Uptrend stock screener

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Scanning for Stocks in THINKORSWIM (Day & Swing)

56 272 views | 9 Apr. 2019

Scanning for Stocks in

Scanning for Stocks in THINKORSWIM (Day & Swing)

How do you setup your scans? Let everyone know in the comments!

thinkorswim scanner setup

In this video I talk about 3 scanners I like to use to filter through stocks on a daily/weekly basis for day trading and for swing trading.

The more specific your scanner is, the less likely it will pull up stocks, but when they do then you have a higher probability of finding a setup that fits your trading regimen.

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Leslie Hahn

Great job! Thank you! Can’t wait to use these scanners tomorrow ??

Vim9654 Mitt

I like the dip on up trending set up. Can u tell me how do i change same set up for intraday trading? Thanks.

Giovanni Salazar

i love how much description is in this video often times the videos i find are never this detailed


Hi thats interesting but never find stock for Swing trading what should change on the last scanner to find stocks?

Ken K.

Good info. I have been working on some uptrend / dip scans in TOS for swing trading too. It seems that trends can be found using MAs but the trick is finding the dips. I have been experimenting with the TTM Trend scan parameter. It detects when there is a up or down trend so I use it to find dips on my momentum list. Not precise but seems to work.

Kevin H

Hello sir, please let me know if u eventually see Ugaz rising to 32 dollars. Do u think it’s highly possible throughout the month?


Thank you! great content :)

Miguel Ruiz

First time looking at this. Just subscribed to your channel. Are there any videos where you show how you use the Percentage Change Penny in actual practice?

Pinkmama World

One of the best scan videos I’ve seen

Serounian Keir

You're a good teacher. Now please teach to those of us who are brand new to Thinkorswim. For example, when I look at the three boxes in which we place our scan dimensions, price is not in any of them. In the middle of the screen, I read "Click on +Add filter" to add a filter. But, I can't find "CLick on +Add Filter anywhere on the screen.

Rapper bae MEONDX

If i get 40 give on 60 it will 100billion....its attempys for quantity move to a big quantity for quality.... 10crore peoples use 10peny its move to110.0000000000.00. For more gud on keep it ups.

Vim9654 Mitt

Please tell me what moving average i should use for only intraday trading for uptrend dip on hourly basis?

Alex Supremo

Should be marked as an adult video because of your PENNY SCAN ??

Kidding. Good video!


any one else here not give a shit about Tim Sykes and his lame ass cringy commercials?

J Reezy

You didn't show how to add the last 3 custom settings for the first scanner.

timothy morris

What about an option scanner

Mauricio Lorenzetti

Great video!!


does anyone know how to add the "within 2 bars" part of these added conditions? I appreciate the help


Can u please share TOS scan query

Gary Long

Question, are you running this first thing in the morning? At the end of prior day? How is the time working into your plan?


This was a great video.I'd like to see how you set up a couple of scanners from scratch(just starting).Thanks!

Scott Dreger

Thanks for the video ... is there any reason you also switch from SMA to EMA when you change the lengths from 50 to 20 in several of the conditions of the second swing trade scanning setup?


gap scanner plz. great video

Adam Coon

This is truly fantastic content ! Good job sir !

Morgan Iacolucci

Do you have any issues day trading and swing trading within the same platform/ account?

Vim9654 Mitt

I saw in your list u also have uptrend reversal . Can u show me what is the setup for intraday? Thanks.

Des Iama

For the Swing Trade #1, how long would you say do you usually hold. I actually used today morning and it’s up 40 bucks on a 500 dollar investment. How long should you hold?. Thanks the scanner is awesome

aws llc

could you share the scanner for a newbie? Thanks. Great presentation.

Kevin H

I also had the biggest red day today I started the day buying a market buy on Dgaz on a spike up and got filled at the highest point. I then panic sold it thinking it’s Ugaz season Dgaz prob wouldn’t recover. I got filled at 105.29. One question would you be able to make a video on how to avg down? For example u take a 1/5 position on Ugaz when is too soon to buy in again? Some people say buy in again at a support buy if it’s the same day then what if tomorrow it drops more? What do you think sir? Given let’s say 25k account

Alex Martinez

bro, why not share the study so plebs like us can use them :(



Rod B

Just what i was looking for, great explanation - just sub'd

vinnie handymanllc

You forgot to show the other 3 on edit bro


Nice video. Please what time frame are you using for the swing trade using the custom scan? I would think it's the day - time frame, but i am not getting the same result on the chart. The 50SMA is still above, i very sure of the my command on the custom scan. Please let me know what you think please.
Thank you.


Great video, but why not share the links to the scans to make it easier?

Sdech Financial llc

How do you add these settings???

Tuong Nguyen

Can you please show detail on how to set up the 3rd 4th and 5th setting on the second costomized scanner?

Tom Farrand


john G

Could you just share the links to the scanners so we could download them straight to TOS?

Keith Clark

He probably would like to take back the ETSY comment.

TreeHugger Joe

Hey Hey, Great Video! thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Edison Coronado

Right on the Dot, I really needed somehing like this. You are THE BEST, THANK YOU so much for taking the time and walk us through setting up this scanner.

Kiet Nguyen

Thank you

Mike Lewis

Can you post a link for your scans


can you explain your scanner custom filter on dip on uptrend and how exactly you did each one? You did the first two visually but not the last 3. Thank you!

Caleb Jonathan

I cannot set my filters to look exactly like yours. I can set the stock filters %change, Last, and volume - but cannot figure out how to set the custom study as you have. Also, Mtn Climbers isn't listed as a query I can load. Can you share that with us? I believe Thinkorswim gives you the option to share it. Thanks!

Trade Inquiry

Links to the scanners mentioned in the video (by popular demand):

%change Penny

Dip on Uptrend (50)

Dip on Uptrend (8,20)


Really good presentation. I subscribed and will watch more.

Leta Patrick

Thank you for this, its very detailed. I don't use TOS. Is there anyway I could set this up on my STT Platform?

Nature's Finest

For the day trade scanner are you using that throughout the day or only early on? What are the actual indicators you are looking at to determine when to buy on these?


Wow very informative with detail. Quality over quantity. I like it! Just sub'd


Whoa this was great i learned alot...one of the better thinkorswim scan tutorials

Frank Leathers

Should also have mentioned that these scans can also be used on all time frame charts too. These scanners are great for finding those perfect stock setups. Thanks for sharing, have been experimenting with the ThinkScript custom coding myself for a little while now.


Adam Khoo would be proud ha.


is there any way we can use the study feature on the simulated platform ?

Kay Jam

Can I have your email Id pls? Need to discuss a scanner every day give explosive stocks but after it goes up, how to catch it before is the question,I will email u my scan so u too can test it put it as alerts n test it will be great if u can test n modify to catch it early,not sure how to backrest.

Lisa J

Interesting, but... my TOS will not let me have many of the choices you have picked. And typed EXACTLY like you have and says syntax error. Will not correct.


Great Work. This is a keeper. Thanks

Uptrend stock screener

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3 Best Stock Screeners (With Demo) | Stock Market Basics

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In this video, we

In this video, we discussed three of the stock screeners for screening Indian stocks. Here, we covered these stock screeners with the help of a small demo on how to use these screeners.

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Crazy. in

sir how can i make the real data moving bar at the top of ticker tape to my website?

Tejeshwar Pasumarthy

If you'll be able to add the intrinsic value of the company.. it'll be unique, innovative and a great benefit for the website and for the people too...

Pankaj Pandit

Nice Video, Jai Shree Ram

sujan potulwar

But Which screener is best for trading ?

Ritu Goel

Where I can put indicators like vwap simple moving average volume pivot points etc

Akshay Bhavar

CAGR kis filter me dikhega

Suneel Kumar

Bro you are such a talented person. Please give suggestions for how to choose a stock for long-term investment?

sahil makwana

Koi free wale backtester hai sir india me ?

Sai Krishna

Sir I want this type of programme..
I want 1st 15 mins candle total day candles middle the first 15 mins candle. Plz

Sairaj Lakade

Sir aapke stock research website mein DuPont ,earning multiple approach aur DCF tool add karo which will make it unique


chartink is also good

Dinesh Varma

Intrinsic value - it would help us

Sairaj Lakade

Sir intrinsic value aur fair value nikal na sikhav na sir please

Girish D Deshpande

Please provide some indicators like technical indicators with fundamental

Investors Cafe

Screener.in is best

Trade Brains

Join our Investing and Trading Courses here: https://tradebrainsacademy.com


Is this realtime??..or there any delay

Uptrend stock screener

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4 Ways to Tell if a Stock is in an Uptrend

31 753 views | 16 Dec. 2016


Here are the 4 best ways to tell if a stock is in an uptrend:

1. The stock is making higher highs and higher lows.

2. The stock is trading above its 50-day moving average, which is itself above the 200-day moving average.

3. The Wilder RSI remains overbought above the 70 level.

4. The stock shows green bars in a 3 line break chart.

To learn more about trading these momentum stocks, check out my Kindle book here:



Neither Trader University, nor any of its directors, officers, shareholders, personnel, representatives, agents, or independent contractors (collectively, the “Operator Parties”) are licensed financial advisers, registered investment advisers, or registered broker-dealers. None of the Operator Parties are providing investment, financial, legal, or tax advice, and nothing in this video or at www.Trader.University (henceforth, “the Site”) should be construed as such by you. This video and the Site should be used as educational tools only and are not replacements for professional investment advice. There is a high risk in trading.

Juan Crespo

What you think of stocks like. United cannabis Corp or can alaska uranium?

Sess Roma

What site is he using? For these charts etc?

Andrew Martin

I bought Rocket Stocks and think it is a helpful book. Merry Christmas, Matt.

Christian Cabrera

do ETF react the same as your average stocks. I bought all of your books and I didnt see the answer to this in them. Should I short GLD if it closes above the bolinger or do etf react different.


Best explanation I enjoyed


Does this strategy apply to long term investing only? In other words, can it be applied to day trading or swing trading?

Horace Credle

can you provide a link for the 3 line break youtube video or give the title, please.

avinash jadhav

Sir how to check if a stock coming near to 50 sma in indian stock

Alex Cleanthous

Thanks for the video! That answered some questions I'd had about using technical indicators.