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How to shut up a marxist (Jordan Peterson speech)

1 784 373 views | 10 Jul. 2017

Snippet from a speech

Snippet from a speech given by Professor Jordan B Peterson at the University of Toronto, during an event organized by the group Students in Support of Free Speech.

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Alright, I am not even going to try to argue against his anti-marxist arguments because yo can search in Wikipedia for 5 mins and you will discover how wrong he is.

But then, if Marxism is not the answer, how are we going to solve problems like poverty and homelessness?

mjh zen

I just discovered Jordan Peterson on YouTube. Unfortunately, this video completely turned me off to him. He is "intellectually reprehensible" and "morally repugnant". It was the failings of human nature that caused governmental socialism to fail, not the concept of socialism itself. This will be my final comment on anything this right-wing, regressive, genetic throwback ever says.


Awwwwww more nasty vitriol

Peter Gaal

How to shut up a cathlic capitalist? That would be more interesting than this fucking rant.

H idir

Burned to a crisp.


burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn

baba ni

NONE of the communist country have a glorious modern history, NONE. They are either born from former colonies, defeated during world wars, or raped by western powe during imperalist area. Most of Marxist states failed because they are poor as fuck, unlike other great powers that can exploit their colonies

Arian Behnami

I love how this has 69k likes

Number 99

why are there no hollywood films about the gulags? that were horrible death camps as well. not only the KZs.

Pedro Gusmão


con chronic

Psuedo intellectual charlatan accuses others of being the same as him . As for his dubious claim totalitarian regimes were the left and killed 100 million is equally matched by the right through history ie those killed by right wing imperialists, colonialists, and governments . This demagogue has fooled alot of ignorant people who clearly have a limited grasp on history .55 million people in the America s alone killed or died under right wing colonialists excluding those killed by numerous right wing governments in the America s ,if Africa and Asia included in the numbers they easily match those killed by the putative left which is indicative of the profound bias in Peterson's propaganda and demagoguery.

Sam Melland

What a dishonest hack


Jordan Peterson actually had a debate with a true marxist, the video is in his official channel if you have the courage to watch a >2 hs video.

Ricky Spanish

How to shut up Anti-Marxists:
"Have you actually read any Marxist theory and/or engaged meaningfully with any of the academic Marxists that you find so loathsome?"

Benjamin Henry


Cem Celik

You can instrumentalize all good Thinkers.... Maoism-Leninism-Stalinism are not the same as Marxism only because they us his name legitimizing their own philosophy. You could argument the same way for critcizing christianity and all the cruel things that were comitted in the name of this religion, beginning with imperalism, colonialism or even way back to medieval wars. The poststructuralist created they own system of thought for understanding powerstructures in opposite to Marx. They were more influenced by Freud, Nietzsche, Hegel, Saussure and Husserl than by Marx.... it's a shame and just ignorant not to read those thinkers and realize that they were not only talking BS. But even the Leftist don't understand those thinkers. It's sounds so noble to fight for equality by referring to Marx.

En ionolo

This comment section is full of boomers ??

Friday’s are cool

Sadly America is headed there. While those who work never thought it would be a reality here neglected to monitor the education system that has been saturated with these Ideas. Now the youth are consumed with this ideology.


If anyone actually cares, he is intentionally misrepresenting what postmodernism and Marxism are. For one, the former literally defines itself in distinction to the latter. They're not just different; in many respects, they are opposites.

Haopei Yang

Jordan Peterson can only appeal to persons who cannot think critically for themselves.

Bastian Perez

yes so we should continue letting billionaires concentrate wealth. The current system encourages oppression and unfairness because the goal is to maintain power. I think this is fundamentally wrong.

Sammy Nicker

God there is no hope for humanity, is it? End me

Mark Charles

Democratic Party - Just Not Ketchup
"Yes, it says Ketchup on the Label, 'but when you look at the ingredients it says 'Socialist Poison!"

Socialism takes care of its poor with a bullet or vaccine.
They call it Eugenics or Sustainable Economics, it's a Crypto Racket!

identity Europa

most of them were jews JP. " I can't do it"

L Reichert

So...just an FYI communism is possible as long as it is applied to a democracy. Also nowhere in North America has a true democracy. Both the US and Canada are Oligarchies as the majority of the people in power are of the ruling class. Capitalism is inherently oppressive and encourages inequality.

Adam Smith

In the next few decades, poverty will continue to drastically shatter western nations, corruption will be the fault of this, and it’ll be because of billionaires hoarding wealth to the point that society crumbles around them

Allen Larocque

What a tired old man, with shallow arguments and even shallower intellectual understanding of what he's critiquing

Tea 2Hott

I have a damn headache from people saying this: {Any Socialist ideology} bad because {Any Socialist Country from History} did terrible things to it's people.

First of all...
Yes. You are right.
USSR killed people and many other atrocities were made by many other Communist countries.
But if you have a functional brain, you will realize that an Economical System is not at fault.
Communism has nothing to do with the fact that those countries were Authoritarian -> Limiting in freedom
Communism has nothing to do with the fact that those countries choose to limit the freedom of their people.
It is terrible... it really is. I am against that oppression.
It makes no sense to be so violent and aggressive to your citizens, there is a good chance we agree on this one.
But it makes no sense thinking that it is a fault of an Economical System.
Terrible things made by a country is not the fault of such system.

If you say that Communism killed someone because of the USSR or any other Communist country for that matter, it is like saying that the Holocaust was the fault of capitalism, because Capitalism was the Economical System at place in Nazi Germany.

That sentence right there is the best counter argument on how much people died in the Authoritarian regime of the Soviet Union.

What about the famines and no free speech?
Famines were caused on purpose to kill of ethnic minorities and no free speech is again... part of Authoritarianism.
Stop hating communism just because a country that did bad things had a certain Economical system, it is not the fault of the system that the country was evil.

Like I said... if you want to say that communism is bad, because people died (in a completely unrelated manor)
then capitalism is bad because it caused Holocaust.

Makes no sense? So stop shit-talking communism... makes no sense...

Сергей Свиридов

Капитализм тоже убивает людей, но делает это тихо.

Stevo Lution

...and how to shut up a capitalist too, give them both exactly want they want.

Here's how..
I say we increase the tax rate to 100%, but everything is free and paid for by the government anything less than stupid and a farce. Even I agree to work a Job on those terms.
Anyone with an argument or line of reasoning I already know one would make
why this wouldn't work, leave a comment

I will gladly shoot down and why it is not one.
Like Conservative and Libertarians first ones to hem and haw.
100% tax rate is paying no taxes, don't ya get it?

Then the Leftists say, "What the rich not paying more but, no taxes?"
No, but everybody everyone pays the same Flat rate of 100%.
Pay their equal share. Equality share 100%

This plan does not work whether 5% or 95%, for this system to work.
Or religious terms, our relationship with God. God is the system.
or like the way paying no [100% tax<>no tax] is, there is no need
to make a distinction, at this point between [God<>the System]

YupAnd I refuse to do anything to support this system.
Unless I can 100% support it and
the system 100% support me

Anyone that would try to tell you any different and that I am wrong about this?
They are NOT your friend, even if upon reading this it was you just telling yourself

Raging Monk

Question is, How to shut up right wing fools like this idiot.


Lol the video title stabs the content to death ?

James Klotz

in short: Marxist bad because people dead


Why would anyone want to shut up a Marxist?
Funny how Conservatives are always whining on their free speech rights, but can't stand anyone else to be able to speak.
Don't Marxists, if there are such a thing, have the right to speak like all of us?
Also, Marxists, are about criticizing capitalism - nothing else. Marxists are not fascists, communists or socialist, and I am so sick of these lies. One reason I think Peterson is not a good person whose opinion to listen to.


Here after 2020 rigged election. Marxists like Bernie Sanders and AOC haven't learned yet?

polecat 3

Jordon Peterson is so close minded

Gupy B

Peterson: Postmodernist are charlatans.

Me, a french neo marxist: Yes.

Peterson: Wait, what?

Benjamin Smith

I don't think Jordan Peterson knows what postmodernism is, what Marxism is, what the French postmodernists in the twentieth century believed in, or what a legitimate historical source looks like. Jordan Peterson calling people like Derrida or Lyotard charlatans is hilarious though

Abi Seniyya

Just a thought.
When envisioning their socialist/communist state, Marxists don't see themselves working in collective farm or factories.
They see themselves as party elite members in suits, or generals commanding an army. Well, sometimes being low-rank foot soldier is okay, too. As long as they don't have to do the real work.
Oh, one more thing, I haven't met leftist labor union leaders who's worked in a factory.

Abel Christian

hit the pause button on youtube?

Jim Bo

Free helicopter ride, takeoff is middle of the night. No need for a return ticket.


As someone who lived in a communist country - communism sucks. As someone who have felt influence of American imperialistic capitalism - capitalism sucks. I resent capitalistic moral hypocrisy more then i resent communism naivety. Both communism and capitalism are just tools of psychopaths in power. What is worst then aforementioned psychopaths are indoctrinated drones that identify themselves and their own value and persona with the dogma they subscribe to. Their narcissistic blindness gives power to those psychopaths.


Karl Marx’s words: “Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis; it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experience

It takes about 15 to 20 years to demoralize a nation,” Bezmenov wrote in his book, Love Letter to America. “Why that many (or few)? Simple: this is the minimum number of years needed to ‘educate’ one generation of students in a target country (America, for example) and expose them to the ideology of the subverter.”

The ultimate goal of communism is a “utopian” society where every individual is completely reliant on society (as the Communist Party). This is why Marxist-Leninist education emphasizes “mass character” and “collectivism” over “individual abilities.” For a collectivist society to truly succeed, it needs more than just a generation of people who don’t want to support themselves: It needs a generation of people who cannot support themselves!

Communism is the devil’s effort, through his demon-inspired human tools, to take from us this greatest national and economic blessing God ever conferred on any people

It’s a kind of warfare we don’t understand, or know how to cope with. It uses every diabolical means to weaken us from within, sapping our strength, perverting our morals, sabotaging our educational system, wrecking our social structure, destroying our spiritual and religious life, weakening our industrial and economic power, demoralizing our armed forces, and finally, after such infiltration, overthrowing our government by force and violence! All this, cleverly disguised as a harmless political party! Communism is worldwide psychological warfare

The American romance with state-run education as encouraged by kgbsubverters has already produced generations of graduates who cannot spell, cannot find Nicaragua on a world map, cannot think creatively and independently. I wonder if Albert Einstein would have arrived at his theory of relativity if he had been educated in one of today’s American public schools. Most likely he would have ‘discovered’ marijuana and variant methods of sexual intercourse instead.”


Expressing ad hominem fallacies and not naming a single justification for capitalism over socialism other than "its bad"...Hardly call that an intellectually objective argument. Good job Mr. Charlatan

Jonathan Roman

Jordan Peterson sucks ass


He's standing there talking utter shit while his idiot lobotomized fans go "Tell me more oh lord".

Renan Dias Rennó

Proof that Jordan Peterson has 3 lungs

Earl Warner

That wouldn't make any of them shut up. They would simply reply with "We will do it right this time" and think they have won. Think of the pigeon playing chess...

The thing Peterson misses is the mass paranoid delusion taking place along with all the rest. These people truly believe there are evil monsters after them, and that those monsters are around every corner. Well, he missed it in this clip anyway... I think he has mentioned it but, I am nowhere near sure fo that.


Go debate Wolff.

okie dokie

Man, i can't believe I used to take these half-assed anti-marxist arguments seriously...

Keagan T

"You want equality of outcome, because you cannot handle a world where equality of opportunity is rule."

Goedelite Kurt

Is name calling Prof Peterson's intellectual method?

Peter B

remember when this guy debated zizek and prepared by reading the communist manifesto? lmao

Reece Engineering

My friend wont stop spouting out positive shit about China. He says his roommate from College was Chinese and told him that the average Chinese person does not hate Mao for the famine. That its not viewed as that bad and that it was mostly hidden from Mao by his local governers.

Eduardo Montecinos Marambio

How to shut up Jordan Peterson: bring Slavoj Zizek and make him read his essay on a debate

mike giy

this is the same as saying capitalism is bad because of pinochet. Peterson should stick to psychology

Sarah Jenkinson

Capitalism causes more deaths than socialism ever has what we should be looking at is maxism within capitalism capitalism isn't bad it allows freedom but having socialism and democracy within corporations is a way of controlling capitalism because it needs to be controlled before we destroy the planet or cause another revolution because as we transition towards and AI economy where most people won't have the skills to work we need to redistribute the wealth of this planet that belongs the everyone born on it or will will see one of the bloodiest revolutions because most people are just one meal away from outright revolution. To tell someone they are lazy because they don't have the skills to work in a fast changing economy with fewer jobs is repulsive. When they can't feed there families there is anger and when people get angry they get violent but we can stop this by corporation not having share holder but having the workers own those shares it work make the work force more productive as they are working to not only make the corporation more money but them selves as well capitalism created socialism and both can work together in a modern economy and democracy so that everyone remains happy and healthy to stop bloodshed before it happens because it will happen if we don't reform the system no system is perfect because humans aren't perfect we need to work together to solve the flaws before it too late there are examples of this in europe it works it's a better way

Sanjay Janardhan

tl; dr - "post-modern neo-marxist" = bad. History had famines; commie = evil.

S Griffin

Ah J.P., you my baby. Yes, I'm a man, but I tell J.P. he's my baby, because I've been there, had a serious TBI, medically documented over a 30 day stay, with rehab after, and I still had to try to convince people something WAS wrong with me, because I'm a white dude... or a dude, and it was straight-up something out of Idiocracy, before the movie was made. These people seemed to believe that it was impossible that there was any disadvantage I could face, this was in the early part of the 2000 decade. I gave up on telling anyone about my brain injury. Now, even when I have to go to the hospital and be admitted, I tell them about my history so they'll know that I can't remember a regular amount ( short term mem. is usually 6 chunks- I've got 4, less when stressed) they just tell me I shouldn't tell anyone, because "We can't tell the difference." Jesus H. Healing Christ... people are crazy.

Costantino Cito

Judge Marxism using "communist countries" as a representative example, is the same as use "DEMOCRATIC republic of Corea" as an example to judge democracy

Danilo Petrovic

"Thus lobster-daddy spake..."


Solskjaer is a shit manager but that doesn't mean 4-3-3 doesn't work.


Since this man who so many of y’all in the comments call a genius didn’t do aNy research on the truth of his so called “20th century history”, here’s a peer reviewed academic global health study showing that quality of life is better under even the most abhorrent socialist regimes such as the USSR-

For further information, 60% of Russian people currently wish the USSR was never dissolved, and in the last year of the USSR’s existence when they held a referendum on the dissolving of the USSR almost 80% of people in the USSR (excluding Balkan countries who refused to participate cause they wanted out due to the USSR’s loathsome efforts to Russify their nations and destroy their cultural identity) wanted the USSR to remain socialist, but then the government went ahead and dissolved it anyway because they were offered incentives by capitalist interests. Happy researching to all you miseducated conservatives!

PS, the “100 million corpses” thing has been debunked so many times it’s not even funny. Please do your own research instead of taking JP as gospel

James Moist

Call me a "commie hippy" all you want but JP is wrong about some things here and just in general:

1. Saying that communism destroys lives and imprisons people is a bit of a lie, but not in the way you think. Capitalist and other right ring societies have caused more deaths than all communist countries (even the pseudo communist countries like China and North Korea where one of them is hyper capitalist and the other is a monarchy) combined. He seems to lecture us about "history" despite anyone who actually digs into the TRUE 20th century history past American high school text books can easily see that America is no better. The native American genocide alone compares with Stalin's purges and the coups and other CIA activity in South America and locked the entire continent in a state of turmoil and crime from capitalism aka "the greatest system in the world", which is also, weirdly, the same system that kills 20 million people each year. By the time you are 5 capitalism would have killed just as much as communism has by greedy businesses taking vital resources from impoverished nations.

2. Marxist ideals have actually improved America in the past. The civil rights movement and the civil war (check out the gravel institutes video on it to learn more) were incredibly left leaning uprisings and social shifts in American society. And they improved America a lot. To say that Marxism is a bad thing for America is a flat out lie. Especially since America was intended to be the foundation for freedom and human rights. It kind of seems ironic that America's problems have seen solutions in left leaning ideas.

3. JP is kind of a moron to begin with. This has nothing to do with the arguments presented before but it does contradict some of the points he made about Marxists not being "intellectually superior." The dude flat out denies science, one example is Trans people. The scientific community has decided that sex and gender are 2 different things. Gender is identity and sex is biological, you can be a biological female while being a male. And before someone says "learn basic biology" bitch this us some fucking advanced biology. One that JP seems to not acknowledge.

So yeah there are my thoughts and opinions on this clip of Peterson

Enzo G

It’s funny people keep using the term socialism but as I’m sure you’ve heard many times, Marxism and socialism are not the same thing lol. Highways are socialist, gulags are Marxist.


OMG, so ignorant, professor Peterson. A professor should know better, or at least know not to speak publicly on the subject he doesn't know. So now this seems like a manipulation with impressionable youngsters by capitalist apologist. Which is it, ignorance or propaganda?
To share some facts on the subject: leninism is just one strand of marxist thought/movement. The other ones are social democracy, council communism, syndicalism etc. At the time, it was a minority, right wing strand among marxisms. But the guy, Lenin, was a charismatic clever opportunist and managed to take state power, and then conflate his dictatorship with the prestigeous pure notion of socialism, so popular among masses in the word, so that his interpretation of "socialism" became the dominant one that all developing countries wanted to copy, as they saw it as means to free from western imperialism and develop a country rapidly. Marx himself didn't expect socialism to start in agricultural countries as Russia, but as a natural stage to first arrive in developed capitalist industrialised countries like England and Germany. To him it would be very surprising that in 20th century the word socialism would firstly be associated with second and third world, and with undemocratic regimes.
Marx himself wasn't beyond critique. His fellow socialist, but also his opponent and a leader of the federalist, later called anarchist, faction of the International Workers Association, Michael Bakunin, predicted that Marx's and Marxists' talk of "seizing the state power", "dictatorship of the proletariat" will only materialise in worst nightmare for workers. And he said that in 1870's or maybe even 1860's. So some fifty years before October revolution. OK, so he was an anarchist, and anarchist and Marxists split in 1872, on the issue of state power and centralism vs. autonomy and federalism, but anarchist still use a lot of Marxist terminology and insights, just like Marx himself used a lot from the first self-proclaimed anarchist, P.J.Proudhon.
Later Leninist regimes put anarchists in prisons or fought them in armed clashes (Barcelona '37) or wars (Ukraine 1918-1921), but still as an anarchist today I have to object to such ignorant or dishonest representations like Peterson's "Marxism=Gulag", and "Marxism=excuses and resentment of the lazy", etc.


And then the racoon ate the lobster

Evan Reeves

You dumb fuck

Erhan 12

So many fallacies in under 3min..

The Anime Box

This is an important video.

jack sertal

Guys please, read the books of the philosophers before watching people saying their opinion about them.....

Brian King

Go to Cambodia and see what the Khmer rouge did after the French left..I saw it..their bones..were the colonials great in terms of how they treated the natives ..no ..but what filled that vacuum was much worse..and then their ancestors came to the west..to seek out a better life..my parents did too after the bombing of london..history is a strange world..but we know basically where it is not and that is why nobody is trying to get into russia or china or the worst bastions of real dictators..they come to the west because in this day in age they will be free..


No thanks, Democratic Karen is bad enough, just imagine what a commie Karen would be like?


So says Truman!

Anarchist Hilpy

There wasn't mandatory minimum sentencing and mass incarceration in marxist countries. The shit about millions of people dying is bullshit propaganda told by our school system if you use the arguments "100 million vulvuzeuala iphone" im not going to bother speaking with you. How many millions of people starve each year from famine how many millions of people are displaced every year because of imperialist wars for oil? How many millions of people had to suffer from neoliberal dictatorships and fascist coups backed by the CIA when people elected socialist leaders? How many millions of people lose their jobs each year because of outsourcing so corperations can lower peoples wages to keep us all in poverty so they can get richer? We didn't have an economic security net for workers now theres a 26% unemployment rate this is worse than the great depression. When the economy was booming in the US it was caused by the new deal and the progress the labor movement made with establishing the middle class. Thanks to socialists our economy improved and it will be thanks to socialists again to get us out of this economic collapse and to successfully fight the pandemic.

kalung tam

Everything that becomes definitive loses it's clairvoyance.
Ambiguity worked in your favour . Marxism needs time .

Andy Jack

Be careful confusing the political uses of the critique of political of economy with the critiques themselves. The logic which assimes a direct, necessary causal link between say Stalin or Pol Pot and the work of Marx has its problems. It's like conflating the crusades with the bible. The bible is a timeless work which has resonance throughout history, and it has invoked a series of interpretations which were put into practice, often to horrible, miserable and depraved effect. Does that make the bible bad? I respect Peterson, but he repeatedly and knowingly conflates these issues. The reality is more complex. Marx thought Russia was too backward and undeveloped to be a seat of communism for example.. and many aspects of his analysis only gain relevance with time. All that is solid melts into air under capitalism.. a much clearer description for the dissolution of conventional gender norms that Peterson is concerned with. Another issue is the conflation of the ideologies of the American university system with the thinkers themselves. Remember most of the original thinkers who are appropriated by universities were themselves outcasts who were later incorporated into university structures and modified heavily in the process. Honestly, 80%+ of the discussions about Marxism in America are conflations with other issues. Any actual Marxist is happy to discuss the limits of this 170 year old theoretical model. At the same time they will be able to show demonstrable areas of his theory where he really grasped the nature of capitalist society far beyond the budding industrial societies he was observing. The autonomous logic of theory is such that theoretical labor can reach much further into time than the individual mind which created it. All great works have this quality. And Marx's Capital is one of those works. The effect to which it was used is an important, but separate issue. Otherwise all of Jordan's talk about spirituality and Christianity should go in the burning trashcan with all of Marx's work. I'm not 'putting them on the same level' unless that comment triggers a reader. I'm illustrating the error of judging a work by the various uses to which it is put.

RA Mina

Tldr:evil marxists 100bgajillion dead no iphone

Moral Dilemma

Remember the Marxist (Zizek) made him listen and row back on his position (Peterson) in their debate...


Vive le Commune

Danilo Bucker

Worst bullshit. JBP make a scarecrow argument.

Mel Rose

The American government is loaded with socialist and this PoS Harris/Biden are their puppets. Next thing is our military will start goose stepping.


How stupid is BLM to use Marxism ideology to try to achieve their demands

Gabriel Gherasim

Please read the interview “A Nuremberg for Communist Crimes” with Professor Renato Cristin and sign the Appeal:
Thank you for your time.

Mika Shiota

The reason marxists claum that it has never been tried is that everytime you try to create a govermental system, you need a leader which is by definition anti-marxist, what the right is attacking would be stone age communism which the inevitable end of every try to make practice marxism

BlueCollarCrypto [BLUEC] ADA Stake Pool

Set up an ADA wallet ! And add it to your list of Crypto.


marxism, communism, fair didnt work, but neither does capitalism

A wondering O'Neil

How to shut up this Professor...

Exit YouTube.


Good video! Ask a "Marxist" if they would be happy in a Marxist society if they were not one of the Anointed Ones with a nice job & a house.

Niranjan J

holy fuck, this guy is so profoundly................................. stupid, and the comment section cant even validate this.

Mike Hermo

2:41 Jordan Peterson finally takes a breath

Pat Ryan

One big straw man argument.

Yuyang Li

Oh my god Peterson’s description of French postmodern philosophers is SUCH an accurate description of himself. Pseudo intellectual? Highly deceptive in intellectual strategy??? Honestly I’m so glad I’m over Peterson he’s hopeless

Lewis White

lol he fucking uses to 100million number. For those curious, that figure comes from the black book of communism, and includes the deaths caused by Nazis! Such a hack


lol, a capitalist talks about moral ?

José Giménez

I just love how him and nobody in his cult don't know basic marxist theory or even the concept of socialism

Thomas Crean

Socialism is an ideology favourable to vultures. All the vultures are against capitalism as they enjoy their own hypocracy.

Ben Stephenson

My god I wish I was this articulate, whenever argue with a communist, I win but only just lol. Like I'm much better off just playing this clip. I just can't formulate my argument like this

Pietro Ambrosini

see, the problem is the fact that you are so factious that you can't separate the ideology from the history, that's for me enough to say that you aren't sufficently educated to do this type of speech or to give some sort of moral lesson, so don't blame other people's lack if you're committing the same mistake .

Mister Best

"The goal of socialism is communism." - Vladimir Lenin

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We will never get a president that upholds the values of the American people and heritage. Donald Trump should be proof enough that any candidate can be crushed under the kosher fist. The problem is not the Commander in Chief, it's the government and system that put him there. If we want to see any real, notable change in this nation and civilization, it's going to take a hell of a lot more effort than just voting. It's going to take lives. It's going to take incredible valor. It's going to take hatred for your enemies the likes of which have never been seen before.

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Here to make All Trump Haters Hate. Trump2020! MAGA or BUST Like COMMIEFORNIA.

Andy Villarreal

He took a bunch of PP funding recently

Barry White

I wonder when Trump will come clean with the American public that he converted to Judaism in 2017 and Became a member of Chabad Lubavitch a known Satanic terrorist organization that was involved with 9 11


He was destined to fail. I have no regrets because only the imagination holds what this country would be like if Hillary Clinton had one. I think we would be further down the hell hole, Trump is just a pause button, power or not, liked or not, he paused the death of the USA.

Kevin Seraphim Day

I'm disappointed the President too cowardly to be pro-life. Pretty short-sighted of him.

Marsha Pharr

These politicians are cut throat! And people believe them.

Tomasz Kotlinski

If you dont understand the contradiction between president xi (an obvious trump ally) and the international berurocracy-aligned chinese elite then no wonder you don’t get the phenomenon of trumpism, less emotions more dialectics...

Iesous Christos NiKA

Q in a nutshell: Sit on your ass, don't do anything, put the tinfoil hat and get into new age stuff.

Sebas G

Thug life! Guess Trump was just a political Thug all along.

Saul skunk

Unless you are jewish how could you still be pro trump.

Lottie M.

If leftist would open their eyes and shut their mouths. They would see that Trump is their president and that they won. Trumps words “dog whistle to the right” but his actions definitely favor the left.

His-I-is Isaiah 63:16

I read these comments about president Trump and it's sad that so many are unable to realize as people get older they often change their stance on many issues as they gain knowledge and understanding. people that don't get this are generally stunted themselves, so they don't get many things.


Poor quality video editing!


The mantra "lock her up, lock her up" should be replaced with "do your job, do your job"

Chicken Man

4d chess

Rocki James

Edited to make the prez seem more flippy floppy

Dominic Walker

I am amazed at the depth of blindness suffered by us. Trump is a 90's eara democrat. Listen to Clinton in 92, they are saying same thing. So now you have choice of democrat or socialist. We've been woopty woopt, enjoy the show

Timothy A. Brown

This aged like a fine wine

Holly Knight

Obama was born in Kenya not the United States of America!!!

Brent Walter ll

Fk the dems, I will be voting Trump again


This was a nice way of reminding me of how foolish I was to think Trump would be different. I think the times of voting for change are long gone, if we want change now we're going to have to make it ourselves. But how do we make the necessary changes when 99.9% of people still don't get it, and probably never will? Half think they got the change they wanted and the other half are willfully ignorant puppets for the elites.


The truth hurts, get over it Trump supporters... just another puppet.

Andy Villarreal

still a better option than HRC.


114514D chess


"A society becomes totalitarian when its structure becomes flagrantly artificial: that is, when its ruling class has lost its function but succeeds in clinging to power by force or fraud." - George Orwell
Question Everything - Trust No One

Darell Kilen

0:12 "and really sort of all over Europe".. Who does that remind me of?

Alexander Martinez

I remember hearing people get excited about the idea that Trump would run the country like a business. The left would screech that it would fail due to Trump having a record of having Bankruptcy, yet the right still wanted a Businessman in Chief. Nobody seemed to give a thought that a Businessman would make compromises wherever he can, and this is the end result.

He keeps teasing that he will do something via executive order or a legislative act, yet he never follows through. Trump supporters really need to yell at Trump to get him to do his job, because he's basically being such a cuck.

I may vote for Trump in 2020, but only because he truly is the last republican president.

Aeneas Barone

Isn’t it funny how some of us thought trump will change something?

Trump is the biggest betrayal and clown that i have ever seen; i never thought that this would happen what a fucking joke Amerika have become

J Striker

Politics requires compromise to work properly. 2019 America is a night+day difference from 4 years ago, in a very good way. I do want my Slidefire stock back though...still waiting on that anti-gun law to be reversed.

Browarus Pierogus

They all sound like an AI with buggy software....


I am not defending any short sides to him but it WOULD be worse with Hillary period!


Absurd mourning soul listen to that song and you realise our race is dying out and we dont have much time left


I wonder if the AI will be able to parse the tone? Probably from the comments... Thank You BPS


I've been having weird gut feelings about Trump for a while now and have been debating for the past year whether or not to vote for Trump a second term, this may have just help me decide.


What's more sad is these Coward submissive Christians that Decree and Declare this and that. All false prophets. And then you have on the other side Jew haters that blames everything on Israel (which has faults) BECAUSE they are at hostility with the God of Abraham. These are those that will gather against Israel as the Bible prophecied.

Sergio Jokanov

Good video but you're using mostly leftwing news sources. That seems a bit odd.

Nina Marie

America 1st my ass!!

Black Watch Audio

He's our most brilliant puppet yet. He plays the left and right against each other like a master while the true masters work behind him, sending us further into dystopia.

Shaun Patrick O'Jameson

Well it was the Clinton campaign that began the birther thing, and Joe Arpaio's investigation found the original documents that were cut and pasted to make Obama's fake certificate.


"We never do anything right with China." vs "I was very impressed with President Xi"
Good lord man, not only is this not a flip-flop, it doesn't even make sense to put those together. It's basic diplomacy and nothing about "not doing anything right" suggests he wouldn't pay a compliment to the Chinese leader. That's so idiotic it seems out of place with your channel. Anyways, this vid is mainly things he's trying and can't get the votes to do, things he changed his mind on (like in his Reagan-Democrat era interviews that we've all seen), or things he said to avoid traps like the Caitlyn Jenner thing, which, to be honest, is the only thing in this video worthy of a "WTF!!!", but even that was understandable in context.

cr 95

The birth certificate question started with the HRC campaign.

Mark Morris

not to mention his betrayal of assange and manning with wikileaks

Shaman Sean

Excellent job putting this together.

Mathew Renfro

For the record, 6 months later, They pulled out of Syria.

Brent Walter ll

Damn, your followers are quick to flip also, bunch of followers.

Andy Villarreal

With the investigations announced maybe he’s good after all

Marco Polo

And he was best and last hope for USA !? ?

S Darocka

Of course they will all retire together. But we had no other choice. I certainly won't bother voting. Im not responsible. The rich pay no tax. Impact on who?

Shalong Gagenspofz

Sadly the Orange man is a Freemason puppet under the control of Jew. Even the Queen/drag is Jew/Freemasonry. These people also have Satanists, Witches etc in every town all over the world and this is the shadow government sadly world wide. If you want to fix the issue we need to remove these secret societies/university's teaching FAKE SPACE and messing with the masses minds using fiction/Hollywood/Spelling is a big issue. Migration is how the Devil gets more voters and how the west is broken up literally its genes picked off one by one . The is the WW3 silent war 333/9. Stop falling for the propoganda. Stand united with your race who are the only people who matter. Every race has the right to live and rule their own land. To much chaos and BS/stress because we have been tricked into these artificial ways of living which are destroying the poeple and nations which created this comfotable world we now are prisoners in. Benificiaries of debt. Something went wrong and we need to wipe the slate, literally before they do.

drunk yard dog

It's not about the men with small hats. Its not about trump. It's about the masses. Us. We. The 90% of people that actually have a chance at existing. Just do what is right. Stop having infertile sex with strangers. Stop using wizardry. Stop lying. You guys get it. We just gotta make the other 89% get it.


MAGA-tards btfod.

A.I. Howard

You don't call this channel Black Pilled for no reason.

Black Pilled

I know people are going to be mad about this video, but I literally just put together clips of Trump so if this makes you mad you might want to think about that.

Internet Composting

And yet much of this is baiting to get the left to expose themselves & their crimes, which they keep falling into time & again.
Trump's purpose is to get the public to pull its head out of its ass & fully see the crimes of the left & RINOs in power.
After all this is over, will the public let the left have as much power as they've been able to scam so far?

A Male Human

just mentioned it

White Makes Right

Lol at all the Boomers who will still claim Gorland Brumpf is a great negotiator. All talk, no action. But unfortunately, the average American is too stupid to tell the difference.

Rusty Mason

Now Trump is pushing the Gates vaccine that supposedly rewrites your DNA.

Chris Hodgson

One of the best Devon!!
Unfortunately the people will never wake-up!

Brent Walter ll

If someone has been here for 20 years then they had plenty of time to become a citizen

Lady Tempest

What politican doesn't lie?


Y’all was fucking warned... dumb fuckers... the “plan” was a fucking LIE!!!

Kelly Potts

It's complicated!

Bruiser Brown

I’m a trump guy and ya kno what? I can’t deny the flip flopping... as biased as I wanna be, I just can’t lol

Holly Knight

These are the very reason s I will not be voting for Trump in 20/20! But I won't be voting for any TREASONOUS DEMOCRATS Either! The System is Rigged and it doesn't matter who We the American people Elect the Satanic Globalist Cabal s Agenda just goes forward unabated!! I will cast a vote in the Local and possibly State elections but will no longer waste my time voting in the National Scams!! Trump has Disappointed me Greatly with all the Double talk and his Spineless caving to the Traitor s in the DNC Communist party of Criminals! The Republican POLITICIANS are Cowards the DEMOCRATS are Satanic Pagans and Trump either doesn't have the Guts to Actually stand up to these pathetic TRAITORS and actually do something about their Hypocrisy and Treason or he is nothing more than the Globalist Controlled Pied Piper leading Americans into Globalization and Slavery!! I no longer have any Faith in Trump! I don't believe he is Evil or part of the Satanic Globalist Secret society's Bullshit but Trump doesn't have what is needed to Stop the Foreign Invasion and the Globalist Controlled Destruction of our American Constitutional Republic!! A Spine to Exercise his Constitutional Authority!! Its obvious now that Trump is not going to ever use the Power We gave him to save our Republic!!

Yahaira Florentino

Trump is the only president that kept his campaign promises

Enemy Of Freedom

I can't believe i used to like him.

Andrew Buigues

What is going to suck is swallowing all our pride when the lefty's start throwing it in our faces.
I mean all I'm going to say is, so wait.you support Trump's campaign then?

Би Найсовна

Both parties in US do nothing good for White people. Time to accept that.


All the MAGA morons will vote for him again anyways.

Cato Patton

Hmmm, looks like we aren't going to be in Syria anymore. Really like this channel but putting clips together without any introspective is really lame. It can be done with any politician.

You are better than this.

Greg Thompson

I love your vids. Can't for the next one. Putting you on my short list to make regular donations. I also love Trump. Like a lot of people he's learning things even at 70 years old. And that's causing a change in views. It's not because he has no foundation but because he's honest and I believe his heart is open to God's voice. But I certainly don't agree with him on everything. But hey, we'll see. I think this 3 year war with the Dems has clarified his mind. We'll see.

Oskar Wolkerstorfer ϟϟ

>Trusting a billionaire race-blind Zionist boomer
I hate how naive the general public is.


Trump is just a trickster figure, designed as a fit-gap to clown-the-sh*t-up while a GoP executive can still be elected before the demographic revolution sweeps away any real chance of a party with pro-white European political interests holding the seat of executive power. I'm of the mind that this left-right clown circus has been pure theater since Reagan came to office and neoliberalism took hold for real.

Ban Hammer

You can't easily hit a moving target.

Too_Short_Corte Tm

"A white ethno state is the only solution." - Black pilled 2019.


Guess orange man really was bad


Pull all of our troops out of the Middle East. Tell Israel and SA you're on your own. See ya. Put the troops on the border. Shoot to kill anyone who tries to cross the border illegally. Send troops into sanctuary cities. Arrest the sanctuary politicians. Round up ALL illegal aliens. Ship them out of the country, throw them in the ocean, whatever. All of the Trump Train riders need to start holding him accountable and DEMAND he start fullfilling his promises. Twist his arm behind his back and hold his face to the fire. If he doesn't produce then shove him in the fire..............

Vimic Valute

This may be one of the most important videos you've made.


7:32 Hilary's smirk is basically like your so full of sh*t Trump. lol

Goldberg Shekelstein

If Trump was such a danger to the establishment, he’d already be dead, and you all know it.

PRESIDENT Charlotte Sometimes

I purposely DID NOT vote for the Jerry Springer Show in 2016. I WILL NOT vote for it in 2020!

Hjalmar Westphal

The guy is such a massive clown and liar. Just breathtaking

Bango Skank

Thanks for what you do

Timothy Jerrow

Ouch this was an eye opener


I hope people understand now, that left... right... means NOTHING. This is the people against the elite. Period. Trump was nothing more than a crowd pleaser, sent out to calm the crowd and slow down the revolution brewing in the wings. If Killary got in... open war would be spilling through the streets. The men in charge know that.

I feel pretty sorry for the Q crowd... that HAS got to sting right now... as we gear up for war with Iran, and as Trump brings in migrants that are "skilled" and as NO WALL, or funding has been secured. Trump has delivered on NONE of his promises. He is yet another puppet.


I didn't vote for Trump, but he's just a President, not a dictator with unilateral power; if he didn't play their game he would already be gone. Plus we dodged the fatal bullet of a President Hillary Clinton.

Ant Hay-Buchanan

He's showing that he is flexible, that he's not closed minded...


Make a video all about Israel please.


Political theatre of the highest degree.

Michael Heid

Whomever made this video doesn't understand American politics and how to play the long game.

Antonio Romero

Maybe we should make gold and silver legal tender, secede from the union, and take the constitution with us.


Just like during the election, all it comes down to is Trump pays meaningless lip-service to Israel, and you guys can't get past it. It was funny during the campaign when it wouldn't stop, but it's sad to see you still doing it since he's been President and done so much more of what he campaigned on than the average President. Also, he has expertly kept us out of endless Middle Eastern entanglements during times they try to flair up again, with his quick surgical strike responses that consistently stop further conflict (Syria and Iran). ZOG clearly wanted a war with Syria and regime change with Assad, Trump avoided it. They also wanted war with Russia, not happening now. I could go on, but the point is you guys were and are wrong about Trump. Don't get me wrong, I still like this channel. Have a good one!

R.S.S. / Ghost

This needs a sequel. 99 days until election, and nothing is happening. Waiting for the Q base to justify everything.

Good Bonezz

A video like this could be put together on any one of us. The truth remains that he has accomplished many good things.
He’s a deal maker so there’s always going to have to be some chameleon act going on..but let’s see..
So far he’s, arrested over 12,000 pedophiles..rescued over 4,000 children from said pedos. Also, got us out of TPP, Obamacare, NAFTA, Got rid of thousands of regulations, brought troops home, brought N Korea to the table, stock market at all time highs, best jobs numbers EVER..Biggest tax cuts in history, energy independent for the first time in 75 years, pulled out of Paris Climate Accord..etc etc etc....the list gos on and on.
And you want to try and turn people against the ONLY PERSON to stand up to the outright pure evil alternatives??
No, he’s not perfect but who in this world is? He is quite frankly the best thing to happen to this country in our lifetime.
There is NOBODY who would have a chance at winning the White House I’d rather see in there...who would you rather have?
A RINO? HRC?? Buttigieg? Harris? The more I go on here the more it’s obvious what a disservice this video is to anyone feeble minded enough to be influenced by it. Come to your senses and just take this one down, Mr Blackpilled.
Re join humanity...if ONLY for the fact he’s got thousand of human traffickers in jail and saved thousands of children from being raped, tortured, sacrificed, and bled out by the devil worshipers all around us.
Say what you want but he is the ONLY REASON that has happened.
We should just enjoy and support him while we can, before the true cult resumes power.

Bugout Bubba

Have you seen a movie called, "The Contender"? Would love to hear your thoughts on it.


Trump is smart for running against all these other idiots, he gets voted purely to avoid worse options. This is what democracy brings to you, you have no escape.


Well...what was the alternative?


The clip of Mitch talking about catastrophic effects was the funniest thing i've seen all morning. No one throws cold water like McConnell.

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The Great Boomer Deception

367 208 views | 21 Dec. 2018

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The best thing is this shit was spread in the world, so imagine having ALL this trash without having any good time, from poverty to degeneracy + poverty.


Now baby boomers are "I got mine" assholes demanding a total global shutdown to protect them from the coof. They got to retire, so it doesnt matter how many jobs we lose.

greg paul

Plot twist. High school experiences incel rage.

Garbage Human

Well, tbh if it all worked out well, this movie would be okay, instead of a parody of itself.

Jai Coetze



We can't blame it all on boomers. They are also victims of the older generations who brainwashed them in college. It's been a long con all along

William F. Buckley Jr

My generation, "X", has one of the funniest memes I've ever seen:

"Dear Boomers and Millennials. As you fight each other try to remember there's an entire generation in between that hates you both."


Brian Cast

Homosexuality secretly ran rampage rampant among the Baby Boomerang Boomers ?!

Brian Cast

Anyway isn't yesterday's CAPITALISM , is tomorrow's GLOBALISM .

Radio Pushka

predictive programming.

Lisa R.

Dang! That’s crazy!


God help us

Andrew Mansour

I don't wanna live on this planet anymore.


This guy posted his documentary unironically. https://youtu.be/giQxUkZ4Anc
Someone even called the town Pleasantville and the filmmaker, who's YouTube channel also posted it, gave that a heart.


The CIA had numerous psychological operations directed at the boomers. The idea was to get youth to turn against their families, to make drugs and rebellion seem cool through movies and music. Rebel Without a Cause with James Dean, The Wild One with Brando, and all the motorcycle and counter culture movies/ shows were all tools to turn boomers into self worshipping immoral degenerate protesters who accomplish nothing. Jim Morrison, Frank Zappa, “Papa John” Phillips, and David Crosby were all children of high-ranking members of the American military. They hook the kids on rock music and hard drugs, taking their minds off of being decent hard working Americans. David Mc Gowan work goes into detail of all the CIA connections in 60’s music industry.

Pat Velander

Just re-watched this. Well Nostradamus, very well done sir.


I'm starting to feel that America is on the verge of a Dark Soul's back story


WOW - what a fantastic analysis

Drago Veles

Pass the mikes

Elekon Dude

a yes a jew ofcourse

Richard Bloemker


Saul Velazquez

I find it funny how those losing their grip on power will believe any charlatan that speaks to their fears and loathsome fantasies.

The Immortal

Would have been more interesting if the son & daughter from the show were also in the 1990s to show their shock


Zoomers and Gen X rise up!

Alright Aphrodite

The most spoilt generation that ever walked the earth. Their parents experienced great hardships and wanted the best of the best for their offspring. Boomers are egocentric and think they know everything better. My grandparents have apologized to me for how they raised my mother. Even the boomers children had to grow up faster than them, and they call us spoilt because we had video games, while they were not capable of setting up a video player and let us kids do it. It was like having kids as parents

Spaalone Babagus

The fact that Christianity is subversive and that Yahweh is evil makes this review interesting. You are correct, but in a different way than you think


I’ve never liked modern-made
nostalgia films. For some reason contemporary actors look out of place in the period dress and fashions.

Robert Juzefski

Most Boomers were Not Libtards/leftists, the ones that were/are are just the loudest. Plus, the Gens after have had plenty of time to change it back, instead of just crying about it.

Comic Sans

came here from reddit, this comment section really is what it has been built up to be.


Always leads back to this


Your takes are very interesting. I saw your forest Gump take and boy was it fascinating. I have noticed that despite the seething hatred of white people and the culture I keep seeing so many stories take place in the distant past of the 1950s and earlier (with some a historical integration) and this captures it perfectly. They know that there is a longing for this and that they'll never be able to get it


They were the only generation that truly got to have there cake and eat it to. They were gifted prosperity. Pissed it down the track. Pointed the finger at everyone else and are now just hoping to run out the clock before they have to reap any of the consiquences there generation sewed.


Did you know the 1950’s was the most advantageous time financially for young couples to prosper. Houses and land were cheap, little debt, jobs were plentiful, families were close and morals were high. The worse was the 2008-2018 generation, college education debt is high, housing loans are high interest, good jobs are scarce, and families don’t start until 30’s now. Sad times.

Brian Cast

Jimmy Swagger and Jim Jones were Baby Boomerang Boomers -

Bobby Dog Bear

Fauchi has been a liar since he made up Straight People AIDs.

Danilo Horta


Make America Based Again

I wonder if such movies are double-edged swords -- a brainwashing for the unaware, but a warning for the aware.
This one undoubtedly seems to lean towards the brainwashing edge of the sword, but other films such as 1984 are obviously more towards the warning edge of the sword.
There's that sort of duality to this hollywood "pre-emptive programming"/propaganda... and there's a lot of gray area, where ya gotta wonder if it's really more of an attempt at brainwashing and propagandizing, or if it's more of a subliminal warning that has to be just nice enough to be a blockbuster.


@33:53 Never again...Left can't meme.


Yeah. And who had them utterly collapsing America and ushering in the satanic, Orwellian New World Order? Even I didn't think they were this horrible ?

Brian Cast

These Baby Boomerang Boomers waged warmongering Korean and Vietnam wars ?! Eat hamburgers at the McDonald's and deforestation of environment factors ; oil humanoids no doubt ?! No wonder the Hippies were came into the picture : occult mystery arcane mythology folklore lineage tribal heritage pagan wicca and to think differing deeper ?!

Eric Henry

Gen X'er here. Yup, exactly. I sometimes burn with resentment over what the boomers did to us.

Joseph Higgs

Rewatching after a crisis in the family. Are you fucking upset by the real Carl and Arnold handshake!? Are you fucking insane!? That was a real thing! I’ve never met you; however, I’m guessing we’re around the same age. We’re both film buffs, but, you did decide to chill a bit. You would never take my call, but, my best friend, JJ Michaels would school your ass on film study. Keep up the good work. Expect criticism when you fuck up!


I really hate boomers and what they did to us


I know it's late to add anything to this discussion, but nostalgia is about what could have been, but wasn't.


Look what i found guys: https://youtu.be/giQxUkZ4Anc


The first time I watched this I got the subversion -- superficially, at least, with the oppressive patriarchy. I was utterly incensed at it, angry, and insulted.


That is not what Satanism is about.


It's taken me decades to finally convince my parents the source of society's ever-growing depravity all started with their generation. And now they tell me they don't know what to say. And I don't have much to say to them anymore...


This is actually depressing


I hate to say I’m a Boomer but I never embraced the culture of Boomerdom. But I was an outlier with occasional efforts to conform which never felt right.


i agree but you're lumping all the boomers together. my parents were never part of the counter culture. They always talked about the good ole days. It's the leftist boomers, the commies, the hippies.. they're the ones that tried to destroy what came before them. It wasn't the conservative boomers that did that


The first 5 mins of this video seems very appropriate with the new new normal and destruction of community

Icecream Nightmare

You are incredibly skilled at dissecting movies and media.


Always wondered why this movie bothered me...You nailed it. It really is Satanism on display.

Djentile 777

This is what you call discernment.


I watched this movie not long after I started getting redpilled on conservatism over libertarianism , and I remember thinking "wait, I'm supposed to root for the infidelity and destruction of a happy and stable marriage? WTF?"

Ким Ир Сен

I really liked your video, and agreed with it, but I absolutely don't understand why do you hate North Korea? I think DPRK is the only remaining country in the world who still live in this paradise that was lost in 60s in USA and in 80s in USSR.

alex philipose

this basically takes me back to this old George Carlin Rant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTZ-CpINiqg&t=75s

Detroit Up In Flames

Devon, I love your analysis. Such insight. But stop hating on boomers. Everyone sucks, not just us.

Bronguero Nole

Boomer and Proud

John Casey

You should pin this at the top of your channel.


I guess also embracing "multicultural diversity" wasn't such a good idea either.

Brian Cast

Parent Baby Boomers were cannibals and pig eaters in back water USA , and molesting their white children ... INCEST ?!

Brother Drew Minister of Christ

Praise The Most High for He only knows what the evil is in our heart and only through His Christ can we be washed clean in Jesus Name.

Skeaver Reject

My god, I caught on to that Adam and Eve thing before he mentioned it! I was just wondering how I overlooked the bible as fiction, when even all books have a lesson to teach.


Devon, I find myself re-watching your excellent videos, sometimes years after you made them because your message is timeless. This particular video explains the subversive and covert message hidden in this degenerate film. Your video here is much better than the original movie. Thanks.


We all know "who" poisoned the minds of the boomers. Although I despise them a bit, I feel sorry for them. They never stood a chance against these people.

American Refugee

This is very interesting.

Yes, the boomers engaged in cultural descent, ate the apple and then shamed their “generation-x” spawn into believing this was “good”.

I see this as an extension of the descent that started with the cultural degeneracy in the 1920’s after WWI.

The 1960’s advanced what began in the 1920’s.
We are seeing “final“ (?) advancement now with hysterical women, satanic ritual abortion rights, etc.


Timothy A. Brown

The idea that the boomers destroyed everything is far too simplistic & giving an amount of power to one generations rebellion that is not merited. Cultural subversion was occurring centuries before the 1960s & the generations before the boomers were all brainwashed into collective obedience to the same satanic elites as now


How I LOATHE Hollywood.

Argyle Euphoria

Holy shit. These videos are incredible. Uncovering all these shit films of the late 90s when the Left was greasing the slippery slope. You wonder how we went so far so fast from 2000 to 2020. These films are revealing.

Saxon Girl

If you look at anything from the 1960s and 1970s you'll see the boomers always mocking the generations before them. Their arrogance and narcissism it's what i hate the most.

Silent Sage Christi

They removed your book from Audible, here comes censorship.


dude, I binge watched all of your videos in just a couple of days. You could say i chugged all the black pills at once, and the only thing i can say is wow! your insight, the analysis, the commentary, all of it is just, spot on! Let me just say that i don't agree with everything you say, but i don't have to in order to see that you are dropping some serius truth bombs. The most haunting realization about all that you exposed is the last bit of this video, when you point out that the left actually has been memeing hard for decades through pop culture, public discourse, academia,etc. and all of us edgy fools are laughing and mocking them through stupid edgy jokes, all the while they have already won the cultural battle a loooong time ago, even before some us where even born. That´s the hardest pill to swallow for me...

J. Weatherford

RazorFist's Hollywood was always red video comes to mind.
I think you're giving these people faaar too much credit and are maybe projecting. It's Hollywood, looking for anything of value is like fishing in a portojohn for a ring that was never there to begin with (and lied to get people to fish).
And Satanism? That's adorable.

William Hoadley

This video was done 2 years ago but is even more relevant in our present day COVID, BLM insane world.

Black Pilled

Standing by now for all the “but my mom/dad/uncle/me is a baby boomer, and not bad!” - yeah, we get it. #NotAllMuslims

Dick Pound

Great video, but I don't think the transition from paradise to modern trash was so black and white (pun intended). I think that old school paradise continued for some time in more rural areas and small towns, particularly in the south. I was born in '91 and had a stay-at-home mom during the first few years of my life. I remember being very happy when mom was at home. Also, I have noticed a steep decline in culture since smartphones and social media got big. A few months ago I oveheard a young college girl tell her friend, "It's 2020. You don't give guys your phone number." When I was in high school from 2005-2009, it was romantic to talk on the phone with the girl you liked all night long. Now girls just give you their Snapchat and block you if there is the slightest misunderstanding. Things have really gone down the shitter in the last decade or so.

George Palchikov

These movies are exactly the same thing Soviets/bolsheviks used to justify their revolution, destruction of Russia, and genocide of Russians.

Samuel Deckelbaum

This is a red pill not a black pill

Charles Gnarley

What was lost can always be found. What was changed in a generation can be changed back in a generation. Every child enters this world innocent, and what they learn and value comes from what you teach them and what values you instil in them. We are not Adam and Eve, as potent as the symbolism is. There is no god to cast us out and lock the doors behind us. What we want, we can forge for ourselves. Do not consign yourself to the blackpill, because as long as you are alive you can fight for change. Even a losing battle buys time for reinforcements.

Br!an Delta V

The solution is simple. Chop their heads off.

Brian Cast

These alcoholic and cigarette junkies the Baby Boomerang Boomers : physically , mentally , and sexually abused ... their psychological dysfunctional generation X children ?!

Kelly Herndon

I wish I could give this 2 likes. Great spot on, intelligent & moral analysis. Glad to have found your channel.

Expose Them

Very well done. Terrific interpretation.

kathleen smith

BABY BOOMERS WERE JUST KIDS and they were manipulated -- by Elites.

Hiss Lamb

Boomers' decadence & decline script was written by those [email protected] 2:9 & Revelation 3:9,
and planned since 1829 (when the Rothschild's bought part of Jerusalem), including the WWs
and re-writing history, education, medicine, banking and cultural marxism in the guise of freedom propaganda.


Half way through. I always hated the mother for her spirit of deviation and disruption. Very astute critique.

Mac Miles


The Prodigal Heel

I will still say it, the left can't meme. I never saw Pleasantville however.


Boomers who retired at 60 after working at one job for 30 year listening to greatful dead in their 1.5 million dollar homes that they bought for 100k telling all of the generations after them to work hard and chase their dreams


The only answer now is war. I am so ashamed of my parents.

estie AB

Everyone was NOT happy back then. Wasn’t a utopia. Still would like to go back there but you’re way over glorifying this shit

David Ziffer

RELATED: Here's an incredibly interesting take on what appears to be our ongoing collapse: "Why Sexual Morality May be Far More Important than You Ever Thought" - "Some moral laws may be designed to minimize human suffering and maximize human flourishing long term." - "Unwin found that when strict prenuptial chastity was abandoned, absolute monogamy, deism, and rational thinking disappeared within three generations of the change in sexual freedom." and "... increased sexual freedom led to the decimation of the family, which resulted in the loss of family identity, which produces Eberstadt’s ‘primal screams’—a massive increase in mental health issues, mass killings, and the rise of extreme identity groups at war with each other … all symptoms of a society rapidly spiraling into collapse." https://www.kirkdurston.com/blog/unwin


You're over generalizing my generation and blaming us when actually we had no more control of the big picture than you do now! Don't be so smug! A hard heart doesn't grow!

American Refugee

Thanks so much BlackPill.

Your video helps me see that the pain is not mine alone to bear. It belongs to a wave of destruction and sorrow that infuses an entire generation.
Indeed it is a loss that belongs to the whole human species and while it reads like hyperbole, it also belongs to God’s Grace on earth.

Where is the place on earth where people are kind to each other instead of cynical? Where is the heaven on earth that humans create when we are honest, industrious, and moral working toward something more than ourselves? It is God’s kingdom on earth itself that has undergone a destruction.

No wonder it feels unbearable—and that the destruction was performed by those whom we trusted most.

When seen in the full light of day I tremble.

It is quite large, the size of this grief. Thank you for helping me see that the wave we ride is full of fellow survivors.

The repairs can only be done in concert with each other.
God Bless!

William F. Buckley Jr

Just look at the TV show "Cheers", 1982-1993.

EVERY SINGLE MALE CHARACTER in that show was grossly flawed.

EVERY SINGLE FEMALE CHARACTER was some type of "victim" of?
Why some type of grossly flawed male, of course!!

Bango Skank

Mono no aware! Oh what I would give to go back to a time before smart phones, girls with tattoos, and the worship of TV.

buck rogers

Hey Pilled,Ive been watching you for years now....I just wanted to thankyou for these very insightful and thought provoking videos....I hope your ok, dont stop making these...your a hell of a filmmaker

Robert Harper

They put the great replacement in front of us. Hid it in plain sight. Quite clever really. Marxist bastards.