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How to Set Up a Ledger Nano X Latest Version 2020

97 616 views | 7 Aug. 2020

Intro 0:14


Intro 0:14

Options for Initializing Ledger Nano X Device 0:30

Welcome Screen and Menu Navigation 1:15

Set up Ledger Nano X as New Device 1:44

Choose Pin Code 1:58

Write Down 24 Word Recovery Phrase 2:48

Confirm Your 24 Words 4:06

Verify Your 24 Words on the Device 4:43

Download & Install Ledger Live Desktop Software 6:10

Navigate Ledger Live Welcome Screens 6:36

Explore Ledger Live Manager 8:55

Enter Ledger Nano X Control Center & Turn Off Auto Lock 10:00

Confirm Version & Firmware are up to Date 11:49

Update Firmware (if Necessary) 12:55

Install Apps on Ledger Nano X (BTC, ETH, XRP, Etc.) 14:33

Add Cryptocurrency Accounts 15:17

Add Bitcoin (BTC) Account 15:34

Bitcoin Native Segwit Vs Segwit Accounts 16:14

Purchase Bitcoin & Store in Ledger Nano X (Coinbase)Using Clipboard 18:17

Add Ethereum (ETH) Account 20:32

Purchase Ethereum & Store in Ledger Nano X (Crypto.com) Using QR Code 21:44

Add Additional Accounts (XPR, XTZ, XLM, TRX) 25:00

Review 28:04



Download Ledger Live 2.9.0 Here: https://www.ledger.com/ledger-live/


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Thanks Dad! Setting up my Nano X was super easy with your guidance :)

Zero Bucks and Zero F%#ks

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Sepehr M.

thanks for the video but i have one question. What if i want to sell anything ?

Deyaa 1989

You answered relèvent questions in my head very clearly and transparently through the video.

I cannot thank you enough.

I subscribed to your channel.

Best Regards,

Romeo Rossi

Hi Rex, Thank you for your great contents. Can I email you on an specific problem I am in it with ledger x? In ETH 3 I created an Aave wallet it went fine. I received my deposit correctly. Then instead of creating a GRT wallet in ETH4 I have sent my GRT from my coinbase wallet to ETH3 GRT but my GRT coins have not arrived. In my accounts list I see an Aave wallet name in ETH3 then an Aave wallet as Aave which receives Aave coins correctly. But with GRT I see a GRT wallet name in ETH3 but I do not see a GRT wallet as GRT. What has gone wrong? in the meantime my GRT coins have successfully been sent out from my coinbase account to a wallet address that shows in my ETH3 GRT wallet. How can I reach you to help me with this issue hopefully to recover my GRT coins. Thank You. Rossi


Nice helpful video Thanks also Can I send crypto straight from a Trezor wallet to a Nano Ledger Wallet Or vice versa From a Nano Ledger X Wallet To a Trezor Wallet ?


Great video, when you transfer from Coinbase do they charge you ie take a cut / % Thanks

Briana McKenzie

Very Great Detailed video

David Knell

How do I send bitcoin from my blockchain wallet to my ledger x walley

PJS Finance

I did not catch whether or not you can purchase crypto through Ledger Live. I read some reviews on Ledger and understood you could, but then you used Coinbase, so I thought I'd ask. Brand new at this and looking at getting my first wallet, preferably offline.

Max Tricks

How dedicated you are Crypto dad. You wasted a Ledger nano X for doing this tutorial. Because you showed up 24 words of this device. Highly appreciated. Keep going. Subscribed.

Mickey Collins

Great Video, Thanks. One question, I am using a Nano S with my desk top computer. Can I just add the Nano X to my current desk top program ?

jason woods

why does it cost to send crypto from coinbase to nanox. then when you want to cash out more fees ??? makes no sense to move it in the first place?????

Kenneth Howell

You are the best! Thank you!

Edwin Tan

Thank you. I just bought a ledger Nano S. Proceeding very cautiously fo install it as I am very new to the crypto currency world.. I am afraid of making mistakes in installing the ledger. But will just have to go ahead and try.

Chef Dan

Just used the nano x for the first time, thanks for walking me through it.

Aude Seynt Martin

Thank you very useful

Rick A

I just want to thank you for your tutorial. I've been trading for 2 months now and have purchased both the BC Vault and the Nano S and X. I watched other tutorials including the manufactures tutorial and yours has been the best for me. Thank you so much!!

Jean Luc Picard

Thank You!


Thanks Dad! Lol, I’m getting my nano X in a couple days and moving all my xrp into it thanks for the tutorial!

FL Freaks

what if this company folds and going under and the domain website shut down? Are we still able to access the Ledger thumb drive?


Hello Crypto Dad, just received and setup my new Ledger Nano X and installed the the ETH App with your help. I have not added any ETH. Would or someone please help me through adding HOT from an exchange? I am totally confused about accounts and the several ERC20 cryptos I have to move from an exchange to the Ledger Nano X... HOT is supported on Ledger Live and is an ERC20 token.

George Mitchell

Great video.-- but what is the Hash for on the Nano and the star on the ledger live?

C. Marquez

Hi Rex and everyone else!

I bought a ledger nano and keep getting emails from katie ledger where she explains how to set-up the ledger, how to use it and other promotions.
My question is... Does anybody else keep getting emails from the company just to follow up with the service or once bought ledger never contact you again?
I'd like to add that I bought the ledger long after they got hack, so I don't think they had access to my email.

Phillip Allred

I have Stellar in my ledger live (Nano S) but can't move it out to Coinbase. When I copy the Nano S receive address into the Coinbse send space ledger tells me it is not a Stellar address and will not proceed. It converts to an eth address. I want to sell Setller and buy Eth. Can you help me? PS. I just bought a Ledger Nano X and have it up and running but I get the same result with Nano X.Any help would be appreciated.

Naomi Talking Money

Wow!! I have a lot to learn! Thanks for making this :)

Phrances Hinch

Thank you for making this video and you make it looks so easy when you’re doing it


Still the place to be for useful tutorials. Thanks!

the beachnorwegian

I found your video to be very clear, however it does not address my bigger questions about using a wallet (I apologize in advance since I'm sure they've been asked before.)
My question is this: I live alone and if I download BTC to a wallet, who would know of its existence in case something should happen to me? If I leave directions on where to find the wallet, then I have to also leave instructions on how to open it and pass along the word recovery list. What if a wallet owner suffered a head injury (I'm making this up) and could not recall where the device and wordlist are located? What if your home is robbed or catches fire and the device and the recovery list is destroyed or stolen? A wallet seems to offer none of the protections that a 3rd party does (ie, a bank or broker). A wallet just seems so risky to me: to loss, theft, amnesia, death, malfunction. There's no customer service with whom to call and verify my identity and get things running again. One last thought. If someone dies, a bank or broker will eventually report my assets as unclaimed and attempt to track down my estate. This could never happen with BTC downloaded to a wallet. Just seems so risky to me (considering the large sum of coins I've accumulated) and riddled with potential troubles.

The Ksheedz

Ugh, Trezor is so much easier. This is like me setting everything up myself on a USB device.

Josh Davies

Great demo cheers!

Juan J. Castillo

I am about to buy the device. Question:

What if the company manufacturing these and maintaining the software shuts down. The codes are still valid and simply we import the wallet in any other platforms/ devices, correct? I.e. we don’t lock ourselves down with this company....


Coe High

Hello Crypto Dad,
HELP! I seriously need some help with my Nano X. It had a hardware reboot error. Now recovery via passphrase has not brought back all assets. I've been waiting days for Ledger Help to reply. Can i communicate with you privately?


To clarify, when you are sending coins through all these different accounts to your ledger, are you basically just sending them from multiple wallets to a wallet protected by the ledger device?


excellent, for a newbie this was superb

Vidal Garcia

Thanx! calm, nice and easy.... as if my dad was helping me...


Beware of getting permanently stuck on Bootloader. I'm done with this piece of crap from Ledger.

Dorothy Healey

I just received my nano X today. Are these instructions still current?

Irene Bielicki

When I send my bitcoin amount (send all) it shows me that it takes 3 days to transfer. Transfer on Saturday will receive on Tuesday. Why is it taking me so long to get into my Ledger Wallet?

Zarnel Mejia

does the exchange charge a fee every time you transfer crypto to your ledger?


Well made video Thank you- 2 questions
i Can see the bal of bitcoin on my Ledger app on the phone. To send and receive bitcoin from ledger live on computer does the Device need to be connected to Ledger live on computer through the cable?
to send and receive Bitcoin through the phone App does the device need to be connected to the phone via Bluetooth?


What happens when your crypto nano fails

Anthony Intelisano

How can a new ledger ever find previous accounts? Each time you set up a new app it looked for an account. I assume if you didn't set up as new device and entered a 24 seed phrase from a ledger that didnt work anymore. Thats where this would restore old accounts?
If you had a Trezor and it died so you bought a Ledger and used the 24 word seed phrase from the Trezor i assume it would also restore your accounts the same way? If so how exactly does that work? Where is your 24 seed phrase stored that a totally different device will recognize it? Is it somehow encrypted and floating around in the blockchain?


Crypto dad I am an older gentleman. I need some help about my nano x ledger.

Tammy Beach

what about the other coins like Monero (xmr), cardano, or lbry as how do you get them onto the ledger hard wallet as that is why i purchased the ledger hard wallet? Your video was great on ledger!

Jorge Castro

Heads up, I ordered a Nano X second or third day of January 2021, after few days after the day they said I was going to get the nano in Texas from France, DHL called me they want a copy of my passport ? for me to get it? Anybody knows about this?

Erlene Miller

Can you please answer how to add an android device to the google play store? I cannot download Ledger Live because I get the message “no device associated” to google play. Thank you in advance.

David Canez

when setting up the ledger without ledger live, how do you put the pass phrase words in the ledger


Does anyone have any idea how taxes work using Coinbase? Other than generations tax reports with sell/buy... don’t they send out some tax form?

Paul Zahler

Ok I got it! Thank you Rex for this tutorial. I knew if I got the info from someone more mature, it would be more understandable!

Taso Katsionis

Wonderful video from one dad to another... do you have a video to manage ERC20 tokens on Ledger?

Cooter Pooter

I got mine just the other day. I’m curious to know why my firmware update is 1.2.4-5 and I am looking at a 5 month old video with an update with version 2 already

Joey Amato

How many XRP or XLM or a combination of both coins, can be stored on the nano X model? Would I receive an error if I try sending more than the ledger can accept?

Paul Miceli

Great tutorial, Rex. I'm new to cryptocurrency and my Nano X arrived a couple of days ago. The Ledger videos which came by email didn't help much. You did, and I've already moved some XRP out of my crypto.com account into my Nano X.

Still a lot more to learn, like how to sell currency from my device once I'm stinking rich, but Rome wasn't built in a day. Thanks for the help. Subscribed.

David Murphy

My wife and I are having problems. When we go to coinbase and try to send maybe $10 our clipboard does not come up so we can't out in the Nano address Why?

A ibn Z

thnks Crypro dad

Diane Leroux

Thank you Rex for the video, it is so informative ! Could you help me with the problem I have with my new Nano X I bought to replace my Nano S.
I set up my new Nano X with the 24 words recovery phrase and also downloaded a new Ledger Live app on my computer. I created a new ETH and BTC account in Ledger Live. Now I have 2 BTC and 2 ETH accounts showing in my Ledger Live. Old BTC and ETH accounts that were first initialized with my Nano S and 2 news created with Nano X. They dont have the same 24 words recovery phrase. It seems that now, Ledger Live doesn't recognize the old BTC and ETH accounts. I would like to use ONLY the new Nano X device and get rid of my old Nano S. How can I do that and transfer my BTC from my Nano S to my new Nano X ?
And is it a problem if I forgot to quit the BTC app in my new device when I created the new ETH account in ledger Live? Thank you for your help it will be very appreciated.


Can we use a ledger that has been used before and we don’t know it’s 24 seeds and initialize a new wallet in it with new setup and new 24 seeds? Logically this shouldn’t cause a security breach but as I am not an expert, I would like to know your opinion.

Werner Middelaer

Sir, the fact that the 24 words are predefined on the Ledger how can you be sure that no one from the Ledger company can hack your Nano X to steal your crypto's?

Cole Phillips

I purchased one of these in 2018 but haven't opened it yet do you think its still safe or am I better off purchasing a new on with newer firmware or should I update it online is that safe??

tiger eye

cant load the ledger live on the windows 10 home tried everything and have a 64 bit computer so

James Best

This was an all around EXCELLENT video. I liked how you included the actual Nano X display! However, there is one issue you did not address. In the Ledger Live manager, for some of the assets, such as Polkadot (DOT) and Cardano (ADA), you can install the app but it does not say "Ledger Live supported". Setting up an account for apps that are not Ledger Live supported is a bit confusing. Could you make a video about how to set up accounts for apps that are not Ledger Live supported, such as Polkadot (DOT) and Cardano (ADA)? Thanks!

Max back full tirabuzon

initiate, please, it's initiate

cs kim

Hello CryptoDad, thanks a lot for this video. I bought a Ledger Nano S last July and I used it 2-3 times, bought some BTC and saved it on the Ledger. Couple of months later (last December) I wanted to use the Ledger Nano S again but all of the sudden the display of the device was totally dark, so not readable at all. Do you know about this problem or someone else here? Using the Ipad camera I can read the display and I checked the display setting, which is set to 'Brightness High'. As using the Ipad for reading the display is super uncomfortable I wrote to the Ledger customer support a while ago. I just get replies like 'thanks for your patience we are working on it and will come back to you as soon as we have more info.' Frankly I do not expect to get any proper answer from them.
I was so frustrated that I ordered a new Ledger Nano X today. But I am just curious if I can solve the display brightness problem somehow. Then I could send the X back. Thank you for your time. Best, CS


While I don’t need help to set it up I do appreciate watching this and the quality of this video - thank you ? PS more videos on AAVE / REEF / COTI ?

Daljeet Singh

Is ledger wallet reliable for new users after data breach?

Nina Evashkevich

I love how easy you break down concepts. You don't talk too fast like so many others and you allow enough time for us to see what you are doing before moving on to the next step. I am definitely following you!!


Coinbase is charging 7% each time I move any currency to Ledger Nano X ! Why is that and how can I avoid that?

Foxmino J

What if the little battery inside fails can you still turn it on via USB from your computer?

Joe Ko

Hi, I was going to buy a ledger x. Does it come with the cables or do I have to buy the kit as well? Thank you in advance

Jose Sanchez

Gracias from Dallas, Tx.?

Jair Bolivar

Hello Crypto Dad, Thanks for the very helpful tutorial, I just got my ledger nano X and by following your tutorial I got to the point where I set up the bitcoin and ethereum accounts, however, I hold Cardano (ADA), Chainlink (LINK), and Polkadot (DOT) all three not listed in the accounts options of ledger live. Your advice will be appreciated, I in the meantime will continue checking for answers on the discord channel for each project mentioned, and join you as well in one of your weekends live streams. Thank you very much again!


This was soooo helpful. Thank you!

Paul Zahler

Any help would be great!

Chad Bergondo


David Murphy

I have followed your video to the letter to set up my Nano X but when in my exchange (Coinbase) the clipboard will not open for me to copy the receive address. What am I not doing right? Or what have I missed?

Steven Randolph

WARNING Don't from GEMINI Exchange

August Allen

Can a high powered magnet wipe out your bitcoins on this Ledger?


I bought 2 ledgers one was the S & the other the X, both of these devices got stuck on Bootloader and neither one will clear itself, I totally disgusted with ledger, all I ever got was go to there pages that they know its a problem for many people and try fixing it, well I did and it still doesn't work, I tried for hours doing different things to clear the screen nothing seems to work.
There is a problem with there Firmware or they would not of had a place for troubleshooting the issue.
If Banks ever go to cold storage in the future that's where I'm going.
I have some XRP on ledger Live and can not access it, this is totally BS.

Matt Luey

Nice video Rex! I just ordered the Nano X and I'm waiting for crypto.com to authenticate me. I haven't bought any crypto yet but I'm excited too. I'm wondering If the ledger live program shows the value of your crypto currency as it fluctuates in real time. cheers

Steve King

You made this entire process simple and easy. Thanks!

Rich Nice

I need a tutorial for adding coins that are NOT in ledger live like ZIL & VET

Alex De Leon

How long does it take?

George Anderson

Rex the video is incomplete.Your windows and ledge live windows totally different, what buttons to push? Need help

Chi Red

Thanks for the video. Ledger live asks me to verify the receive address on the device, so I double press the buttons on the device as indicated (i.e. approve) as the addresses match but then nothing happens on ledger live, it continues to indicate to verify the address even though I have done it. Any advice please?


Do I really need the Ledger Nano X if I only plan on buying bitcoin and etherium? Would the Ledger Nano S be sufficient to store those crypto currencies? Thanks

Moukhlis Ayoub

Only one thing i didn’t understand is the two factors passcode


When installing a ledger, is it necassary to give your adress,phone number,name? I don't see a part where you add such information. Also if you need to give this information. What's the safest info you can give, like a real phone number, fake name and fake adress? Is it important in any way to giv correct information? Especially phone number makes me worried with the recent data breach.

Albert F.

Great job, Crypto Dad!??????????I certainly appreciate the education on my new Ledger X. After the crappy email leak (the hacker-bastards spoofed me and I fell for the stupid thing and opened the Google Drive file in the email) I think that I will eventually be getting a Trezor or DigiVault (when I can pony-up the 12k!).

Gary Weitz

thanks so much for this great video.....EXTREMELY HELPFUL!!!!

Alternate Space

Unlike many channels, your tutorial has been the best so far. Very easy to follow and explained in a thorough manner. Logical and adjusted to the non-tech individual. As a token of appreciation, I ordered the Ledger Nano X using your link. Thanks

Paul Zahler

I'm stuck. Trying to transfer XRP from coinbase to Nano X. Coinbase wants an email or address to send to together with the XRP. Tag which I copied and pasted. Who's email or address do they want?

diamondsprogler livingforever

thank you cryptodad - very informative - good luck with your crypto!

Darren lewis

You started going to quick . Not very helpful for first time users

Kuriakose Thomas

I bought a nano x and I did the initial. Then I downloaded the ledger live from the website. When I connect the device, I am getting the repair error message. Ledger live won't approve the device as genuine. I did follow your clean install process and after that also I am getting the same error message. That means nano x is faulty and I request a new one? Or Anything else I can try to fix it?

James Dean

When you bought the Nano X how much were duty and shipping fees? How do you go about paying those?


why does the name change and it say's "CryptoDad" after I click send?
And now my BTC is gone? haha, thanks for walk thru.

Phillip Allred

In trying again using Nano X, I was able to move to the second stage of the receiving process and a warning pops up saying "something went wrong". Checking my Nano X it reads, "contact data in transactions NOT allowed. ? I have no idea what this means.

Chuck white

Makes it easy, thanks

Courtney Harrison

This was really helpful, thanks! Subscribed...

Ledger crypto

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Ledger Swap: Exchange Crypto within Ledger Live Manager

13 905 views | 17 Oct. 2020

In this video, I take you

In this video, I take you through Ledger Live’s latest release and how you can now safely swap your tokens with Ledger Swap.

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♦ Ledger Nano S: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/9b67

♦ Trezor Wallet: https://shop.trezor.io/product/trezor-model-t?offer_id=15&aff_id=3571


♦ Website: https://www.EveryBitHelps.co.uk

♦ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EveryBitHelps1

♦ Twitter: https://twitter.com/EveryBitHelps_

#Ledger #LedgerLive #LedgerNano


Some of the above links may be affiliate links, so if you click & purchase something, I could receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend companies and products I personally use, & any commissions help to pay for content creation. Thank you in advance

This is not financial advice and these are simply my own opinions, as such, this should not be treated as explicit financial, trading or otherwise investment advice. I always recommend you do your own research before making any type of investment.

Blake First Tee

QUESTION if anyone can help! I lost my private keys but have been able to access my wallet using ledger manager and my pin on my device. Now ledger manager is no longer running and it's asking for my private keys to use ledger live. Does anyone know a way I can access my wallet? Like I said I still have the wallet and pin and have not been locked out. Thanks in advance!

Stepky Copky

Your videos are very informative....BUT, your voice is horrendous, and TOO much like a computer....I know they will eventually control us etc, but PLEASE, speak like a human....

Paul Kittson

Great video but you left out the most important thing... What are the rates / fees?


Love your content......do you think live will automatically support the spark token drop without all the tool box steps...

Timothy Nechville

I asked on your other video L. E. If your single, or partnered up? Just hope you notice one of them.

Crypto Kurt

it doesnt show on my apps any advice??


Too bad it's not available in US.

Charlie W

I can't do this in the US


Is there any fee (hidden fee) for swapping?

pete james

I have a nano s ... But it has very little Space for apps? I have btc, eth, and xrp so just 3 and I'm struggling to add another due to space on the ledger..... How many can you fit on the x


Will this be available to the US at some point?

john muir

what's the go here I can even find dogecoin on the swap exchange


between 3:53 and 5:27 we can see that you had the BTC, ETH and Exchange apps installed. But you had to uninstall an app to add the Dogecoin app. What did you uninstall? and please explain to us how the wallets still exist on the Ledger, even if we uninstall the apps?!?! So, we have to keep installing and uninstalling apps every time we want to interact with that particular crypto-asset? That is horrible !!! The ledger should not have made and not be selling a device that can only contain a few coins at a time like that.


All of my assets are greyed out even though installed?

Geoffrey Tomkins

Hi there, I don't use a computer, just my android... Maybe there is a way to swap from one crypto to another, but I can't work it out on my android?

Any advice, anyone? :)

John Doomernik

Changelly offers an intuitive interface, secure transactions, and favorable exchange rates. The service doesn’t charge any hidden or unreasonable fees. There is only a fixed charge of (((((( 0.25% FEE ))))))) for crypto-to-crypto swaps, and that’s it.

Nick T

The average fees are high. They are around 10% per swap.


This is great

Training Dogs

Every Bit Helps Love it !!

Every Bit Helps

► Check out Every Bit Helps for more information; https://everybithelps.co.uk/ledger-live-manager-2-0-update

ohh Vaslos

What countries is this available in? And can I use a vpn to make this work if I’m in the US, if not when will this be out for the US

loti nussdorfer

3:40 my ledger snhows none exchange to install. What now?

behnam charkhchino

what about the fees????

Blades Dark

Why can't we use in US, can We use vpn


Pardon the dumb question, but can a user transact with Changelly directly from the ledger, but not through the ledger live app (if the country doesn’t support it)? For example can I go to Changelly and set up my transaction, and then from the ledger send directly to Changelly?


Very useful feature to add, love the no hassle app and direct transfer to the device.

jo pad

Thanks Louise Elizabeth for the tutorial. I didn't notice that there is such an option now. Cheers !!!


what are the fees?