the Pacific NW.


One thing I haven't heard you mention, is that the Mt.Erie Ruritan auction is a consignment auction. A consignment auction would make me a lot more cautious when considering a used tractor being sold there. At a farm auction, you usually know any tractor being sold is from that farm, and not from who knows where. And, the big auctions like this one you attended where they have a history of clean auctions would make me feel safer bidding on a tractor.

Kenneth Huff

Thanks for all the good info

mike holubek

I don't know what I hate more, Thieves or Leeches???


Great info as always, TTWT, thank you

Jason Wulf

What camera did you use to shoot this video? The quality is good.

john kovac

hope this helps!!!! i bought stolen gravely from dealer and finaced thru dealer and thats what save my but when owner saw me cutting grass with his mower cops showed up to arrest me when i showed cops the finance papers so instead arresting me they went to dealer and he went to jial,hope this helps

Doug Cultra

I almost always buy used cars, trucks, tractors. I can fix them if they need it and let the original owner take the big depreciation hit on the value. If you really don't know vehicles or equipment ask the seller if you can pay to have an inspection by a dealer of your choice it will be money well spent for your piece of mind.

Doug Ales

The problem with Johnny, err,.....the John Deere 1025r, and its previous model, the 1026r is the asking price for a gently used model is so close to new, in my opinion, I’ll just go new.

The John Deere 1 series simply holds its value so much that buying new is the better choice for me.

I was shocked when I attended a auction where I saw a used piece of equipment go for more then new. Why? This put me off auctions.

A new unit comes will full warranty, and you know its not been abused.

My “just go new” answer may change if the economy softens, the current red-hot demand for modern sub-compact tractors and implements cools, resulting in historically cost saving used vs new prices return.

PS: My guess is the 4052R in your video is above the interest of the hobbyist like me, so bidders were actually farmers that need a reasonable return on investment, not hobbyists like me bidding on emotion with no expectation of ROI.

Again, this is my opinion.


Tim have you considered one of those mini walk behind skid steers. Not the full size machine. It’s smaller then Johnny and can get into those tight backyards. And depending on the model you get 2k of lift.

Steven Thomson

Useful information. Thank you!

Neal Tubbs

Good video Tim. With you sharing your experience and thoughts I'm sure it'll help others.

Dogs Rule

Hi Tim,
I have 4 welders here building me a metal bldg. So of course, I asked the main welder to custom build me a cart for my backhoe & a separate one for all my JDeere 1025R implements.
I bot six wheels that can handle 330 lbs each from Home Depot. Welder is using 2" x 6" steel. He wants to know if wheels can handle the weight.
I have googled weight of separate implements but not succeeded finding out. Please help. How much does the bucket (front loader) weigh without the arms of the H120? (Since only the bucket part will sit on the cart)
Cultivator weight?
Box Blade weight?
Pallet Fork weight?
60" cut drive over mower weight?
My cart will have Cultivator & B.Blade on the bottom, top will have Pallet Fork & front loader bucket. One side will have drive over mower (lifted by yellow Load-n-Go). The other side will have a small homemade plow & 3-pt connect hitch.
Plse. help in determining above indivudual weights.

Mike Hornsby

Great job enjoyed that!!!

Bill Brooks

I kept getting distracted drooling at all of the tractors in the background ?

Dan Cocosa

Nice try on the purchase to show us a receipt. You are toooooo funny. Christy is not falling for that. She is a whole lot smarter than that. Another great video. Thanks

AA Just my life Louis Young

Don’t buy kioti nx4510 I have a 2015 done in the shop for three months And they still don’t know what’s wrong with it they keep changing parts now it won’t run at all at least when I brought it there around zone now they don’t know what’s wrong with it and I don’t run it on $38,000 screwed out of

Peter Mavus

They have apps for your phone to put a tracking device hidden on your equipment....but "Buyer Beware" and don,t be a slave to the lender going into hock up to your eyeballs...good warnings Tim

Mike Fortune

Hi Tim and Christy the one thing i would add to that Tim always visit the seller dont let them bring the tractor to you and dont meet them halfway

Paul Reed

3:20 I'm guessing the suspect in your case was not a farmer that stole a tractor from another farmer?

Theodore Bowers

Thanks Tim great advice great video

Gerald A. Miraldi

As I have attended and purchased several pieces of equipment from farm auctions this thought never entered my head.

But I recently attend an auction of a bankrupt company that during the auction a rental company representative stopped the auction because many of the pieces of equipment they were attempting to sell was not owned but rented by bankrupt company. Who can you trust! I'm really feel bad for your experience with this stolen tractor but glad you brought this out in the open.

The main reason I think you should not give up on your lawsuit. And you should make this a priority on your channel to continue reporting on it's progress, names and all.

Russell Petrie

that jd l with the baler looks like it was refurb

Richard M

Tim their are lot's of nice older and almost new tractor ? ?

RK Harm24

Very good information Tim, Well explained.

Formula Firebird

Buy from GOODWORKS Tractors, Problems solved ! http://www.goodworkstractors.com/

Todd Carroll

Hi Tim, your videos have been super helpful in figuring out what I wanted to get into. I love my New Holland TC45D that I bought new in 2001, but I don’t have the tree farm any more and I wanted a cab tractor to plow the driveway. My JD GX345 worked perfect this spring but all of the sudden had an issue with running. It is 17 years old and I will get it fixed but I wanted something more reliable. I started looking at the 1025r or 2025r with a cab, to do both mowing and plowing, but when I was at the dealer (0% for 60 months peaked my interest) it was in the mid 80’s for a temp and I thought “wow, I need AC”. That moved me to the 3 series but without trading my current NH in, I couldn’t afford. I watched your videos and Courtney at Good Works Tractors and realized that the 3r series would not be so bad. GWT had a great 3033r, exactly how I would want it, at a great price, but he doesn’t deal in NH tractors, so trading in was not an option. I found a perfect 3039r with a cab, 72” auto connect mower and turf tires at my Dealership’s other site ( they have like 5 locations). It didn’t have the loader but I was able to add that and trade in my NH and get a great deal. I will find out Monday if I’m approved for the financing. I wanted to write to you because I found your videos helpful, and you are spot on when it comes to buying. Sometimes the dealer is the best if you have interesting situations. I would have went with a New Holland again, at my old dealership, but NH doesn’t have a small cab with a mid mount mower. I didn’t like the treadle peddle on the Kubota, but that is my opinion and I know there are folks that like that. This got long winded but good Luck and keep the videos coming!


Good information Tim!

SLC Farms

Thanks Tim Merry Christmas

Jerry Spence

No you run the serial numbers.

Earl Jensen

Case New Holland finance has information on all new equipment