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TWINS! Tamiya Neo Top Force RC Buggy | Why Would I Want A Second One?

2 191 views | 7 Feb. 2020

In this video, Yet again I

In this video, Yet again I unbox a car that I have no real need for or do I?

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You turned that into a Teardown Video just cus the ESC and BAD ass Orion motor

Odd-Arne Bjørklund

Nice... Hmm, I have to have a look at mine and see if I miss any parts that maybe your donor car has.

Rich Bowles

Not that it probably matters to you as you are selling it on but now that you have a battery stay you could probably have someone 3d print another one pretty easily for the second car.

Neil Wyatt

Something about the top force body shell that I dislike, I think it's that big scoop at the back near the wing.

Owen Buttle

Brilliant.. things we do for those hard to get parts! ??

RC Action Australia

The LRP Runners are a nice old esc. Pretty rare to find them with the Cooling fins still attached. Value wise not a lot but still good for setting up a period correct RC.

Christophe Duchesne

Where do you get replacement tyres for an Avante 2001?

Duncan McGregor

Enjoy the SMR (once I’ve dropped it off ?)

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I’m looking for a basher. I haven’t had an RC since the original Thundershot in about 89. Any recommendations? I was looking at some vintage rere Tamiya cars, mid range. I was leaning towards the Manta Ray before they totally disappear from RC Mart or something similar? I’d love an Egress but I couldn’t bash it. It’s too pretty ?

Mad-Bee RC & BB

Can l ask how much did you pay for that one Gavin??

Tom Kirby-Green

Nice video sir. Sometimes you buy the car, and sometimes the car buys you. I think the latter applies here :-)


I mean this with all sincerity.... It must be nice to be able to afford such a collection - and to buy Cars for a single part! ? I do understand why.
I haven't been able to afford any new RC since 2014. ? There's many ideas love to have. Sometimes I question why I'm even in this Hobby.....

But I've loved it since 1984, and now Disabled and in poor health, taking one of my two RCs for a walk, actually forces me to exercise.
And frankly working on them (taking apart and putting back together for no reason), actually helps my very Sanity from being trapped in the Apartment.

I do find your Videos entertaining! ? I marvel at some of the Vehicles I used to have. Thank you for that.
Carmine ✈??

Jon Palmstrøm

Hi. Nice vido. I am in need for new tires for this car. Do you have any tips about where I can get it. Thanks :)


Nice Motor & ESC, I’d give the 19t motor a clean, it’ll run even better also check the motor brushes. Good score!

Eric Albrecht

How much do you want for it? I haven't been able to find one.


Nice collection ???

stephen preece

Gav i don't have half as many RC but struggle to keep up with mods and maintenance

Chris Robinson

Sell it on?? yeh right, good luck with that Gav hahaha!

Roadside RC

All for one part!! I get it!
Glad you made progress on yours.

Schutt Rostig

The normal Hummer was 1995, not 1985. I think you got the year wrong there... well year is ok, but decade is wrong.

Mad-Bee RC & BB

Gavin l bet you are still going to keep it? I would put money on you keeping it! Iol it's an interesting buggy and like you said very rare, even only a handful on the Tamiyaclub! so could be worth Tidying it up slightly and putting it in storage for when the prices hit the roof??
Great stuff again mate cheers??


I got a question and I'm reaching out to you and Tamiya Legends.
When you purchase MCI reproduction stickers do you change anything in the change select category or do
you just leave everything as is.
Among a small collection of Tamiya RC cars that I've been collecting a few of these back in the day had sponsor logos and I would like to have those original logos on these re-releases.
Thank you very much you're doing a good job keep it going.

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TOP RANKED 7TH GRADER DeMarco Johnson is a SAVAGE!! | NEO Youth Elite Highlights

21 844 views | 3 Mar. 2020

2025 prospect DeMarco

2025 prospect DeMarco Johnson came all the way from California to show out at this year's NEO Winter Showcase in Cleveland, OH.

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Website: http://www.hoopdiamonds.co

HoopDiamonds is a grassroots & high school basketball content creation platform based out of South Florida, dedicated to bringing you the best and highest quality basketball video content on the internet.

AAU Highlights

Y'all need to check Takeo mccrae out on our channel he real nice

Jb Loading

O yeah he cold

Sosa TooCozy

I’m seeing bits of Keyonte George here, with some added height and a few pounds of muscle he’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

Mar'Raeya Peeples

Hes doing big tingz

Brandon,fl Basketball plays ms

Takeo mccrae is a bucket

Jeffrey Hullum Jr

how tall is he


Wassup im first

jc anderson

he needs to hit the weight room his arms were like /

leo is trash


Artaxerxes Ethereal

This dior lil bro???????

Joshua Rhodes


Jack lye

Oh yeah Marco


He is good, but that nigga skinny

Chrystian Foreman

The whole family is crazy good at hooping he has older cousins who are all D1 just imagine the family reunion pick up games ??

Bucket Prod.

I see himmmmm



Void Garbage ツ

Keyonte George Jr.


Future LeBron

Kevin Thomas

His dad was drafted by the Knicks and a beast at UNC Charlotte

fatboi_ chunky

Better then lebron other son

leo is trash

amazing god of basketball

Toaster Bath34

He is soooo baaaad bruh I would lock him up no cap


anyone got his height?


I’m the type of person who would trash talk like that

heno 1

i think i seen him in dalllas a month ago an he didnt look all that impressing and was mot able to get to the basket


Kid needs to hit the weight room looks like his arms or legs could snap like a twig


My Nephew ? glad his game is well rounded

Astral RL

Yooo ❤ Hi!

Leah Davie

Wait he hoopin with a chain on??

La Von Hathcock

Number 219 cold af

Tre K

This boy way too skinny to be talking shit like that one day he gon get rocked for all that shit he talk?

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Top 10 Neo-Noir Films

639 365 views | 6 May. 2014

Crime never takes a day

Crime never takes a day off. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the top 10 neo-noir films. Special thanks to our users Zedfinite, jkellis, Philip Folta, nicholas.posito, Andrew A. Dennison, Dudeness95, hhtimmy, Jaime Enrique Gutierrez Pérez for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.com/suggest!

Check out the voting page here,


If you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest :)

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Help us caption & translate this video!


Insidious Vidz

What’s neo-noir? Watch a 90s early 00s Kevin Spacey film.

Kam Williams

Im surprised The Black Dhalia didn't at least make an honorable mention

Phil Palm

Another great noir is Trouble in Mind from 1984; Kris Kristofferson, Keith Carradine, and Lori Singer. Directed by Alan Rudolph.

Carl Upthegrove

#1 Chinatown... you nailed it. However #2 should have been L.A. Confidential....

Cypher スネーク

As if " drive " never existed. And seven should be at least in top 3.


Taxi Driver (1976)?

I laugh at remoaners

You missed Basic Instinct.
Blade Runner is not neo-noir, it's future-noir.
Chinatown is good old film-noir in color.

Joshua Brinton Autry

I'm glad you at least put Kiss Kiss Bang Bang somewhere in this video, but personally I'd rank it much higher.

Also, this list has some glaring exceptions IMO:

* In Bruges
* Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels
* Snatch
* The Big Lebowski

This subgenre is definitely my favourite by far.

Ali Jafri

Are there any spoilers in this video?

E. P. Simmons

‘The Long Goodbye” is my favorite Chandler novel. Whoever put Robert Altman’s massacre of it on this list has obviously never read it. In addition to cheapening it into a poorly filmed B movie, Altman committed the unforgivable sin of whodunnits. He changed the identity the murderer in the novel! I actually yelled at my TV screen. Elliot Gould should have known better since he did an excellent audio of the novel. I like much of Robert Altman’s work, but I despise this piece of garbage.


Sin City is a piece of art.

Expat Marc

You left out The Last Seduction, Body Heat, and Bound.

Just think

Sin city 2 a dame to kill for, The 300. Taxi Driver. China Moon.


I missed Watchman and Dredd


I miss Who Framed Roger Rabit. Not only an homage to film noir, but also to the toons of yesteryear. I find this movie to be ridiciously underrated.

Giorgos Georgopoulos

no dark knight?? come ooon....

Charlie McPherson

The Departed?

Bryan Stanis

Wow... B&W to color. Just no. That is not the difference between Noir and Neo-noir. It is because the two film periods were at different times. Also light and shadow is the defining characteristic. Not surprised since half of the movies on here are not part of either genre. Hell, Dead Again would have replaced half this list on its own. Any history of film class would have done better.


Underdeveloped female roles? Bitch is Neo-feminist

Inspirational Aries

Angel Heart, Heaven's Prisoners, Manhunter

Matt Downer

Out Of all neo-noir outings, se7en is the best one, with The Usual Suspects in a close second. And L.A. Confidential in a scant third.


I never heard of Brick. Sounds like a good pick.


Zodiac? Mystic River?

NGT Productions

Chinatown better be number one

Daniel X

What’s noir?

Baven Kumar

faster (2010)?


All 3 John Wick films can join


Where is Memento,Pulp Fiction,Vertigo,Angel Heart,Taxi Driver,Fargo,Crying Game,8MM,Dirty Harry and Scarface?

Ruban Antony


Jacob Holland

sin city really isnt that great. and im tired of pretending it is just because it had a hint of tarantino


Sin city is in black and white

David Wormell

Is is just me who found the ending of se7en a huge anti-climax, that almost ruined an otherwise quite good film noir?


No Memento? Or Blue Velvet? Or Red Rock West?


every among us gc:
“i saw you! you took her body i saw you!!”
“what about before?”
“before i got there did u see who killed her?”
“YOU killed her!!”

Griffin Sutek

Okay but Who Framed Roger Rabbit is also a Neo-Noir film is it not?

John Hammel

Blue Velvet before Mulholland Drive

Gilberto Ignacio Aguirre Vargas

Children Of Men And No Country for Old Men are both film noirs in their respective merits despute being a sci fi dystopia and a border western respectively

J Patrick

Memento? Angel Heart?

Daquan Brooks

LA Confidential should be first it’s one of the best films ever made.

DK Giante

Seen this video idk how many times and JUST realized #7 is SeVen ?

Josh Jauregui

you guys should do neo-westerns

Jacob Hutton

I thought Blue Velvet would’ve been on this list? At least an honorable mention?! It’s more Noir than Mulholland Drive in my opinion?!

Светломир Видулов

Training day
Carliots way
Lucky number Sleven
Survive The Night
Basic instinct
The Game


Dark City was fantastic

Sergio Ramón Rodríguez Cajiga

And Blue Velvet?

Duncan Bleak

Body Heat is an honorable mention??

Enough said about this list.

John W

Mulholland Falls is also great

Brajesh Singh

I think Red Rock West should be on the list. Its classical type but had a great script. The movie was not made as well though but still its very good. I also liked Shallow Grave which is very under rated.


Why isn't The Matrix on the list?

shane sawyer

Nine great films and Mulholland Drive. That movie is terrible & should not be on this list.


Brooding, mumbling dialogue!

Spurs International

you couldnt do this without every spoiler to every film?

ygg drasil

Blade Runner (1982) one of the greatest films ever made; Blade Runner (1991) one of the worst films ever made.

abominable yeti 56

wait why isn't departed on this list

Prosaic Writer

Can't believe Drive isn't on the list.

Megaprimatus Kong

What a treasure trove of "hardboiled" psychological masterpieces here in comments .

YouTube comments is the gold they want , the initial post is a "tool" used to provoke the debates that do all their research for free.


Usual Suspects is the greatest neo noir hands down .

Jeffrey Stillwell

'Masters of Neo-Noir' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsKJHzQV-kM&t=798s (including analysis of Chinatown, The Long Goodbye, Taxi Driver, Blade Runner, Blue Velvet, The Usual Suspects, L.A. Confidential, Brick, Drive, Motherless Brooklyn)


Folks they're trolling us for more engagement in the comments.

Bruhhh ._.

Yep. It had to be Chinatown.


Body Heat should be no 2 on this list

Stephy The Bride

1:23 So a child wants death?What kind of parents does he or everyone in Dark City have that teach them that kind of thing?

anthony bosnyak

WatchMojo how the hell y'all get away with 4:35

Parents Bloom

Hahae so good


Why is OLDBOY 2003 not in the list?!

Jaja Jaja

No country for old men for me.

Gregory Fort

Where's 2013 Gangster Squad?


Under The Silver Lake should enter this top 10.

Art Turner

Mostly good picks, but I probably would have included TAXI DRIVER, PULP FICTION, BLUE VELVET, and possibly another Tarantino (RESERVOIR DOGS, TRUE ROMANCE (yes, I know Tony Scott directed it), and JACKIE BROWN all qualify, I think).

kartik shrivastava

Chinatown was a noir?


11:05 want to know that movie’s name


Bad list,
Don't watch

Sleuth Entertainment

Kill me Again, Body Heat, A Night in Nude, Bounds, Blood Simple, Tightrope, 48 Hours, Chaos, Blue Velvet, The Untouchables.....you missed a lot

Eamonn Costello

No Get Shorty? No To Live and Die in LA??

E. P. Simmons

I agree for the most part, but Body Heat deserved far more than an honorable mention. And what about Sin City 2?

Elizabeth Chwakanowski

What about Klute?

geboinzki .Iman28

John wick is neo noir

Marie ann

Rip the good old noir

Michael James

The Man Who Wasn't There.

Guido Sanchez

Where's "Angel Heart"? "Kill Me Again"? "Miller's Crossing"? "Red Rock West"?

Beth Cheesebrough

Hey Mojo, please recheck your facts. In "Se7en", Brad Pitt didn't open the box, Morgan Freeman did.

Theory is


Cassiano Fuga Cunha

To Live and Die in LA, do Willian Friedkin, has a place in this list too.


I just watched Chinatown.... Good movie, but NOT NOIR, AT ALL. Staying with Polanski movies, I'd say that "The Ninth Gate", even though it's an esoteric movie, it would have been a more accurate choice. And what about "Equinox" (1992)? I think It's a really great noir movie, at least worth mentioning. Oh... and "Taxi Driver" (1976)? How is that not on the list?

Insidious Vidz

No Menmento? *Shame* ? *Shame* ?

Kkse 9504

"In the Mood for Love" should definitely be on this list.


Just have to mention Miller's Crossing and Blue Velvet.

Omar Gomez

7. Dark City (1998)
6. Blade Runner (1982)
5. Harry Canyon from Heavy Metal (1981)
4. Chinatown (1974)
3. A Walk Among the Tombstone (2016)
2. Sin City (2005)
1. L.A Confidential (1997)

Karlos Maximus

John Wick? why us it not included, just asking...

Insidious Vidz


Masson Man

great selection. I have ordered four of them. LOL

Nick Shead

I think you all should have added Basic Instinct

The Dancing Vegan Atheist

I would say SIN CITY should be #1, and please get rid of SE7EN, which was horrible and had an ending that made the rest of the movie (already horrible) seem even more of a waste of time, and please also get rid of one of the most over-rated films in cinematic history, THE USUAL SUSPECTS. Please. I beg of you.

Nguyên Nguyễn Bảo

Kevin Spacey is the king of Neo-noirs. And sexual harassment

Tom K

Kevin Spacey liked neo noir didn't he...


Dark City, Taxi Driver, Chinatown, Blade Runner, Sleepy Hollow, Dead Again, Heat, Carlito's Way, Sin City, Darkman, Sucker Punch, Basic Instinct, Se7en, The Usual Suspects, LA Confidential, and The Negotiator... are all examples of Neo-Noir to me...

Ayman Animatix

The Man Who Wasn't There !!!!!
The Devil's Advocate

Steve Stringham

The Talented Mr. Ripley?

Adagio Breeze

Basic Instinct and Angel Heart


Where are Taxi Driver and Body Heat and Angel Heart?