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Bitcoin vs Gold & Silver - Episode 9 - Can Reddit Target Bitcoin Next?

958 views | 5 Feb. 2021

#Bitcoin #Reddit

#Bitcoin #Reddit #GoldSilver

Today is Friday 5th February 2021 and we are publishing the 9th episode in our Bitcoin vs Gold & Silver series normally published every Sunday but delayed this week due to the Reddit Robinhood Renegade attack on silver. In today’s episode we are continuing with that theme and ask can bitcoin be either the next target or a target very shortly, just as silver has been this past week. So, let’s take a look!

Now before we take a look as to whether bitcoin could be the next target of the Reddit renegade, just a quick summary of the first 8 episodes in this series:

We have listed episodes 1 -8 in the description box below. A quick recap:

In Episode 1 we explained why we launched this series and why people found bitcoin attractive.

In Episode 2 we confirmed that the Equity market is worth approximately $85 trillion the tradeable gold market is approximately worth $1.5 trillion and the tradeable silver market just $60 billion dollars.

Since the series began a little over a month ago the market capitalisation of Bitcoin was around $350 billion today that capitalisation is closer to $700 Billion

In Episode 3 we highlighted a non-exhaustive list of the disadvantages of bitcoin which are similar to other crypto currencies.

In Episode 4 we highlighted that Former White House Communications Director and Founder and Co-Owner of Hedge Fund Skybridge Capital had launched a brand new Bitcoin Fund and the reasons for doing so.

In Episode 5 we looked at the intrinsic value of Gold & Silver compared with the intrinsic value of bitcoin.

In Episode 6 we looked at a number of YouTube and Google Influencers who have used bitcoin’s rise as both clickbait and an investment opportunity.

In Episode 7 we looked at some of the commentary which followed a dramatic $11,000 fall in the price of bitcoin and yet support from some quarters stating that this was an expected and temporary pullback.

In Episode 8 we discussed with bitcoins price falling to as low as $28,785 from a peak of $41,113 we asked if bitcoin has now had its day. We also looked at how the shortage of microchips affected the ability to mine more bitcoin and eventually concluded that the bitcoin rampage is still likely to continue and that it is not just a short-term fad.

Now we are producing this video in the early hours of Friday morning – at 1.15 am GMT to be precise, fully acknowledging that the video won’t be published for around 11 or 12 hours, and so some prices may change by the time you listen to this. But currently the bitcoin price is $37,210 up $6,000 dollars on the week and so it does certainly look like there is mileage still to go.

So, getting back to the topic for today. With the recent short squeeze type attacks on GameStop, Nakia and more recently silver, we ask the question could bitcoin be next.

Well, an article published by yahoo Finance has something interesting to say on the matter, so let’s take a look:

Now this article is further confirmed by one produced on Motley Fool which we felt explained the situation a little better. So let’s take a look at that one….

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gold and silver are tanking because nobody wants to be the last one to sell their Bronze Age money for the money of the future

Lunatic BZ

This seems like the right audience to ask, has any version of crypto gold, or crypto silver ever gotten anywhere?

I'm not knowledgeable in crypto but I remember seeing those ideas years ago and then never hearing about them again.

Jane Churchill

When we are Young we are more likely to Rush in to something New and Exciting, especially if it has a 'get rich quick' label attached to it...the Older you get the more you have learned to be cautious through experience..as the story goes ..on seeing a herd of fine cows grazing in a field, the Young Bull says to the Old Bull..” lets Run down and f**# one of those fine Cows”, to which the Old Bull replies, ”no son, let's Walk down and f**# them All”......

Steven Teddy

Just at the dying? moment when I thought all was gone already, I was recommended to Cyberteam0 on Telegram◀️.......He’s the best?

Brian Hegarty

PS I found the article interesting and informative but the complexity of financial markets evades my understanding

Rock or Something

The title of your video just says "reddit", the article in your video says "the retail investor group on reddit who targeted gme" the article is spefically reffer3ncing wsb then. The article then says this group could set sights onto bitcoin next. At this point there is no value in this discussion. For 1 the group wsb has made it clear they do not touch crypto or silver, just the stockmarket. And 2 i could write an article about how your next video could have you shirtless rubbing whipped cream all over yourself. But without some reason behind it, there is no value in the discussion. So unless there was a statement by wsb about turning their sights to the crypto market, its acedemic.

Jaclyn Antonia

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Baden Jones

Bitcoin is currently neutral at this moment in time and it may prevent itself from turning bearish if the coin can manage to break back above $38,OOO pretty quickly. Similarly, for the coin to continue to create a short term bullish trend, it would need to break above $38,OOO. More so, if the bulls push higher, the first level of resistance lies at $4O,OOO. Above this, resistance is located at $44,OOO, $46,OOO, and $48,OOO. So for now it’s advisable for traders to accumulate as much as they can through trading. For me, I suggest you buy the dip and multiply the little you have trading your portfolio with a working strategy 0f Dr Gregory Walter to accumulate more coins. I have been able to gain (13BTC) with (2.5BTC) in a month of trading with his accurate signals, Get in touch with him on (Telegram=>@Tradesaviour0andWhatsapp:**+1-(2O1)-2O5‑2579) If you wish to gain profit trading the crypto market.

Pablo Pina

Btc is a speculation shine, when I comment my intent is not to prove a right or wrong, just an opinion to calculating minds and sometimes answers, tho I always try to leave in a positive manner or note. I see in these markets, a right today can be a wrong tomorrow and vise versa, in which, in my opinion is a good approach to learn and gain bearing in these mysterious markets.
Elon Musk on tweeter after 2 days of no tweet rehab, tweeted Dogecoin, now that is a speculative shine as well, however they all carry that pump and dump tune.

Emrald Jones

From the look of things and according to analysis in the crypto space. This period the perfect time to buy the dip and accumulate irrespective of the bulls being under pressure. Bitcoin moving up is inevitable and would see the price of bitcoin surpass its all-time highs. The reversal was imminent because obviously, the bitcoin mar:ket needed a correction to gather the right momentum to give the bulls more steam and this just makes it the perfect time to ιηνєst and accumulate as much as possible. However I see every mar:ket as an advantage to make more prof!ts as this is a very good buy zone and also to trad with a working stra:tegy. I started tradn with Gary Saville since late last year and till date have made over 63฿₮₵ even with the ups and downs since the journey. With Gary's counsel, I no longer have to worry about the rise and dip of bltcoln, You can easily get to Gary on Եҽlҽցɾαต {Gary_Saville1} for inquiries into a profitable trading system

Brian Hegarty

I know that Illuminati Silver have real doubts about Crypto Currency like them I am of the Older generation and we have learnt the hard way that greed is not sufficient reason to invest or buy.
When I buy PM's I can if I wish pick it up and if I wanted to dig a hole in the garden and bury it, no matter what the value is ,the items remain in their hole secure until removed. If I buy 1 lb of cheese (500grams for youngsters!) no matter what the cost with inflation or deflation , I can still eat my lb of cheese. Now I can buy bitcoin wow it has doubled no trebled in value, oops no it's gone, you are buying a mirage OK some will cash in but many more will be left in tears when the bottom drops out of the game. I read the other day of a hedge fund investing heavily, that sends alarm bells ringing, at a given time they will pull out -with your money in their pocket


Thank you sir!

blessed Odion

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mature Vader

my portfolio balance is 11btc by the help of Zombiecrypto 0n telegram he just help me now without any issues .. nice one sir ?✌

Patrick McFly

Subscribed & Liked to help support your podcast. Keep up the pleasant pommy accent.

Gary Churchill

Incredible the amount of Bitcoin pumpers here. This is usually a sensible forum but unfortunately not at the moment. All I'll say is that NO central banks are invested in this and it simply won't ever be allowed to take space in the worldwide arena. It all looks great but don't underestimate the power of the CB's. Already Klaus Schwab of the WEF/Davos crowd are talking about a cyber attack. Just be careful.

Al Katawazi

Having been in the crypto space there is no reason to use an ETF vs your own wallet. You accept enormous counter party risk by trusting an entity to hold your coins for you even if you do get a tax savings in theory.

Illuminati Silver

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