Safest way to store bitcoins

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How To Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe! [Best Bitcoin Wallet]

16 626 views | 14 Oct. 2018

Watch this video to find

Watch this video to find out my thoughts on The Safest/Best Places to Store Your Cryptocurrency!

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what if the hardware wallet were to have hardware/software issues down the road ?

crypto darthmarc

Let me ask you something what about if i hold like 10 different coins like icx neo ont ela trx , ripple , cardano, stellar etc let me tell you there no chance to store them all in a device, you will need at least 2 or 3 nano S so up to now there no device that stores all the token. Belive me , i tried ethos i tried many wallets an none of the stores all the token i own and to store them all i need at least 3 nano s and where i live is really hard to get them. So in spite is the safest way to store a hard wallet now there not any single wallet with stores at least the 50 most important coins in coinmarketcap soo is really a mess. Another important thing is you cant get 10 different wallets to store em all because is INSANE, so companies really need to fix this mess also there s another mayor problem that is the token swap , every time a coin swap the token you need to change the wallet again and mabie a wallet that used to store old trx for example wont store the new token so u need to get another wallet. To resume wallets are a pain in the ass nowadays and until someone fix this mess and make a really good one that compatible with at least the 50 most important coin in the market people will be in trouble triying to store them. So if you know an efficient way to store 10 or 20 different coins in 1 device please enlighten me

ayoub rabia

How To Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe! [Best Bitcoin Wallet].Anyhow thanks Erin for the video it gave me some thinking to do.

Sandee / Akasha

Excellent topic! Are these as simple to use as an external hard drive or thumb drive? Also, what do you think of Uphold? What about Exodus? Right now I have some crypto on Exodus and some still in Coinbase. Only been in the space since July and now looking to move most to cold storage, just need to research what coins each holds and make a decision. Thanks for today's video!




Great video!


By next year the popular option would be to keep your coins on insured exchanges paying you interest. i.e uphold

Rage King

What extention do you use to highlight text in Chrome? Thanks!

je pak

awesome video! but how do you deal with the high fees transferring from exchange to nano s? seems about 3.5%...

Bronson Ryan

My largest holdings are in my trezor.

Paul D

You can put ADA on infinito wallet for all the mobile users.

Rob B

What do you think about Coinbase phone wallet?

Kasun Indika

what do you think about 'OpenLedger DEX wallet' is that safe because of decentralize...

Nicolaev Vasile

Hey.. I do keep my crypto on an nano S.. But i recently have an other option, and i want you to help me with some advice..


but if you place example zilika or icon and then they get to mainnet and become useless ?

Ninja Stacking

Check out the Ellipal wallet. It's really cool. And you dont need a computer to use it. You can use it with your mobile phone. It isnt. connected to the Internet, so it is a cold wallet you can use with your mobile phone. Definitely recommend

Chris Barchak

Great video! I use a combination of hot and cold wallets.
Off topic, do you have a preferred portfolio manager? Could be an interesting video idea ?

Daniel Gilroy

Does putting crypto on the usb take it off the market? How fast can you go from USB back to market to be able to withdraw?


Could anyone recommend a hot wallet to store btc on; my mate isnt interested in cold storage... thanks guys!

Old Dude New Space

I'm gonna go ahead and ask this since I'm a noob here: could you guys cover how to use the "REAL" big boy exchanges? While Coinbase and Exodus are pretty intuitive and simple, it seems the bigger exchanges offer a lot more opportunity. I could stand to listen contour to your rundown of what to do with all that information.

Mack Phillips

Hello I got a good news for all I invested with a trustworthy man on IG:: HACKSPARK01 and got 0.75320 to my blockchain wallet

Maple Hedgehog

You say that a Ledger or Trezor saves your coins offline around 3:15 of this video. Dude, why am i getting so many different explinations of this? This Trezor model T that i have simply stores the 'private key' offline right? My coins are all IN the Blockchain, No? The deeper i get, the more confused i'm getting.

Taylor Eckhardt

Have the Ledger Nano S and am still learning it!

Rudas avok

Got a new bitcoin Bitroz Wallet

Egyptian Magician

Cool wallet S I feel is best, no wires needed to connect to computer with possibility of computer being hacked or having a virus, cool wallet has many layers of security, its blue tooth, connects to cell phone cold storage, the wallet is shaped just like a credit card with a button and a digital display, you can go offline after setup to get your seed, you chose 8,12, or 24 seed encryption, you can get your seed on cell phone or from wallet which is even more secure, your phone never sees the seed, you get number on your wallet for the seed and to verify your seed, you add up all the numbers, so your cell never has the seed, very easy to use, specially for new people, the wallet is water proof and bendable, the wallet also has a chip in it that may be activated in future so you can use the wallet like a credit card, you can also trade cryto on the wallet using changelly, buy crypto also, its a one stop cold storage that does all, the card itself has built in security, you dont need the confirmation from the cold wallet to receive but only to confirm sending by pressing button on wallet :)

Mike Torredeoro

Thanks for the vid. I have been trialling the Nano S but on the latest firmware update it got stuck in bootloader mode. I have tried everything that forums and Ledger have suggested but I cannot get to my crypto. Many others have had problems. Thankfully I do not have a lot on there but now I no longer trust it and have wasted many hours trying to get it working.?

FantasyBasketBallBuds FBBB

Is bitpay any good as a hot wallet for BTC ?


Cold storage wallets scare me just as much as paper wallets. Yes, paper can be destroyed or shredded, etc..
But these little, teeny, weeny, fragile devices, such as the Ledger Nano, can also be destroyed, or worse, stop working.

Let's say you have $100,000 on a Ledger and it dies!!!!! What are your options????

What if Ledger the company goes out of business and/or Ledger Live is taken off of the Internet?
What if someone dies, and his dead Ledger (battery life is only 5 years) is found in a safe 20 years from today, long after Ledger the company went bankrupt?

What if (this is long overdue) , during a normal Sun cycle the Earth is hit with a coronal mass ejection, causing a geomagnetic storm that knocks out all electronic devices, including Ledger's wallet? Everyone is so shortsighted these days -- nobody cares until it happens. During such an event, I suspect that... Ledger owners would lose everything!


i keep on binace

Wilson Joy

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André D Rei





What happens if you lose your storage device? If your computer dies, does that affect any storage devices or wallets?

One Lord


Why leave your bitcoin or crypto idle in wallets ?
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Dont miss tis plustoken- arbitrage revenue earnings wallet !
Only one in the crypto world now !


I bought some BitcoinSV am I crazy? Can you recommend a wallet? thanks

John Hutch

You see that is the problem here with crypto coins at the moment. I do have coins that the Nano S supports but i also have coins that are not supported on the Nano S. This is a problem for us who just don't hold the top 10 0r 15 coins. Having multiple hot wallets can be annoying. Anyhow thanks Erin for the video it gave me some thinking to do.

Mark Miedema

Most of my CRYPTO are on a keepkey and a nano ledger s.
And on Binance..

Keepkey Works better and has a user friendlier interface.

How ever the nano ledger s support more coins.

One the Keepkey I have dogcoins and litecoin.

On the nano ledger s. XRP TRX and Digibyte.

How ever 1/3 of the coins are on binace zo I can trade easy.

Old Dude New Space

<=======<<< Is already old & grey. No grandchildren. Setting up to take it all with me!

Joshua Jorgensen

Just bought the nano X with Bluetooth. Can I transfer coins from Coinbase to my ledger? How do I move coins back and forth?

Diana Daughter of the Most High God

We have the cold storage hardware Nano wallet.

Cryptotitz Cryptroll Franky

I thought they were reviewing Ncash.....

Eucario Matos

You should review Endor Protocol (EDR), really solid project. www.endor.com

opone kingsley

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Eric C

Watching this after the Binance hack. Thanks a ton!

Buckwheat Lovescryptos

Congrats A Team on another milestone 25k ....... Great Work

Ray Doogle


Ripple Moon

I haven't searched in a while but in the past I had found it very difficult to find a step by step video showing how to setup a paper wallet for altcoins...there were a ton for bitcoin. I would like to see a start to finish video for an altcoin paper wallet that includes when to disconnect from the internet and when and how to clear your printer spool. Also one that shows a safe wallet generator, I remember there was one that scammed people and they lost their lost their coins. If anyone knows a vid like this can you send me a lknk?


Great vid and you probably will have to keep making these vids every year for all the new cryptonaire. I like nano ledger but trezor supposed to be great too. I often think about a paper wallet but I am a little scared of making a mistake . I think eventually I will learn how to make paper
wallets and laminate it. I love exodus wallet but maybe not safe enough . Hey keep up the great work :-)?


So how many cryptocurrency can be added on ledger s?


My worry is what if the Nano S stops working or the screen doesnt come on or just something stupid, really. Then what the hell does one do ?

Henry Goh

What if the nano-s factory worker got the access to the build in private phase

Shaun Tedeschi

Good video..cheers.
Have you a done a video on how to transfer coins from for example coinbase to a ledger?
I'm New to this channel.

Uncle John

19,000 XRP could be life changing in a few years...


Would a cold storage device get fried in an EMP strike?

Edward Hunt

Love it! I think Ledger is having a holiday sale right now with coupon code so I am going to pick one up

Danger Mouse

You mentioned Cardano. There is new desktop (soon to be iOS and Android) wallet called Atomic Wallet. Cardano can be stored on there plus many many others. Check it out and maybe do a video on it. it's more than just a Wallet.

crypto accelerator

Personally I manage BTC and all of my other cryptocurrency assets in a non-custodial Atomic Wallet ? It's a decentralized wallet that supports 300+ assets, custom token feature, built-in exchange and "buy crypto" services, so I got all I need in one secure interface

John Culkin

Is the "coldcard" by coinkite a better storage system than Trezor and Nano? thanks


In the video it was said that the bad side of a paper wallet is possible theft or destruction, but the same is true, say, for the Ledger Nano S. For instance, if your Nano S accidentally gets smashed, or stolen, or stops working I think you'd be in the same shoes.


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Computer Tech Services Inc

I put my 24 passwords from my nano ledger S hidden, my wife didn't know what it was, so she throws it out, then I move all my coins to the exchanges before someone find the words now I rested the nano but I'm afraid to change it back . ?


Thank you for the info very good video you helped me a lot thank you again

pro btc

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Jon Know

What if your cold storage wallet gets lost or destroyed? Can you recover your coin?

Jay F



Great video. I just got the Ledger and started pulling my coins off exchanges. I found NEO and TKY to be the most difficult and lost some NEO in the long process. Is it usual for some wallets to be difficult to work with?

Soinny Richards

Have you made a new video on crypto cold storage?

Allen D21

What is your opinion on the Infinito mobile wallet? It holds ADA. Is it cold or hot wallet? Is it safe?

Wally Morad

Great video as usual :)
I wonder if transferring the coins to cold wallet like Ledger Nano S can still receive the monthly distribution on Neo , VET and PundiX ?!
Appreciate your input

Kevin Macpherson

Just get a Ledger Nano S or a Trezor! Can't go wrong!!

Christopher bennett

Just bought Nano s thx

Ali Ali

What if I buy ten of them ledgers... and I put one bitcoin on each

Koingo Boingo

Hey what do you think of that Mobile Wallet Trust you think like my ether wallet is better


Love Ethos Wallet

Sandee / Akasha

Off topic: are you going to use the Brave Publishers program? I looked at the browser and it gives me 25 BAT a month to share with content creators that I appreciate. Just wondering if you are going to be participating because I really appreciate you guys!

Uve Urban

Ledger Nano S ,the best one!!!

Indy Singh

Wot happens if u loose your Nano s

Olufemi Steven

Wow! This is a great video. Safety is highly important in crypto, that's why I prefer Atomic wallet. It's Strongly encrypted and decentralized. I would like you to review Atomic wallet, so that others can get to secure their crypto well and enjoy other features such as staking, crypto purchase etc. https://atomicwallet.io/

Patient Wolf

Coinbase and exchanges is where I store my cryptos. I'm looking into a Ledger. Hopefully I'll get that all set up before this Bull run for Bitcoin turns south.

Deborah Karen

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Old Dude New Space

Began in July, using Coinbase as the entry point. Added Exodus for a bigger selection of alts. Both of their fees seem pretty ridiculous. Then along comes Uphold: not many coins, but most of the ones I'm interested in. Looks like a great idea at first, but takes FOREVER (currently pending for nine days and counting) to credit USD purchases to my wallet. If I intend only to hodl, that doesn't matter, but I'm up 2x in a bear market by watching the trends and trading highs for lows, and I want to retain the option to trade ANY time, not after a week or two in the batter's box.

john d

cold storage only if they would put more coins in cold storage the be great


I have BitFreezer and Exodus

Ripple Moon

Altcoin Daily I had a question, I had bought a nano s off amazon, so far no issues and have updated the firmware a few times, but worry cuz I didnt buy it directly from ledger... Sometime after I bought it I've read warnings about a possible vulnerabilities if it wast purchased directly from ledger. If I've updated the firmware on it, do you think I'm okay?

Wise Lies

Good looking out. :Standard good comment: Wise lies out

Ray Doogle

Great video! I have 3 or my biggest holdings in cold storage. The others are on exchanges.


Thanks Erin was informative video


Right now it's on zelcore wallet

Steven Bialey

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