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Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (The Forbidden Fruit) Bible Stories - See U in History

122 994 views | 18 Mar. 2019

Bible Stories: Adam and

Bible Stories: Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (The Forbidden Fruit)

#Bible #BibleStories #Mythology #SeeUinHistory #History #MythologyExplained

Cherry Gaijin

I just want to point out the fact that if they didn't have the knowledge of good and evil , they wouldn't even know that disobeying God was wrong, so either God didn't think about that or he didn't care.

Alpha Wolf

In the Bible God created Adam and Eve from dust

Letthere belight

The Garden of Eden still exists today. It is in the 3rd heaven today.
The serpent was a flying reptile. It had wings. The serpent sinned by letting Satan enter it.
The serpent did NOT lie to Yahweh. Eve added to Yahweh's WORD. Yahshua did not say they could not touch the fruit.
Adam and Eve were NOT immortal before they sinned. If they had eaten from the tree of life, they would have lived for a thousand years.

Ain't no Slice

Damn, the old testament was real sexist garbage wasn't it?

Neal Sterling

So does that mean God didn't want (hu)mans to be knowledgeable and be able to differ between good and evil in the first place? How is (hu)man be supposed to appreciate the beautiful world god created in the first place?

And why was that tree with the forbidden Fruit (or that Snake) in the garden anyways?
If god knew (well he is supposed to be all knowing), that the Humans will eat that fruit sooner or later, it seems that he was just waiting for some excuse to expell the humans from Eden.

So why do that routine with punishing humans in the first place, if this was his plan anyways?
This whole episode seems pretty cruel, or at least completely nonsensical to me.

MiraculousEverafter's Forever

(3:12-3:15) Adam you little snitch! No one MADE you take the fruit! You didn't have to take it.

Jude Marcos

Cain and abel next please and the four horsemen of the apocalypse


He gives them fur clothes but that means they're made of animals. So he killed animals in the garden of Eden to give them clothes.

Osvaldo Diaz

I love these bible stories

Amazing soap farm yard collection

how Adam became famous in the blockbusting film industry and ship became extraordinarily rich met a lovely guy and lived happily ever after


Yeah I'll see all the stores of about God how much I can whatever like this story ❤️❤️❤️?

Andries Scheper

So Adam named Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Yhwh yhwh

wahmen destroying men since the beginning of humanity lol

Jay Clawwit

It's fun that this channel features not only Greek and Norse Mythology but also Bible Stories...

Francisisco18 Cassian

Its Eve fault because she didn't listen to God she ate the fruit that was not suppose to eat , But the devil who tooked the body like a Snake said to eve you will not die but you will be like God if you eat the fruit and youre eyes open and you will know the good and evil.


There should be a movie made of this beginning but in a more realistic cgi storytelling

wwtjoy gbths

March 19 2019
I wonder what these two will think when they behold the majority of mankind marshalled into hell because of their disobedience. I wonder if they will be in heaven or hell for sinning.

Alvaro Minor

Your videos are always good :)

tharnasarn ichthys

nice :-):-):-)

Akash Parua

Had it been Bear Grylls , he would have eaten the serpent

SR Striker

Now do Surtur, St George and the Dragon

Shashank D Sharma


Abigail Thaddeus

If you are to count how many times I have heard this

Ric Domalaon

Because of them all people suffer from this world ? Omg

Kevin Richards

If Adam & Eve would've ate the snake instead of the bad fruit we'd all be perfect.

Hawaiian Punch

Oooooh. that's SCP-001 at the end of the story. The Guardian.

Coco Puff

wtf this video was made yesterday???
I thought this video was old.
strange the day i want to know about the story of adam and eve is the day I figure that mythology stories accounts are active. Good Tuesday I am having today

big popalapa.

This is a joke. How did that white man get to Africa! There is a picture of a lion . If this was 6,000 years ago wear did black people come from , when in the beginning there was no white man. Let's face it there are fossil proof that there was no Adam and eve. The forbidden fruit was not a fruit . It was the forbidden knowledge.

Trentisa Brown

They were black and they were in Africa

Arin Pieterse

Why would Adam feel a "void" if he was in the presence of God himself? (I mean No sarcasm , I'm seriously curious.)

•Kit Kat•

When I see Eve IT'S ON SIGHT

Yautja Prime

I am all for myths and legends but idiots actually believe this fiction. Please put a disclaimer that this is not fact. As some will try to use it to push their religious dogma.

Shashank D Sharma

I understand these stories from you easily and quickly ???

Shahien Syed

If the fruit gives us knowledge then y would god forbid adam and eve to eat it? Does that mean that god never wanted to give knowledge to mankind if yes then today that we r spreading knowledge and education in the world is against the will of the god!!!????


never trust a woman

sherwin salvatori

Yea Adam got a helper alright , a helper to death row

Basic Employee Rights

Where in the WORD of ALMIGHTY GOD by precept, principle or promise are we told everyone from Adam and Eve to Noah, David, Isaiah or Yeshua (Hebrew) Jesus (Greek) are of white anglo-European ethnicity?


Im searching more info of Adam after reading Shuumatsu no Valkyrie

Issa Katto

Great job can you make a video about the war between the angels and the casting out of Lucifer please


What about lilith


Adam and eve had 2 sons...

What next?

We fly soon

The garden of eden is not a myth

Rx-7 8-1

2:38 using this as proof in an argument that a woman committed the first sin and thats why we all have to suffer be cause they all like to start problems

Josue Ocasio

At that moment she new she f** up

Victoria Papesh



Cain and abel next please and the four horsemen of the apocalypse


Do a video about Lilith please

Damn lethal

The way people be arguing like they were there is too entertaining

Commander Ares

Can you cover Judaic or Islamic stories?

otrot land

eve said you must not touch it, or you will die.  she lied before eating the fruit.

Ric Domalaon

What is the furbidden fruit ? Any best answer? Don’t tell me apple its not

Blondie Fabricante

Can you make a video about lilith

kristhoper luke mcfadden

So gays are not allowed in the Bible but incest is okay.. That's mess up. Look if Adam and eve are the first person they have a son cain and abel did cain fucks eve and Adam fucks cain and abel daughter, that's incest

Lorraine Santos

Adam and Steve

Hunain Qazi

Don't make cartoons of Adams and eve

joshua Young

wait he said clay? its dirt he made them from.

Elliott Lewis

Where are the Dinosaurs?


The tree turned Adam into an animal (into a lamb) because he died as a Man.
The second tree returns to its former appearance!

denis lantos

God did not made man from clay, it was from the dust


Why is God depriving us of knowledge in the first place? Did he want humanity created from his own image just be like the animals he created?

Honestly we should thank the serpent for giving us this knowledge or it is just helping the human race ?

Jobein Weeks

Quick question for everyone here what color was Adam black or white?

He was made from clay and the dirt of earth which was which color? Black or white

Jin Kim

Even after Adam and Eve had eaten the fruit, God still saw no evil in their nakedness, nor goodness in their covering up. I think this passage bears a significant meaning that many seem to miss.
Because it shows that the concept of "good and evil" was based on Adam and Eve's subjective distinction/definition/judgment of what they SAW as "good and evil", and not based on an objective standard set by God. It is clear God had no such distinction.
If it was a "sin" to disobey God, God would have known before it took place. But He, the omniscient God, still saw no evil even after the deed was done. Did He not see it? No, that can't be the case, if God is omniscient.
So my conclusion is this: To God, the world was still "good", just as it was at the time of its creation. This could be the difference between how God sees and how humans see. Humans see things in duality of good and evil, while God sees everything in unity, so there is no inherent good and evil, except the concept which is applied every time a human makes the distinction on a personal level.
So it is reasonable to assume that the resulting suffering and eventual death were not God's punishment for the "sin" of eating the forbidden fruit, but simply an EFFECT to a CAUSE, which was Adam and Eve's choice. They had created their own suffering and pain by distinguishing what is good and what is evil. It was their internal shame and guilt that made living hell out of the garden of Eden.
Therefore, their exile may be seen as a self-imposed one, a resulting consequence of having made a conscious choice, not an unwilling fall due to a mistake. God was giving a warning of what would happen, not forbidding the act like Adam and Eve had thought. He was simply saying, 'Play with fire, you could get burned.'
Adam and Eve simply did not understand that there are consequences to actions, and perceived it as a punishment for their perceived sin. They were just not mature enough to be responsible for their own choices.
Ironically though, that is how wisdom is gained. You cannot always make the right choices, and sometimes the bad ones help you to mature just as much as, if not more than, the right ones.
You think, therefore you live and learn. What doesn't kill you will beat the stuffings out of you until the cup's no longer full. Then you can fill up the ocean with spilled tea.

noobmaster 11

Where is lilith?


I hope people don’t get mad at this. Lots of people don’t believe in this, making it myth for them. I’m a Christian, but I hope other christians aren’t triggered because some people see it as myth

Lalawmpuia Tinthe

What I can't understand, no matter how much I tried to make sense of it is why God forbid Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge. Does God try to suppress knowledge/ good vs evil etc, from his creation so that they remain ignorant of things? Since when did knowledge equates sin?if its a tree of betrayal or tree of corruption etc I get it, but tree of knowledge? Come on......

tciborn FN

this is not mythlogy this is real

Steven Li

The tree of knowledge of good and evil is the tree of DUALITY.

Understanding NON-DUALITY helps you to transcend the poison of the fruit.

The Pikkewyn

When you make your mom angry but notice it s her house.

SV 1

What was the point of putting that tree of knowledge there in the first place god just why, I love u and I serve you but I feel like this is your fault..

Luis Raymundo Moreno Quijas

From that i came to the conclusion that we wouldve been as we were originally made not missing something in our lives not finding purpose and endlessly searchong for it .

Keiron Royer

I love it

Angel Angels

Eve isn't the first women Lilith is


So Eve look what you started

Nature Meditation

It a lie

Santhia Calixte

Why didn't God tell Adam and Eve to be aware of a talking snake. If God can tell them not to eat from the forbidden tree...Im sure God could of warn them about the talking snake

Sasha Brooks

And another question why would tf god make a forbidden fruit if he didn’t want anyone to eat it he is god so couldn’t he have just got rid of it he “all powerful” right??

Mathieu Leader

my favourite variant of this myth is that Adam and Eve came from a different world other than earth

Emish Vortexus

Possible plot hole in this story, why would the character 'God' create a snake with the specific purpose of convincing the Eve character to eat the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, as we know God is said to have only granted 'free will' to mankind and thus the snake had to be acting as an agent of God. One might suggest it was a test to see if Eve would consume the fruit in defiance of the command of God, however there could not be any other conclusion to the test as Eve was not capable of understanding good and evil and therefore would have no reason to deny the prompt from the agent of God to eat the fruit. If however we are expected to believe that this snake was granted free will it still does not lend to reason to punish someone that literally couldn't know any better, such criticism of a character's behavior would normally be unwarranted were we talking about a fallible character however we are given to believe that the God character is an infallible one. Thus I must conclude that this is either bad writing or all that happened is exactly as God intended from the beginning.

Gezza The Masked Reviewer

One thing I don’t understand, why did God plant the tree in the first place if it was forbidden to eat from it?

Gosbel Shu

this explains a lot

Shaneela Samiha Khan

The 'Garden of Eden' is more beautiful than it is shown in the pictures in this video or any other videos!

Marcie Willis

Thank you

Malia Bahadar

Eve wasn’t the first woman to be created it was Lilith first tha eve

Luis Raymundo Moreno Quijas

Oooh pictures from jw

Luiz Bangayan

Man Adam is best dad as he would do anything to protect his children

Larry Darnell Rembert III

Very good.

Sangeeta Mallick

perfectly and beautifully described

Sister stupid !


AJ Hubbell

I have heard some with the perspective that God was Warning Adam and Eve of the challenges that would await them in the mortal world. That God was preparing them, not punishing them.
Thank you.

Arpit Cold

Adam is jaggi Vasudev who ate the apple

Jim Kernicky

Wasn't there another woman before Eve? Lilith maybe?


Plzz this story in hindi ply plzzzz

Cymon Templer

Great video! ??! Please do a video about Lilith, Adam’s first wife, thank you ?.

X Saint

People seriously believe these sexiest tales?

pryme studio

God asked them not to eat from the trees in the middle of the garden which were the trees of knowledge and life....

It wasn't just the tree of knowledge that he forbid them from eating, he also forbid them from tree of life.

He chased them out so they won't eat of the tree of life too, and. Thus become immortal.


3:11 so the Serpant had to crawl does it mean it had legs in the beginning? I was in a museum and they said that snakes used to have legs, they still have tiny tiny bones for that but I couldn't see it with my bear eyes from the skeleton of a snake. Yes snake have skeketon, it's not a warm

wwtjoy gbths

I want them to be cast into hell.

Alfred Hahn

Why is God merciless and unforgiving in this story


Not the women fault.

Eucharis Mongisidi

when GOD created heaven and earth there is no original sins from human..... But after Adam and Eve eating the tree of knowledge then there is original sins

Whats adam and eve

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Bioshock The Story of ADAM and EVE | What Is ADAM & EVE, ADAM Production, Splicing & MORE!

15 914 views | 19 Mar. 2020

Welcome back my Rapture

Welcome back my Rapture Family to another brand new Bioshock video. In today's video, we'll be taking a look at The Story of ADAM and EVE. We'll go over What ADAM and EVE Is, ADAM Production, and so much more!

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#BioshockLore #BioshockADAM #BioshockEVE

Draker The Heart Breaker

Why do the citizens of rapture need powers(plasmids) for....... maybe they need it so they can be super heroes


The way I didn't even realize the correlation with adam and eve...

Steam 69

Mmmm magical slug juice

Mr. cringe 2.0

Do the story of gil Alexander

ninja 0756

TBH thanks for dis vid I really wanted more lore on dis

Tomasz Macko

You should add pictures of things your talking about at given moment. It wulould have been much more interresting

SK Drake

hello comrade
i have a question
soo ive been playing bioshock 2 recently and i cant switch weapons like you do in your background gameplays
would you kindly help me out with this problem?
i would kindly apreciate it is ya help me out ;)


I thought ADAM was red? It looks red in the Sisters' needle canisters.

MK 3000

Lmao when i saw the title, the adult toys were the first thing that came to my mind.
Idk why.

Mar-Kale Espartano

We need to keep the Franchise going

Anais Valdovinos

I love your videos <3 they help me understand more of whats going on in bioshock


I always assumed Eve was refined/processed Adam that you would consume regularly in order to prevent withdrawal symptoms, once you've started splicing. The assumption is that ADAM cannot be consumed in its raw form and once you do consume a plasmid (i.e. Electrobolt) there would be no need to consume it again, so instead you just take Eve. Of course, there's no solid confirmation of this in the games, but it makes sense

Nicholas Kelting

Yo I know I can't post links to support sites because that's kinda rude but I wanted to notify you idk if you knew but there's a site called ghost story game dot come you need to check out has tons of bioshock stuff I just found it and am excited once I start work again I'm definitely saving up for the stuff and once this pandemic goes away because more then likely shipping Will be delayed

Phantom Eye

5:12 Your right, where do Adam come from. They come from outside ocean. Those Adam are so powerful. When your run out of Eve, buy Eve hypo from vending machine will may useful but hacking first.

Mr. cringe 2.0

Do a bioshock walk through!

Mr. cringe 2.0

Could you do the history of certain plasmids?

Anthony M.

Another fine video my friend. Great job! Keep them coming!!!

FalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer


Tristan Reiley

I think it's ironic that the substances that do all this is called Adam and Eve. Rapture is a place free of religious influence, yet here is a Genesis pun straight from Christianity

Tryhark 2009

Is there a reason for them having the name of eve and adan


Columbia's Vigors don't seem to have the same negative side effects as Plasmids. Then again, they're also not quite as powerful as Plasmids either.

Goku 2003

What if Adam stopped you from reproducing? I can see that happening to the Splicers. Like when a male splicer ejects sperm instead of it being white it’s red... weird by the way and I’m not trying to be funny. ? Or if a male Splicer got a female Splicer pregnant when she gives birth to the baby, the baby gets heavily mutated and dies due to Adam again I’m not trying to be funny. ?? Just an interesting thought I had in my mind.

an_avid panda_lover

I absolutely love this channel, and I honestly never expected I would but damn! The effort you put into your videos is great.

Fatal Waffle

COOL VIDEO! Also if there is going to be another Bioshock game when is it coming out?

Frahd Chikun

The Bioshock trilogy is coming to the Nintendo Switch! How do you feel about that?


Tenenbaum sounds younger


That was really helpful, I mean I know how ADAM works, I just don't know how it processes. Thanks BioshockHub and I loved the video can wait for the next one.

John Peacekeeper

This makes me wonder... How did Jack Ryan avoid the negative effects enough to live until his old age? He was loaded up with enough ADAM to supply a small army of Splicers, even in the Good Ending.

I presume it has something to do with having Little Sister daughters.

The Bioshock Nerd

Cool Erik
I was waiting for this one ??

TheRealAlpha - MUSIC

Hey guys check my channel out my first video!! Very interesting check description

John Weil

Video going depth of which plasmids and vigors are for practical use and for war?

Mr. cringe 2.0

Guess who's back

Adam Manneh

If i went to Rapture, I'd want to have the Houdini Plasmid to get around the city safely to evade Splicers haha!

Sidafa Kaba

How are you doing Erick


I have played this game SO many times and it just hit me the name Adam and Eve......

FalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer

The Bees plasmid is my favorite, enemies be like, OH GOD, NOT THE BEES!

Kaylee Hunter

Thanks for another video!! Was just trying to find something good to watch, now I do. Love ya❤️

Plasmid Boi

Great video, dude. Never thought I'd meet as big of an enthusiast of this series!!


It was Good video. Can’t wait for the next one.

Senior Pudú Mark II

Do the powers you use in Infinite have a similar origin to those of Rapture?

M.J. S.G.

"WOULD YOU KINDLY" WASh your hands daily,and keep safe please.................................................also go get stomped on by a BIG DADDYYYY!!!!!!!.....NICE VID MAN

yall need jezas

What i dont get is why there are little sisters and not little brothers or both? Does the gender of the child play a particular role in adam production?


Hey ya'll Bioshock series is coming to Nintendo Switch


Kind of like anabolic steroids...

Glacier Brother

You cant have one without the other

Drowzeeyy GD

I just tried speed running this game and got 1:49:27 without glitches, got any tips for a better time?

LocalHeretic 1127

Another great lore video. Thanks Eric.

Anthony Barnwell

Wouldn't it be awesome if plasmids were real?????


Yo on 1080p the big daddy looks crispy asf

Vevencio Torres (124vevtorr)

If I saw a slug I would be like "Ew! Gross!" And step on it. Lol

Blue Demon

Another great lore video and I can't wait for the next one.


The one thing that was better with vigors than plasmids were the animations when you consumed a vigor. The flames, or sparking crystals, or crumbling flesh were really cool.

The Arrayz

Don’t you love it how 2k announces a new studio/game but then goes quiet again for another 6 months or so. Then leave another tease and then wait another 6 months. It’s been going on for 4-5 years and now they announce something but then tell us we won’t be seeing anything for a couple of years. Hopefully they get bored during isolation and just start talking to fans online on how the next game could be. Maybe you could even get an interview with one of the team member at some point.

Shady Swazy Productions

Hey just wanna say im eager to see the story of Bill Mcdonagh Video

Jago Nexus

Anyone else feels like if it wasnt for the civil war, they would have worked out the kinks in the plasmids so you dont become dependent of it? If tenebaum was able to create a cure for the little sisters, im sure a cure for adam addiction would have eventually been found


Andrea ryan claims no god also Andrew ryan adam and eve


You know, for a man who's completely against the idea of kings and gods, rapture is built with a lot of religious references.

Matias Fuentes

Funny how a city built without religion revolves around it so much. Adam and Eve, and Rapture is a religious event in which god takes those who will go to heaven.

Maddgodd Ef

If someone made a drug today that gave you powers like telekinesis and electric bolts, who could honestly resist that?


Adam is basically steroids on steroids

Frederic Herz

So the Little sister only regain Adam from the dead? I thought they regain but also feed the slugs to generate more with human supply of old „splicer“ cells

Dave J

Thanks for another great and informational video. Keep up the great work. I hope we see more with the new game everyone is talking about.


Eric you the best!!!??????????????????

Better Electrically

From your videos I found out that you could get a camouflage tonic. I never used the camera really. But since I'm playing survivor mode I'm giving it a try. Thanks for the content


Favorite bioshock plasmid is bees
And favorite vigor is murder of crows because the are similar

Nial Pollitt

@TheBioshockHub I was thinking about where and when Bioshock 4 could take place. Here's my idea: a secret city built deep underground in Antarctica. which started construction in the late 1930s by the Third Reich as a fallback point in case of defeat. It housed some of the greatest minds of the era as well as around 100.000 German civilians. But in the following decades the city would expand and eventually through drilling and mining they discover pockets of a certain red liquid...Adam. Seeing the effect of this liquid the generals and scientists would begin mass manufacturing a new wonder weapon....Plasmids. That's all I've got for now:)

Humid Path210

So are vigors from bioshock infinite a better version of Adam? Or are they just a lesser version that doesn’t make you go psycho?

Cr0wK1ll Fan account

Everything I wanted to know about Adam and Eve! Can’t wait for next vid!


People who are new to BIOSHOCK might look at the thumbnail and go like:

"Who's ADAM and EVE?"

Ethan Ledesma

Hi bioshockhub I really like your videos and this one was like the rest really good,but also thanks for telling us the backstory of Rapture and Columbia. Keep doing the good work

Mar-Kale Espartano

I feel we need more biblical references , it would added more lore.

The Dragon fan

Hope your staying safe from the coronavirus, love the vids keep them coming




EVE is made from ADAM just like Eve from the Bible is created from Adam's rib. I wonder if that was intentional (it totally was)

NCR Trooper

Adam and Eve, enlightening the consumer

Henry Of Skalitz

Oh what a fantastic way to start an Introduction to Adam and Eve,
Jack's first experience with plasmids really shows the effects of "Genetic code being rewritten" awesome !
Also thanks !! Been waiting for this one for a while ❤

Mack Tripp

I don't want it

Geo Xev

Could you do a video of the the Vigor tonics?

Renamon 565

No wonder the splicers are so unstable

Renamon 565

Is songbird a type of big daddy?

Amanda Longhi

Bioshock The Story of ADAM and EVE | What Is ADAM & EVE, ADAM Production, Splicing & MORE!
Me: Snug as bug on a slug


Been binging your videos the past two weeks and I have no complaints


Notification squad for life lmao


I have a question that probably an oversight by the devs, why did they keep bees in rapture, like they were basically stuck in the apiary room in the farmers market, were they allowed to roam around Arcadia at certain times or something to collect pollen for honey?, also speaking of plasmids, the insect swarm plasmid, does it allow your body to physically create the bees, or does it only allow you to control bees that are already in the air

Puffy iS

First like

stockard channing

Bioshock in 60fps just looks wrong

Drake Evans

Wonderful as usual

Lora Fox

Love the videos keep it up man!

Bad Meets Evil 197

Great video, Adam is just to dangerous to be a thing im suprised they didnt find that out sooner

The lost

You should make a video of the women who brought the trees


I would love to see a idea/pitch video for a bioshock game that isnt an fps

Whats adam and eve

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Adam and Eve | In the Garden of Eden | Animated Short Bible Stories for Kids | HD 4k Video |

4 187 649 views | 4 Aug. 2017

Watch other amazing Bible

Watch other amazing Bible Stories like For Cain ad Able, Noahs Ark, Joseph, Moses and many more - https://goo.gl/gjBdtQ


This is a summary on the Biblical account of the Adam and Eve. You can read more in-depth Bible verses from the Scripture below and use the articles and videos to understand the meaning behind this teachable event in the Bible. God created the first man Adam and then created the first woman, Eve. God put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to care and nuture the land. He told Adam and Eve that they could eat from any fruit from the trees except for the tree of good and evil. God warned them that if they ate from the tree they would die.

One day Satan came disguised as a snake and spoke to Eve, convincing her to eat the fruit from the tree of good and evil. Eve told the serpent that God said they should not eat it and they would die if they did, but Satan tempted Eve to eat saying that she would become like God if she did. Eve believed the lie and took a bite of the fruit. She then gave some to Adam for him to eat. Adam and Eve, now knowing that they had sinned, immediately felt ashamed and tried to hide from God.

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#biblestories #adamandeve #storiesforkids #storyofadamandeve #shortstory #shortstories #testament - Adam and Eve | In The Garden of Eden | Animated Bible Stories For Kids |