Just energy stock news

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JUST ENERGY High Dividend Payout! (Robinhood Stocks)

765 views | 28 Aug. 2020

Hey guys in this video im

Hey guys in this video im going over the stock " Just Energy" I have been closely watching this stock and I can day that I really want to invest my time into it and do more and more research. It pays more than half a share cost and can easily be affordable. Bitcoin has dropped almost One-Thousand dollars. It may be the time to buy.

If you guys want to start trading click this link. You now have a claim to a stock like Apple, Ford, or Facebook. In order to keep this claim to your stock, sign up and join Robinhood using my link. https://join.robinhood.com/joshuae2454

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Hi do you think JE will pick up? Please let me know the pros.

Adam Man

Keep JE stock on watch insider buying and instiutional will go to $12-20 next week

Benjamin Chin

Keep growing bro. I’ve been at your amount before just keep adding and you’ll have a big account soon

Just energy stock news

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Southwestern Energy - SWN Penny Stock Prediction - Analysis (BUY NEWS!) 10x Opportunity ?

808 views | 23 Jan. 2021

Southwestern Energy - SWN

Southwestern Energy - SWN Penny Stock Prediction - Analysis (BUY NEWS!) 10x Opportunity ?

Southwestern Energy Company, an independent energy company, engages in the exploration, development, and production of natural gas, oil, and natural gas liquids (NGLs) in the United States.

Check these Southwestern Energy sites out for more info on ( SWN )

Website: https://www.swn.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/southwestern-energy/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SWN_R2

Join Our Community Discord! https://discord.gg/Fwa8AEY8zX


Webull: https://act.webull.com/ie/pnB66ZMxrDv...

Sign up for Crypto: https://crypto.com/app/nnu367grvp

If you ever wanna talk here's my Instagram and Twitter






brooklyn girl

While everyone was all over Gamstop and AME I added to my position which was my free stock on webull?

Randy Gonzalez

I took a position in $MKD today at $1.02. This company does billions in revenue. Argus Analyst give it a $9 PT. Looking for continuation next week.

Anthony Fleming

I'm holding ????????

Shawn Bradley

They are giving away alot of free stocks of SWN. Which is a good sign.. I got 1,000 shares, def see it going up IMO 2021

Just energy stock news

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Top 3 Clean Energy Stocks to Buy for 2021

56 459 views | 25 Jan. 2021

Clean energy stocks are

Clean energy stocks are THE investing theme and you don’t want to miss out on what could be the decade’s best returns. Learn how to invest in green energy stocks and how to find the best stocks to buy. I’ll show you two clean energy funds every investor needs and then reveal three stocks I’m buying.

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Clean energy and renewables have surged and it’s not just for the new policies from President Biden. These wind and solar energy stocks have been jumping for more than a year and could be your best investing returns for the next decade.

The Biden Administration is making clean energy a core part of the policy and is already talking about a $2 trillion infrastructure plan that will boost the theme. More than that though, the demand for clean energy technology is rising and costs are coming down which means profits for these green energy stocks.

We’ll start with why you should invest in the broad-based clean energy ETFs. Even with the three stocks we’ll talk about, you want that broad exposure to the theme you get through these renewable energy funds and you’ll get access to stocks you can’t get on your domestic exchange.

Then I’ll show you how to start a list of clean energy stocks and how to find the best stocks to buy. I’ll also reveal those three best clean energy stocks I’m buying including a solar energy stock, a renewables utility company and a green energy tech stock.

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Joseph Hogue, CFA spent nearly a decade as an investment analyst for institutional firms and banks. He now helps people understand their financial lives through debt payoff strategies, investing and ways to save more money. He has appeared on Bloomberg and on sites like CNBC and Morningstar. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a veteran of the Marine Corps.

Audrey Andriana

The secret to not being broke is having a steady income stream and that's impossible without passive investments. Currently, I earn around $20k monthly with stock trading through Expert Rex Coleman. Expensive but definitely worth it

Nevin kk

Do you still think ENPH has room to grow as it is already at too high price? Thankyou!

Joseph Favilla

Thank you for these really good in depth videos. I enjoy them a lot!
I bought Polar Power because of one of your videos, and i was a perfect hit, with growth above 200%.
Unfortunately I sold them all on friday, as I thought the price had gone up too fast, and was scared of a pull back. Today it's up around 20%. :D
What's your take on the future for POLA? Do you have a price target for the next 6-12 months?

Day Dreamer

get the ishares clean energy etf

runnin presha

FAN is a another clean energy ETF. The U.S.A. gets nearly three times more renewable energy from wind over solar.

G. Host



ICLN/IGN has been doing badly recently

Hanqi C

How about JKS?

Gatlinburg Hussey

I bought Plug $8 and its eating me alive to buy more at these prices but it's a $200 play next year

Josh Is On A Mission: FIRE & Debt

Seems like clean energy is where everything is heading to. Looking forward to see the trajectory

Ewunia Kugel

What do you think of Savosolar. A leader in solar thermal energy with a very low market capitalisation.


SAENF/ SOLR has a lot of potential for a solar stock.

Thomas Hill

Do you think fuelcell will do the same thing? And would be easier to get into now


I’m thinking about maxing my Roth in solar and hydrogen and battery this year

Money Is Honey 3.0

I would like to know people thoughts on ticker MITT.

Jerry Douglas

Awesome update.. I earned over $60000 from Bitcoin and Ethereum investment with the help of a friend who recommended an expert trader /account manager Hamilton who assisted me on my investment

Mexican Eagle

Joseph what are your thoughts on GE? Thank you so much

Sonia Kyle

I'm actually looking for help on how to make money online.I've tried different recommendations on YouTube and none seems to work as they say they would.Pls I need the best recommendation from anyone whose suggestions have worked for them

loan anh nguyen


Social Change

Vertex Energy is another stock with potential. We purchased 1000 shares along with your previous recommendations. We are urging people to reap the benefits from the current Bull market.
And thanks for the research strategies: we used your method to capitalize on EZGO with major profits due 2/4/2021
The Bowtie Nation delivers ??

Jason Saylor

What do you think about fuelcell energy? fcel


Can you give us your opinion on CLTH Stock

Marie Provost

Hi Joe, I saw you updated your portfolio 2021stock cards. Would you like to share your opinion of buying these 3 new stocks? Thanks.

YiFan Cai

what is going on VSTM? What do I do now? Keep it or add more shares in a dip?

Nicholas Fee

I was at a retirement seminar and the speaker spoke on how he quit his job after he made well over $450,000 PROFIT within 3months he invested $120,000. I just began investing and i will really appreciate any tips or helpful guide.

Sam Emara - Personal Finance

Great to see the emphasis on using ETFs as the first building block to get broad exposure to this trend! ??


I watched your video on selling cash secured puts it was great.If you get a chance could you please do another video on selling cash secured puts with weekly options for income?I would like your mindset what you look for stock at support level do you only sell premium on red days.This would really help me out been paper trading my idea's but need a season veteran like you so I can pick your Brian.

Darrel Mayer

EV stocks and cryptos are like the fastest growing stocks right now, take a look at TSLA and NIO. I have made good profits from the both of them. Most of us tend to pay more attention to the shiniest positions in the market to the cost of proper diversification , having monitored my portfolio performance which has made a jaw dropping $550k from just the two quarters alone, i have learned why experienced traders make enormous returns from the seemingly unknown markets. diversification is key

uncle tookie

Just add a little ?&❤ and you have Captain Planet.

Tick: ItsNeso

I bought a lot of Polar Power. They’re at 26 with only 250 million in market cap. Dirt cheap. The company financial statement is really good as well.

Nilanka Bandara

I have a $200 for investing , can you tell me about the best for investing ,.


Heads up for anyone using Robinhood: BEP is not supported on Robinhood.

Loananh Nguyen


Adel Nagaria

Thanks Joseph, great video once again. What are your thoughts on ICLN?


I still like CSIQ a lot, even after the big run. Low PE and a lot of potential :)


Oh, happy day! I have the ETFs and I learned how to evaluate them from your videos! QCLN +79.9%, TAN +122%, PLUG +304%, the other two stocks are in ETFs. THANK YOU for teaching as effectively as you do!

Gary Foreman

Thanks for you insights.

Michelle Johnson

Elon is someone to aspire to, According to analyst, the higher stock price is somewhat self-fulfilling to (Tesla's) growth potential and that was made possible by Tesla's investments in the stock market, I’m right behind him on the “ROAD TO TRILLION"

Ebay Addicts

Let's go ???

Jake Robertson

BFT, TDAC, MP, CCIV, TTCF, and DM going to be easy money!! Everybody sleeping on TDAC!! They merging with @t. Being a spac it has very little downside at 12$

Ярослав Иванов

Please added english subtitles! Thanks

Mark Arnold's Finance and Fitness

This and the food sector are the top 2 I want to expand into. Thank you

Siraj Abbasi

Gevo...Solid Stock and still undervalued

Knarf Regnirts

Hello, I’m going on a long deployment soon and my stock portfolio is 65% divided stocks and the rest are a mix of penny stocks and reliable brand name stocks. I was curious if I could get some advice of how I could set up my portfolio for when I’m not able to look at it for months in end

quynhmai lam

I invested OGE, izea from they’re around $1-$2


SHLX pipeline (gas and oil) will go up SHARP this year - SHLX has announced another DIVIDEND for 02/01/2021 (16% dividend in total), the company is making money even during pandemic but it is CHEAP now comparing to $22/share before COVID

R Schmidt

I find it difficult to invest in stocks that have spiked up 200%

Jose manuel Pantoja

Everyone sleeping on ISUN.

alx bd

? ?...!!!

David Cornell

I just dropped money into $sing and $ozsc, both forward thinking energy companies below $.20 per share for now, but don't wait too long or it could rise into the dollars and out of reach for most penny stock investors.

John Holland

Just the video I wanted!

Let's Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA

Don't miss these three EV stocks (that aren't Tesla or Nio ?) https://youtu.be/3zW509Fh1I0


So I’m sure its a good idea to sell all my oil stock’s right? Ever since biden took office my oil stocks have taken hits, but good thing I’m still in the green.


My green stocks: SOL, BYND, GEVO

EastShore Bully House

Abml is one to watch. Flying high the last two weeks

Pixie Doodle

"Expense Ratio is expensive"- What do you consider fair value, .20%?


no gevo? wow


You are very wise man. Congraluations!

Brandon Faria Nogueira Taborda

Petroteq Energy Inc stock

William Keller


Ken Jencks

Hi. I want to start investing 150 dollars a month. How do I get started?

H. Charlie Miller

Charging stations will hit BIG, charging stations like Chargepoint.

Derek Dempsey

This is the video I’ve been waiting for. Thank you!


PLUG was my best purchase this year I bought 50 shares of it back when it was 4.45/share. My $222.5 investment has turned into an almost 1400% return. I wish now I had bought more but that's the market for yah

JM Lav

Ask california how those are going eith the blackout!


There's a lot more to BEP than this video is able to go into. For instance: Their year-end tax form is Schedule K-1. This adds additional cost for people who pay for tax prep or additional things to process if self-filing. That's not to say it's not worth it; BEP provides some of the highest dividends in the sector. My advice on this: if you're going to go into BEP, go big. Another thing I learned during my time as a BEP investor: they recently had a stock split (creating ticker symbol BEPC, which incidentally is the only ticker I get when I search "BEP" in Robinhood). In summary, this is a company that is up-and-coming and I see why Joseph is recommending this stock, but if you're going to do it don't do it halfway.


Can you do a video on OZSC ?

Paul R

I have invested in the Ishares global clean energy ETF

Dream Life Dividends

What about NEE


Notification squad ?

Mai Nguyen

Stockcard is an excellent research tool. CEO of Stockcard is Hoda; while you and your unrelated twin are Yodas. Sources that are pleasant to the eyes, wise & powerful. Need to rebalance some investments to clean energy stocks. Hi expense on hi yield investment is acceptable and these ETFs are well diversified and really affordable. Thank you :)

Joseph Salazar

Thanks. Joseph


Thanks , what do you think of U.S.A. infrastructure etf`s. ?? I own PAVE . ??????????

Kayla Cassell

Plan B - "$100k-288k Bitcoin price 2021 year end"
Tim Draper -"$250k Bitcoin price 2022 year end"

Fu Leung

Very cool

jin Park


Quentin S

Any chances you could look into junior lithium mining companies! Thanks for your video.

Protector K9

Please do a video on copper stocks. I am hearing copper is better than gold and silver

J C 4Life Research

Good analogy but FINVIZ also gives you depth by sectors, volume etc etc .. besides these stocks are kind of $$$$$ for the 3-6k average trader account .. nevertheless Ill continue to watch your vids.

vivek vardhan

Hi guys, CTRVWWTS HEPION PHARM INC WARRANT, This stock is pretty good penny stock, this going to be sky rise in few days. do let me know your thoughts on this. 
Heard from some good sources.

Dinesh Shrestha

I like the stock recommendations you make in your videos. I have been buying the stocks that you recommend and they are doing great so far. What do you think about $BW stock? It's doing great these days but would love to know your opinions.


Familie Buschkamp

Will you add one of these to your stock card? What is your next move?

Charlton Heston

Naturally ENPH falls 8% as soon as I buy

MN Investments

ATNF (180 Life Sciences) will have an epic run  Multiples from where its trading now. Your welcome


I hope somebody out there listen to me this weekend when I was spreading the news about ticker symbol OZSC. I made an additional hundred and $150,000 on it today. That means I’m up $235,000 now on the stock. Went from .7 - .20

Alexander Bjerkvik

Zacks has a F growth score on Plug Power.

Ugur Altunc

Best one is fuelcell energy but people buy game?stock,,this must joke!!!

Leanne Xo

Can you use apps for uk to cause i want to join the stock card but you wont let me know and i cant see it on it when i click link

Aidan Francis O'Flynn

Bullshit this is a narrative made by the people who make money out of it.
Btw they will never get all those trillions..

Gold Star


Brahim Essadiki

Joe do you know what asteroid mining is? I want to ask you how you think it will affect the market and which stocks will profit from it.

Diego Pinotti

Great video sir, I also enjoyed the electric cars stocks video! You have new subscriber.

Carlos Vasco

Dear Joseph, I appreciate your work very much!
Meanwhile, I have a question you must have answered a thousand times. I am relatively new to the stock market and I am having trouble reading well known stock market books and also watching videos. I haven't found yet a source of information where nobody assumes you already know something about this subject, and teaches you step by step.
Given that, the question is simple: Do you have any good suggestion for me to learn about stock markets without getting desperate all the time? :P

Pastor Justin Clemins

Hey, please cover ticker BW $6 range per share clean energy company with over 500 million revenue per year, net positive of over 30 million last quarter alone, just got 2 government contracts worth 20 million last week to reduce carbon emissions... growing revenue/profitable, much more profitable and better revenue than $70 PLUG, and low market cap, brother you gotta cover them, it a hidden gem in the market. Stock price was $200 5 years ago... headed back that way possibly..

Best undervalued play on market right now in my opinion, total sleeper

Lucid Finance & Investing

The clean energy sector has so much growth to come, can't go wrong with these picks. In particular, my favorite is TAN! :)


Very high.
I rather by GE

Mr. E


Olaf Olaf

Clean energy is great but you have to be able to pay for it. In Germany we pay around (Euro) 30ct / kW + 30 up to 150 € basic fee per year. We need 4500 kW per year (4 people) and pay 110 € per month. Since this year we have to pay for carbon dioxide in the products. The energy companies have already warned that many citizens drive electric cars and that wind and solar energy will not be enough. The energy companies are then forced to take the consumers off the grid (smart meter). Beautiful new world. Perhaps you are smarter when it comes to implementation in the States than in Germany.


thanks for the Tellurian tip - just sold it with a profit of 220%

Pedro Gonçalves

Hi there!
Thanks for the great contente and great commitment from you!
Is it possible to do an episode about Linde, Nippon, Air Liquide and Air Products?