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How To Handle Fear So It's a Non-Issue // Amy Young // #fridayfreestyle

21 817 views | 4 Sep. 2015


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Claire Smith

Amy Young. I love you. You are so wonderful. You are like a sassy badass female Jesus. Bless you. I can't. I love you. I love you. I love you. <333333333333333333333

Katie Murphy

This has helped me so much! I'm terrified of going out tonight because I don't have a good enough outfit or shoes and I'm scared I'll be judged but I'm going to take this approach and who knows, I might have a good time! Thanks!x


You are SO damn eloquent and insightful Amy. How do you do this in one take?! Thank you so much, so insightful and inspiring. Love you xx


I LOVE this video! I really needed this. Thank you so much! :)


Awwwwh thank you Amy x ^^

use use use

Not really

Charlotte Louise

AMY! love you lots, you're ace.
is it possible to get out of the friend zone...? I've been crushing hardcore on one of my best friends and he's friend zoned me and i do not like it one bit. Is it bad to be in here? maybe it's a sign but i still think he's the sun, the moon and the stars and it hurts


This is so relevant. I recently made a huge step in my path to greatness and walked right through fear. It took me a few years to summon the courage but as the saying goes, in the end we only regret the chances we DIDN'T take. I am now doing what I love and could NOT be happier.


Also fear is stemmed from our belief systems, what we think might happen that we might not prefer. But in the end the desire to do it will win over..it's I guess in the end what we choose and how we define ourselves.

Jimmy Verrocchio

Hi Amy !!!!!!
" We have nothing to fear, but fear itself "........F.D.R.
" Love and connect " oh, that could be taken the wrong way. L.O.L.
Actually Amy, this is one of your best videos, good advice.
First time I've heard you mention stand up comedy, I think you'd be good at it. :) I was just thinking the other day, ( yes I occasionally think ), after watching you, that your vlog would be a good cornerstone for a sitcom.
Amy try and eliminate the F word from your vocabulary. Unnecessary swearing only detracts from what you're saying and gives an impression of you, of not being educated. Also, it's a turn off for most avocados and you don't want to end up with a banana, do you ?

P. Morrison

I just discovered u n i'm a new subbie. ♥️

john koziol diesel n coffee

I do not fear asking a girl out. cuz logically what's the point of doing something when you're going to get and no answer anyways. The fear comes in if the person is crazy enough to accept my offer. Because the girls just have to be crazy. the fear would be in the bedroom and that would be around the situation I love my self lessness. Yeah I may enjoy myself but I fear whether or not she's going to enjoy herself.


This video is what I needed.
Off topic, but you remind me of Brie Bella!


Thank you for this !

JJ Walking

Fear is a primal instinct!

Lydiette Heredia

thank you soo much


If at first you don't succeed, teach a man to fish, so he can serve up a cold dish of revenge!

Arthur Joseph

I never know where It's coming from. Thanks Amy great show. Peace


Holy crap! Over 40,000 subscribers you have now. This makes me happy to know that so many people are hearing to the valuable things you have to say! You have come a long way, Amy. Congratulations :)

Bonnie Gardiner

Amy, this is incredible & totally made so much sense! I really needed to hear this so thank you x


That makeup though , you look better without it


I really needed to hear this. This just might be my favorite video of yours.

Tia Lewis

beautiful message Amy. Thank you for your wisdom.:)

Ashleigh Roach

You look stunning !!

minerva goswami

Amy, I gotta tell you this, you’re my daily doze of self esteem!

Angela Jay

Well said ??

Jessica Yu

I have to say you are by far my favorite life coach. I enjoy every moment of your videos.

Anne Lacerte

I totally agree with you! I get so afraid to do things sometimes and I feel like it holds me back from doing so many things that could turn out to be great opportunities or great self-growth experiences. It's true, sometimes we have to really reflect on our fear and think "fuck it" and stop letting that inner voice take control <3 thanks for this video, keep being awesome :)

Jenny Lajos

Thank you so much, you're very wise and have added much value to my life.


LOL'd very hard at the "WTF"

Mariana Cervantes

How would you change the roadblock into a speeding bump?

Hayley Mazeika

Amy this video is amazing and came at a perfect time in my life. Thank you! :)

Boy Fresh

Amy Young is so attractive.........oooooooooo she fine.

Focus Focus

Amy for YEARS I have watched videos about fear but your video was different. My heart was listening to you.


Amy Young, have my babies.


Your makeup and hair are so on point in every videos Amy! ??

Jessica Schoen

I love your videos!! Your message is amazing. You're great at explaining things!


No fear.

Renaissance Woman

New youtuber... any advice??


You are such an awesome coach! Your videos are so fucking helpful! Keep doing what you do. It really means a lot to many people i guess... Well at least to me. Oh and i think you are such a cool chick...can we be friends? ;)




This is the exact pep-talk that I needed today. Thank you, Amy!

JJ Walking

You just can't let fear paralyze you! Every man shows and has fear before going into any battle.

use use use

I love Amy

Rees Ray

Wow, this was so incredibly helpful. I have been struggling a lot with fear and I have never stepped back and looked at it in this perspective. Thank you so much


Hi sweetheart wow smoking hot in the denim today...I put fuel in the General Lee & drove it over here to take you out for coffee...But I will be honest I need you to do a video on having an evacuation plan established for next time I'm trapped in my room & my sister is drunk on red wine playing really bizzare music & wanting me to do aerobics... I'm pretending to snore so she thinks I'm asleep while writing you this request...Please hurry babe this is life or death & I may never get another chance to contact you...lol hahaha...haha...ha take care hot stuff mmmmmwha!!!

Myah Fellows

Today is Beyonce's Birthday!!

Jimmy Verrocchio

Just watched this one again. I needed my Amy Young fridayfreestyle fix.

Michelle Wilkinson

I just got a new job in a different city and this is honestly exactly what I needed to hear right now! You are so beautiful and helpful, I really enjoy your videos!


Thank you! I needed to hear this!


It's Friday and you're looking good!?


Thank you for this! I needed to hear this. My social fear have been really bad lately, so I've been avoiding going places(that I want to go to)were I would run in to a lot of people. I'm going to face my fear now!!! ?


Damn, You need to be my career coach.


Thank you soooo much for this! Brilliant and wise advice!

Patricia Flow

I feel like I just found my soulmate. What you say in your videos it's exactly what I have been learning in life through my experience and other's experiences. Thank you buttercup for your work. I hope we can connect some day!



Hanna B

Lots of love for you !

Shirley Marie

I just recently found your videos. I really like your down to earth way of talking. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

David Cohen

you suck

Jamie Brouwer

Ive been facing my fears alot lately. and its really true that your life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. ive made new friends and built new relationships by facing my fear of rejection and judgement


Much love for this. Without overcoming our fears we cannot grow and blossom into the awesomeness we have the potential to become.

I have wanna pick your brain though, Amy.

You mentioned on instagram that by living your life as loudly and proudly as you can, connection will find you. What do you think of the behaviour where you find yourself constantly LOOKING for connection? It doesn't necessarily mean you're not living your life like a diva, it can just seem to take up too much brain space sometimes.. Do you think stopping the constant search altogether is best? Let destiny do its magic? Confused over here!!

Katherine C


Amy Parker

I really needed someone to say this to me. Thank you Amy! I hope you've had a nice day! X


Awesome video ??⭐️

Kayleigh Cousins

I just want to say because of this video I ended up asking someone out. It took me an hour to hit send but I just kept telling myself "the worst he can say is no". I actually ended up getting a really nice response.


Pretty good advice. Better then my shrink I use to go to. But I hit a roadblock, many years ago, not been able to smile anymore because of facial paralysis. It's hard to see all these lovely women, and not been able to answer and react on their smiles.
I feel it gave my life a gray cover. And it steered me in a direction I didn't want it to go.
Well at least your video's Amy gave me a big smile in my mind. I get a possitive vibe from you. That's enough for me, well for now at least :-) Thanks for your time and energy making this blogs. You rock Amy !

david Le

You look so beautiful ?

Helen Vu

Thanks Amy! Your videos are my motivation to better myself everyday.


thanks, Amy. Seriously.

Anjuli Mack

Hey Amy (: I only found your channel today via your tinder horror story video and I absolutely love your vibe!!! You are inspiring so many people I imagine. I have a fitness Instagram and I love when people say I inspire them etc but my gosh girl, you are next level!!! Amazing (: love your work


i don't think there's anyway to eradicate fear. it's like wanting to eradicate air. fear is society activated most of the time but it's designed to keep you safe. fear is the biting cold at 2am at Christmas when you're completely alone. and you are terrified of the fact your career may not be as successful as you need it to be for your own stability. and you are terrified of the fact that you may never meet the right person with whom you are compatible at the correct context in your life. fear is important. it spurs you on.

Corina M

Great message, and by far my favorite background. I lived in a house in Chicago that had similar enclosed porch, and I had a chair like this from Pier 1. So cool!

Non issue

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Non issue

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Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT): Making Non-Response a Non-Issue with MultiPoint Pacing

17 194 views | 27 Oct. 2016

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Really appreciate this! Thank you!


Thanks a lot, such a good presentation!! It’s a pity to have silverware noise

rohan singh

Sir I have few questions Nd I really very depressed...answer me please............ first question..Is 1)after crt for how much day patient can survive....is it similiar to natural or implementation of crt is a sign that now patient will not live for long?please answer me

Biggus Romanus

Get the Worley tools !

rohan singh

Sir is it trustable and how much time it take to discharge.....tell me about it.....I m very much afraid .my father is going to have it....crt-p