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Think Clearer and Faster - Upbeat Study Music + Isochronic Tones

15 464 views | 15 Sep. 2020

Upbeat study music track

Upbeat study music track using my 'Cognition Enhancer' isochronic tones session. Enter a state of relaxed focus while working/studying.

► You can find all the Cognition Enhancer tracks in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLveg0IEcZWN6oXPrgpuZWTND4jvPjfRlY

► Subscribe to my channel and be updated with my latest tracks:


► If you are new to this type of audio brainwave entrainment, find out how isochronic tones work and how they compare to binaural beats here: http://www.mindamend.com/brainwave-entrainment/isochronic-tones/.

What does this track do?

This music can be used for longer study or homework sessions and will help you to maintain a good level of concentration and focus, while at the same time feeling quite relaxed.

This track contains isochronic tones, which is the repetitive beats you hear behind the music. After around 5 or 6 minutes your brainwaves start to synchronize with the frequency of the tones. Then, as the tones change and cycle up and down through a specific frequency range, your brainwaves follow along in step with them. This process is known as brainwave entrainment.

The ‘beat’ frequencies used in this track range between 10 to 20 Hz, which means they beat at between 10 to 20 times per second. At the lowest end of 10Hz, this is known as the Alpha frequency range, which is a reasonably relaxed mental state. At the highest 20Hz frequency you go up into the Beta range. When you are awake, alert and focused during the day, your brain’s dominant frequency will be in the Beta range.

When we are studying or doing things that are mentally taxing, we might feel very alert and focused, but we are also a little tense, perhaps because of the importance of what we are working on, or maybe because we are under a time deadline. This extra pressure can cause mental blocks and make it harder for you to ‘think on your feet’.

This isochronic tones session is designed to help overcome that problem, by increasing your levels of Alpha and Beta brainwave activity. So you get the benefit of having increased beta activity which is good for concentration, but at the same time, you have enough Alpha activity to be relaxed, resulting in a state of relaxed focus, where you can think more clearly and overcome mental blocks.

Headphones are recommended

You can use this session without headphones, but to get the full benefit of the stimulation, particularly if you have ADHD, you need to wear headphones.

This is an advanced ‘split hemisphere’ isochronic tones session, which stimulates each ear with a different beat frequency. Your right brain is stimulated within the 10 to 14Hz range, and your left brain between 10 to 20Hz, making the left more dominant. The left brain is associated with logic, analysis, maths, language, facts and reasoning, so it can be beneficial to have the left more dominant when studying or other similar mentally taxing activities.


ADD and similar disorders are often characterized by "slow-wave" EEG patterns, particularly in the left frontal region. So this track can also provide relief for ADD/ADHD symptoms by increasing the frequency of the brainwave activity in the left brain.

How should you listen to this?

You can listen to this track with your eyes open while studying, reading or doing other activities that require a higher level of concentration. You can also sit somewhere quiet and relaxing and use it as a form of mental meditation with your eyes closed.

When to listen?

It is best to use this during the daytime and early evening, but not too close to bedtime. Because this track stimulates your brain to a more alert and focused state, it’s not suitable for listening to while sleeping, as it will probably disrupt your sleep.

How Loud Should The Volume Be?

Play it at a volume level you feel comfortable with. It should be loud enough to hear the repetitive isochronic tones, but not so loud that it’s uncomfortable for you. Somewhere in the middle is my recommendation.



Sadeq Mohamed

every round I wait for 2:00:25, it is like a boost

James Peterson

As they use to say a very loooong time ago on American Bandstand I like the beat!


Not useful. Will listen to other tracks created by Jason Lewis.

Binatural Isocrhonic

What we need, music to focus and style to live. Thanks, you're helping ADHD people. Please, follow making this type of music.


you're amazing, thank you
some criticism: the music was a tad too loud compared to the volume level of the isochronic tones. if I lower the music so that I'm able to multitask and listen to someone talking at the same time, I am just baaarely able to hear the tones in the background if at all. I like to feel it and keep it in my mind as a constant. I may be doing this anyway subconsciously but that's just my insight! gracias

Agbetossou Sénam

Awesome track. I wanna dance to this lol


this had me wiggling in my seat at work. thanks!

Dinul perera

How can i download these tones as mp3?

Thomas De Wolfhound

Phenomenal beats to study and work too- can't BEAT it..Thanks Jason.

Leah G Whisenant

???? Made me dance in my seat. ??????

J Jeffries

Love this! Just what I needed right at this very moment. Have to get a presentation done for work by the end of the day! Thanks!!

Sara Rodrigue

thx I'm studying right now.

Joe Lloyd

entrainment does not work with these strong rhythmic tracks - at least the isochronics make no difference anyway

Tom Keller

Thank you, Jason ❤☀️❤

Beatriz Angel

It seems to me that this type of combination is very related to me, with the calmest sounds I fall asleep.

Laurel Ann Schenkoske

Almost makes me WANT start working. Or wait - do I want to sit & stare at that screen?

Fahim Al Jahangir

This is the perfect balance of concentration music. None of that alien stuff.
The music reminds of the exact type of music used for a hacking game called HACKNET.

Karen Rae Doll

Hi Jason. You are still putting out awesome vibes. Always wondered why I'd change the speed towards faster levels on YouTube while learning. With this piece of your brilliant artwork, I certainly will retain a lot more. Thank you Jason.


this one is awesome

S. R.

WOW!! JEE Advanced in less than two weeks... I needed this thing!! Thanks for being the best :)

Blanca Kroener

Simply amazing! Thank you!!!


Really like these new ones Mr Jason. They sound like normal positive music but get the added bonus of the binaural beats. I Need to search for how to buy the tracks


Just wanted to say that this specific video has greatly improved my focus and productivity (when listening)! As someone with ADHD, I really appreciate this so much!! Also, my brain tingles at the 5:36 part lmao

Jay 404x

Im like the fourth comment

Kamlesh Manjrekar

I enjoyed the track while programming. Short feedback => it triggered on the feet thinking, increased focus (not 100%), relaxed yes (again not 100%, maybe it's me :P)


This is excellent. Definitely clear thinking music. Cycling, gym, study, it goes perfect with them all! ?

Gi ni

Very good music. It makes me happy. There is too much creepy relaxing sound in YouTube combinated with binaural beats or isochronic tones. This music can be played loud! Great! Thank you!??

Sadeq Mohamed

I really love it, thanks


First song sounds like it could go into a level of Hotline Miami

Carolyn G

I can't say about the thinking clearer and faster part of it. But it sure makes me wanna dance. Thank you for all the work you've done on this track.

Sandy Knowles

sooo good! new sub!

Ely Marie

I'm loveing it thank you Jason❣ I'm training and working right now???‍???

Brian Sambs

Thank you very much for your channel. Sooooo much better than immersing in all the political never ending story. Most everyone I know did our part already. so thanks again. oh this one is very cool. Just found your channel so, haven't listened enough to notice metal improvements. Can't wait to find out.


Gives me goose bumps listening to this, its the best antidepressant yet?!! Really perks up my mood, it's a procrastination killer for me.Thankyou for your time and effort in producing this marvelous music.


god man this bops
and movin and groovin and the words or my essay are flying out

Tyrone Miller

I have been playing a lot of Cyberpunk 2077, these bops are giving me those same vibes and I love it!! Now if I feel like I want to play instead of working on my graduate projects, I will just throw this on and get those some endorphins. Now back to writing. Thanks, Jason!!

Mind amend

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Smoothed Brown Noise 8-Hours - Remastered, for Relaxation, Sleep, Studying and Tinnitus ☯108

4 908 486 views | 17 Nov. 2017

Brown noise is a useful

Brown noise is a useful sound masking tool, that can block out external sounds and distractions and be used in many different ways. Compared to white and pink noise, brown noise uses mostly lower frequencies and is considered the most soothing to listen to of the three.

► This updated 'smoothed' version of brown noise is available as an MP3 on my website here: https://goo.gl/kyXQW9.

► Subscribe to my channel and be updated with my latest tracks:


NOTE: This is an updated version of my original 8-hour brown noise video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSaJXDsb3N8. In the original, there was an unintentional fade in and out of the volume every hour, which this new version doesn't have.

This track contains pure smoothed brown noise without any additional brainwave entrainment tones/beats.

Use it to:

- Help you relax or fall asleep

- Block out distracting noise while you're studying

- Calm babies and help them get off to sleep

- Can help to calm and settle nervous and distressed dogs

- Provide relief for tinnitus

Recommend Headphones For Sleep

Normal headphones are usually very uncomfortable and impractical to use while sleeping. I've had some SleepPhones for over 10 years now and I highly recommend you give them a try.

SleepPhones are specifically designed for use while sleeping, with thin flat speakers that are contained inside a very comfortable headband. You can use them while lying on your side and they also have wireless versions, making them very easy and practical to use.

A discount deal for my viewers: Use the coupon code 'MINDAMEND' to get $10 off any headphones purchase on the SleepPhones website.

You can find out more about them here: https://www.MindAmend.com/SleepPhones






Disclaimer: Any links to products I recommend are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission for any referrals I make.

® Copyright MindAmend.com

Dank Memes

A lot of people are making jokes in the comments, but genuinely, thank you.

This helps me block out the screaming.

Candra Tan

wow, I suddenly understand why was Klonoa "Hyuponia/Ruin of Sadness" awesome. The composer use this kind of noise in his song theme.

Manny Zuccarelli

Jason, you deserve a plethora of gorgeous women and sports cars for this creation.

Marco Downs

Mm, yes. Very smooth, very brown. Yes.

Sasuke Uchiha


Elise Cooks

Made me cry

bleh bleh

5:06:55 was my favourite part


I thought the title said “Smooth Brain Noise” •_•

julia nettuno

Living since im 12 years old with Tinitus and only reason why i can handle is because of this noise.

Luke Snyder

And then the THX roll in plays

varsha tae

this helped me a lot...I've been reading for the continuous 4 hours and I never got distracted
now let me stream dynamite happily without any worries about my studies


I use this video every time I need to sit down and focus, especially writing. Youtube saves my place so I've listened to over 6 hours of this so far. Here's hoping I reach all 8 by graduation in May!

vinnie vee

When I saw brown noise all I could think of was that South Park episode with the recorder concert and everyone pooping their pants

Daminda Bandara

As a brown person I approve of this audio

Fede A

That guitar solo at the end...wow

Kassandra Hipkins

My cat and I approve of this song

just not dom

Me waiting for the beat drop ?

Matt Media

thats it, over the past few months, i have listened to the whole 8 hours of this video
thank you for giving my ears peace when i was doing test ?

Julio A. Pantoja

When it said *fshhh*; I felt that

Ethan Hulstedt

why are people saying there favorite part its all the same.

Maxwell Baca

The fact you call it brown noise makes me dislike your video


guys i need help, after listening to this for a while, I can now smell the colour brown

Julia Landau

perfect sound for napping ? Thank you ??

Rise Burst Sparkle Fade

Thank god I discovered this and you. My ears ring so bad but I need white noise, or so I thought. This was perfect and helped me focus on my work!


Ah yes, the sound of my air fryer


i straight up cant listen to music anymore unless this plays at the same time, its too quiet

Tony Lefaive

I watch this whenever I do homework and sadly I go through all 8 hours too quickly for my liking...


Nice noise. I think I had a flashback staring at the screenshot.

FarFetched Farade

Ah, the sounds of the abyss.

BOWSERLAVA1283 Animations

The brown note is used for pooping… gonna have a surprise when they wake up

Hamza El Hamouti

I bet ya he wont like my comment

Liquid Wolves

They just don't write songs like this anymore.

Justin Moyer

That solo at 4:45:23 is insane

anissa monique cruz

Does the sound get more intense by the second orrrr?????????!?

6 dots 4 steam

played this on school speaker 2 years ago, made many kids shit themselves. feels good


I hope the person that made this was brown. We need more diversity in the noise making world. Too many white noise supremacists

inspire by garima

Is it good for hypercusis sensivity to sound

Dallas Branson

I prefer Lady Gaga's cover of this one... just sayin'

Michelle Abbott

This is my favorite brown noise video. I sleep to it every night and use it a lot during the day too when I want to block everyone/everything out. Thank you!

Rick Schwab

Now I know what Brown sounds like

Melodee Laughlin

Can you do a whole video of just 5:01:01


Blocking out the noise from my trash neighbors until I can move out. Noisy people are the lowest form of life.

Angry Goose

thank you

Ryan Keggeggly

Please for the love of god put this on spotify! It’s the best quality sound, and i can’t jive to the few already on spotify. It would be much appreciated by me

Michael Deyzel

When he said *brown noise*
I really felt that


teacher: sounds dont have color


this track helped me get to sleep on a 12h flight , it masked out all the noise from the people and the announcements from the captain


Thank you for this very useful track. Is there a way to get the uncompressed audio file?

Feisty Kitten

I play this with headphones when I'm having a sensory overload episode. Drowns everything out and calms my brain ?


Brown noise - airplane
Gray noise - tv static
Pink noise - waterfall

Quan The

So thats how it sounds


Everyone's talking about sleeping...I thought this was supposed to crap your pants

Howard Kleger

mixed this with white noise for a while..the yin and yang of the color coddler kind.


Sounds like my AC.
No wonder I sleep like a rock


omg I finally went through the whole video


I thought brown noise was supposed to make you poo your pants vibrations to your colon and stuff.

Isaac Wondra



Sounds like the TV after The National Anthem before cable turned it 24-7..

Caleb M

Ah yes, glad that it picked up where I left off months ago. I was worried I would forget what happened previously.

7WaterDrops _

Man, kids these days just never know how to appreciate real music. This song is up there with Bohemian Rhapsody.


if you have quality headphones on, every time you hit the volume up in a sequence it sounds like a fkn bomb detonating closer and closer towards you lol

Sam Jones

I don’t think I’ve laughed at a comment section that much before...for a video on brown noise...??

Muhammed Shafi

What if these videos had ads in between?!

CombatKing1237 Games

quick question does anyone else just go into like a thousand mile stare when they listen to this

Shreya Das

5 hours done, 3 more to go!

Thank you for making it easier to sleep ?

Maira Jamil

I didn't know there was a name for this. I searched for white noise with deep bass and came across gold


This is amazing for burning in audio equipment. I have no idea how you achieved it, but even at a low volume I can see the drivers in my speakers going absolutely wild. At 80db those things are moving so much my head should be splitting, but it's just chill sound.

Niet Cherry

This actually makes me feel super relaxed. I think it's really a question of frequencies

Adam Sansom

Got this on vinyl

Lakshay Singh

"Pass the AUX"
"Better not play trash"



Perfect to block out loud footsteps from your noisy neighbors. Depending on the frequency of their steps this or a slightly darker noise completely cancels footsteps. Try it out if you have those kind of neighbors like me who looove to tapdance at 6 a.m.

Erasmus Soulforge

Dad wakes me up every morning with his brown noise.

chatapsy 431

I am not joking when I say this. This song literally made my headphone speakers work again

Nikita Jacob

i was confused as to what brown noise was at first but after listening to it, i have to say i'm addicted!!

Liam Cartwright

kinda gotta poop now


Definitely heard some other sounds at 16:36, I can’t be the only one. I must be going crazy or there some hidden background noises in the video.

Liam Harm

Finally finished all 8 hours

Bill Paci

My tinnitus sounds like Tsssssssssss . . .


I've found that white and pink noise worsen's my tinnitus while brown noise doesnt effect it. So I'll be listening to this from now on.

Minecrafter Fan

Thanks for helping me focus!


Once you go brown...


playing this while my parents are arguinh

Mattie Compton

Me: Can’t stand white noise or nature sounds at night.
Also me: Brown noise make brain go ?


I have insomnia, it's part of my anxiety and depression... I tried sleeping with this but it just gave me more anxiety because I couldn't hear if anyone was in my house etc... ?

Xx_weeb sensei_ 0

Ima bout to fall asleep to this again so thanks Jason

Johnny Windza

The Brown Album.

Matt Murphy

I was expecting a brown note somewhere, this is disappointing, subbed.

Donald Pump

FYI doesn't help tinnitus. But it is calming.

stewie griffin

I am here because of South Park and is opposite to what I saw on South park

Sarah Garland

In the series, The Brown Noise Trilogy, this one is my favorite. It's one of the tools I use it to chill out my ADHD when I'm trying to go through long arduous tasks in software development--a profession maybe I shouldn't have pursued, but this makes it easier for me to focus. Thanks for making it!




lyrics go brrrhhhhhhh

no really, that is how it sounds

Supriya Rout

I got tinnitus i am using this as masking

Mr Mike Boy

thank you.

Jason Lewis - Mind Amend

NEW: Just uploaded my deepest sounding smoothed brown noise video (black screen) - https://youtu.be/RfocDdUn9tI.

Pierce Fleming

I go to a military boarding school and my roommate snores this rly helps thank u


i'd like to have a heart react <3

Maro Mostafa

Came here after an episode of South Park when Brown Noise was used to make people shit their pants
I am disappointed.


Thanks man this is very peaceful :D i've been listening to white noise for a while now but this is more effective

edward corrothers

This + the noise cancellation feature from my headphones... undefeated

Mind amend

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Daydream Meditation 10Hz Alpha State Isochronic Tones With Dreamy Synth

436 422 views | 2 Mar. 2013

Download as an Mp3 here:

Download as an Mp3 here: http://www.mindamend.com/yt/daydream-meditation

► Subscribe to my channel and be updated with my latest tracks:


► If you are new to this type of audio brainwave entrainment, find out how isochronic tones work and how they compare to binaural beats here: http://www.mindamend.com/brainwave-entrainment/isochronic-tones/.

This 10Hz Alpha session, called "Daydream Meditation", because the session approximates the state of mind people are in when deeply involved in a daydream.


Headphones are not required for this particular session, as long as you can clearly hear the Isochronic Tones behind the music track. But, if you can use headphones, I always recommend it. When you use headphones it helps to block out any peripheral sound in the room, and I personally find the entrainment experience to be more powerful when using them.

® Copyright MindAmend.com

super power Heart Ateck

Let's fly
From... India

Charles Tolbert

Wesley virgin ????????????????? Enlighten me please

margaret moses

Westley virgin brought me here ,I've stared my 60 days of reprogramming my mind ,billions here I come let goooooooooo

Marek Oravec

COULD This one be used as a part of mediatation instead of standard Alpha sound from Silva method ? thanks

Dilan Tiroshana

Yeah Wesley Virgin brought me here too.. I am so grateful that my life is going to change.. Thank you Universe and all....


Amazing a real up. I didn't even need a headphone


Which Wesley Virgin video are ya'll talking about. Even I'm curious now ahaha


Wes bought me here. I got distracted and I am back! I am blessed and grateful money comes to me in increasing quantities from multiple sources on a continuous basis! No coincidences!! Freedom is my must! Le' Go!!
9 to 5 Dropout!

Elisa Valdenegro

Thank you Wesley Virgin. Let's go. Elisa V. ?????????????✨??️???????

Monique Powell

Wesley got me here

Vultur Gryphus


Rebecca Hybarger

I listened to this to lay down and relax after work. By the time the track was done it felt like over an hour had past even though it was only 20 minutes and it really got me detached from my troubles of the day. So much help for my anxiety.

Melvin Lamar Jr.

Wesley B. Virgin brought me here! Thank you!

Srikanth Govardana

I am So Happy and Grateful now that Money comes to me in Increasing Quantities from Multiple Sources on a Continuous Basis

L Campos

Thank you Wesley you are the Man LETS GO!!!!!!

Kemincha White

Thanks Mr Wesley, I make 10,000 USD per month on Auto-pilot, thanks a loooot.....God bless you Mr Wesley

Nichole Dunkley

Wesley Virgin recommend this for me. Thank you

Astrid Jaye

Is this a wealth subliminal ? The comments seem like one that would more likely be beneath a wealth one...?

Stephen Dickson

I’m so happy and grateful now that large sums of money come to me easily and quickly in increasing quantities,from multiple sources, on a continuous basis. In the best interest of all.That I get to keep!!.

Nichole Dunkley

Everyday in Every way i am getting better and better.


I am a money magnet now....thank you Wes,thank you Jason .....???????

Mari jess

My heartfelt appreciation to Wesley Virgin for recommending this, and I am just starting, listening to it now, and got this expanding feeling that is equally peaceful and relaxing at the same time. I feel good and happy already. Huge thanks to you, Jason Lewis :)

Mohammed Aamir

Wesley sent here me
Much love

Bailey Valery

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? ? ??

midnight millionaires

Wesley virgin brought me here......?

Elianna Eccleston

This comment section: Thanks, Wesley Virgin
Me: what-

Kevin Nosworthy

all praises to the most high! god is the greatest, Thanks to my current mentor who led me to this video and after a few weeks I've been able to increase my income :) I went from $0 to $16,173 In only 5 months :) and growing for my business.

Joy Thompson

Thank you wes

Mohit Tanwar

Can this alpha meditation change my life?

Mothers bfit

Wesley Virgin brought me here!


Wesley B Virgin brought me here.

Bettys bakegoods

Wesley B Virgin has refer this,video to listen to 3x a day for the next 60 days.
Well I,just started. So I cant comment yet,but I will in 30,days.....thanx Wes

Carmen Rasmussen

thank you so beauteful sound,

Joseph joseph

Wesley B virgin brought me here also thank you and I love you!

Christos Kyrou

After 80 days nothing happened. Nothing changed.

super power Heart Ateck

Lets go..

Kapo the kapstone

Let's go !!! Wesley !!! Thank you mother universe and father God !

Walter Rusiat

Great things now happening to me, thanks.

Hannah A Parboo

Wesley brought me here too . Thanks Wesley billion dollar Virgin

Muskan Preet Kaur

3 times a day and I'm manifesting 1 crore a month and in increase quaninties from multiple sources ? I'm a new billionaire in line mind me this is shoutuot to Wesley virgin.

youcef marseille

So u just watch at this and things turned around lol

Dre Day

The reason this all started wesley Virgin

Ehsun Anwar

Wesley Virgin brought me here, thank you also Jason for this. After doing this meditation, should we programme our mind with affirmations and visuals, or should we do that during the meditation?

Robert Alberstons

How loud does it have to be. Should it be really loud or enough to just hear it. ( I use headphones)

Lew Judah

I can testify that this works after only a couple of weeks of going to sleep and waking up to this video my life and finances changed for the better

Timothy Champion

All praises to the most high Wesley the millionaire Virgin brought me here.

mohit thakur

Wesley virgin brought me here
Let's gooo!!!

NotADoctor a

Wow this is amazing, it seems to put me into alpha state within a minute. it was so intense the first time I had to break out of it after 12 minutes

Mahogany Ann

I am thankful and greatful how abundantly my life is ! I have everything I ever wanted or asked for all positive outcomes !

Mary Wanyonyi

Wesley b virgin brought me here...let's go....

Francesco Domini

Wesley $$$ BILLION Virgin brought me here as well. Thanks Wes. This is my first day of it. I am going to post the updates. Thanks also to @Jason Lewis - Mind Amend

Sasha Sinanan


Dr Mike Smith

Let's goooooo

Nikato Muirhead

Wesley Virgin suggested this video

Abundance in Green Right Now

I am so grateful for Jason Lewis with the Beautiful tones ; which helps me focus with clarity.
I was referred by Wesley Billion Dollar Virgin. *How have the video change your life?

Big Game

It's work like magic....tq mr Jason and mr Wesley virgin

L Campos

I am not going back to Egypt I’m going forward let’s go

L Campos

Every day I’m listening to this every single day until something happens

Angel Love Joy

Thanks Wesley Virgin I need this

John Valdez

Can Anybody please please tell me how to use this as well as Mr. Wesley Virgin please? Do I need to breath deep a couple of times before listening to it? Do I need to visualize the things I want to accomplish while I am listening to it? Please help me, I am very confused, I’ll highly Appreciate it

patricia heron heron

I am so happy and greatful now that money comes to me in an increasing quantity through multiple sources on a continuous basis .

Jason Lewis - Mind Amend

Check out may latest video for visualization and manifesting - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nf14AaoRP54.

Nichole Dunkley

3 times a day im doing this trying to manifest $10,000 LETS GO as Wesley always says.


Thank You, Jason Lewis, For Providing A Very POWERFUL Meditation. You Rock, Keep On Doing This And All Praises Due!!!

Glutenfree Organics

I am so happy and glad now that money comes to me easily and effortlessly every single day

Healthy recipes with wisdom Eat healthy

Nicely done Jason, a very relaxing morning after a full week of clients, I appreciate you.
Best Blessing Wendy ✨

Michael Tobiko

I'm so happy and grateful that I am now earning more than $1000 per day. Thankful for this meditation because it has chnaged my life

coco paris

This is so powerful

Anahera Walmsley

I don’t know Wesley Virgin?...found this by chance and open-minded to be better than yesterday so I can look back and be proud where I’ve come from a year from now??

Nichole Dunkley

thank you jason

Kids Kaffo

Thank you Wesley I'm finally here.
Will try all I can to do the 60 days

Jorge Tapia

god and wesley bring me here i listin to it everyday


Thank you Jason for this beautiful alpha meditation music! I'm so grateful for it ??


It help me to sleep

top trends

What is daydream and how to use it

Solenty Diva

Wesley virgin brought me here i can wait ✋ to be bless ? ✨

Mars Duai

Thanks wesley

Mitchel Franco

Thanks to @wesleyvirgin I'm here. God bless him, He's a good man and this video's owner too.

Xirneil Cl

Done with my day 1

Thanks to Wesley Virgin
Feels great

Vicky Ngetich

Wesley virgin referred me here and so far am liking it
Its my day 1 and am manifesting millions before end of year
This is my year of financial breakthrough
Will be here 20th Dec 2020 with a testimony

Kgee Nicho

Thank you Wesley Virgin. The meditation is really working. I feel great and no more brain fog. I'm a week in of no TV and music. So much clarity. watch out Zuckerberg, here I come.
I will buy your program, become an affiliate marketer, and soon create my own digital product. Let's go ?

Daniel Gallardo

I can see 22 faces here.

Aisha Limitless Clark

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Lunga Magagula

Wesley B Virgin brought me here

Mentor Pushpkala

I'm practicing it since 3 days and things are working out. Thanks Wesley ???

exception mason

I'm so happy and grateful for Wesley the billion-dollar virgin who shares a wealth of mindset and he shares the platform and he inspires other people let's go

Dre Day


Devang Choudhari

Wesley brought me here!....~Thank u Wes B and jason lewis....these tones have pure and real power to control the blood and brain and focus on desired work~

Maraea Tuwhangai

Shout out to a great mentor WESLEY B VIRGIN

bageli tsandila

Wesley squad

Nichole Dunkley

Something good is gonna happen for me Today. lets Go

L Campos

Thank you Also Jason proud of buying some of your stuff


I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities, from multiple sources on a continuous basis ?
Wesley virgin brought me here


Wesly Virgin brought me here!! I am changing my life, I am wealthy, successful and happy!!!

Goyathla Slavista


Jovana Miller

Beautiful, calm music ?, perfect for meditation and visualization. Thank you Wesley Vergin for your teachings. :-)

Felipe De La Hoz

I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis

Kerim Kevin TV

Wesley brought here. Am truly grateful

Pradeep Sharma

May anyone please guide me what shall I do while listening to this track as I am not able to focus and what you do......?...... Am just listening ?

Alamoana Mamea Maeva

Day 1 i know i can do it..