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Fourth Industrial Revolution - bitcoin xrp btc xrp news xrp ripple

18 656 views | 6 Jan. 2021

#bitcoin #ethereum

#bitcoin #ethereum #xrp

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We are witnessing the decentralized computing paradigm. Blockchain, crypto, distributed ledger is fundamentally changing the world. Every person on this earth is going to benefit from decentralized technology. Xrp News

Value, titles, tokenized assets, blockchain is a way for anything of value to transact on the internet; in real time with little to no cost. How has the internet transformed society? The web has transformed how we communicate, shop, find recipes, watch tv… Knowledge is in the open and the world has access to anything that they want to google. Value on the web will have the same openness. This openness will allow people and businesses to participate in the global economy with ease and little friction. Financial services offered to the retail consumer. The iov will not only develop but technologies will converge and the boundaries of money will be pushed even further. The more technology progresses the better the quality of life we will all have.

A new framework to regulate, data, ownership, intellectual property in the fourth industrial revolution. Blockchain is unique data that is incorruptible. The files are like fingerprints that can’t be duplicated. Ownership, value, identities, contracts will be accepted and Klaus telling us that we need to have global standards for this data. The fourth industrial revolution. The fourth industrial revolution is a convergence of technology.


Blockchains are transparent, governments will have the ability surveille entire networks of value. Digital Identities will link your foot print on the web to you. Every transaction will have an auditable record. The governments of the world will have the ability to Tax in real time, the economic data collected will enable central banks ethereum to have precision with monetary policy and effect the sectors that they wish to effect.

We are comfortable in a globalized world. All nations, especially the united states do not produce what they consume. The US doesn’t have factories we import our goods from other nations. We rely on other nations to produce for us. We print money out of thin air and buy the goods china produces and this is the underlying cause of the Cold War that Klaus mentioned. The legacy system depends on dollars to run when we talk about the IOV they have a chance to rebuild the system without a reserve currency. I believe the tensions that we see are due to this.

The dollar losing its reserve status will be devastating to the united states and citizens. Tim draper is painting a picture that this should be an easy decision, but he is wrong. The world leaving the old system means that the American people are about to have a different life. The leaders need to secure their positions in the internet of value, that’s what this cold war is all about. Each nation wants the most and they’re is give and take.

Facebook was a catalyst for governments and central banks to prepare for the IOV. Facebook is larger than most nations and accepted by the public. Despite facebooks trust deficit I believe the majority of the world would trust Facebooks deim. currency is trust. When facebook announced Libra they were muscling their way into central banks territory. Government successfully staled libra, Now diem is close to a live implementation. I believe that is the reason for the US rolling out regulations is due to deim. 80% of central banks are working on a digital currency and 50% are in the testing phase.

Klaus describes these new innovations as the fourth industrial revolution. The industrial revolution was a paradigm shift that changed life forever. btc xrp ripple

Xander X

Bitcoin was never meant to be here for long term, it was designed for the start of new tech... BTC is booming based on tether manipulation, and all other alts will follow, but why you ask? Its like a magic act, you see the hoo rahh, but its all slight of hand, as everyone Isn't paying attention to the trick secret. The puppet masters of finance are just getting you off the real coin, to later collapse it all when the reset is done... You are being fooled by the greatest conn job of the century... The reset will not include BTC and 99% of alts.. only 1 will be the last standing... think smart and stay away from headlines,, its all about controlling you with fake media to empty your bags, which is part of the trick

Jose Lopey

This website is a scam


Looking at the bullish moves top crypto assets has been having since last year, I'd call it a very big win for hodlers of btc, eth and like top assets. Though 2021 is set for much bigger gains as predicted by analysts, though personally holding in wait for a bearish move isn't really my thing, considering the Dynamics and low bucks one gains within the time. I prefer trading assets which has provided me a far bigger pay gain than I initially imagined, although am stiil far from being an expert trader. Trading is serious business that is both technical and demanding, major reason I just employ the use of signals from trade expert Sebastian Bryant, I will admit his signals and trade guide (with a fee though) has been top notch and core to my trading successes, trading experience and good mastery of the market really sets him apart from other pro trader. Sebastian services on crypto related assistance can be reached on telgram (@sebastianbryan) and watsap (+447782861037) for crypto inclined concerns.

Regis Schulz

Do you have interest in any other projects other than bitcoin, Ethereum and xrp?


New Technology could be a great thing but with a real world Dr. Evil like Klaus Schwab, all you will get is incredible crimes against humanity. He is a psychopath. If you go along with his plan you are helping the world destroy itself. In Star Wars the Force is an energy field surrounded by all living things. I can be used for good or evil. Everything depends on the intention of the person or organizations wielding this power. So is Klaus Schwab Luke Skywalker or Emperor Palpatine? If you think that Klaus Schwab is Emperor Plapatine, then you have your answer. Blockchain and crypto under his control will only lead to a global communists one world government where everyone is enslaved. So if you have a spirit and you love humanity and love your children and you want them to have a future, then go and stand in front of a mirror and ask your soul what the most important thing in your life is? What is the purpose of your life? Why are you here? If your answer has anything to do with love, freedom or the future of the human race, then slap yourself really hard and stand up and fight this nonsense. Everyone under the rule of tyranny is expendable. Are you expendable? How much do you think your millions of dollars will matter when everyone is enslaved. Digital currency is digital. It can be turned off or denied or restricted whenever they want. It is good to plan for all scenarios, so sure having some crypto could make sense. Diversify your assets right, but for 6000 years nothing has ever truly competed against physical gold and silver. If you think Klaus Schwab is the Emperor and that the New World Order is bad, then act and do something about it. Our future is in all our hands, and we all have to do something about it. You must be the hero you wish to see in this world.

딩거는 세체딩

Long time no video!


Good job Darren?

Frank Jolly


Tua A

whats Kobe 19? lol thanks for your work

Tony Eden

Is this video meant to be a good thing?

Bootney Lee

Descartes was wrong. There is Truth. It is Jesus. The Way, The Truth, and The Life.


I’ve always thought Klaus looks like a real life James Bond villain, however your picture is so much more accurate.

Legato Leyte

Why oh Why you only have 30k subs? Your content is well informative and thought out. You produce exponential layers upon layers of quality in the digital space were in. I appreciate your channel.

Joseph Cassidy

Great video!?

Dion Ruiz


dave piecknik

Diem new klaus Shwab global stable coin 1/21/21 then 2029 UN brain chip 5th reich war machine.

P-Nut Butter Jelly

If anyone is looking for investment ideas in emerging technologies after crypto moon, I suggest reading Claus' book, Shaping the 4th Industrial Revolution. That said, he creeps the hell out of me, & he's undoubtedly an enemy to all of mankind.


Pandenomics. or DemonPanics.

Blu Mars

so what do we get form this video??? bitcoin to moon and xrp has failed???


Open borders will lead to the destruction of unique people and cultures


Fake crises

Eric Moore

Hi Darren, 2 things:
1) love your videos- best content hands down!
2) could you lengthen your videos with 10 seconds of black? That way the stupid YouTube icons won't pop up on top of your closing quotes. Thanks.

Xhej A

Klaus Book is nothing more than Karl Max Communist Manifesto 2.0 it is basically communism with the technology today. Fucking scums 200 Millions Deaths isn’t enough..? It will never ever work

Y.C Schmidlin

At 7:33, you see Schwab speaking with the word PANDENOMICS written in big; You can easily rewrite it as PANDEMONICS

Please wake up

World Economic Forum is pure evil. " You will own nothing and will be happy!!!!" wo2020060606 to turn you into a crypto creating trans- human.... Rev 13:16-18! Well to the NWO AND 666. Get your house in order brothers and sisters as the end is in sight!

jacqui Duncan

Heightened... Its been created!!


Americans better get used to the fact, that they never really had a country, it was just a business administered by elite powers to make those powers even richer, the great European families still run the show, the Globalists have used America to create a degenerate global culture which has the purpose of destroying the varied and diverse cultures of the rest of the World. All this done to create a Global one World government, and destroy national identity.

Jamie Isbitt

I believe this to be your best video to date. Thank you.
bitcoin is a global borderless network with people contributing to it globally as are other blockchain solutions.
It's clear we need a new world order but not one with leaders one like bitcoin rules without leaders.
A world we all build together for one another.
Blockchain and other technologies will hopefully deflate the financial value of using human energy wasting natural resources to compete for a better existence just because a few own the resources and control levers of trade and commerce forcing the human population to tread on each others faces to create financial security in their life
Senegal Africa and rapper Akon are perfect example of deflationary technology due to the cost pkwh and future ability to use blockchain to trade energy. As a continent Africa have the ability to leap frog richer nations in building out their 4th industrial revolution as they don't have a decaying 1st and 2nd revolution infrastructure to replace.
Every social economic construct that is our reality is a rule book written by a few.
We need a new rule book.

Noreen Luna

I have a question to you as a XRP holder, as all exchanges are halting XRP trading, does it means we won't be able to sell them anymore as no-one will buy them and the price will go to 0. Or does the halting of XRP trading will be temporary? What do you think?


Fantastic video. Thank you.

Christopher Kadish Creative

We humans should make sure Klaus owns nothing. Ever.


Is that tim draper?? Speaking like a globalist???

Dean Duxton

Al Gore Rhythm

Cory Lyons Music

Every time I see Klaus, I always think I'm listening to a robot. Awesome stuff as always Darren, been sharing with my family and friends, I hate to see them sit this out because of a little misunderstanding or FUD about "magic internet money used for illegal activities". Its crazy that we can have something so transformative, yet 99% of the world isnt aware. Thanks man, keep the quotes coming! The one you started with, I wonder how long ago that was. Science is really beginning to think that there is no such thing as objective reality, that everyone has different facts about a moment that can legit be different and all correct. Sounds like that guy was way ahead of his time lol

Adz B

I'm a new XRP guy, but worried that the chosen token is in fact XLM? Any chance that this could happen?


Everytime I see that guy, it reminds me of Nazi control


Meditations on First Philosophy is still a great textbook on Philosophy.

Diana Callegari

Wow! Great research!


Hi Darren, just wanted to say thank you for all you do.

Its very much appreciated by alot of people !!

I know your back ground is in fine art but could you do a video of how you found out about Crypto & what first got you into the space.

Think that would be very interesting!!

Stay safe

Many thanks


mr ty

sounds like AGI and XRT

Don Mega

Xlm is about to pass xrp but both will be regulated xlm just has ties in dark places but it's other coins that are positioned to win and have already went through the sec money grab so it's no blockage and the admin is changing so hopefully we have someone in Yellen that will want to position us in good standings, Just think if 2 years ago chump adopted xrp we would be in a power position to rule as we always have been now the best that can be done is to take part in a open system with either equal are new leaders and if you really think about it the same thing he is doing now is what ruined us from the start, selfishness if it's one thing a leader has to get over is himself a selfish person can't govern it's just to hard for them even if they have good intentions which chump didn't but no matter who you are selfishness just can't mix with leadership.

chris Dorgan

They make me sick tribalism was ended by nationalism when people came together for the common cause of the land they shared and commonalities they shared the common belief in the nation but now nationalism has been turned into a dirty word patriotism being twisted into racism yet no one is allowed to speak out freedom of speech the very foundation of the nation has been throttled , the global happy family will be one that does as it is told says what it is only allowed and believes only in what it is shown . Free thinkers ,creators and individuals will be a thing of the past and will not be recorded anywhere . They are creating the historical narrative for the future generations right now and it will not resemble fact nor truth . Technology will give birth to technology and be the creator of technology not accredited to man but machine and AI. We are sleepwalking slowly to our grave as a free spiritual being , but as long as we get lots of" likes "and "lols " as we slip away then what the hell.

Steve McDowall

Another great video. Thank you for your dedication to this movement.

David Patton

The presumption that a global, borderless ,political/economic governance is just brain dead desirable is a lie. The current power brokers drool over the possibility of grasping more power. The Bible predicts this end time development as the manifestation of a tyrannical oppressor named anti-Christ. Jesus Christ returns to destroy all people who submit to this global dictatorship and it’s micromanaging economic system.

Stuart D

Klaus is definitely one of the kooky hangers on ! Unfortunately I don’t see his type having no input going forward but I don’t believe his ideas of “everybody owning nothing” eventuating either

Tony Eden

Oh...........and just to nail that bastard down..........he’s the guy they based the progenitor vampire in Blade 2........hopefully he’ll end up the same way

Jason Keys

Nice one Darren ?someone end that nazi


I’m new to crypto so if I understand correctly, my xrp is safe where it is in coinbase but I won’t be able to buy or sell it after the 8th? Dumb it down for me please...

alex mc

Does your Patreon have any extra info on?

Broccoli Farts

That was bone-chilling. Pretty sure Klaus is an AI deep fake.

mike crowley

Always look forward to your videos mate ???

Samm Y

Bang on Darren !! New World Order.. It wont end well.. It will only last short space of time as a global oneness.. It then morphs into the final stage.. 10 global suoerstates... Watch it happen.. Next twn years, dont fall asleep.. Watch !!

Big Bad Burly Bob

Klaus is a Live Action Deep State Global Elitest.....and Fucking Bond Villain ????

Jeffery Malone

Can I hold Xrp on a wallet like atomic or exodus after Jan 8th?

Eero Tiitus

Very good and quality content!

PoopCoin Patrick

I get fearful I can’t trade XRP.

That means it’s gonna moon! ?

Chappy's Ktichen

This just makes me feel sick for the future. I use to be excited about technology. This is more control more surveillance and less privacy. I’m not the only one people are waking up to the terrible future we now face.

Bam Bam

Those who look for immediate gratification and have no patients, will wish that they had more patients once this new QFS takes over. Bitcoin was .10 and is now 30+K and does absolutely nothing. The same people who got laughed at for holding Bitcoin are wealthy now and are the same ones laughing at XRP holders...Dr J was fun to watch....But then Micheal Jordan came along

PoopCoin Patrick

Great content Darren. I always get mind blown ? with the clips you find.

Christopher Swainson

Blockchain is JUST TOO SLOW to run the world on - transaction rate hopeless. Klaus Schwab is just such a sweetie with only our best interests at heart! XRP is no use.


The great leaders are the ones who can open global trading, while retaining sovereignty.

Nancy Karen

have used some numbers of signal services, but Bryan's services stands out. we need more professional hands like Bryan to lead the way.TradingXL


Happy new year and good morning Darren!

Thanks to your YouTube content and Patreon, I feel more confident to face the storm that’s coming; as you have presented in today’s video, only in a way that Darren can present!

Thank you again and thank you 1000 times over!


Is there a country that doesn't want to be part of this tyrannical plan to rule everyone and everything? If so, I want to move there pronto

W Matt


Alan Dunstan


Alice Incognito

I'm ready for the "GREAT RESET", I own XRP and 0xMR.

Wayne Garland

Im calling you Babe Ruth for now on because ur constantly hitting em outa the park

Nadine König

Klaus, Draper, Et al are all making it seem like all that is happening is happening naturally. No. None of it is happening naturally. They are doing it. If their system was so good and benevolent, they wouldn't have to purposely pull down the current system to achieve it. It would happen naturally. Like the wind. The wind just blows. They have to lie, cheat and kill to push through their new system. A bunch of frauds. Liars and thieves. Nothing else. I guess they believe this world goes into the eons. Or maybe they believe they go on into the eons. Ha. Man is such a fool.


As always Darren you provide top tier content ?? Thank you

Mike B. Jones

i recommend  intellectwebs.com just you hack from them cuz they are so legit and want to help the poor......



jacqui Duncan

When the poor having nothing to lose... Revenge will be sweet

Dad Dad

Thats right, if the world has a level playing field, the quality of life in the US (which is already on the decline) will be level-ed rightly or wrongly.

Billy xrp cowboy

Your videos are amazing I really like the way you used to make them a little dark however they're great now but I would wish I saw a little bit more that darkness

Ty Rex

Thank you for the knowledge..knowledge is Power!

Javier Santana

Klauses head looks like it doesn’t belong on his body

Edward Martin

Thanks for presenting these interesting discussions. My conclusion is that Klaus Schwab is channeling his inner Karl Marx. Schwab's wish is to create a 4th industrial revolution by the methods used by the Soviets in the 1920s and 1930s. Do as we say or else. Tim Draper is partly right. Opening up the world through the internet paid huge dividends for everyone. Draper seems to understand what happened in the past, which in hindsight we are all prophets. Draper seems to go astray with his future vision that opening one's border to mass migration will pay dividends like the internet. How simpleminded can one be? The massive immigration of the 3rd world to the 1st world has already been shown to be a disaster, anyone seen Europe lately? Or America where criminal 3rd world gangs are running rampant over their lands? This mass migration is only creating misery, hatred and poverty. But considering Draper has the Bitcoin symbol displayed prominently on his tie, what would one expect? It certainly would not be a man of real vision.


love your show

Mat Bentko

I think we should start Vampire Hunt!

brady nields

5:01 December 24th?? Can't help but think of when the Federal Reserve was signed into legislation. These planners definitely know what they're doing.

Mike B


Jason C

Excellent work my man!

David Necic

Have a Look at Extra VOD Also Great Video's. Great Content. It's Very Interesting. Let the Show Begin. We in the XRP COMMUNITY are seeing History Unfold. We in the XRP COMMUNITY WILL Be the New 1%. We Will Look Back and Say Thank God I Didn't Sell My XRP. We Will Feel Blessed.

Cory Lyons Music

"Just print 13 trillion dollars"
Now that it looks as if democrats will control every branch, we about to get a whole lot more lol. Biden is already guaranteeing $2,000 checks amd they are talking about it being a regular thing lol. I think they are using the collapsing system to every advantage they can...because they know there is no turning back and we will simply switch to something else soon.

Brian Pittman

Dr. Evil ? definitely has BIG ambitions! Lord help us all. In the meantime let's get rich!

Jonny Jensen

What does this mean for xrp holders?

Laura Kryzanowski

I believe Klaus Schwab and his cohorts need to demonstrate to the world just how joyous we are going to be after we have been divested of everything we own were these folks true leaders they would divest themselves of their assets and cash immediately and go join the homeless on the streets of Los Angeles so that we can bear Witness to their


Hi all. Thanks Darren.
Klaus is one scary guy, lol.
Enjoy the ride.

D.R. Daily

I’m not sure Draper believed his own words.

Clint Cowan

Fantastic descartes quotes. I need to read his work

Nunya Yobusiness

Just like the last bull cycle XRP was the latest coin to pump and the HARDEST .

Andrew Jones

Klaus, Hitler 2.0




This is where I went wrong. I got emotionally attached to xrp. I missed out on some other alt coin gains for the past 3 years. Big mistake on my part. Kept on hearing stupid comments like “589 or wait till next month or swell conference is coming or the worst comment was Bitcoin maxis.” Look I’m all in for saying xrp is probably the most functional problem solving coin out there, but let’s be honest, a lot of us are in the negative...not all but a lot if us.

Tim Jones

What's the significance of the 16th or 25th of January this year.
I heard something on this channel a while back but can't remember.


Blockchain = Revelations 13
Programmable Money = Cant buy or Sell without the big bro. Permission

Concrete Renovations Inc.

Klaus needs to be kidnapped amd have all his belongings taken. Let's see how he likes it....

Y.C Schmidlin

Klaus Schwab is a puppet. Who do you think is the puppet's master?


...that first interview

Justin Griffin

Last economic forum meeting.no-one wore a mask and noone social distanced...and no one seemed to notice...

Lawrence ripple

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How a normal guy became super successful in Muay Thai | Muay Thai Guy Documentary

26 504 views | 23 Aug. 2020

Sean Fagan’s story

Sean Fagan’s story @themuaythaiguy is one close to my heart. ⁣

Sean’s journey was very difficult at times, I saw it first hand. Most people would’ve given up when going through years of not making money and having critics waiting to see a fall at every turn. ⁣

He had these nagging voices in his head telling him to give up every time a big challenge came. ⁣

But through believing in himself and changing his environment, he pushed through.⁣

We all have these voices that tell us that we’re not good enough, smart enough, or capable enough. ⁣

Sometimes, the voices come from strangers. Sometimes, these voices come from the people closest to us, and if we’re not careful, our dreams will never realize because of it. We start believing in things that aren’t true, internalizing these voices.⁣

We start to feel small, because others felt small. Our vision starts to become a distorted reality of what isn’t possible. ⁣

With these voices, we may never even begin to dream a dream. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.⁣

At a time where no one in my life believed in my work, Sean reached out to help… just when I was about to give up. The voices of doubt has only lessened ever since, and belief has only grown ever stronger. ⁣

Thank you Sean. Seeing your progress and success today makes me so happy. Wouldn’t be here without you. ⁣

I hope that Sean’s story encourages you to dream, to celebrate and support the successes around you, to allow the vision of others to believe in your own visions. ⁣

Treasure the ones that believe in you. ⁣


This project is part of a documentary series with Human of Fighting. Follow us on Facebook / Instagram to see more intimate conversations with legends of the sport

FB: https://www.facebook.com/HumansOfFighting/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/humansoffighting

Prince Matharu

All the best Sean! Nice work as always Lawrence. Thank you


Very inspirational video. Love the energy of this guy

seneca shemayme

I'm definitely going to his muay thai camp when it opens up ?


hell yea. right on bro. fuck the haters. do you. live your life. "if they despise me, that's they problem" - Marcus Arelius

Jem Dikyol



great mindset, perspective and attitude brother, keep up the hard work and congratulations on finding and pursuing your path to success!!


Awesome documentary. You sir are s big inspiration. For me to keep training in muay Thai.

Dontae Bryant

Love that dude... been following him for a while now.


Awesome ??

Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns

Sean Fagan’s story @themuaythaiguy is one close to my heart. ⁣

Sean’s journey was very difficult at times, I saw it first hand. Most people would’ve given up when going through years of not making money and having critics waiting to see a fall at every turn. ⁣

He had these nagging voices in his head telling him to give up every time a big challenge came. ⁣

But through believing in himself and changing his environment, he pushed through.⁣

We all have these voices that tell us that we’re not good enough, smart enough, or capable enough. ⁣

Sometimes, they voices come from strangers. Sometimes, these voices come from the people closest to us, and if we’re not careful, our dreams will never realize because of it. We start believing in things that aren’t true, internalizing these voices.⁣

We start to feel small, because others felt small. Our vision starts to become a distorted reality of what isn’t possible. ⁣

With these voices, we may never even begin to dream a dream. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.⁣

At a time where no one in my life believed in my work, Sean reached out to help… just when I was about to give up. The voices of doubt has only lessened ever since, and belief has only grown ever stronger. ⁣

Thank you Sean. Seeing your progress and success today makes me so happy. Wouldn’t be here without you. ⁣

I hope that Sean’s story encourages you to dream, to celebrate and support the successes around you, to allow the vision of others to believe in your own visions. ⁣

Treasure the ones that believes in you. ⁣

Sean 11:11

☘️ Wisdom

Paul scarpone Scarpone.

wow you are inspirational dude

Jack O' Lantern

I like Sean. Even his training sessions are valuable for regular people. Wishing him well. ??

Mr McBeardy

Lawrence mate, I'm not yet finished watching this (because it's only been uploaded lol), but I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for content like this. Stuff like this really hits the heart... it speaks to my soul, and contributes towards to the inspiration that i harvest daily to pursue my goals and overcome my hurdles. Thank you, and Namaste ??

Michael Anderson

If you have a dream or an idea, go for it. Life is frightfully short (you will realize that when you are sniffing at 60) and you are ultimately the one in charge.

Drag B

Amazing guy.

TAK Sensei

I’m failing liberal arts too


Zhang Weili at 13:00 !!

Patman Patmanson

Wow very inspiring!!

Love muay Thai. Love self-improvement (don't like this word).

Keep going, friends. Keep goin'!

Cedric Justin Alcoseba

his story inspires me to be an mma fighter in one championship

Ryan Ridgway

Love it great energy and message

Andrew Major

Quality - All round from Sean Fagan and Lawrence Kenshin. I have been watching and reading alot of articles from these two. Awesome.

Michael Hayward

Love Sean Fagan <3

เด็กเลี้ยงควาย ที่เมืองนอก

Love muaythai mark mark krab

Tommy Nguyen

I will be the next ufc and glory world champ

Joel Chapman

Heap of respect mate, wasn't a fan till I saw this. The effort you must of put into all this is inspiring to say the least

Kenneth Morgan

Sean Fagan curses in his videos. I like people who curse - they're more genuine!

Sukunai Hayashi

Great story! Out of curiosity how has COVID-19 effected training in Thailand?

major Spade

Totally agree with the online courses as supplemental tasks. Since Covid I mostly train at home and Sean's Workouts are a good mix between technique and fitness.

Michael Michael

Sean and Lawrence, always great informative content

Jason Realpe

Thankyou for the knowledge and wisdom

Gary Lim

Love it man. 2 of my favourite martial arts YouTuber!

I'm A Warr;or

We will do it soon brothers .. in sha Allah .. we must ! ??????❤️

Calvin Quitevis

The point is hard work and perseverance will get you where you want to go. Nothing worth anything us given to us. Bust your ass,and get it done. NO EXCUSES!

djihad mohammedi

How old was he tho ??

Beast the Grim executioner

Such inspirational guy that one.


Really appreciate this guys content


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SyzFChXFgQ someone basically copied your video


Personally I just can’t stand this guy. I’m sure he’s a nice person and everything but I just get annoyed whenever I see him. To me he’s just the epitome of the “American dude-bro”. I’m happy that he’s doing well though. He’s worked for it.

MMA Reviewer.

ah come on man... no fighter is normal regular people... they are all sleeping warrior's inside.. :)
Great video/// I like the Muay THai guy, get some good advice from there.

JR Lonergan

Awesome guy and an awesome fighter. Keep up the great work both of ypu



8 c , Negi

I constantly use his supplemental techniques in my workouts, so thankful to him.

Will M

This dude is solid, through and through, produces wise, valuable content on instagram. I just want to say I have a massive appreciation for this guy

Romel Sampil

Wow. what an inspirng story from sean fagan...thank you llawrence kenshin for sharing this. Whar a bullet proof mind from both of you. Salute.


Good job man! Unfortunately there's not much of such a good content about muay thai in my languages and not many people can watch nice videos like this. You doing really good job, thanks for that. ?

Unknown Seizure

Is this why Sean hasn't been posting?


surprisingly inspiring !


wonderful documentary, I have to respect his positive use of the internet to get what he needs done.


I love Muay Thai Guy workout videos on YouTube. I feel inspired after watching his story.

Roshan Heikrujam


Mladen Mladenović

Sean's a fkn beast!

Jeroen Nishikigoi

For me hè is a Hero!

panzer faust1

"With the social media it can be hard to be yourself" - that is so true for todays life because i think a lot of people are struggling with all the negative shit that comes with the social media stuff...
otherwise great video again

Pedro Brocato

Very appreciative of this video in particular. I’ve always wondered what type of person Sean is, before Covid I had a trip planned to Thailand, I was refunded my money and have since been trying reschedule another trip, I considered one of his retreats but decided to go a cheaper route, I think I want to meet Sean and train with him for a bit.


@Lawrence Kenshin it's about time to do videos on Khabib's MMA style Combat Sambo, Grappling and Freestyle wrestling.


cheers for the insight man really enjoyed the interview inspiring just a normal guy who decided
to do what he wanted to do choice

saif Ilyas

Guys believe in your dreams and hard work is important!!

Piers Woodford

I don't see the value in online Muay thai training, seems like a great way to pick up a load of bad habits (poor execution of techniques) without realising. Money is far better spent investing in a membership to a good gym with active fighters and legitimate kru's. Good to support your local club and they will support you!


First they ask are u really doing it? Then They ask how did you do that?

Dusty M

Great video Lawrence ! Miss you guys and Thailand!

Lawrence ripple

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Bank robber chooses jail over wife (Mirror Video)

5 530 views | 8 Sep. 2016

Disclaimer: I do not own

Disclaimer: I do not own the intellectual property of the audio, video, or thumbnail image and seek no financial gain for using it. Fair Use, Educational purposes.


Bank robber chooses jail over wife

(NBC News) A Kansas City man accused of robbing a bank says he committed the crime because he would rather be imprisoned than live with his wife.

Court documents say 70-year old Lawrence John Ripple gave a note to a teller at a Kansas City Bank on Friday, demanding money and warning that he was armed.

When authorities arrived, they didn’t have to go far to find Ripple. He was waiting for officers in the lobby with the cash he’d taken.

Ripple had reportedly argued with his wife earlier, and said he wrote the note in front of her, saying that he would rather be in jail than at home.

Read more: http://bit.ly/2cpGtpf

Lauren Shepherd

That's modern "wives" for you.

Ritalin SR

If I had never took Ritalin, I will never shut up and my husband would have to kill me. this right here could be my husband

Saren Orbless


A strong society

This is the result of feminists

ImDea Synctify

Whos her bc of tiktok ?

Louis babycos

it was funny I showed this to a lady at work and she said ,"why didn't he just leave her". After explaining to my female co-worker that he probably didn't have any place to go ,nor money,she replied she,"he should have just left her". Even after explaining that the guys situation was hopeless that he had no where to go she still did not get it or refused to admit it .

Drogo Baggins

That's how bad it is to face divorce when you are a man. All my respect to this gentleman.